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Question: Who is your higher power?
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Author Topic: RE: "The root causes of mental illness."  (Read 2129 times)
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June 24, 2012, 03:44:07 PM

Creating account to thwart a ban...


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June 24, 2012, 07:46:22 PM

On 'the inability to cope.'  If one believes that the most serious mental illnesses are a fabrication of the highest levels of the executive center or consciousness then you need to spend some time in the psych ward of the local hospital.  Those are mostly people with real problems.  Serious problems of structure and/or signaling of the brain. 

Now, for non acute mental illness the inability to cope due to perception and expectations may be a factor.  But to give a blanket explanation for mental illness is truly asinine.

Reading up on the workings of the brain begins to give one an idea of how easily the highest levels of consciousness can be persuaded and corrupted by various phenomenon that are not at all or not entirely under the control of consciousness.
What makes you think that 'problems of structure and/or signaling of the brain' are not caused by environmental factors? Sure there may be infections, tumors, and various other organic pathological vectors, but a lot of damage comes from the stresses of living in the modern age. Our brains have lots of functions. It seems to be the social functions that frighten 'normal' people the most. Man is a social animal and civilization needs to allow our socialization to evolve along with our economic and technological expectations. Wouldn't it be great if we addressed the actual cause rather just treat the symptoms? This one thing that I really commend FaceBook for attempting.

That wasn't my argument.  I have no idea how you got that out of my post.  Save the flames for someone else.
I'm pretty sure I understood what you are saying. It was not a personal flame. You may believe that what psych wards do is good. I'll be praying for you if that helps.

Send me a pdf and I'll get it made into a pro looking book, then mail copy to an address of your choosing. It'll probably cost about 15-50 bucks depending on what type of quality (binding, etc).
Or you can buy it on Amazon. If you pm me I'll give you the link for the hardcopy or Kindle version. I also have a copy to loan on Kindle.

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June 24, 2012, 08:27:27 PM

While a lot of diagnosed people can deal with mental illness on their own, I think there's a range and the more extreme cases are largely physical, not environmental or social.

I've read a little bit about drugs like lithium and other antipsychotics, and they measure brain mass or how dense the dendrites are, and generally, if someone is having psychotic episodes, and they take these drugs, it seems to reduce the loss of neurons.  (By psychotic episode, I mean hallucinations or times when people lose control of themselves.)

That seems logical to me.  We're always losing neurons, and our brains adapt by reinforcing things we wish to remember.  As we age, our thinking slows down -- as a middle aged person, I can attest to this -- but we remain intelligent and functional largely because we simply ignore a lot more stuff that we think doesn't matter.

So, my point here - some mental health is a physical, degenerative disease.  Let's not get all mystical about it.  It's just the brain losing matter.  I suspect it's analogous older people losing muscle mass, or bone mass, or hair, or other cells.  That's why old people suffer dementia more often than young people.

I don't know why so many teens get morose and into moody, dark music, like I did, but my inclination is to think it's something related to brain development.  Maybe it's a combination of physical, social, and environmental factors. (
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June 24, 2012, 08:42:59 PM

I want people to be their highest power. That's all I meant, joint.

Now, state your point. I am intrigued.

As you wish.

My cause...:  It is for every individual...

Every individual includes me, by the way.

Compared with...


I'm sick of you saying you knows whats best and that you know how to live my life...etc. etc....

You're not god....

Though, to some extent, this is besides the point because the whole intended message of my mental illness thread is that people do, in fact, wield an incredible amount of power and that they have control over their lives.

Guess what I voted for in your poll?

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July 12, 2012, 10:47:37 PM

I've had severe mental illness and I managed to get better and no longer take any medication.  Anyone interested in how I did it can read my short essay if you cut and paste this link in your browser and press enter. Thanks
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