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Author Topic: [GIVEAWAY/POLL] What is your perception of Libertycoin?  (Read 4865 times)
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June 09, 2014, 04:43:04 AM

This thread is self-moderated to delete posts from Iconic Expert and all this alter egos (barabbas, tenaciousc,...)

Hello, I am Templar77 Core developer for Libertycoin. We have decided to make this thread to clean our name from false accusations.

A few facts about Libertycoin:

The Launch
-Libertycoin was Pre-Announced more than 36 hours before it was launched.
-Libertycoin was not premined.
-Libertycoin's proof-of-work reached almost 80 Gh/s (and it's the X11 algorithm), so it was not instamined.
-Libertycoin traded aroud 600 sat in its firsts days.

Scam accusations.
-I let Iconic Expert manage the marketing. When I included him I wasn't aware the alleged scam he executed on Blackcoin (the donations for the event he never gave back).

- For 5 days IE manged the marketing. The last day IE was in, one of our memebers changed the password for this account and IE couldn't login for 2 hours, so he made a fuss out of nothing. I asked him what was the problem but he never answered and left the IRC channel. I never understod why he left.

-After he left, he started attacking us on twitter and bitcointalk, with his proxy accounts. Saying we (the dev team) 'dumped all our coins'. My only question here is what coins? Libertycoin was not premined.

-I released a Official Statement regarding Iconic Expert

Liberty protocol

- Libertycoin (as a protocol) has not suffered any problem, like other coins. We are even in the version 1.0.0 since we haven't needed changes.
- we preparing an update [Libertycoin 1.0.1] with small changes.

- My partner in the dev team had a guy who claimed that could implement Zerocoin, and the idea was for him to implement it.
-After that, the person in charge of this bitcointalk account since is not a technical person, said that zerocoin was already implemented, and the rumour started spreading. The plan was to implement it, but it was not implemented. He made the mistake to claim that.
-The situation was cleared after the the damage was already done.
-We are currently looking to implement a mixer that we have developed or other anon solutions. We are offering 7 BTC and 30k XLB from donations.


Just make a constructive post and asnwer these questions:

1.- What is your perception of Libertycoin?
2.- What do you think we can do to improve?

After that paste your Libertycoin address in our forum:

Download the wallet from here:

*This Giveaway is paid with my own money.

Do not post your addess here, it's against Bitcointalk forum rules.

GUTS | GET-Protocol ICO
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June 09, 2014, 05:56:51 AM

1 Anonymous is your commitment to the community, if it had been able to, then the XLB impact is great, the people will not believe you. You find bitsa implementation Zerocoin agreement did not results?
2 I think you should be honest to the community, to say something to understand. I believe you can do well.

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June 09, 2014, 06:16:42 AM

1) Okay, for the first question, you may not like the answer.

Anyway, my perception from the start was the coin was rather shady and simply trying to cash in on the anon craze, since Drk shot up like it did. You joined the ranks of DreamCoin and BankCoin making anon claims that simply couldn't be true. Your ann thread made it sound like zerocoin would be implemented in a timely manner, or was in fact already implemented.

Zerocoin doesn't exist. It never was shown to work, dropped by the original devs, and even if it was somehow made to work, it'd probably have some major issues. Any dev saying they are going to implement something like this must have known something about it. Either they were simply negligent,  or trying to cash in on hype.

All that said, the coin was in a position to make money off of that hype. Until you went the IE route, and then your days were clearly numbered. I don't know what took you so long, but he basically behaved like a salesman on amphetamines... it was sort of clear that perhaps he wasn't the best guy for the job longterm.

2) As for what you can do to improve... hmm...

Well being upfront and honest is a start. Personally I don't see the point to a simple mixer now, with so many other flavors of anon out there, with the cryptonote flavors and Drk. You probably are better off just waiting until the end of the summer and implementing darksend if you want it, for free -- assuming it is opensourced by then (I forget their schedule). Use the btc funds for other types of coin development instead.

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June 09, 2014, 07:00:38 AM

1) Personally, I don't care that much on features like anonimity, zerocoin implementing or such high tech features. What matter the most for "me" is price. Still, honest devs and less "drama" coins are preferable. XLB, this far, is OK for me.
You'd better tell the truth to the community. Whatever they will say, HONESTY will always be APPRECIATED.

