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Author Topic:, a Paid-To-Click that pays you in Bitcoins!  (Read 129629 times)
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March 27, 2013, 04:11:30 PM

good idea Smiley

I am like a lennisters
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March 27, 2013, 04:16:41 PM

I do like the format tho.

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March 27, 2013, 05:07:35 PM

I am very confused about the blockchain image that was posted too.. Are you trying to show that all your money goes into payouts for coinad? Because Bitmillions payments dont count for that.

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March 27, 2013, 05:35:07 PM

I must add here. Limie's account continues to be banned for what reason is still left to no explanation. I do not trust CoinAd and here you can have a look for yourself what a JOKE this chat room is. Chat logs from yesterday March 26, 2013-I highly doubt that anyone will read through this on account of it being complete garbage but If you do Please take note of what Limie was responding to and what context it was said in and let me know if you think that this warrants a SEIZING OF FUNDS in the account and a band from the site. Obviously the Admin of coinad in the chat "Doesn't give a fuck" on account of the horribly obnoxious meme Admin thought would be funny to post. Obviously this site is a Joke and they will ban you with no warning and seize your funds. If at least if you don't read through it all, just look at the links that are posted particularly by someone who calls themselves an ADMIN of COINAD.

hazey: oh
Asemco: Play the Katawa Shoujo soundtrack! bwahaha
hazey: are you homophobic?
homekeys: each of these things is not even worth 1/10th of one penny? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: Peace One - by John McLaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra - find that Limmie
frontierframe: How much is 0.01 BTC? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: hazey your listening!? YOU ROCK!!! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: or just dont like gay chats
bit40: 0.01 mBTC, not BTC
gimmecoins: yey !! fianaly got a hit !!
5mil: ROck me like a hurricanse!
alonsoj15: to a sigificant amount (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: what up
frontierframe: 0.01mBTC (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Hahaha yeah I am listening
homekeys: frontierframe: roughly $0.0007
5mil: pooky1 still here? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: I need more requests (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: 0.00001
bit40: 0.01 mBTC = 0.00001 BTC
homekeys: which is really close to nothing
frontierframe: Thanks homekeys, that's small
5mil: alonsoj15 you have good ones...wanna hear something?
ghohamzury: Hello frontierframe, completely new here Smiley
homekeys: frontierframe: I hope you are not calling me small (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Oh snap
5mil: and how's making on that loan? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: don't make me put my genitals in the text box
rflug: small!
frontierframe: himekeys, talking about the bitcoin amount lol
gimmecoins: I should find a way of hooking a chat bot up to this !!
frontierframe: *homekeys (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I have put my genitals in the text box (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: gimmecoins that is againest the rules
hazey: Im just waiting for the inspection
JayBee: wondering what the smell was
gimmecoins: Awwwwwww.... Sad
alonsoj15: im waiting for coinas to release winnings
homekeys: hazey inspecting now
hazey: Ooooooooooh burn (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: ooooo that smell (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: tweezers; check
pacolipps: i have put my genitals in my hand
5mil: is that a request teateatea
alonsoj15: im going to try luck at this
ghohamzury: I missed it by a mSecond Smiley
JayBee: I need biscuits
homekeys: is there another game here?
hazey: Man you guys are just ripping me up
hazey: Lmao funny my nickname in RL is biscuits
JayBee: if only birds could be ripped up
homekeys: like, can I turn this penny of bitcoins into a real amount of bitcoins?
bit40: hazey biscuits with bacon... sounds oddly delicious
hazey: Birds?
JayBee: girlies (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: bacon (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Oh lol
5mil: JayBee i feel ya brother man
pacolipps: takes forever to earn any real amount of btc
hazey: I was gonna say, I don['t have a bird. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: x_x
5mil: i request Dispatch
gimmecoins: bacon ?
alonsoj15: yes you can
rflug: girls? nahh none on the net (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: see the markets
5mil: anyother requests for the station?
alonsoj15: analyze
hazey: Yeah these boobs and vagina are all a mirage
5mil: Rock you like a hurricane was GREAT!!!
JayBee: Peace One - by John McLaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: Keep em comin!
pacolipps: i found a bunch of new faucets and even another hourly so i have 3 hourly now
frontierframe: 5mil when did you first start running the station?
rflug: Wink
5mil: JayBee I really like that one
alonsoj15: only 0.003 required to get started
pacolipps: i will be posting them all up on another site im building soon
hazey: Good for you paco, hows the heroin business coming? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: what faucets pacolipps?
Talus: Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently
homekeys: yeah (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: give the link here (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: how quaint (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: no good
homekeys: I think these bitcoins are all a scam
frontierframe: at least something
hazey: That's a shame.... trust funds for your kids do not come easily
homekeys: think of all the processing power and electricity that is wasted (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: ehy (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Gotta get those bitcoins up
alonsoj15: why? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: why homw
JayBee: I sold my children into slavery
rflug: holmes
hazey: That's the smart way to go
JayBee: shipped them off to Indonesia to earn my keep
alonsoj15: can you explain evryone ?
ghohamzury: I need more practice
alonsoj15: homekeys (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: think of all the productive things you could do with your time
pacolipps: frontier i wont post them all here but i will post my site and just keep looking for when i update
hazey: Good parent, JayBee...
homekeys: alonsoj15
5mil: 1MW7JhuEwW8jmNAeRQB8MK41tbNY7bzFCA <<Donate here and tune in to Dispatch =Walk with you playing now
ghohamzury: I need more practise
hazey: I would do the same for my children
rflug: mutitasking Smiley
frontierframe: ok thanks paco
ghohamzury: I need more practise
5mil: Up next the Matisvishu Orchestra!
alonsoj15: yes ?
hazey: Practice?
JayBee: wooohoooo (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: take me ack to the 70s
JayBee: back
hazey: Awwwww yeah
hazey: Oh oh! oh oh!
frontierframe: thanks
pacolipps: this is an unfinished site
pacolipps: but i am working on posting all the new sites i found tonight
homekeys: even for the cost of all the electricity
5mil: Anyone listening? I love this band soo much
homekeys: you could have just bought some bit coins
pacolipps: so bookmark it and go back often till you see them up
homekeys: and you'd still have more money than if you mined them (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: yup
JayBee: nice sitar intro
homekeys: so what is the point of it?
