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Author Topic: Fayoling tried to scam us  (Read 1134 times)
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May 28, 2014, 11:21:12 PM

Hello, a week ago we set up a bounty of 7 BTC and 30,000 XLB for a developer to make a Mixing service like the one that Fedoracoin uses so scramble transactions.

Fayoling said he could do it, and a few days ago he delivered us a php website

We kindly offered him 1.5 BTC for his work but he refused it, but he is still asking us to pay him the original bounty.

Fedoracoin's system uses several servers(nodes) to scramble the transactions, and obviously is not developed in PHP.

What Fayoling delivered is just a php website using Json-RPC API calls.

He didn't even integrate it in the QT wallet or the Daemon.

What he did is like if I bought a Ferrari but someone delivered me a Sedan.

His profile:;u=248359

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May 28, 2014, 11:57:01 PM

I call bullshit. here is proof,

essentially you guys promised him and tranzium the full bounty to do the anon feature it was going to take him longer than anticipated to integrate what he created into the wallet so you offered him half the bounty and wanted to have IconicExpert integrate it into his LibertyExpress software.

all the info is in the pastebin all the devs and fayoled agreed it was fair. its all there plz read here is the full text actually:

this was a conversation on IRC from ~40 hours ago

9:31:50 PM
== fayoling [63e5000d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:31:50 PM
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9:31:50 PM
Topic set by gatti_!~agatti@ at 5/26/2014, 15:5:34
9:31:50 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v fayoling
9:32:00 PMfayoling
I hear there is innovations and prgoress! Smiley
9:32:03 PMgatti-
Man of the hour
9:32:08 PMshogun40
these is indeed
9:32:09 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:32:22 PMshogun40
your ears must be burning
9:32:22 PMfayoling
Trying to get Tranzium in here right now with his code
9:32:24 PM
and mind
9:32:26 PM
9:32:29 PMJMoney11
Fayoling glad to see you here
9:32:44 PMIconicExpert
it will look something like this...but Liberty Express looks 10x better:
9:33:11 PMshogun40
so sorta like a consel
9:33:16 PMIconicExpert
it will be separate from the wallet, but everything is integrated
9:33:18 PMshogun40
thats pretty cool
9:33:24 PMIconicExpert
9:34:02 PM
this is actually good...when XLB gets mass adoption no one can complain aboit it being anon because it will be a separate feature
9:34:09 PMshogun40
so if you send from it it takes from your addy and sends it on its own encrypted to the payee
9:34:09 PMIconicExpert
9:34:27 PM
== Daredev [4438ef73@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined
9:34:27 PM
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9:35:14 PMfayoling
XLB, troubleshooting and problem solving to the extreme. Love it
9:35:19 PMshogun40
it will give time for the wallet to gain the feature as well so there will be more than one way to go about.
9:35:20 PMIconicExpert
I will have something similar to what the devs setup on the web but within the Liberty Express software. The end user will just past his address and get the new one
9:35:59 PMshogun40
how will it pull the coins from the wallet?
9:36:44 PMIconicExpert
remember the end user is just making his address with the mixer
9:37:00 PM
all this does is masking
9:37:26 PM
did you use the web portal?
9:37:40 PMshogun40
another nice thing is this would be innovative. not some same thing xc did or what not
9:37:41 PM
== Aquent_1 [~Aquent@gateway/tor-sasl/aquent] has joined
9:37:41 PM
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9:38:13 PMshogun40
i did
9:38:35 PMfayoling
Tranzium will be here shortly, he just ran to the store.
9:38:38 PMshogun40
i put an addy in and it gave out a new one. so this will just give you a new one to send with?
9:38:51 PM
9:38:53 PMIconicExpert
I can do the same exact thing but within Liberty all you will have to do is just past the "real" address into the software, and it will give you the new address
9:39:05 PMshogun40
9:39:06 PMJMoney11
Good to hear about tranzium... having the devs and IE in here to discuss everything would be good
9:39:12 PM
== izangi [67e03435@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:39:12 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v izangi
9:39:13 PMfayoling
9:39:19 PMshogun40
meeting of the minds
9:39:22 PM
9:39:59 PM
if this goes well it would be a turbobost for an announcement tomorrow
