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Author Topic: [Selling: Writer/Artist/Composer] - Will compose/write anything for BTC.  (Read 827 times)
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May 15, 2011, 06:26:58 AM

Well, I figure this is a good as place as any to start up my freelancing career. I'll take requests. ALWAYS throw down your own price. These are just quotes, so to speak. You could literally throw down 0.02 and I'd consider it.

# 1 - 20k Words = .2 BTC
# 20k - 40k Words = .4 BTC
# 40k+ = Negotiable

Essays/Articles/Blogs/Resumes (College Essays too, of course):
# College Essays, any length = .3 BTC
# Articles/Blogs = .2 BTC
# Resumes = .1 BTC

Web Content:
# Any = Negotiable (I can do any topic.)

#2 - 4min songs w/o vocals = .3 BTC
#2 - 4min songs with vocasl = .5 BTC
#Anything else = Negotiable

Any = Negotiable

Graphic Design/Art:
Any = Negotiable (Try to ask the other guy who's an artist first - I don't want to steal business. He's here:

GhostWriter notes:
I have been writing for years. I tested out of all classes and went straight into accelerated at college. If you want a Kindle novel out and about based off your ideas with full credit, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, I can do that for you (as well as design the cover). Below, I will provide a handful of samples in case you're interested. They range from novels, essays, articles and even the dreaded fan fiction. (I would do fan fiction, but I'm not sure if that's illegal using BTC).

Composer notes:
I love Pink Floyd, NIN, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Tool, etc. Mostly progressive stuff. I love techno/electronic/dubstep about as much as I love real instruments. The reason for the higher prices is because it takes longer to compose. If you've got a game or something you're working on, we can do a soundtrack, too. Hell, even for whatever your writing, I'll gladly do a soundtrack. It will take a bit for me to upload samples. Most of the stuff I've made so far is very ambient (think Silent Hill).

Research notes:
If you don't have the time go around and scour the deep web for your business or whatever assignment, I'll pull up the resources for you. I'll probably keep this my cheapest. I know what it's like to run out of time on a project.

Medical school is not cheap. Neither is a Master's in Software Engineering. I need something to help me out for rent, etc. I will gladly use my skill to do so. Hey, we gotta pay bills somehow, yes?

Final Note:
No matter what, all prices are negotiable to an extent. While you're all waiting for me to copy/pasta some samples into this post, we can discuss and do a brief demo project together via Twiddla - it's free, no charge, no sign-up and if you don't like what I can do, we can just leave it be. :3 Think of it as "try before you buy".

BitCoin Addy: 16WapBHEcvUkoWS4jfWE7CKUCLC1BbXME7


Novel Excerpt: (From "A Nihilistic Cat" - to be released in June, 2011. This is but a fraction of a fraction of what's actually written. We're talking 80,000 words.) *Expletives censored.

        Click - flick. The first drag of a cigarette had been endearing; that warm, enveloping sensation filling your lungs; your bloodstream. Sean exhaled slowly, the curtain of smoke rising through his plastic framed glasses. Unsurprisingly, the living room had been empty. He wasn't there to sleep or to occupy, but simply to look, simply to absorb and bask. This was necessary when you're making such a big decision.
   Puff. Another puff. More puffs.
   There'd been a living room, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and the cornerstone of every home: a kitchen. His friend Destin had concluded the house to be near the century mark in age, though it didn't seem that way. The owner had put an immaculate spin on some presumably rich remodeling, that was obvious. Sean paced forward a bit more, the wood retaining its creak beneath senses.
   The windows, one overlooking the entire living room (you can't have a second floor window when there is no second floor) and another teasing the bathroom, were either stained with some artistic elixir or plainly transparent. Old glass, new glass - a boiling pot of silicone. Sean sucked a few more lucrative drags. He didn't need to see too much more. The visit before summarized any structural problem (which hadn't been much).
   Destin was calling.
   His cellphone, once humble and solitary, rang. It buzzed. It demanded. “Yeah,” he flicked a bit of ash on the hardwood floor.
   “Still having second thoughts?” Destin inquired.
   If there were anyone to slack when speaking, it was Destin. This didn't happen in the accent, no, not even in the tone. The space between each word indicated apathy. “Looks fantastic,” at this rate, the cigarette would be gone once the conversation finished, “I'm taking it.”
   “All that *beep* money, just... gone, man.”
   “Just gone.” Affirmation had been Sean's specialty.
   Destin's sigh permeated through the plastic and wiring, “Well then, I was off to bed. That sweet, sweet surrender... *beep*, I forgot the rest of that poem.”
   Sean shrugged, turning back to the door, “You always forget that part.”   
   “You'll make me forget to sleep.” There was a click.   
   Sean flipped his cellphone shut, a palm and fingers wrapping around the door handle. As he gripped the device, that wonderful plastic artifact, something stirred.
        It could have been an animal. It could have been him. It could have been the house swelling, like those characters proclaim in horror films, the kind of movies where it's incidentally comedic. But no, this... this presence eluded him. There were breaths, but not his own. Deep, nutritional breaths for whatever dark diet fueled the omnipresence. But then, like a star in early morning, it was gone - patiently fading into silence.
   “I'm forgetting to sleep,” Sean assured himself before thanking Destin's distracting call.
   He had things to tend to, pets to care for much like they had cared for him in their loyal, insurmountable devotion. Open, close, shut, move - forward, open, close, shut, start, drive. That same dance had happened again in reprisal, accompanying the start to the end. Beams of the car's incandescent lights left the exterior house, no longer painting their illumination on the vinyl canvas.
   At some point, perhaps when he was leaving, the rain started.

Blog/Article Samples:

Cover Designs:

Note: Sorry about the crappy quality. I couldn't do the HQ without killing the bandwidth of all people seeing this post. And trust me, that mouse pointer isn't in the final. You can find that short on Kindle if you're interested.  Page is here: and a better look at the art is here:

Art Samples:

*Note: Thanks again to .jpeg, the compression sucks. Sorry guys.

Closing Notes: One day, I'll offer game production, technical support and advertising, too - that's a long while away. I wouldn't ask for a few months even *after* it's posted here. Everyone have an awesome day!

"Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren..."
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