pacolipps: i have over 20 now (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Nice site paco
frontierframe: 20 bitcoins?
5mil: It was a flute JayBee (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: Al those sites are already known
hazey: Did you make it at the library?
JayBee: are you sure you have the right one?
alonsoj15: except the last one (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: not the new ones i found
JayBee: I think you are playing part two (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: and it awfully formatted (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: *its (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: i literally just tripled the amount of btc i am getting free
pacolipps: yes it is awful
5mil: OK Coiners!
5mil: Make your requests!
hazey: It's a beautiful website paco (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: how
hazey: Fuck the hates (+ 0.01 mBTC)
alonsoj15: can you share (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: it was a free site i started a long tie ago and gave up
hazey: You look like a coding genius
alonsoj15: us your secret
5mil: We have a very very special news announcement coming up next
pacolipps: im not a coder
hazey: haters*
5mil: lets get the list going!
hazey: Well, you look like some sort of a genirus
rflug: hey lipps why don't yu coinurl it
alonsoj15: how you tripled the coins
hazey: Maybe a BITCOIN genius (+ 0.01 mBTC)
berniebam: green Cheesy
5mil: What do you all want to hear? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: im in hardware not software
5mil: keep it upbeat!
berniebam: no green D:
frontierframe: how long did it take? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
berniebam: monies?
hazey: You're hard?
frontierframe: to get triple
hazey: Gross
berniebam: goddamnit (+ 0.01 mBTC)
berniebam: yay lol
pacolipps: just bookmark my crappy site and i will post the links sometime tonight
hazey: Go home, don't stay at the library
5mil: tune in (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: well tripling not much is easy
hazey: Hahahahahahha
JayBee: I was getting tripple percentage increase everyday the first week (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: you should do litecoins too (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: You should do litecoins
alonsoj15: but tell us how
pacolipps: so you can check it out or not
alonsoj15: please
hazey: And then give them to me, Frontierframe
JayBee: getting cold - maybe I should put some clothes on
clarkey252: how many types of coin are there?
pacolipps: i am just trying to help out
hazey: Paco, you arent helping at all (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Talus: Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently ->5mil
clarkey252: because I'm mining atm and getting namecoin too
hazey: Load up some heroin in the needle and then you'll be helping
pacolipps: shut the fuck up puto
homekeys: so how many bitcoins do you people have? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: you are still mad that i fucked your mom
homekeys: seriously (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: 0.03
alonsoj15: 0.003
pacolipps: if you dont want the help dont bookmark the site
alonsoj15: that last site
pacolipps: your loss
alonsoj15: earnfreebitcoin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: sorry server crashed (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: back up
hazey: No I was never mad you fucked my mom. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: puto Cheesy
homekeys: hazey so what are you going to do with all that money?
5mil: Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently coming up after our very very special news announcment
JayBee: que bruto!
alonsoj15: is cool
rflug: 0.00000000001 satoshie
rflug: waaaaaaa
alonsoj15: is cool
pacolipps: right now it is shitty and the btc stuff is only the first ones i found like back in jan
5mil: tune in!
hazey: Idk I don't want to spend it all in one place you knoe?
5mil: make a request
Talus: oki (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I want to donate some to charity maybe...
5mil: listen to some tunes while you earn
JayBee: dont spend HOLD
hazey: Buy a yacht... (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: 1MW7JhuEwW8jmNAeRQB8MK41tbNY7bzFCA <<Donate here and tune in to
5mil: you can donate to my I need a printer fund!
JayBee: Day Skipper for hire BTC <<<<<< here (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I'll do that too!
5mil: please i will send you an original thank you card!
hazey: With my whopping $2.44
erannave: does anyone here use tt-rss?
Limie: attention there will now be a special news broadcast
5mil: ok listen up ppl on the station we have a very imporant news announcment (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: hazey you should donate it to me
5mil: hope your tuned in (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: I'll take care of you for real
erannave: I'm about to try it out soon
frontierframe: news broadcast
erannave: what news?
Admin: 5mil, stop advertising your site
Limie: awww
homekeys: hazey: where are you located?
hazey: Lol
5mil: admin it's a free radio soundtrack
hazey: In NJ and I was just joking (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: i am taking requests for music
Talus: I don't realy understand
Limie: lollooks like thats it for me then
Limie: lol
5mil: people are liking it
homekeys: 5mil is about to be kickbanned
Talus: I don't realy understand
hazey: I have 0.03 BTC / 2.44 USD
Talus: about the news is ? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: this is someone who is doing some amazing thing with earthquake prediction and solar flairing (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: hazey how long ago did you get it?
loro: I'm listening to it and I'm hearing the most boring weather ever!
Limie: this is only 3 minutes long if you dont like
5mil: homekeys you are soo much more offenicive than me (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Ive been working on this since like January. lol
Admin: 76 messages promotion that link
hazey: Not everyday though
Limie: boring because you dont understand
loro: who is this loser DJ
Admin: are you guys crazy or something?
homekeys: 5mil: offensive
5mil: it is active in convo tho.... Admin
hazey: Possibly, yes
5mil: homekeys you just got here
loro: woah it's gone mental
5mil: stop hatin
Limie: We are participating in taking active requests for the site being sent..
5mil: yeh it's a news broadcast
AndySmart: protip: don't argue with admins :p
Limie: news over
5mil: next up ooo ooo that smell!
Talus: solareruption tomorow ?
loro: lol
federico103: Hi
hazey: Hahahahah
loro: We;re all gonna die!!!
hazey: Hey federico103
Limie: Im not arguing, arguing is for couples!
Limie: Im not arguing, arguing is for couples
Admin: I mean, I don't mind you posting it once or twice, but 76 times?!??
homekeys: hazey, think of all the other things you could have done with that time, to earn way more than $2.44 (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: Too many drugs, they've gone mental
federico103: Hi hazey
Limie: admin, theres dif people in here constantly
frontierframe: $2 is at least something :p (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Not really, I mean most of the time while I was doing shit like that (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: 76 times over how long a peroid and with how many texts inbetween
Limie: loro you are a troll lol
homekeys: and that's kind of been my point (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I was browsing the web, watching movies or something...
JayBee: all BTC earned from 5mils site link should be donated to JayBee's medication bill
5mil: put it in perspective please
