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Author Topic: Charity Drive Community awareness  (Read 282 times)
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May 07, 2014, 10:15:39 AM
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Hi, I'm Joe. I posted this hoping to gain support for a community venture. Im From a small City called Newry, the city is steeped in history and since the peace process, as result of the good Friday agreement Newry has started to become a buzzing hive of cultural diversity becoming a safe and comfortable home for many Nationalities choosing to settle in northern Ireland. This was something that was unthinkable 20 years ago as the world news saw images of bombings, killings and violence almost on a daily basis the situation was similar to the Isreali  / Palestinian conflict which continues today.

We now all enjoy a peaceful happy and democratic society , I think it is appropriate to celebrate and safe guard what has been pain stakingly persued for the last 15 years. I wish to create a community project to brighten up our surroundings by  organizing a group of like minded individuals and voulenteers to undertake guerrilla gardening projects under dead of night, instead of the threat of guerilla war which remains a dark reminder of the past. This group of individuals will be made up of people from all walks of life weather they be young or old, able bodied or disabled,  beliefs, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds. Togeather we can fight to preserve the peace process by working togeather as a community planting out shrubs flowers trees fruit and veg to show our support to adapt overcome and evolve as a city and evolve as a culture making Newry and mourne a brighter and happier place for all.

Recent events in the news namely the arrest of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has caused peace to be threatened . The unsuitable timing  of the arrest approaching the local and european parliamentary elections has cast a dark shadow on the peace that everyone has worked hard to preserve. Sinn Fein have described the arrest as "Political Policing" and have threatened to withdraw support for the police and take a backwards step not only from the policing board but from the peace process.
I belive that this community project will lead as an example not only to other cites and towns throught northern Ireland but will also lead an example of the use of dogcoin and spirit of giving represented by one of the world's most popular and generous crypto communities. with recent events in the news people need to be reassured that peace can exsist regaurdless of what our politicians want or what the brithish government decides to achieve.

Projects will include :

Conservation on the banks of the Newry canal which is one of Europe's oldest summit level canals and a historic feat of engineering for northern Ireland. Planting wildflowers Shrubs and trees will make it an ideal spot for wildlife canooing, cycleing, kyaking and many other wonderful benifits including enhancing the look of the towpath which runs along side the canal all the way to portadown predominantly protestant. whilst Newry on the opposite end is predominantly Catholic. I am hoping that co-operation will spread and similar ideas will be adopted in towns and villages along the canal stretch, with co-operation hard work and dogecoin/ Btc we can make this happen.

Reclaiming dissused land that is neglected planting fruit trees and shrubs to bring colour, into dull areas of Newry planting a dogecoin icon out of marry golds on the Albert basin to promote the work we are doing. Think of it like a construction of a crop circle except we use flowers to do the art. Try to capture the eye of local media sources and promote dogecoin this way.

The construction of a local community farm somewhere in the city that caters for everyone and is a unique place to visit and mix with other people. The produce will be sold for doge and that in turn can be invested into other projects all proceeds go towards other voluntary projects.

These activities give the community a chance to mix and understand each other  through cooperation we can continue to sculpt the landscape and fabric of society, maintain peace whilst enjoying the benifits of crypto currency and launching our city towards a better future, without the influence of politicians and political belifs.
A website is currently under construction a link will be posted at a later date progress will be uploaded and documented weekly and all proceeeds donated will go towards our cause as we embark on our horticultural Revolution.

If you like what you have read and wish to donate our dogecoin address is as follows:

Our bitcoin address is:

Our litecoin address is:

We prefer donations in doge as it is more reasonable a packet of seeds is only 0.60 GBP 2000 Doge. To be honest we don't expect many donations and are exploring crypto currency as a method of funding
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