2) Android wallet will be +1 point for XLB. If I were you, I'd prefer use that 7 BTC to support XLB market. Give it stable price.

Since I'm not libertycointalk member, I will post my address on twitter @DTfanzines as status.
One thing, I really appreciate your effort to give XLB clean name. You show youur love and support for XLB (y)

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June 09, 2014, 09:06:45 AM

I) My perception of LibertyCoin:
  1. Great name and brand potential stands out in a sea of altcoin mediocrity and outright stupidness.
  2. Functionality
    a) Wallet always connects and syncs quickly, and also stakes.  
    b) Transfers and confirms quickly compared to most other coins.
    c) From a technical standpoint has been pretty smooth sailing.
  3.  Dev Team.  
    a) Smart, but young and inexperienced with business, software/ systems development, and people
    b) Enough vision to come up with a great name and know what they have
    c) Enough knowledge about altcoins to pick a great one to clone
    d) Enough skill to make a smooth launch and transition to POS;
    e) Miscalculated number of POW coins by a large margin--perhaps not computer science or maths whizzes.
    f) Two possibilities to account for your whole involvement with IE who should have obvious as B.S. from day one:
      i. honest, but young and naive, ii. not so honest, so don't mind shady, B.S. characters;  I prefer to believe the former...
    g) Clearly in over your heads with regard to the anonymous implementation.
    h) Apparently naive about the difficulty of real software engineering.

II) Suggestions
  1. Don't let the FUDsters rattle you.  Whatever you do, there is going to be resistance.  If you are on the verge of success, there will probably be more resistance.  Keep developing the vision and working on ways to make the coin useful as a means of exchange.  It's going to take time.  Build a strong team of people you can trust.
  2. Take your time with "anonymity."   Anonymity is only meaningful as a metric of the degree of resistance against the capabilities of those working against it.  A false sense of security can be dangerous.  The people who are really pressing for it NOW are naive about it and possibly shady or FUDsters and definitely shady.
  3. Be candid with the community, and keep us "in the loop."  Keep it real, and trust will come with time.

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June 09, 2014, 09:11:45 AM

For XLB desperately to discredit people, I say to you , why should I continue to hold XLB. Abandoned DRM
Let us sort out
1, DRM and XLB listed at the beginning of May , when I started digging, two coins, both announced plans to use ZEROSEND system .
Mid 2,5, XLB announced ZEROSEND team stopped development , can not be used , and admitted he did not develop the ability to send anonymous system , offering a

reward of two BTC and 30000XLB asked people to develop . XLB plummeted. DRM can be used simultaneously announced ZEROSEND . DRM skyrocketing .
3, XLB XLB authors believe that the price is too low , in the forum , will buy XLB with their own money , the price has been reached so far 0.00000850 .
4 , this time I think the author is an honest young man, I decided to help him , the day I purchased XLB in, raise XLB to 0.00000850 ( only no

Premine the currency , the author will take their money to buy )
5, ZEROSEND DRM system used by the team found no longer supported , ZEROSEND not be achieved until proven author is lying, prices plummeted , I have no

hesitation in dumping out the DRM, I would not stay a dishonest coin .
6 , this time, a man named IE XLB join the team , announced the anonymous system one week after the release , in one week after the release a few hours before

dumping the coins , and began to numerous NEW ID slander XLB, until right now.
7 , the authors continue to reward seven BTC, 30000个XLB seeking to develop an anonymous system .
8 , the authors published their wallets XLB address LZ2suWZw4RoCVT4amdUJRzu4pLawnfQEjR, to prove that he did not dumping

More than 8:00
I have come to the view :
1, XLB author is an honest man , at least he did not admit the outset, the ability to develop an anonymous system . The authors compare the DRM ?
2, no Premine, and are willing to use their own money to buy XLB, and no dumping in 0.00018 time to prove his long-term bullish XLB
3 , the authors utilized by IE
4, for honest money, I am willing to continue to hold.

Has been on eight , is true, but there are 100 100 people views . Represent the views of my understanding of the facts . Maybe you do not understand this ,

and it does not matter .

6、这个时候,1个名字叫IE的人加入XLB团队,宣布匿名系统1周后发布,在1周后,在发布前几小时,倾销硬币,并且开始出现无数的NEW ID诋毁XLB,一直到现在。


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June 09, 2014, 10:33:55 AM

First of all, I want to tell you that my native language is not English, so my expression may have grammar mistakes.