AndySmart: i've seen the link quite a few times and i've been here 30 minutes
loro: Smiley
clarkey252: 5mil has a point
AndySmart: i was beginning to get sick of it
federico103: Smiley
hazey: So I mean it might LOOK like a waste of time, and it totally would have been if I was solely working on getting bitcoins
Limie: We are talking about alot of other stuff
frontierframe: what countries are you all from?
homekeys: hazey, its like this
rflug: aww music making for good convo
Limie: its relevant
homekeys: would you walk a mile to pick up a quarter?
Limie: because we are talking about music
5mil: Thank you claekey252
hazey: But I wasnt, I was doing other things as well as entering my address
federico103: anybody from Mexico???
pacolipps: wow
loro: 5mil what's rock song on now?
rflug: <us
5mil: oo oooo that smell!!!
Limie: so you turned off payments for everyone? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: oh
5mil: can't you smell that smell
frontierframe: frederico103 you are from mexico?
homekeys: limie: nice!
Limie: just bad luck for a minute i guess
hazey: Yeah I would walk a mile to pick up a quarter (+ 0.01 mBTC)
andard: i'm back (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: Mexicano honorario aqui
5mil: lol
Limie: Ok i wont post it anymore (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: It's good excersize and I am poor in real life too
hazey: Lol
frontierframe: welcome back andard
federico103: hola JayBee
JayBee: Soy Irlandes pero vivi en D.F.
federico103: de dónde eres?
Limie: can you put the link on your website on the left side to access the radio?
hazey: Hola mexicanos
pacolipps: que pasa
Limie: we arent posting the radio address to get paid..
AndySmart: you'd probably have to pay to advertise it Limie (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: from the chat
pacolipps: quien tiene la mota
homekeys: hazey, I'm just saying that there are productive ways to use your time that do better than $2.44
hazey: Oh yeah totally
homekeys: like you could have mowed a lawn, or sold ice water, or shovelled walk ways
hazey: I'm just saying that when I was getting the bitcoins, I was purposely being unproductive
homekeys: and that is how I feel about bitcoins these days
hazey: ie. my down time...
Limie: I love how we are the ones that get crap when theres people in here typing whole paragraphs one word at a time
homekeys: hazey, yah I get it (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: i got 2.44 plus my first week just gotta utilize your time
hazey: When I want to make REAL money, I got to my job (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Lol
frontierframe: selling ice water? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
federico103: hazey where are u from?
homekeys: frontierframe, yeah
hazey: So you're telling the wrong person there's more productive ways (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: Admin I do not post the link more than once in the page that is seen as it is seen on anyones screen....I can understand that spamming would be filling the chat up we are working to keep the convo semi-intelligent please e-mail me if you have any concerns at
Limie: whats your job hazey?
hazey: I am from New Jersey
homekeys: the margins on selling ice water are huge
Limie: How much to have the link on the side?
hazey: I work in marketing for a home remodeling company.
5mil: So I hope you all have the link
pacolipps: okay i think admin let you get away with talking to him like that maybe you should let it be
federico103: I am from Mexico city
5mil: Becaue I am not going to fuck with Admin
hazey: Lol and that's enough about me today
frontierframe: You could just go to a tap for water :p
5mil: Requests are welcome (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: and if you don't have the link take it up with Admin
hazey: Que pasa mexico cityyyy!
JayBee: frederico103 - you know Tlalpan?
pacolipps: he does have the power to boot you (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: well, htis was fun
spencter: xD
homekeys: hazey, good luck
pacolipps: admin is a cool guy (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Lol Good luck with what?
rflug: so you came here just to put down btc
Limie: Besides my radio station is way more interesting than half the crap thats being said (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: and ill AMEN myself on that one
homekeys: spending your $2.44 (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: Ok Admin dosen't want me to host muisc....I'll just be an obnoxious troll!
hazey: Lmao
pacolipps: your radio station sucks (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Thanks so much
pacolipps: sorry
hazey: I am looking forwards to really investing it in my future..... (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: pacolipps your taste in music sucks (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: coulda been making money; )pot meet kettle
homekeys: hazey, the future is bitcoins (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: coulda been making money; )
Limie: oh no youve created a griefer!!!! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: whhy (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Hahaha
pacolipps: but i would rather listen to some actual music
hazey: PAcolipps likes reggaeton (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: pot meet kettle home (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: is that music??
JayBee: I lived off Division del Norte in Tlalpan - close to Galerias del Coapa (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: homekeys you are speaking psychobabble
5mil: like what I only asked for requests 76 times according to Admin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: im fluent (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: or two cats fuckin in an alley
homekeys: limie, bro (+ 0.01 mBTC)
ghohamzury: why don't some messages appear?
homekeys: limie, its not babbles
Demioprax: How's the weather in Tenochtitlan?
Limie: 76 times in how man hours (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: homekeys shove it up your ass
5mil: your a troll
frontierframe: ghohamzury lag or type too fast
homekeys: 5mil: I haven't posted a link to my dj site 76 times
loro: oh 5mil you're funny
frontierframe: or you type too fast (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: 5mil: that sounds like some serious trollin'
5mil: homekeys at least I had a way to keep the convo semi intelligent
Limie: homekeys you lost your marbles man
hazey: Pacolipps also likes bachata
5mil: and you smacked it down (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: geeze home
Limie: youre boat is sailing away without you (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: 5mil have you spent your bitcoins on advertising your site?
5mil: becasue your obviously a fool
Demioprax: weather's terrible in michigan, overcast
hazey: You should see him danxe
ghohamzury: OK, I will try to type more slowly Smiley
hazey: Dance even
5mil: loro that is possible (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: And if the Admin really cares they will e-mail me abot it
pacolipps: no paco is a musician
5mil: it was mentioned by limie and me both that we were willing to pay them some
hazey: Yeah he plays the skin flute (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: and it was ignored (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: no
pacolipps: guitar (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Demioprax: i could use a cheeseburger
loro: Pay admin the +0.1 mBTC in this chat and they might let you have a small link to your radio site next to the green text (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: musicians play instruments, what do you play (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Oh I thought it was a skin flute that you played pacolipps (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: hazey, do you do graphic design?
