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Author Topic: [ANN][LTS] LottoShares - You probably wouldn't be interested in this.™ -Now Live  (Read 2602 times)
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July 14, 2014, 03:48:45 PM

LottoShares, DAC (LTS)

Binaries (Wallet/Miner)
(Compiled and released by testzcrypto)

Service: Built in lottery game, 6 of 42
Block target: 2.5 minutes
Port: 6042
Proof of Work: Scrypt Merged Mining Capable
Codebase: United Scrypt Coin
Block Subsidy: Custom block subsidy (1 to 10 LTS) inversely related to difficulty
Difficulty Retargeting: Every block with Dark Gravity Wave
Total Shares: 100 Million

LottoShares allows shareholders to use their coins to play a lottery style game, choosing 6 numbers from 42.

Players can choose the size of their stake and prizes are fixed-odds -

6 numbers = 1,000,000 X stake
5 numbers = 5,000 X stake
4 numbers = 100 X stake
3 numbers = 10 X stake


(These coins are available to be played immediately)
20% Bitcoin - Each of the top 1,000,000 Bitcoin addresses received 20 LTS in the genesis block. (Block 302,000)
20% Dogecoin - Each of the top 250,000 Dogecoin addresses received 80 LTS in the genesis block. (Block 232,000)

(These coins are vested, and mature over a period starting 2 months from launch, finishing 14months after launch)
10% distributed to MemoryCoin (MMC) holders (Block #39,983)
10% distributed to ProtoShares (PTS) holders (Block #65,959)
10% distributed to AngelShares (AGS) holders (End of May 2014)
8.0% Devs for ongoing development and maintenance
6.6% FootballCoin - 7080 coins to each of the users on the distribution list (80 coins available for use immediately)
10.9% ShareCoin - 7080 coins to each of the users in the inital distribution (80 coins available for use immediately)
4.5% gifted to btctalk users, exchanges, crypto projects, bloggers (80 coins available for use immediately)

Any coin not moved from the genesis block become invalid after 2 years

When a lottery ticket is played, the coins used as a stake are destroyed.
Prizes are paid from the coinbase and provide an 85% average return.
Thus as the lottery is played 15% of the total stake is destroyed, making other players richer.
See Dividends 2.0 for more explanation -

Proof of Work
The Proof of Work is scrypt merged mined. It can be merged mined with any primary scrypt coin - Litecoin, Dogecoin etc.

Start time: 1405288888 (07 / 13 / 14 @ 10:01:28pm UTC)
First 24hr (576 blocks) blocks contain minimum 1 LTS subsidy

Based on the United Scrypt Coin code base, used for Scrypt Merged Mining Capability

Block Explorer


Websites (coming soon)



No buying/selling posts on this thread please.

HODLCoin ANN - 5% Interest. No Staking Req. Term Deposits 10%. Solo Mining.
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