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Author Topic: harassment on 999dice  (Read 811 times)
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October 23, 2014, 10:09:15 PM

Siro (19350061): imbuy

Siro (19350061): iwant bit 1 coin or lot doge coin

T&A Computers (TMME): @Siro: skype

ayRin (19348244): @Trolling: why?

Siro (19350061): what your usename

Siro (19350061): on skpe

Trolling (SANTA): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: [Worm Armagedon mode] Super Flying Goat Launched ...

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @Trolling: lol

Siro (19350061): @T&A Computers: what skypename

Trolling (SANTA): @ayRin: its english room... and its not a safe place for martian language!!!

Siro (19350061): ask skype donot iknow your usename

T&A Computers (TMME): @Siro: what is yours

ayRin (19348244): @Trolling: lol

Siro (19350061): @T&A Computers: francisco.echeverrix1984

Trolling (SANTA): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫:

Siro (19350061): ok

Siro (19350061): addme

*** Cthulhu (19370262) Address: [...]

*** juple (DRSLOEZSPD) Address: [...]

Nicarete (19438749): @Siro: hi

Neon (19438749): @Siro: h

Neon (19438749): @Siro: you buy doge or btc?

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): :-) hows all

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: hry

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: can u io pay u bakc 20$ i owe

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: ive been trying to

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: can u send paypal email to

tri (TRICHOME): and rob u too

tri (TRICHOME): paypal email

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @tri: No sorry

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @tri: hey

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: can i send u my last greendot 60$ i owe

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: paypal email i got 97$ left on it ok

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: or we can wait for virwox

tri (TRICHOME): up to u Smiley

tri (TRICHOME): sorry man fucked up

tri (TRICHOME): lets settle this

tri (TRICHOME): u did see the photo of my paypal i know its no deffense

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @tri: I sent you my paypal via email

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @tri: I dont know who your talking to me or Baljourn but I didnt see a photo of your paypal nor am I interested in excuses.

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: im interested in settling this debt

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: i know isaid no excise

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: doign it now

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @tri: Have a good day

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: actually

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: ok

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: 97$ sent if u want send whatever btc u want if not its all urs

tri (TRICHOME): k

tri (TRICHOME): im sorry

tri (TRICHOME): we dont have to talk after

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @tri: I was just informed you tried to purchase again from the exchange - Do note that your IPs have been blacklisted from being able to access botting center or their support portal. Best of luck.

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: k see u on differant ip etc

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: when did i purchase under false pretense

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: just now when i said its tri i come to pay bak

tri (TRICHOME): i deserve this

tri (TRICHOME): good bye all rob check in 1 min

tri (TRICHOME): im sorry

tri (TRICHOME): bye

*** ★lllaster★ (19334050) Address: [...]

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: greendot not loading want my user / pass for my card?

*** Neo_BTC_Lover (19374139) Balance: 0 BTC, 2.08654639 Doge

*** Neo_BTC_Lover (19374139) Address: [...]

Neo_BTC_Lover (19374139): /admin rain

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @tri: nope, not gonna do that....I won't mess with someone else's account

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: ok is greendot loading for u?

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @tri: haven't tried today

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Careful with this one :-) Long time buyer at the exchange and through me directly went rogue.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: +1

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Virwox gave him a ban for carding/or doing charge back.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: trying to get back the $60 he owes me

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: thats nice! hope it works out

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: He has or had a $200 green dot 24 hours ago.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: I sold him $60 in coin and then the payment was reversed for being unauthorized

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: ah wow

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Whats funny is that $60 hes using to pay you back with, he just tried to spend + $20 at the exchange.. he offered it back after they denied him business. Just read transcript.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him make it right ....I guess I'm too easy

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Looks like he needs a fix so hes offering to pay off debts to get more credit.

T&A Computers (TMME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: he owes me too 13 usd

X☯ne! (XONE): Ahhh, let me get the popcorn.

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: If he doesnt resolve you can call his father. I have no patients for people who try to scam.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: you have his father's #?

T&A Computers (TMME): @JUSTIN: i know

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: because I believe it was his father's paypal he used that was reversed

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Yes, his father and him both used the exchange. It likely was his fathers paypal as he was using that, then tried getting his own but it got closed, and then switched to green dot for its ease & higher limits.

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: I'll release the info to you if you can give him 48hours to make right first w/ notice.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: ok, thx....he's owed me since Sept. 6th

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: Normally im an advocate of privacy but when he tried to pull a scam with multiple people that went out the window.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: I've sent him notice nearly everyday via skype

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: and I will call his father

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: ok - can you just drop him an email first - he likely does have the funds as hes trying to buy btc at places.

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: yep, I will

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: $90.00 has been deducted from your card and we have sent a message to ROB EVANS with instructions on how to pick up the money you sent.

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: alright - ill go ahead and draft the email to you - ill send it in 2 days if i dont hear it was resolved.

tri (TRICHOME): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: SORRY BYE. :*(

T&A Computers (TMME): @JUSTIN: how are u justin

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @T&A Computers: great you

T&A Computers (TMME): @JUSTIN: not bad

tri (TRICHOME): @JUSTIN: wtf u talking aobut

T&A Computers (TMME): @JUSTIN: values bottingcenter 23000 usd

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @T&A Computers: nice Smiley

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: I just sent him an email telling him he has until 6pm Saturday EST to make it right

JUSTIN (JUSTIN): @♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫: great! hope its resolved

T&A Computers (TMME): @JUSTIN: i figured you would like that

♪---☆ Baljourn ☆---♫ (BALJOURN): @JUSTIN: me too

tri (TRICHOME): fuck u

tri (TRICHOME): no payment

tri (TRICHOME): canciled

tri (TRICHOME): kiss my ass

BET4BETTER (COKROALIF): @ayRin: gan bagi dikit balance dong

X☯ne! (XONE): @BET4BETTER: Bork bork bork!

tri (TRICHOME): ive done nothign wrong.
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October 24, 2014, 12:04:40 AM

can you in 1 sentence sum up above post?
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October 24, 2014, 01:04:39 AM

999dice? a dont care and wouldn't care in the future
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