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Author Topic: Shenzhen Consensus in Bitcoin: the Industrial Chain Is in Need of Legal Supervis  (Read 552 times)
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May 02, 2014, 02:35:23 AM

------- The second session of Guangzhou Shenzhen Bitcoin forum in 2014

 A caption : the guests and interaction among audience in “the second session of Guangzhou Shenzhen Bitcoin forum in 2014”

   In April 27th, the Misters of the main domestic Bitcoin trading platform gathered in Shenzhen University participating in the second " Guangzhou- Shenzhen Bitcoin forum", and what greet them is not only the flowers and applause, but also the inquiries and questions from the Bitcoin lovers.

  The forum was hosted by National Key Laboratory of science and technology of  Shenzhen University . There are more than 200 users by applying online registration in. According to ShenTu Qingchun, who is in charge of the "Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Bitcoin technology and Industry Forum " , different from the first , the forum is co-sponsored by the Organizing Committee of  Bitcoin Forum in both the Guangzhou and Shenzhen regions. Especially,the Forum invited four leaders of domestic Bitcoin exchange platform to keynote speeches.(XuMingxing ,CEO of OKCOIN ; Bobby Li, president of BTChina ; Li Lin ,cofounder of Huobi;Qiu Liang,general manager of Peatio) . Besides,Luo Jinhai,the CEO of coinxu, which is an e-commerce platform in the Bitcoin industry chain, Yaoyuan, the cofounder of, and  Hua Songxiu , CEO for CHBTC are also invited as the guests. The same to the present there are a number of mining machine manufacturers, information service providers, Bitcoin wallets service providers and other enterprises, covering the basic aspects of China Bitcoin industry chain. The forum can be called a feast in China after the biggest attention .

Trading platform invokes industrial pain? Reconsider the “Lever”

  In January 19th this year, the first "Shenzhen Bitcoin Technology and Industry Forum ” also attracted hundreds of Bitcoin lovers to participate.Moreover,with fully awaring of calculating the capacity and the ready power ,some participate make the judgement that "2014 is the first year of Bitcoin" . It has been over three months since the first forum. The collapse of the currency trading platform MtGOX , domestic speculations recently on the "415" event  , downward fluctuations Bitcoin price make Chinese trading platform the focus of the society. In the interactive sessions of this forum,  problems like the 100% reserve ratio of trading platform ,leverage, short mechanism, charge fees and financing currency are the most frequently asked problems. However,the users are very worried about the safety on the exchange, they expressed dissatisfaction with the short-mechanism, and the  on-site participants also point out that the pace of  financing currency is too large. Faced with these problems, exchange platform between the exchanges are not unified, Xu Mingxing ,the CEO of OKCOIN,who has ever been very insisted on short mechanism , with LiLin,stated that it is necessary to reconsider the problem with the pause of  lever, but whether it can ultimately perform needs to be observed.

Bitcoin industry chain: who is to be the leading role?

   After several years’ development, the industry chain of Bitcoin has built the basic outline. Among them, mining, chip production, mining machine assembly, trading platforms, investment, wallet store, online payments, and other aspects of the business alliance have basically filled the Bitcoin vertical industry chain.

  The ups and downs of the market does not seem to hinder the footsteps of the capital, the derivative applications and services around the Bitcoin is more, indicating that more people recognized its value. Gaps in the domestic industry chain has become the capital of field of competition and IT entrepreneurs . Industry and market changes cannot be predicted. On one hand, the so-called bad news and good news stimulates continuous Bitcoin prices or inflation; on the other hand the capital is quietly grabbing beach layout in each industry chain of Bitcoins . In addition to the existing industry, according to the application industry chain report of organizers ShenTu qingchun , he listed 6 possible direction application examples from "existence" to "digital assets and information" , which more far-reaching Bitcoin future can be seen. Bitcoin exchange is now the protagonist in the industry chain , but in the future, letting Bitcoin into our daily life  is more likely to be the core of Bitcoin related enterprise .

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen: the concentration of Bitcoin enthusiasts

   ‘Chu Xiahu’ ,based in Shanghai,is one of the interaction guest ,says “I still remember ,just in last year ,we don’t have such big gathering in shanghai, if I wanna paticipate in such kind of activity ,I have to pay a special visit to Beijing.” As a Bitcoin enthusiast, he is also the co-founder of Shanghai-Bitcoin entrepreneurship camp which has been promoting the development of related applications of Bitcoin. According to his introduction, Shanghai has held seven times of off-line netizen parties. Even though there is no public statistics, people in the industry universally acknowledged that first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on with their resources superiority and economic development have become the concentrations of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

  The four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have seized the Bitcoin chain vanguard ,among them, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou and so on being the major exchanges area and gathering places for information service providers of Bitcoin. The salon for Guangzhou Bitcoin enthusiasts starts at the same time with Shenzhen among which there is no shortage of low-key ‘miners’ groups, while Shenzhen captures an area with its mining machine industry and e-commerce platform. As a major financial center in China, Shenzhen is likely to become an important incubation bases for the development of Bitcoin industry with both its geographical advantage to be adjacent to Hong Kong and its accumulation in high-tech industry. On the first "Shenzhen Bitcoin Technology and Industry Forums", Professor Zhang Wei, dean of Shenzhen Research Institute in University of Science and Technology of China once said that Shenzhen is a vibrant and innovative city which has always been passionate and tolerant with new things and Bitcoin is of no exception.

Shenzhen common awareness of Bitcoin: industry chain needs supervising

  According to the forum 's partner--- Principal of coineve ,“ since Bitcoin industry is a kind of new things and it is very easy for people to misunderstand its running as well as the lack of institutional assurance, some Bitcoin companies will do harm to the whole industry chains and affect society’s perception towards it. So self-regulation appears to be very important. The host and co-organizers had thought to develop an industry self-discipline paper to quantify industry Benchmark but because of the immaturity of conditions, this forum will reach a common awareness based on which then to try to set up industry associations. At the end of the forum, the organizers take the initiative, together with Xu Mingxing,  Li Qiyuan, Nicholls ,  Li Lin ,  Qiu Liang, Yao Yuan , Chu Xiahu , Guangzhou Bitcoin salon responsible Chile bit , Hua Songxiu, Luo Jinhai, Shenzhen Bitcoin Forum Leader Shentu qingchun raise their hands to pass the vote and then to disseminate.

  According to organizers, the forum plans to hold on a quarterly basis , during which small salons will be adopted, aimed at gathering more human intelligence and committed to promoting the advancement and development of Bitcoin industries and its applications.

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May 02, 2014, 02:38:56 AM

A lot of words to say so little Wink

Any of the participants forum members and any people there saying anything important?
Since this was in Shenzhen, was any of the manufacturers there (Asicminer, Bitmain, Black Arrow etc?).

Your picture doesn't load for me, or only loads 10%. Big Firewall of China I guess. I am in Hong Kong, surprised me a bit.

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May 02, 2014, 03:00:30 AM

A lot of words to say so little Wink

Any of the participants forum members and any people there saying anything important?
Since this was in Shenzhen, was any of the manufacturers there (Asicminer, Bitmain, Black Arrow etc?).

Your picture doesn't load for me, or only loads 10%. Big Firewall of China I guess. I am in Hong Kong, surprised me a bit.

that is the image if you want to see why the bottom half is invisible open it in a new window  Cheesy



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