9:40:05 PMJMoney11
9:40:15 PMshogun40
rock solid
9:40:28 PMizangi
what did i miss
9:40:35 PMshogun40
some good stuff
9:40:38 PM
== Aquent_ has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
9:40:40 PMshogun40
9:40:52 PMizangi
any pastebin? please
9:40:57 PM
== BNK3RED has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
9:41:13 PM
== tonyxlb [c634694a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:41:13 PM
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9:41:22 PM
== BNK3RED [a5e4ddcb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:41:22 PM
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9:41:31 PMIconicExpert
hi izangi
9:41:49 PMizangi
hey, never seen ie in here wow
9:42:15 PMIconicExpert
I am here to fix this shit Smiley
9:42:38 PMgatti-
Yeh yeh!!
9:42:44 PMizangi
thank fuck, hate waking up to it knowing what they were saying
9:42:44 PMJMoney11
We have IE and soon two of the anon devs... progress in the making
9:42:47 PMgatti-
Getting shit done
9:43:15 PMIconicExpert
from now on please just contact me with your issues
9:43:41 PMgatti-
Thanks dude
9:43:51 PMshogun40
this will be tits n ass
9:43:52 PMizangi
still a bit lost, need pastebin or summary
9:43:52 PMgatti-
Big sigh of relief
9:44:11 PMkeyboardcowboy-
Cheesy gatti is bagholder
9:44:19 PMIconicExpert
I am about to tweet I am going to take over the anon dev and get it done asap
9:44:28 PMkeyboardcowboy-
do it.
9:44:30 PMizangi
ok big sigh
9:44:30 PMgatti-
9:44:36 PM
Pastebin: buu
9:44:38 PM
9:44:41 PM
I have 40k
9:44:41 PMIconicExpert
that will stop some of the bleeding
9:44:46 PMgatti-
Not a bag holder Wink
9:44:48 PMshogun40
quick summery is adding the anno feature into IE libertysend consel
9:44:50 PMgatti-
Also not selling
9:44:50 PMkeyboardcowboy-
Patch it up
9:45:02 PMIconicExpert
Liberty Express
9:45:18 PM
9:45:19 PMkeyboardcowboy-
Like a train? CHOOCHOO
9:45:20 PMshogun40
then we can send transactions annomusly and not need the wallet to do it
9:45:20 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:45:22 PMgatti-
Featuring Liberty Send
9:45:32 PMizangi
ok, havent read anything juicy about that either, will it be a cex card
9:45:40 PMshogun40
sorry express
9:46:33 PMgatti-
Maarten is gonna go nuts with this
9:46:41 PMshogun40
no its a program that you will put you addy in and it encrypts and creates a new one you send the payment with. you will still be able to send with your normal one as well
9:46:43 PMkeyboardcowboy-
we have more volume than BC atm
9:46:44 PM
9:47:15 PMgatti-
Confidence is returning, that's why
9:47:30 PMshogun40
that liberty express has a bunch of other cool features all on its own
9:47:50 PMizangi
but its all one program?
9:47:57 PMshogun40
so this will marry up both without need for new wallets or hardforks
9:48:06 PMJMoney11
Confidence is definitely returning here... once everyone else knows were on track it will help even more
9:48:16 PMizangi
that is fucking perfect
9:48:35 PM
== Gibcity_ [ad1e4100@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:48:35 PM
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9:49:18 PMgatti-
9:49:42 PMJMoney11
Good to see progress being made
9:50:07 PM
== Schiavon [bd5a62e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined
9:50:07 PM
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9:50:12 PMSchiavon
9:50:24 PMBNK3RED
Just wanna say nice work guys sometimes you just need a leader to make the perfect team work
9:51:40 PM
== awake [a29ca0a7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:51:40 PM
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9:51:52 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:51:58 PM
did anyone see XC
9:52:01 PM
9:52:09 PM
9:52:11 PMawake
9:52:19 PM
== jimcoin [b3bab070@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:52:19 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v jimcoin
9:52:22 PMshogun40
9:52:27 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:52:35 PM
== tranzium [461e31fc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:52:35 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v tranzium
9:52:36 PMshogun40
yeah its a beast off the leash
9:52:37 PM
== Schiavon [bd5a62e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit (Client Quit)
9:52:43 PMfayoling
Tranzium in the house
9:52:44 PMshogun40
damn near 800k
9:52:54 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:52:58 PMshogun40
i totally missed the boat on xc
9:53:01 PM
== Dirceu [b3c02cba@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:53:01 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v Dirceu
