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Author Topic: Should we "Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason"  (Read 1548 times)
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September 21, 2014, 09:13:24 PM

'Legendary' LOL

You just proved his point. He was talking about you being vapid enough to think that's anything to be proud of, and you answered by showing you are exactly what he described.

Proved his point? Perhaps it is all you guys who are still under the illusion that your opinions hold any weight. I additionally could give a flying fuck what you or anyone else here thinks of me. Just calling me names and insulting me is not how debate works, and its not something I give a shit about so keep flailing at me like little girls slap fighting and expose your inner want for hatred and violence.

it is common knowledge that the majority of American citizens have dual citizenship...
This "fact" is pulled directly from your ass.

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September 21, 2014, 11:04:08 PM

Should we "Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason"

RE: Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason

Should we??

 I say Yes.

 And we should stop fighting their wars for them. It's past time to kick the baby out of it's nest and force it to fly on it's own accords.

 And stop giving them money and military arms since it's a violation of the Nuclear Arms Treaty to give any Nuclear power financial aid.

 Of course the House of Rothchild's Israel wont care for any of the above.

 And of course it's the international banking cartel that owns and controls most governments and the governments officials
will demand otherwise.

 Recently it's the international banking cartel that is at war with Bitcoin, and it's Bitcoin that is out to defeat the tyrannical Bankers.
Yes, believe it or not their attacking Bitcoin from all angles and from every corner.

 David is Bitcoin. Goliath is the Central Banking Cartel lead by the house of Rothchild and it's Israel state.
 The central banking cartel has fully financially enslaved and held in sly, cunning, stealth monetary bondage almost the entire world for centuries.

 The public at large was far too ignorant to know these truths until rather recently in any great numbers. Much has recently changed.

 What was wont be much longer. But the banking Goliath wont be going down without a fierce battle. Yet having destroyed the world all
over again with it's horribly failed policies and corruptions there is no doubt that the public isn't in any mood to be fooled anymore.

 Their the bullies. Bitcoin is David.

 The fed plus all the rest of the central banks as we know them are almost all dead. Their all total failures with the gravest of flawed
fundamentals and foundations. Their desperately seeking solutions to their own failures while not realizing their in terminal decline.

 They have also been extra busy stealing everything they possibly can by way of their freely created digital monies. It's an ugly mess
the public has still yet to fully sort out, just as the politicians are helpless to break free of their banking manipulators, oppressors and tormentors.

 It will end badly for the bankers unless they gracefully soon walk away while offering the world viable solutions instead of ever more
scams and schemes in what will surely be a vain attempt to continue to enslave us all.

I ask again: Should we "Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason"


Why limit the question so arbitrarily? I'd put all American officials on trial for treason based upon the Constitution of the United States, regardless of what bullshit they support today. Israel is an ally of the USAcorp, to be sure, and holds a lot of power. But the entire range of modern politicians disregards the constitution all of the time and arrogates powers to themselves that the monarchs of old didn't dare dream of. I actually think they ALL ought to support Israel. On the front lines, with only a knife.  Meanwhile, we can tear down D.C. and re-establish the independence that our forbears shed their precious blood for 238 years ago.

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September 22, 2014, 03:59:30 AM

 Hey iluvpie60, you too funny. No really, your silly. And almost all
of the so called news sites you listed are nothing less than corporate
controlled neo-fascist propaganda sites that obviously toe the official
Zionist line and barely anything else, and with very few exceptions!
Of course your so smart that you already knew that too, so I wont
point that out to you here. Just forget I even mentioned it.

 Funnier still is that you omitted the very sites that are not in any
manner backed nor controlled by the very same neo-fascist
corporations, nor toeing the very pro-Zionist beliefs that you? and
certain others obviously hold such strong allegiance to.

 As for worshiping two masters, it isn't possible.

 Either your an American, and pledge allegiance solely to America first
and foremost, or your a traitor deserving a traitors execution, imo. Of
course iluvpie60 being smarter than anyone here he/she already knows
this too.

 So, does any Israeli government Official first and foremost pledge their
allegiance to America instead of Israel? I think NOT.

 So iluvpie60, why not just emigrate to Israel where your allegiance is
sworn to, and quit while your ahead? O right. Yea..., whatever...

 And after all, your not remotely as smart as you think you are. Nor
are you and those like yourself even remotely the 'best & brightest' for
if you were you and yours wouldn't have required bailout after bailout
and endless QE to infinity, much less bonuses for failure after failure.
Nor would Israel need aid package after aid package for decade after
decade into obviously pepertuity in direct violation of international
nuclear treaties and US Law.

 As for your neo-fascist, pro-Zionist news suggestions which are almost
all merely corporate controlled, neo-fascist propaganda, and chiefly
owned and controlled by the central banks themselves; Why did you fail
to mention any of the other sites that are today the most popular leading
real news portals, and real news sites anywhere? Gee, maybe because
you are a pro-Zionist shill? and a troll? following your masters marching
orders? Say it ain't so. Wait, forget I even said that. Just do the world,
and especially every loyal, faithful American Veteran a huge favor and go
jump off a tall building. Okay, just kidding, well, sorta...!

 For the REAL NEWS, that this clown named iluvpie60 failed to mention,
that doesn't have any direct pro-Zionist backing nor agenda see the
following news portals and news sites at:

My own favored sites are listed first.

Bitcoin Forum > Other > Politics & Society

and in alphabetical order:

But lets give iluvpie60 credit about the following sites he mentioned
but failed to offer any links to:

  All news portals and news related sites have an agenda. It's up to
the readers to understand that, and to be very aware of this.

 Increasingly an improved news source channel if one can handle
Alex Jones raspy voice... is:
Uploads from TheAlexJonesChannel - YouTube

 Lastly, borrowing someone Else's equivalent words below:
written by Brandon Smith , September 18, 2014

 I think it's important to point out the distinction between Zionism
and Judaism. Zionism is an extremist political movement, and has
little or nothing directly to do with the Jewish community as a whole.
Zionism was launched by British covert intelligence and many
non-Jews consider themselves Zionists.

 Also, what the white-identity folks and others don't seem to
comprehend when they are listing off all the bankers of Jewish
descent is that these men are only Jewish by birth. They have NO
religious affiliations with Judaism as a whole, and they are actually
occultists. In fact, the elites are just as keen on destroying Jewish
people as they are to destroy Christians and Muslims. They have
no loyalties or affiliations to any one culture or religion. That is why
it is absurd when certain people make such broad claims that the
whole thing is a "Jewish Conspiracy". Utter nonsense. Most Jewish
people are victims of the elites, just like the rest of us.

 No, I don't hate any group of people.
Nor do I hate any religious group.
Just get your minds out of the gutter.
And get real. Or get lost.

Re: Should we "Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason"

 American OFFICIALS have NO BUSINESS being loyal to any nation
except first and foremost The United States Of America, for which they
ALL swore an Oath to Defend & Protect from Foreign Powers.

 NO, I am not scared nor will I cower to to any Neo-Bolsheviks, Fascists,
Globalists, Zionists, or Thugs of any type, nor to any foreign powers.

 But it sure appears that many are scared witless of their own shadows,
and scared of everyone else for that matter. Thus proving how cowardly
they all really, truly are, and how they don't deserve Freedom, nor any
Liberty either, much less any Rights.
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