Limie: musicians make music
pacolipps: and furthermore
Limie: they choose their own instruments, NOT YOU
Limie: lol (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: so obviously Admin just wanted to be a dick. there are so many offensive things that are are said and done here I am personalyy offended
pacolipps: you know i dont play a skinflute cause i fuked your mom
5mil: as I should me
homekeys: I honestly don't know what you guys are talking about with ads on the sie
loro: well go away then
5mil: as I should be* (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Not really. I know my way around Photoshop but Im not a pro lol
Demioprax: fuked?
Limie: i know your whole argument rflug and its just lame (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: I guess adblock has prevented me from seeing them
hazey: Lol Pacolipps you are so lame (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: sounds like puked
Admin: 5mil, What the hell you want me to do?
5mil: Point and case right here who the fuck wants to hear abotu a skin flute!?
Limie: opinion is opinion and preference cannot be argued
pacolipps: i know
rflug: what argument limie
hazey: Like the lamest person in this chat (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: portate bien pacolipps
hazey: Hands down (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: i still like you anyway
rflug: odd lol
anicieflucno: what happened?
Limie: send an email admin
hazey: I like you too
5mil: Maybe a little nicer and realize that the convo could be so much worse
anicieflucno: something deamatic no doubt
hazey: You're a great skin flute player, my mom gave me all your tapes.
5mil: and I have never filled the screen with a link of any kind....
Limie: keep it professional since you are the one running a business which is proported as professional
pacolipps: gotta love the poor guy who just keeps dishin it right back out
AndySmart: 5mil: if you want to advertise, buy advertising slots otherwise suck it up
homekeys: 5mil is really getting upset here
pacolipps: we gotta stick together
5mil: I do not consider myself a spammer and id o not want to be a spammer at all! I do not like spam I am
rflug: limie are you saying singers are musicians because they use their voice (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: lol argument
Limie: yep
homekeys: hahahah
Demioprax: really
5mil: I already said I would AndySmart.....
hazey: I'll mix up a shot for you paco, a nice heroin and insecticide boot
5mil: if that is what it comes down to (+ 0.01 mBTC)
anicieflucno: how stupid
Limie: singers are absolutely my opinion and you cannot argue that opinion away from me
5mil: i'm not trying to advertise
Admin: Where did I say you were a spammer?
Demioprax: is that a fact?
anicieflucno: little flamers
5mil: just provide entarment (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: singers are definitely musicians
rflug: okay so britney spears and people who use auto tune on their voice are musicians (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: okayyy
homekeys: 5mil: entertainment
Admin: Admin: 5mil, stop advertising your site
anicieflucno: why not just talk about stuff (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: i could use some of that
5mil: You said I was spamming my link Admin.
AndySmart: posting a link to your website IS EXACTLY what advertising is
Admin: Plain and simple
5mil: and it hurt my feelings.....
loro: rflug, if a singer makes music, that makes them a musician? Are all the members of a band musicians but not the singer?
JayBee: Auto tune is the sign of the devil
pacolipps: i like a good shot of insecticide (+ 0.01 mBTC)
anicieflucno: is "his" site?
rflug: singer is a singer
rflug: what's your point
anicieflucno: what is goin on
homekeys: I think this is my new favorite chatroom
Limie: If you want people to use your site Admin.. act like a professional
Limie: thats the point here
anicieflucno: everyone's pissing and moaning
Limie: I dont want to see this discussion here anymore
rflug: lol
5mil: Admin I eve put my e-mail in there for you and said that we were willing to buy advertising..... (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: finite
rflug: yes the vibe turned to poo
Limie: email now
anicieflucno: oh it was limie.....
5mil: absloute poo. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: I liked it better when we were talking about genitals
anicieflucno: naturally
5mil: we were listening to some jams
loro: I think Admin is acting very professional
5mil: then the man has to come all up in here
5mil: thank you Admin
Limie: 5mil!
loro: Except now admin is spamming his site Tongue
Limie: what did i just say!
5mil: loro hahahahahha
homekeys: hazey, you know what you should do
5mil: True that!
Limie: yeah admin stop advertising your site
anicieflucno: the admin is exempt from the rules, no?
Limie: lol thats a joke (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: btw
homekeys: you should make a chat site that gives away bit coins
pacolipps: admin makes the rules
frontierframe: is it possible to mine for bitcoins using a vps or dedicated server? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: admin is god
5mil: Admin doesn't like music
anicieflucno: what the hell
loro: all heil admin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: I wasn't trying to be all spammy (+ 0.01 mBTC)
andard: ciao a tutti! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: allahu admin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: admin also made the site that pays our btc
5mil: just provide some soundtrack
anicieflucno: get paid to be a dipshit online
hazey: Ciao andard
homekeys: hazey, do you want to make one with me? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: frontierframe, It is possible, but you'll probably have your account suspended.
loro: lord admin who gives us free bitcoins
hazey: Make one what with you?
emanresu: no, he probably doesnt like you posting the url to your caster account with a btc adress attached
homekeys: yes
anicieflucno: anyway
frontierframe: thanks admin, wondered if it's profitable
AndySmart: frontierframe: possibly but it'd be nowhere near worth it - you'd need a decent graphics card (which web servers often don't have)
emanresu: like every 10 lines (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Sorry I wasnt paying attention homekeys (+ 0.01 mBTC)
anicieflucno: i haven't won yet
hazey: What are you talking about (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: hazey, I said we should make a website that gives away bit coins
JayBee: I'll make one with you homekeys but it will hurt you ALOT
anicieflucno: this discussion is still dumb
anicieflucno: bye again
frontierframe: thanks andysmart
homekeys: it would be huge, I hear the sites are very popular
hazey: Lmao, yeah I dont think so. That's all you
frontierframe: bye anicie
hazey: Thanks for the offer though homekeys
loro: admin, how many unique visitors / hits do you get?
homekeys: Its okay, I'll make one anyway (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: d-rama!
homekeys: and I will dedicate it to the incredible hazey (who is a girl honest)
hazey: I am
JayBee: can we get back to gay chat?
Limie: who cares
pacolipps: is hazey a girl ??
hazey: I have a period and everything (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Limie who asked you
Limie: I have a period too (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: ewwww messy (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: seriously
anicieflucno: honestly you should just make me an admin
Limie: and a comma
loro: . (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: A fullstop (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: also a question mark