Now I'd like to  talk about my opinion.

I was focus on libertycoin from the start. And I think , it's really disappointing to anonymous function has not made, but I know that you have been trying to,  and you're working hard too .So,I hope you can continue to development, I will always support you.
The libertycoin is still very young, from birth to now have a month, there is still a lot of possibilities, in the long run I think it was a very good coin , I'm also looking forward to watching the liberty grew up in future.
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June 09, 2014, 11:17:16 AM

1) I first looked into the forum for Liberty coin a week or so ago, when I first purchased XLB.
I must say I immediately sold my position.

For an outsider who doesn't have the time or intention to get into the deep truths of a coin, the mere existence of name calling, disputes, FUDs - well, it really creates a very repulsive atmosphere.
I didn't have the time to investigate who Iconic was or what was his alter egos or what is the dev team or anything. It was simply the whole noise that screamed: "sell".
Also, details on developers who couldn't deliver spelled "amateurs" all over.

Had it not been for the VERY BRANDABLE NAME I wouldn't have come back to the XLB community again.
But, you do have a name that could be the focal point around which to build an economic environment.

I seek to build a portfolio of small cap alt coins that have a chance of long term survival.
That's what I find exciting and worthy of my support.
That's what I believe can be ultimately profitable. Not to mention good for the whole crypto ecosystem.

Coming up with honest explanations and trying to reinstall confidence is a big nice move.
It made me at least switch from SELL to BUY. I may even consider HOLD if this continues.

Now, for what can be done:

2.1 Build on the name, make it a brand: LIBERTY resonates with so many of us!

2.2 Anonymity is good to have, not a do or die feature. I am not looking to dump a million XLB the next hour of anon announcement!
Besides, whatever has been announced to offer anonymity it seems it has failed to deliver.
I've been with bitcoin since the early day. Anonymity - or rather, a way to make your transactions really hard (impossible? naah) to trace back to your real identity - can be achieved with ANY coin if one gets into the trouble of extraordinary measures. But is this a must-have for building a crypto coin economy? I don't think so.

2.3 Keeping a stable, honest presence however IS a do or die feature. I believe you have made a start here.

2.4 Technology: yes, you need to find, keep and build strong relationships with good, reliable coders. You don't need people that promise to deliver the holy grail of cryptocurrencies for 7 BTC. You need people that can be trusted to develop Android wallet, maintain the code, offer little advantages here and there. From what I can read this is a VERY weak point for XLB and needs to be addressed fast.

2.5 Expand user base: Have merchants accepting XLB for services or products. The Game of Coins is not about who pumps and dumps first. It's about who builds a Kingdom - Economy. And that means having people actually perceiving XLB to have a value OUTSIDE the EXCHANGES!

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June 09, 2014, 12:16:02 PM

I have been following Libertycoin since the beginning and what could have been a successfull coin turned out to be a supposed "pump and dump" coin with features never achieved, not enough consistency and a scammer taking part in it (IE) which did the final work.
The name is currently one of the most readable and efficient, but the "originality" doesn't seem on the meet for now,
I still haven't cashed out for one single reason (well 2 ) the text posted by Templar taking all responsability for the hickup, explaining everything he can, apologizing, clear view, and future projects. That is a constructive attitude and responsible. I really believe you have been "abused" by IE but maybe it underlies a crucial problem in crypto's, anyone can claim to be competent, honest, and when you creat a project of this size, to then give the marketing strategy to a stranger (don't know if you guys knew each other before) it is like losing all the weight you hjad on the currency and that is totally unsmart, a coin gets  created with all that is linked to it, and it seems crazy to give a guy so much weight, maybe things are taken from the wrong side, bounties and all are nice but can get some individuals to want to take part just to profit (either from ann's, news, problems)
I guess what I want to say is to build a solid basis of partners before launching a coin would be the way to prevent such qwacks. And when I look at Nxt, Nem, Ether, Circle, that's how things should be down,
Going fast at first doesn't make the difference, except going into the wall more rapidly, things get out of hands which is not something that should be

So, the answer to the second question would be "professionnalism" "clarity" "long term views" "holding all aspects to trustworthy partners, checked backgrounds, and transparency.
I am new to cryptos so my point of view might not be the most convincing, but I look at this from a purely business side
ps : hope you'll succeed cause you deserve it, not throwing everything away and creating a new coin.
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June 09, 2014, 12:53:04 PM