9:53:07 PMshogun40
though it would flop and ignored
9:53:11 PMkeyboardcowboy-
XC being raped
9:53:13 PM
9:53:13 PMDirceu
hi mans
9:53:15 PMkeyboardcowboy-
9:53:16 PMtranzium
Hello everyone. Hope I wasn't missed too much...
9:53:20 PM
== GutoSchiavon [bd5a62e0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:53:20 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v GutoSchiavon
9:53:24 PMizangi
you were
9:53:26 PMJMoney11
Tranzium good to see you here
9:53:35 PM
== maycoin [b3de2d90@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:53:35 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v maycoin
9:53:38 PMGibcity_
9:53:38 PM
== crypto [b117e501@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
9:53:38 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v crypto
9:53:41 PMfayoling
Tranzium, they have someone that wants to take over anon and give you a portion of the bounty
9:53:42 PMGibcity_
the man
9:53:45 PMfayoling
if that's cool
9:53:54 PMGutoSchiavon
|tip SchiavonXV 5000
9:53:55 PMcrypto
Reginaldo cade vc
9:54:00 PMGutoSchiavon
!tip SchiavonXV 5000
9:54:01 PMtipxlb
GutoSchiavon: You need to be identified with NickServ to tip.
9:54:02 PM
== crypto is now known as Guest24267
9:54:02 PMshogun40
9:54:04 PMGutoSchiavon
Hello bitches
9:54:13 PM
9:54:26 PMGuest24267
9:54:32 PM
9:54:47 PMIconicExpert
hi tranzium
9:55:02 PM
first I want to say thank you for all your work so far
9:55:04 PMfayoling
Tranz, IE is the man to talk to
9:55:11 PMGutoSchiavon
Brasil em peso aqui.
9:55:23 PMGuest24267
9:55:24 PMfayoling
Can we call for channel silence to let the devs talk?
9:55:31 PMtranzium
No problem. Love to help out where I can. lol
9:55:34 PMGutoSchiavon
9:56:14 PMJMoney11
Agreed, lets let the devs discuss this
9:56:24 PMGibcity_
grabs popcorn
9:56:33 PMtranzium
So what's the scoop?
9:56:42 PMIconicExpert
tranzium what is the web code written in?
9:56:46 PM
9:57:32 PMtranzium
9:57:57 PM
== degenorate has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
9:58:04 PMIconicExpert
Anything special needs to be installed on the server?
9:58:29 PM
== keyboardcowboy- has quit 
10:00:17 PMjimcoin
10:00:27 PMtranzium
PCNTL functions (should be installed by default) and BC Math (which might not be). Aside from that, the jsonRPC class will communicate with the wallet through RPC
10:00:46 PMawake
10:00:54 PM
Do you have good news for us?
10:01:02 PMDirceu
Brazil believes the project
10:01:02 PMgatti-
Awake hold
10:01:21 PMtranzium
No database or anything else. Just 2 files are maintained to store the last block hash and transaction timestamp. (in case you want to stop/start the daemon ever, lol)
10:01:36 PMIconicExpert
10:01:46 PM
== brammien has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:01:47 PM
== brammien_ [63bd843a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined
10:01:47 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v brammien_
10:01:53 PMIconicExpert
sounds straightforward
10:02:04 PMjimcoin
gogo brazil XLB!
10:02:13 PMIconicExpert
when can I get the code?
10:02:34 PMawake
XLT to the moon!
10:02:50 PMmaycoin
xlt? lol
10:03:12 PMGuest24267
kkkk BR fazendo brasileirisses
10:03:19 PMbrammien_
xtra large and tall
10:04:02 PMgatti-
IE can you communicate the terms of the bounty?
10:04:07 PM
On behalf of anyone?
10:04:09 PMtranzium
Since the anon is being taken (from the sounds of things), what kind of bounty portion are we talking about?
10:05:02 PMIconicExpert
he should get half
10:05:04 PM
== aliasaila has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:05:10 PMIconicExpert
they did half the work
10:05:19 PMfayoling
half of 7 BTC and 250k XLB?
10:05:30 PMIconicExpert
10:05:30 PM
== wedlock has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
10:05:35 PMtranzium
fuck brb
10:05:39 PMfayoling
I think that sounds reasonable
10:05:48 PM
== tonyxlb [c634694a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
10:05:50 PMIconicExpert
before you do..I need to make sure it works on the server
10:05:53 PM
== wedlock [~wedlock@gateway/tor-sasl/wedlock] has joined
10:05:53 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v wedlock
10:06:10 PMfayoling
I am sure Tranzium will help get it working at 50% of the bounty
10:06:22 PMIconicExpert
I think 50% is fair
10:06:27 PMfayoling
10:06:37 PMgatti-
I do too
10:06:50 PM
Git'er done
10:06:57 PMIconicExpert
it will
10:07:07 PM
== brammien [63bd843a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined
10:07:07 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v brammien