loro: ?
pacolipps: hazey are you a girl for serious
emanresu: disgusting, get out on the porch (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: exclamation point (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Great, you're a book
Limie: you know
anicieflucno: i'd keep it together here
hazey: Yes I am seriously a girl (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: all the good ones
littlebit: hi every1
pacolipps: damn i am sorry
hazey: A for real in the flesh female (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: hi littlebit
Limie: hazey dont feed the trolls
pacolipps: that is the second time that has happened
Limie: lol
loro: wait for the internet hate machie
JayBee: maybe I should tell the vampire joke again seeing as Hazey mentioned the P word
homekeys: hazey, be honest
hazey: It's whatever man, I'm hungrty too
Limie: second time what has happened
loro: gurl on the internet!!!
littlebit: they limited the prize height
hazey: hungry*
pacolipps: i would not have talked to you like that (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: im such a dick
loro: let me go crazy at the thoughts of boobies
rflug: lol (+ 0.01 mBTC)
anicieflucno: seriously
hazey: Lmao, why? I was the one who was fucking with you paco
homekeys: where is the prize?
littlebit: coinad - home (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: You can say you fucked my mom all you want. You're still an amazing skin flute artist (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: im an asshole and love to fuck with people but i respect ladies
JayBee: classy
homekeys: artist, hahah
hazey: I am an asshole and love to fuck with people
littlebit: it's 0.01 mBTC instead of 0.02
pacolipps: im not classy
hazey: Buy hey
pacolipps: just proper
hazey: Of course not, classy people don't shoot heroin
pacolipps: good point
littlebit: hazey that's why you suck (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: They snort it
anicieflucno: they snort it
pacolipps: lol (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Talus: i'm back
hazey: Excj\use me littlebit?
anicieflucno: beat me to it
pacolipps: i need some now (+ 0.01 mBTC)
emanresu: they plug it
homekeys: hazey, what's your favorite colour?
frontierframe: welcome back talus (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: you smoke heroin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: had not had any for like a week
rflug: cripple fight!!!
JayBee: even for me this chat is now one total head fug
Number23: you guys ever watch
Talus: computer crash
littlebit: snorting is stupid
Talus: >_<
hazey: Yeah totally
homekeys: I'm going to put it on the website
Number23: you guys ever watch Pulp Fiction (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: My favorite colour is yellow (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: yeah (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: admin, what's that
Number23: That chick snorts it, and she like almost dies (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: why would you smoke herion?
emanresu: no never
homekeys: hazey, awesome
anicieflucno: anyway
Talus: that is a spammer
homekeys: is your favorite HTML tag <blink>
emanresu: because youre dumb pacolips
pacolipps: if u r gonna use the hard shit use it right
Admin: That's a chat log from one user. He's asking me why he was banned.
littlebit: admin, did he receive all thos coins
emanresu: or have tar (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: *those
homekeys: I think I've stopped getting bitcoins (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Lmao, you know I was just saying that snorting heroin thing because I know paco was talking about shooting it
Admin: No, that's why he's complaining.
frontierframe: what time was blbtheman on at?
hazey: I shoot it too but whatever, I'm just having mouth diarreah
anicieflucno: admin that's pretty funny
littlebit: LOL (+ 0.01 mBTC)
emanresu: smoking brown heroin with all the pcm/caffeine cut is pretty gross
loro: 7 hours ago
hazey: To each their own
hazey: Ya fucks
homekeys: I guess not (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: admin, why is the standard prize lowered?
rflug: he was on at night i think
anicieflucno: "a little spaming is needed!"
frontierframe: littlebit, it was lowered?
Admin: 1 BTC > $70
homekeys: hazey, how about a gambling site? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: btc is getting up there
littlebit: yes, it was (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: we could call it HazeyDice
anicieflucno: "it will come soon!" (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: they have been at 70 (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: it would be huge (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Lmaoooo
anicieflucno: spaming and shaming
Limie: flux from 65-75 for the whole week (+ 0.01 mBTC)
fsb4000: 1BTC = $78.54 (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: upand down (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: I'll prolly put in like a hundred bucks, and see what happens.. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Yeah that sounds great (+ 0.01 mBTC)
fsb4000: great
homekeys: hazey cool
pacolipps: seriously i am a freak though hazey....i will jam anything into my veins
littlebit: and you'll lose it all
Talus: admin when are sending the pending btc ?
homekeys: hazey, can you go make an awesome gif file of a dice in yer photoshop?
Limie: the amount we get here is probably 5% of the earnings made from the ads
frontierframe: Do you think the price of Bitcoin would keep on going up soon?
Number23: I'm ready to lose it all!
hazey: Nope
fsb4000: nope
Number23: probably
hazey: Lol sorry, no inclination at all to do that (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: Talus, Now.
JayBee: lot of moths tonight hazey (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: bitcoin will crash again before it goes up much more I think
Limie: so (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I dont know why you're asking me honestly.
Talus: oki
Derpington: hello people
hazey: Yeah seriously, JayBee (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: So buy Bitcoin when it crashes?
loro: Sir Derpington
fsb4000: hi Derpington (+ 0.01 mBTC)
frontierframe: hello derpington
JayBee: swat 'em hard
Derpington: yes, tis I
Number23: Sir Derpington! How are you?
hazey: hey derpington
homekeys: hazey, I'm trying to convince you that there are easier ways to make bitcoins
Talus: thx for answer
emanresu: aww no now admin Tongue
hazey: Dude, why are you trying to convince me?
hazey: I don't fucking care at all (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: like mine for them?
frontierframe: that is a lot of transactions (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I don't know how I can stress that to you (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: hahaha
Number23: or like work the corner?
pacolipps: you cant hes an idiot
Talus: you send it manualy ?
JayBee: Sir Derpington Smythe of the Little Cumming on the Naze Smythes? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: number23: how would you price that?
Derpington: Yes, definitely
Number23: good question.. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I'm scared of this, but I think I agree with you Pacolipps
Number23: lol, idk..
JayBee: my regards to your uncle (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: baby hold up, I'm waiting for your block to confirm
JayBee: will see him on the moors come next shoot (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Derpington: Turn up the music!
homekeys: these are some hi tech street walkers
5mil: I just sent a nice little e-mail through the contact form
5mil: fuckin honkies
Derpington: What's the best mining pool in your opinion?