1- What is your perception of Libertycoin?
* I bought into Libertycoin during that short window while IconicExpert was actively promoting it.  The biggest attraction was the promised anonymity feature.  When things blew up with IE, I was rather confused who the players were.  The promoted "big announcement" turned out to be an attack on XLB.  Was IE a developer as claimed?  Who were the developers and why wasn't I hearing from them at the time?
* Because of the info above, I was confused for several days who the primary players were for XLB and who I should pay the most attention to.  There was a lot of negativity and FUD going on in the main Libertycoin discussion thread, which left me dispirited and I'm sure turned off people that were reading about Libertycoin for the first time.
* At this point, I hope Libertycoin does well and have no intention of selling as I'm holding in the hopes that it actually delivers on it's promise.  However, I'm not very enthusiastic and want to see some evidence of progress.

2- What do you think we can do to improve?
* You have the first couple of posts in the main Libertycoin discussion thread and therefore control it.  When you look at them, the first user name mentioned in IconicExpert in post #2 and an explanation of the blow-up around him.  Please insert a short section listing the primary players and their roles in post #1 so that people know who speaks "with authority" for Libertycoin.  This should include the developers and the new marketing people.
* Libertycoin needs better communications with the community.  I understand you tried to do that with IE, but it went badly.  Hopefully, the new people will work out much better.  Please try to keep us in the loop on technical and promotional progress.  I understand that there are limits, but it still is helpful to be aware of what the current development directions are and a rough gauge of progress.  Hard dates aren't necessary and it is more important that the updates be done well than quickly.
* The Libertycoin name is an excellent point in our favor, but I really want the technology that supports the name to work.  Please get anonymity working!

I'm not interested in taking any of your coins and wish you and this project well.  I hope you are able to deliver the anonymity features which would be the biggest differentiator from the large quantity of altcoins out there.
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June 09, 2014, 10:30:23 PM

1.- What is your perception of Libertycoin?
Hi, I'm in XLB from the first day, I've great hopes about this coin because We get all of questions...
But I was dissapointed by the pow coin miscalculation (it was told there'll be 30 mil but there was only 16.5 mil) But this was a good thing at all...

Later days I dumped all my BC and bought XLB (I never dumped my XLB)...
I don't think I'm a looser of XLB (because I didn't loose money, I got them early & cheap).

2.- What do you think we can do to improve?

I think you should implement anonymous feature immediately. Also you can start a foundation that helps "non violent liberty seekers"...

         ███████:         .███████`       
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      ████+                     `████+    
     ████:                        ████,   
    ████:    .#              █     ████   
   ;███+     ██             ███     ████  
   ████     ███'            ███.    '███, 
  +███     #████           ,████     ████ 
  ████     █████ .+██████: █████+    `███.
 ,███     ███████████████████████     ████
 ████     ███████████████████████'    :███
 ███:    +████████████████████████     ███`
 ███     █████████████████████████`    ███+
,███     ██████████████████████████    #███
'███    '██████████████████████████    ;███
#███    ███████████████████████████    ,███
████    ███████████████████████████.   .███
████    ███████████████████████████'   .███
+███    ███████████████████████████+   :███
:███    ███████████████████████████'   +███
 ███    ███████████████████████████.   ███#
 ███.   #██████████████████████████    ███,
 ████    █████████████████████████+   `███
 '███    '████████████████████████    ████
  ███;    ███████████████████████     ███;
  ████     #████████████████████     ████ 
   ███#     .██████████████████     `███+ 
   ████`      ;██████████████       ████  
    ████         '███████#.        ████.  
    .████                         █████   
     '████                       █████    
      #████'                    █████     
       +█████`                ██████      
        ,██████:           `███████       
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June 10, 2014, 10:38:25 AM

                                      TO ALL WHO FEELS AS A PART OF THE COMMUNITY:
we cannot sit and watch anymore... blaming only the dev expecthing from him to bring us rain in this desert heat.

Any one who cares about this coin should ask himself:
What did i do to make things go better?
If the answer is NOTHING only sith and watch and even blaming? => pretty bad

Could i be valuable with somethig?
The answer is YES. Everyone of us is vital for this coin! DO NOT underestimate yourself!
Give your ideas....
If you are good in writhing there are free seats in CONTACT shogun40
If you have a hash power please dig in the pool....