10:07:07 PMIconicExpert
My rep is on the line here
10:07:29 PMfayoling
Lol IE
10:07:39 PM
You typically pull through, no worries here
10:07:41 PMgatti-
*slow clap*
10:07:56 PMawake
What is going to be announced after the countdown goes off?
10:08:19 PMgatti-
Apparently more than anticipated
10:08:23 PM
10:08:36 PM
== degenorate [~degenorat@unaffiliated/degenorate] has joined
10:08:37 PM
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10:08:37 PM
== web_user|16198 [2e47baab@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
10:08:37 PM
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10:09:18 PMawake
10:09:51 PMgatti-
10:09:54 PMawake
What was promissed?
10:10:01 PM
Anonymous function?
10:10:16 PM
== brammien_ [63bd843a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:10:22 PMgatti-
IE will be implementing the anon code to his Liberty Express software
10:10:36 PM
This is groundbreaking and revolutionary
10:10:40 PM
Amazing stuff
10:10:47 PMawake
I see...
10:10:57 PM
What exactly is Liberty Express?
10:10:59 PMGibcity_
10:11:05 PM
my reaction to what is going on lol
10:11:16 PMgatti-
10:11:16 PMawake
10:11:19 PM
I hope so
10:11:50 PM
How much time left on the countdown?
10:11:58 PM
== aliasaila [~aliasaila@] has joined
10:11:58 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v aliasaila
10:12:04 PMgatti-
Its not a set time
10:12:09 PMIconicExpert
its not
10:12:14 PM
i dunno who did that
10:12:18 PMgatti-
I'm pretty sure it's a local clock
10:12:21 PM
On the site
10:12:22 PMGutoSchiavon
What exactly is Liberty Express?
10:12:27 PMtranzium
Alright. 50% works for me. Send it, ensure it works, send payment?
10:12:30 PMizangi
but it will be today?
10:12:31 PMBNK3RED
i think tranzium has run off to buy XLB
10:12:47 PMfayoling
10:12:48 PM
10:12:52 PMIconicExpert
Tomorrow you are just suppose to buy XLB and give to friends and family
10:13:06 PM
this is a good time to buy
10:13:16 PMgatti-
Read: great
10:13:47 PMGibcity_
my dad and crypto currency?
10:13:52 PM
he can't even check his email lol
10:13:55 PMIconicExpert
10:14:01 PMGibcity_
fuck it. here's 10k xlb dad
10:14:06 PMIconicExpert
Liberty Express will fix that!
10:14:23 PM
Liberty Express is idiot proof
10:14:38 PMGibcity_
I'm talking to a local bar about accepting bitcoin tomorrow. I will mention libertycoin
10:14:52 PM
tell em if you wana be really should just accept libertycoin
10:15:24 PMIconicExpert
tranzium yes
10:15:44 PM
I will let everyone know it works...and they will handle the bounty
10:15:59 PMfayoling
Can I suggest a portion upfront
10:16:10 PM
he is handing over his code
10:16:27 PMIconicExpert
that is up to the people offering the bounty
10:16:57 PMgatti-
Can you ping them IE?
10:17:05 PM
== kkkk [b105d351@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
10:17:05 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v kkkk
10:17:17 PMkkkk
hi guys
10:17:24 PMgatti-
Templar is in for 2-3
10:17:28 PM
== degenorate [~degenorat@unaffiliated/degenorate] has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:17:29 PM
== kkkk is now known as Guest35729
10:17:55 PM
== degenorate [~degenorat@unaffiliated/degenorate] has joined
10:17:56 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v degenorate
10:18:08 PMgatti-
I see none of then joined here after my call out
10:18:10 PMIconicExpert
you guys handle that...I already have my plate full
10:18:28 PM
tranzium I need your email
10:18:45 PMfayoling
10:18:46 PM
== brammien [63bd843a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:18:55 PM
== snakegi [b1dcb22c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined
10:18:55 PM
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10:18:58 PM
== brammien [63bd843a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined
10:18:58 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v brammien
10:19:07 PMfayoling
Get the bounty sorted out, and than Tranzium and IE can begin
10:19:22 PM
== coinabinoids [] has joined
10:19:22 PM
== ChanServ set mode +v coinabinoids
10:19:30 PMgatti-
Templar77 get your Dev team on the line
10:19:31 PMIconicExpert
10:19:38 PMgatti-
We need to get this deal done
10:19:42 PMfayoling
10:20:35 PMIconicExpert
all I need is tranzium email so we can be in contact... the bounty will get sorted tomorrow
10:20:41 PM
== snakegi [b1dcb22c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit (Client Quit)
10:21:27 PM
== BNK3RED [a5e4ddcb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
10:23:10 PMgatti-
I pingd libdev on the forum
10:24:03 PMIconicExpert
this wil lget done guys