HenkdeVries: LOL
joolzg: thanks boys
Number23: shite son, we got some haters
Limie: yep loro got it
Limie: pinned
loro: Cheesy
joolzg: so any good topics tonight or just bollocks
hazey: I think tonight is no longer gay chat
Limie: we have matching pajamas
5mil: i recon loro is a 45 year old man who hasn't seen his dick in 10 years (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: But hater chat
littlebit: i wonder i never got banned (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Jerky88: send it here 1Kr9PUBLNFs5nXx9MZKFASntTnWpgVqeZN Wink
Limie: matching pee stains too
HenkdeVries: fight!fight!
JayBee: bollocks good
loro: close
Jerky88: 1Kr9PUBLNFs5nXx9MZKFASntTnWpgVqeZN
littlebit: i think i'm just too sexy
Admin: This chat is indeed a funny place.
JayBee: only here does bollocks pay
fsb4000: 1LqXE9xzjLS3HcoRe6AvxAw9zhMimDWCjP
loro: I saw my dick in the mirror 5 years ago
JayBee: all my life I have waited for this (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Jerky88: but...i think never get bonus
joolzg: yep thats true
5mil: and Admin don't you think that music is a good thing to talk about?
hazey: Tonight it is in rare form.... other days it's quite boring
HenkdeVries: (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: and it was so horrendously large I had it removed
hazey: Talk of coins and trend rate
littlebit: admin, yeah, but maybe not the best business idea, haha
Jerky88: everyone is get it
Limie: Hasnt seen his dick? Are you kidding? Thats his best friend!
joolzg: sometime you get a bonus (+ 0.01 mBTC)
joolzg: yeah
JayBee: getting paid for what doctors have tried to treat me for
pacolipps: if you are going to paste your btc address go ahead and paste your password so i can give you a donation
hazey: Lmao
5mil: Admin the site is free, we are not getting paid for people to listen there is no revenu (+ 0.01 mBTC)
joolzg: most of the time you dont
Number23: say what!? ?Yoou have bigfoots penis or something?
Jerky88: sometimes? i see everyone get bonus Sad
homekeys: 5mil: your 76 link posts * 0.25 * 0.01 mBTC * $78.5 means that Admin paid you ~ $0.015 to advertise your site
hazey: Bad paco
koniec: very clear web, henk
homekeys: that's why he's pissed (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: admin, is anyone using bitmillions after clicking your ad
homekeys: you are getting paid to spam people (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: homekeys you have no idea what you are talking about. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Jerky88: its very sad
Limie: soooo hes paying you to play with your balls homekeys
Limie: whats the difference?
Admin: littlebit, see for yourself:
5mil: True Dat Limie!
Jerky88: i want too
JayBee: I think that bird on the left is shocked at our chat
JayBee: right (+ 0.01 mBTC)
JayBee: I meant right
Limie: homekeys = admin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: keep in mind that admin could remove the bonus once the site gets enough repeat visitors (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Lol
homekeys: 5mil: that math is pretty simple bro (+ 0.01 mBTC)
fsb4000: lol
hazey: I am horrible at math
loro: the mbtc bonus is there to reward repeat visitors IMO
5mil: well bro the chat is here and if i want to play music i'm going to (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: so you made 21 bitcoins off us and paid me like 2 cents???
HenkdeVries: with the low payout chat is best part of coinad
JayBee: well, so long as americans only know 1 math and not all the maths they will always struggle
littlebit: admin, which address is this? coinad?
Number23: Good for him!
Number23: That's capitalism bro (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: No.
littlebit: it's bitmillion ovously
Limie: lol thats how i see it
littlebit: sry
pacolipps: seriously (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Well what? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: Which site are we posting on?
Admin: This is the actual profit:
hazey: I am so confused lmao (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: you HAVE bitcoins and im sure you didnt purchase them
Talus: it's hard to keep the life when your are smoking when some explosive is around you Tongue
Limie: end of story
hazey: This conversation took a turn for the worst, the weird and then I dropped some acid (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: from which time period?
hazey: So, where am I?
5mil: and guess what you can listen if you want at it is a free web host and I am not getting paid to plug the site in anyway shape or form just because I might get a fraction of a bitmill 1/4 of the time I plug it is irrelevant.
JayBee: can we please get back to gay chat - I was promised that this would be gay night!
hazey: Yeah, all this talk about non gay stuff is really offensive
Limie: ballsy!
JayBee: I am so upset - my operation was cancelled (+ 0.01 mBTC)
homekeys: Admin, nice
hazey: Your sex change?
5mil: JayBee what's wrong?