The pool has only 16 people digging ASK YOURSELVES ARE WE A COMMUNITY AND WHERE AM I ?
We sould start act like a community not like a bunch of grumbles.

Show templar that he is not alone in this battle ... this will give him and us faith to go forward with developing.
                             BE ACTIVE -- FIGHT FOR YOUR LIBERTY!
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June 10, 2014, 04:24:19 PM

This is an old post of mine:

Has anyone ever commented on any of these bitcointalk threads using their real name?
A major ingredient in liberty is trust, no?
After all where is the strength in a "community" who's members don't even know one another?
That is one of my ideas for this coin. Could someone create a platform where libertycoin community members could state who they really are, on record. Real names. Maybe a short bio.
People here say they want this coin to stand out and be different from the rest. A real community will stand out. People could even state how many xlb's they hold. Members could trade services etc.

That is one of my ideas for libertycoin, but I have more crazy ideas.

Could anyone create on online market only for libertycoin, like a craigslist or a Kijiji?

Now this is an out there idea, based on trust.

Imagine a staged buying rally of xlb's. One where members announce there buy orders as they're placed. One where community members anounce how much btc they will be spending. One where members first vote on the desired price level for XLB. With real names used and the ability to trace who dumps if anyone does.

Do you think these things, if accomplished, would make this coin stand out? I do.
Do you think these things are possible, or is there not enough trusting and trustworthy people in the community of libertycoin?
To radical?
To scary?
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June 10, 2014, 04:27:58 PM

Here's another:

I think Bitcoin is great accept for two things: its speed, and the infinite hashing power needed. Libertycoin eliminates these problems. Anonymity is great in a society based on solid moral footing. Or is it?  I don't know how solid our morality is these days. I think some serious study is needed to conclude anonymity to be, overall, beneficial or not. The only real way to figure out if it's good is to try it. Whether that will ever happen for money is anyone's guess.
However, remember to think big. To think big means an alternative to fiat currencies. A happy and cohesive society is not full of dark secrets. If the society is based on liberty, good moral ground, and natural law, why do we really need to hide our money movements. The largest benefit I see with anonymous money is to avoid the fraud and money controls set in place by the government. In a lawful society, these controls would not exist. I'm not firm yes or no to anonymity.
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June 10, 2014, 04:30:34 PM

Libertycoin needs exactly what Liberty itself needs, Belief.
Belief is the base of intrinsic value.
If you think I'm wrong, study what makes money, money.
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June 14, 2014, 05:21:21 AM

Hey Libertycoin,

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. If you can't answer me here please direct me to the right place. I started mining XLB in the multipool today and want to know where to check my stats.
*edit: found it on "my stats"

I am very excited about liberty coin and hope to buy and mine enough to put me in the top 20 in the rich list.

I am mining at:

If I like my experience with the pool I will point more miners at it and recommend it to others.

bitcoin BTC: 1MikVUu1DauWB33T5diyforbQjTWJ9D4RF
bitcoin cash: 1JdkCGuW4LSgqYiM6QS7zTzAttD9MNAsiK

-updated 3rd December 2017
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June 14, 2014, 11:25:31 PM

Has anyone actually received coins from this?
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June 15, 2014, 04:50:44 AM

Has anyone actually received coins from this?

It says: Next payouts June-15 20-4 CET.

So I guess we will find out then.

bitcoin BTC: 1MikVUu1DauWB33T5diyforbQjTWJ9D4RF
bitcoin cash: 1JdkCGuW4LSgqYiM6QS7zTzAttD9MNAsiK

-updated 3rd December 2017
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June 15, 2014, 07:10:15 AM

Has anyone actually received coins from this?

It says: Next payouts June-15 20-4 CET.

So I guess we will find out then.

yess, no place for worries you will recieve what you have mined.When your conffirmed shares disappear , it usualy happens 07 pm UTC soon you will get payed. Wink
i mine there as well i have never been skipped in payments.
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June 15, 2014, 08:18:20 AM

Cheers. Out of interest how many XLB would you generally get per million confirmed shares?

bitcoin BTC: 1MikVUu1DauWB33T5diyforbQjTWJ9D4RF
bitcoin cash: 1JdkCGuW4LSgqYiM6QS7zTzAttD9MNAsiK

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