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September 24, 2018, 04:41:13 AM *
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Author Topic: The rise of the Bitcoin Nation  (Read 730 times)
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September 16, 2014, 04:38:35 AM

A year ago I posted similar ideas:

At that time people called these ideas to be outlandish, in just one year we ended up having projects such as these:

In just one year the bitcoins boomed, flourished and it is being adopted everywhere.
Soon the dream of a fully self-sustaining ecosystem will be true and a bitcoin Economy, independent from nationality and geography, will exist.
We will eventually be able to calculate the GDP of this stateless digital economy, or metaeconomy.

It is freaking exciting to be alive in this era, and let's think about the crazier paradigms that the future will bring us, for example, the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations.
If you don't know what it is, check this essay from Vitalik (the founder of Ethereum):
Currently DACs are being implemented in several projects such as NXTcoin and projects such as OpenBazaar.
This will eventually rock very hard the existing economic systems, and it will force a reorganization of our society.

Now lets move to the reorganization of data itself, the ambitious MaidSafe project that attempts to decentralize the whole internet, breaking with the client-server model to a much more redundant and secure system.
Never heard of it? Check these links out

With MaidSafe we can forget about backuping our files or worrying about someone hacking into our account and leaking sextapes, people eavesdropping our calls and even slashdotting or DDoSing a server (in fact, under their design, the more traffic, the faster the load). And even better, we can forget about paying for hosting.
And again, we can make money by just leaving the PC on and sharing resources.

All the pieces are getting together (money, finance, economy, infrastructure, DACs), and that is not all, the political system might also be influenced by the blockchain.
Better check this news out:
Incorruptible transparent voting system anyone? Transparent financial system anyone?
It pretty much sounds like the prelude to an utopian society.
We better be ready for the multiple paradigm shifts that are about to come with multiple disruptions, and we are not only about to witness history, we are also being part of it.

Welcome to the future.
Welcome to the silent revolution!

It is fucking great to be alive in the 21st century.
(We just need flying cars and levitating hoverboards)
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