Limie: booty booty booty booty bounce
hazey: I'm sorry ):
homekeys: now i'm totally going to go make a site like this
JayBee: I always wanted to be a hottie like hazey (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: bounce
JayBee: but the NHS cancelled my operation
hazey: (; I am a stunner
Limie: lol
homekeys: Number23: you in or not? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
pacolipps: are you hot ugly and old (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: NHS? lol
pacolipps: with 5 kids
hazey: Ugly and old IS hot
JayBee: I want homekeys to hit on me so I am getting the operation
pacolipps: and a drug problem
Number23: Naw that's cool, I'm good with this
5mil: yeh this convo is soo much better than talking about music
5mil: you are all pigs (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Oh wow, you sound dreamy pacolipps (+ 0.01 mBTC)
koniec: and a wife that kicks u, paco
Number23: maybe we are..
Talus: 17zd99v5ojnNmvtcQGvwKt5C9mZ7CaQ1xk
littlebit: admin, already quitted your job?
homekeys: word
pacolipps: how did you know
fsb4000: 1LqXE9xzjLS3HcoRe6AvxAw9zhMimDWCjP
hazey: I love old saggy balls that have shrunk 10 times in size due to years of drug abuse
JayBee: Is anyone into pain???
5mil: admin is probally responding to my e-mail
rflug: lmao
koniec: it's well know
Limie: damn i hope so
Admin: 5mil, I'm not.
koniec: ;-)
hazey: Lol to answer thaT question seriously.... or not...
Number23: I'm into getting it
Limie: he should just be like.. peaceful about things
Admin: Tomorrow.
rflug: pocket pool (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: hahahahah (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: tomorrow
5mil: admin and why not?
JayBee: I am willing to pay BTC for punishment beatings
pacolipps: actually i have small balls that are still right up there (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: you asked me to send it
Limie: you are so responsive!
Number23: lol! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: This is supposed to be my resting time, and you guys are giving me a hard time.
Limie: you better start now admin
hazey: Oh damn, that's a shame pacolipps (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: You gave us a hard time Admin (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Limie: so go take a fucking nap homer
pacolipps: but i have a large penis
Limie: Lol
5mil: the convo was good and nice
5mil: and there was music (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: I like balls that drag on the ground, or that have some rug burn on them
5mil: damn.
Limie: you are seriously trolling your own site
Limie: lol
hazey: Im getting so wet
Number23: I call my penis bigfoot. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: looks like you just made your job harder
homekeys: seriously
JayBee: hazey - you are my kind of fake woman
5mil: hahhahah
Limie: gdam griefers! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
koniec: penis? how many? (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Oh man
hazey: I am a real woman (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: Limie banned.
rflug: lmao (+ 0.01 mBTC)
5mil: koniec yehhhh
littlebit: admin, i feel the same, but i get a few bitcoins for hanging here arround
hazey: I am just being absolutely disgusting right now
hazey: Hey koniec
homekeys: admin yay!
emanresu: righton admin
Admin: Stop with the NSFW conversation!
hazey: WOOP god Admin
5mil: hazey you are being could you be offeneded?
hazey: And sorry
5mil: thank you ADMIN!
pacolipps: what is nsfw?
5mil: that shit is gross!
hazey: I'm not offended
hazey: Not safe for work (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: no sex for wishlist..
homekeys: pacolipps, let me post a link
hazey: But I'm not at work. (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: being more gross than me oh my!
loro: what did I miss?
rflug: gross-ness
littlebit: 5mil, you're happy your gf got banned, lol
Talus: admin in berserk mode ^^
hazey: 5mil has her chained up
littlebit: ban hammer
Number23: I can't stop!
5mil: Admin if you baned limie this chat log is getting blasted everywhere
Admin: Good
rflug: chained to a radiator
littlebit: i don't think he will care that much
hazey: in the basement and every time she hit the enter key, she'd get a volt of electricity straight into her nipples! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
rflug: yes!! (+ 0.01 mBTC)
littlebit: this chat is CRAZY (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Number23: lol (+ 0.01 mBTC)
loro: it's better than 4chan
5mil: Why would you ban Limie Admin?
pacolipps: 5mil you guys just look like a couple jackasses so posting it is only going to make you look bad
JayBee: this chat is almost like reading my mind
5mil: suuurre
rflug: and graped (+ 0.01 mBTC)
hazey: Paco, breathing makes you look bad
JayBee: almost I say (+ 0.01 mBTC)
Admin: 5mil, If you have a chat log, read his messages.
rflug: purple drank? hahha
JayBee: almost
pacolipps: it does
pacolipps: i know

