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Author Topic: [market research] Any "Magic: The Gathering" players here?  (Read 1017 times)
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May 06, 2011, 11:13:54 AM

I have a sizable Magic card collection that I'm in the process of selling the more valuable parts of.  I've still got a decent chunk of it left, and I've been thinking about offering those cards up in exchange for bitcoins.  If there's enough interest, I'll list my entire collection, start turning it into a real store and acquire more cards to sell.

If you're a Magic player, please help me out by answering a few questions:

  • Do you engage in casual play, tournament play, or both?  If you're a tournament player, what format(s) do you play?
  • Do you buy your cards locally, or online?  What site(s) do you buy from?
  • If you're willing, please give me a rough estimate of how much you spend on buying cards.
  • What country are you in? (I'm in the US, I haven't looked into what I'll need to do for international shipping yet)
  • Would you be interested in playing in online tournaments (via Magic Workstation or similar software) with bitcoin entry fees and valuable cards (dual lands, etc.) as prizes?

I've got the more valuable cards typed into a spreadsheet, so I'll list them here:

qty.   name
2   cursed scroll
1   gilded lotus
1   masticore
1   chalice of the void
1   emrakul, the aeons torn
2   umezawa's jitte
1   null rod
1   liliana vess
4   mindbreak trap
2   natural order
1   rofellos, llanowar emissary
4   noble hierarch
1   woodfall primus
2   concordant crossroads
3   mirri's guile
2   sylvan library
1   genesis
1   golgari grave-troll
1   siege-gang commander
3   grim lavamancer
2   chain lightning
1   squee, goblin nabob
1   armageddon (PT)
2   armageddon (P2)
1   peacekeeper
1   knight of the reliquary
2   figure of destiny
3   vexing shusher
1   gaddock teeg
2   progenitus
2   volcanic island
1   taiga
3   tropical island
3   tundra
4   plateau
2   flooded strand
3   wooded foothills
2   polluted delta
4   windswept heath
1   scalding tarn
4   misty rainforest
2   marsh flats
3   gaea's cradle
1   aether vial
1   tormod's crypt (DK)
1   tormod's crypt (CH)
4   sensei's divining top
3   duress (UZ)
1   duress (M10)
2   vampire hexmage
1   ponder (LRW)
1   ponder (M10)
4   brainstorm
4   daze
3   force of will
2   counterspell
2   fact or fiction
2   eternal witness
3   krosan grip
1   lightning bolt (RV)
2   lightning bolt (4th)
1   anger
1   price of progress
3   enlightened tutor
4   path to exile
4   swords to plowshares
2   mishra's factory
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Garrett Burgwardt
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May 06, 2011, 11:23:02 AM

I play, but I don't buy many cards. I'm looking at getting a few though, specifically any red black lands (badlands for a reasonable price would be pretty cool! Tongue)
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May 06, 2011, 11:45:12 AM

I play very ocassionally, or rather, would play if I would ever had found people to play with and to learn the basics from properly. Sad The few cards I have were bought locally, but yeah, tournaments with Magic Workstation with BTC as an entry fee sound interesting.

If you liked what I said: 1Chaosb1cafG3RYPhdFF8BMmQHZuuxmJY

The Fading Fox
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May 06, 2011, 11:47:31 AM

I play, but I don't buy many cards. I'm looking at getting a few though, specifically any red black lands (badlands for a reasonable price would be pretty cool! Tongue)

Where are you looking at getting them from?  What would you consider a reasonable price?  I don't think "dual land" and "reasonable price" actually go together, but hey...  Wink

I don't actually have any Badlands (never did, oddly enough), but this helps me figure out what kind of demand is out there.
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May 06, 2011, 12:39:11 PM

I've tried selling the occasional card (physical or MTGO) here and/or on BiddingPond, and there hadn't been any interest. But it's possible that as the community's grown that there's enough people here to try selling stuff again.

I mainly play sealed/draft casually, and I judge paper Magic tournaments (I'll, for instance be judging at GP Providence at the end of this month).

I have no interest in purchasing more cards, but if there's a BTC market forming I might list some cards to sell myself, probably at BiddingPond.
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