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Author Topic: Astana used stolen cedit cards? Maged can you back this up?  (Read 4077 times)
Phinnaeus Gage
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March 12, 2012, 05:41:24 AM


When and how will you be paying the 1000 USDollars to Phinneius Gage you promised?

Thanks, teflone, for coming to bat for me. Going to PM him now.

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Okey Dokey Lokey

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March 12, 2012, 04:51:54 PM

Great! That matches what I have. In that case, I retract my statement about you using a stolen credit card.

Oh good you saved yourself for the moment i'll decide on you later. But not so fast. Those who snitched on me, who are hacking me i.e you absolute fucking  cowards & dogs are not forgiven. louscalet, gigavps, jackrabbit, & psy I want you to write full apoligies in a thread. Or I pull the trigger. 40 lawyers just licked their lips. Don't worry it's not about money, I could give two shits about money now. But what happened was dirty and downright disgusting.
Excuse me, You are retarded. If you are So_Stupid, Then i have done Nothing to you.
So since your Assholetana, I'd like to point out that You were the one Slandering ME.

JackRabiit you little piss head prick, your a known scammer on many many boards. you are a known poster on the big scam carder forums and very well known scammer on currency forums and  low level cumstain on humanity,  it would be better to think twice about what you say, people from the old soviet block dont take kind to rats.

That is just so fucking histerical!!, Go ask all the people in the "List Of Honest Traders" If Everytime they say "He's honest" That they are lying, Im written down in there Atleast ten times

Does anyone Object Or Agree?
(no not you Astana you fool)

Whats my position on the internet?

You little turd, your a known scammer. and your what 12 years old? wash your mouth out with soap  & when you grow up and scam thwewrong person i hope they cut your fingers off.

you have no answer to that screenshot, so shut up. ask yourself who's helping him get away with this?

admin & mods you let him threaten me with the police? you really want to let him do that? have the guts to post your logs, and private messages and the private forum. you stand for nothig, you are helping him get away with this. do your fucking job, you biased pricks.
Oh yeah, Just like how im a "known scammer on many many boards"
Stick a bar of soap in your Filthy mouth.
Thread Lock Time Please.
Shakaru doesnt need this Shit publicity

Like the parasites you are, you will be wiped away in the end. Sakaru is a lying scumbag, who went and cried to the btc community for help because he fucked over the wrong person. Pay your debt andrew, pay what you have stolen and remember what goes around comes around. think really hard before your next step because youve crossed the line. you want to threaten me with the police? you wont last long doing that in public...You had the chance to make this right, you have not. You think really hard n whgat you have done.

All i can do is laugh.
Your an idiot. Stop talking.

1.You, Crossed the line, With death threats. Fool.
2.Police? That sounds Perfectly Natural todo as a rebuttle when someone sends you a Death Threat. And Why do you fear the police? All they do is enforce the law, So if your not lying The police are your best friends right now.
3.Lastly, Why must he even BOTHER to read your guttergrime when you dont even bother to Spellcheck your own scentences

Your a little shit, what areyou 16? Go read some more totsi or zolknet posts on good scams you idiot.

Anyone else notice how he almost always opens his Insults with "You little"
Lets just start Nit Picking to piss him off till he leaves.

Missed a space
Why dont you just check is profile for his age you jackass, That way your not taking shots in the dark
Need i underline more? Who the hell goes to totsi or zolknet, Scammers.

So i find it funny that Astana is referring to a site that only scammers Frequent, And that he states that they are "good scams"

A scam by definition is a Bad thing, So unless this BadThing is unleashed in a way that Benefits the "Activator" Then a scam Cannot be good.
érgo, For one to think that a Scam is a good thing, He/She must be a scammer

And i think thats enough Copy+Paste for me.
So just shut the fuck up. <-My Ratings GAWminers and associated things are not to be trusted, Especially the "mineral" exchange
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