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May 28, 2014, 11:59:41 PM

essentially you guys scammed urself trusting IE and are now in turn scamming fayoled and tranzium as you are scrambling to put the pieces together because of the disorganized chaos within XLB and no one who offered the bounty wanting to put their $ where there mouth is.

real classy you guys.

I just sold the 70,000 XLB I had at a big loss:( ,  sad because I thought you guys might make it through this but under pressure you've caved and your true colors are shining through.

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May 29, 2014, 12:00:49 AM

First, I am not the dev, was solely defending him.

The deal was to create the mixer and the Libertycoin community would get it integrated.

Here is one conversation about them having someone to take over for the anon dev at 50/50 of the bounty.

Yesterday there was a conversation about another Dev taking over and doing 70/30.

Today when the bounty was brought up, the community could not raise more than 1 BTC. So they began to copy the devs code.

The deal was not for complete wallet integration from day 1. The dev had mentionned he would be able to help with that, but could not do it. Hence the reason they were looking for help and splits on the bounty.

When the coin dumped hard yesterday, most people involved with the bounty rescinded and left. So instead of giving the bounty to the rightful owner, they began calling it a scam and copying it. If it was a scam, than why reverse engineer it, and clone it?

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                            ▀██████████▀▀▀    ▄███▄
                              ▀███▀▀          █████
                                   ▄███▄      ▀███▀
The World's first integrated E-Commerce and
Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by Blockchain.


    ██▀           ▀██
    ██             ██
▒████  █████████     ████▒
▒████  ███████       ████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
▒███████████         ████▒
▒███████████         ████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
▒█████████████    ███████▒
    ██▀           ▀██
    ██             ██
▒█████  ███████    ██████▒
▒██░░████████░      █████▒
▒██░   ░█████         ███▒
▒██                 █████▒
▒███                █████▒
▒█████              █████▒
▒██████            ██████▒
▒██████          ████████▒
▒████        ████████████▒
    ██▀           ▀██
    ██             ██
▒███  ███████████████████▒
▒███  █████████    ▓█████▒
▒█████████     ▓█  ▓█████▒
▒████▓       ██    ██████▒
▒███░      ██░░    ██████▒
▒██████  ██       ███████▒
▒█████████░       ███████▒
▒█████████        ███████▒
▒██████████ ████ ████████▒
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May 29, 2014, 01:09:51 AM

fayoling can you come to irc and chat with me? I want this whole misunderstanding settled once and for all. You and tranz are awesome and we don't want to lose you. Please come and chat.

Double eagle only 100 coins!!
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May 29, 2014, 02:17:43 AM

This is the pot calling the kettle black.

I think it's a bit out of order to create a scamming thread about a contributor to Libertycoin development when the entire development team and their supporters are now under suspicion of scamming everyone who believed in Libertycoin and invested in it.

This has come to light over the last 36 hours after the split between IE and the devs.  It is all contained in the Libertycoin main thread.

Before the split, the community was pretty much unaware that there were problems.  Everyone was behind Libertycoin and supporting it.

After the split, it all became public with viscious posts in the main Libertycoin thread and unacceptable, disgraceful posts from some members.

The entire Libertycoin community has imploded and become highly distrustful of the devs and the methods they used to defend their actions.

A further split has occurred between the creators and new promoters of Libertycoin and the well intentioned investors.

Investors ordered a Ferrari and got delivered a tricycle with a wheel missing.
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