XRP- rJZrZTkMYrqe94c1V6KS1gbYpcaJRQqcd8
Carlos L.
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March 27, 2013, 05:43:05 PM

I must add here. Limie's account continues to be banned for what reason is still left to no explanation. I do not trust CoinAd and here you can have a look for yourself what a JOKE this chat room is. Chat logs from yesterday March 26, 2013-I highly doubt that anyone will read through this on account of it being complete garbage but If you do Please take note of what Limie was responding to and what context it was said in and let me know if you think that this warrants a SEIZING OF FUNDS in the account and a band from the site. Obviously the Admin of coinad in the chat "Doesn't give a fuck" on account of the horribly obnoxious meme Admin thought would be funny to post. Obviously this site is a Joke and they will ban you with no warning and seize your funds. If at least if you don't read through it all, just look at the links that are posted particularly by someone who calls themselves an ADMIN of COINAD.

How about you stop harassing me?
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March 27, 2013, 07:17:35 PM

Harassing you? How about you step off your high horse brah Maybe if you didn't ban people from your site and seize/STEAL their funds with no explanation then maybe you won't be called out on it on the forum. Duh.

The community should know that CoinAd Admins will block your account without warning and will steal your funds.

XRP- rJZrZTkMYrqe94c1V6KS1gbYpcaJRQqcd8
Carlos L.
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March 27, 2013, 10:02:49 PM

Harassing you? How about you step off your high horse brah Maybe if you didn't ban people from your site and seize/STEAL their funds with no explanation then maybe you won't be called out on it on the forum. Duh.

The community should know that CoinAd Admins will block your account without warning and will steal your funds.
I just want to say that his account has 0.00008 Bitcoins in it.
Those are the 'stolen' funds he's talking about, which BTW, will be sent in the next payment, I don't know where he got the idea of having his funds 'stolen'.

Without warning? This is the second time you get your account blocked, for the same reasons.

This is the last time I talk to you. Goodbye.
Jr. Member
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March 27, 2013, 10:36:32 PM

It's tough making some bitcoin.. After 29 freebie transactions it's only worth about .15 cents us. LOL
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March 27, 2013, 11:10:16 PM

It's tough making some bitcoin.. After 29 freebie transactions it's only worth about .15 cents us. LOL

Hold it for 10years and than youll get 1 drop of water Smiley
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April 01, 2013, 11:33:39 AM

Hey Carlos. No 'Next prizes' since about a day now. Is that an error or intention?

Next development steps to go (I'm working on the designs):
1. A decentralized cryptoexchange protocol
2. A cryptocoin with a fix USD/Coin rate
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April 01, 2013, 05:16:41 PM

Without warning? This is the second time you get your account blocked, for the same reasons.

This is the last time I talk to you. Goodbye.

Same reasons which you neglect to explain....Just sayin.

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April 02, 2013, 12:19:15 PM

Neat site, I setup an account.  Interested to see if bitcoins actually come through.

BTC: 1CTsBk6hfMMUQNweY5ytyesuPnTu8tBF3d
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April 03, 2013, 08:00:38 AM

i know this site,it waste time  Angry
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Wat about the internet? Give us some of that money

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April 03, 2013, 08:02:11 AM

its been slow and no next prizes. Is this the case for others?

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April 03, 2013, 09:22:28 AM

i know this site,it waste time  Angry

It is hard and time consuming to get the hourly prizes, thats why i just taking few times a day the base price - it is quick. Nice faucet

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Bitcoin is the future.

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April 04, 2013, 07:20:04 AM

carlos, If i changed my bitcoin address registered at coinad, will it also transfer the "delayed payments" from the old address to the new bitcoin address?  My old bitcoin address is no longer accessible.  I also emailed at
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April 04, 2013, 08:42:42 AM

Maybe some of the big changes you make should be keeping the site online. Get a new VPS, bro. 5000 uniques per day is nothing for even a basic $5/m VPS.

The site is slow only sometimes for me. Most of the time it is fast. But I dont request much the hourly prices which is hard to get. So good job, I like your free Bitcoins, thanks!
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April 04, 2013, 12:50:41 PM

tested the site. it works.

Do unto others as you want others to do unto you..
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April 07, 2013, 04:49:25 PM

cool place, just discovered!
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Doesn't use these forums that often.

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April 07, 2013, 05:02:43 PM

Hey Carlos L., do you have any anti-spamming tools on the chat? Or at least a chat log?
Cause some people are constantly saying the same thing over and over again every 5 seconds or so, and it's SO annoying.
Some f153 and zhaicoder. Just saying.
All anti-spam protection will come on the next version.
And yes, I keep chat log.

I banned those two users, thanks for the report.

As mentioned in chat (yes, I'm whiskers121), would you consider a move to IRC? You could iframe an IRC client and set up an IRC server.

Edit: And thanks for the bitcoins! I visit nearly every day! Cheesy Elastic - The Decentralized Supercomputer
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