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Author Topic: [PimpCash] $PIMP [News & Updates Thread] - PIMPin Ain't Easy - Full History  (Read 5207 times)
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December 20, 2014, 10:10:20 PM
Last edit: June 09, 2015, 02:51:17 AM by PIMPdev

- Apr 17 2015 -


PimpCash is now OKCash

New ANN Thread:

(PimpCash Ann & Update Ann Locked, please continue to follow the updates at:

- Apr 3rd 2015 -

Pimpcash got mentioned in the best altcoins report at Financial Underground Kingdom


- Apr 2nd 2015 -


-Still working in the AF details for release,
we will focus on the next wallets update soon after the release.

-New Bounty
Win 100k PimpCash for creating a Twitter Tipbot.

-In Talks for the creation of a PimpCash Multipool.

- Mar 30th 2015 -

The contest for first round of Cryptocurrencies to appear in the home showcase of the Altcoins Foundation is over.

We had an amazing response (around 800 votes)
 and already selected the coins for the showcase including PimpCash of course.

Screenshots of contest at Mar 29th 2015 11.59pm CST:

Contest link:

Soon will share More info for the coming Altcoins Foundation.
Thanks for everyone's participation!

- Mar 23rd 2015 -

Launched the AltcoinsFoundation vote contest for All cryptocurrencies

Vote for PimpCash to get added at the
Bitcoin Payments Gateway

- Mar 21st 2015 -

Buy PimpCash with PayPal

Simple movie to show how to buy PimpCash and crypto with PayPal.
It's very easy and convenient!

- Mar 18th 2015 -

You can now stake your PimpCash at - The number 1 Stake Pool

I used to Stake coins on my own, but found it so hard to ever have enough coins to make a good stake.
With I have the same amount of coins as I did on my own,
but I collect a higher stake more frequently with weekly BTC payouts. ~Happy Costumer

Note: This is a new Service provided by a Third Party, PimpCash recommends for improved security of your coins to not send big amounts as first deposits, we encourage you to deposit small quantities first to test the service and watch the interest rates you get back and then after some time and feedback when you feel more comfortable about it increase your investments as you feel like.

Note2: We are working in the , a section of the foundation will be dedicated to evaluate new altcoins services as well as exchanges, coins and cryptocurrency related sites among other functions to build an extra layer of protection and feedback between all the different cryptocommunities.

- Mar 17th 2015 -

Community and Dev Working at

1.- Talks with stakeminers pool.
2.- Development of Altcoins Foundation.
3.- Votes for new exchanges.
4.- Giveaways, public roadmaps, private roadmap and PR.

Have a nice week Pimps, Keep that PIMP hand Strong
and share the PIMP to keep our community growing and PIMPin

Remember to visit and follow

- Mar 13th 2015 -

PimpCash keeps on growing and is time to bring a community manager to the team.

Job Description:

The role is to have fun and lead the PimpCash community by sharing information, updates or media by having constant activity in the irc, bitcointalk and reddit networks with aims to build more interaction  and help grow the PimpCash Community.

The PimpCash Project/Market is young, and we are looking for an enthusiastic community leader who loves PimpCash and has a passion for cryptocurrency education and adoption.


– Write at least 1 post every 1 or 2 days with an update/information or give answer to questions in the PimpCash ann at the bitcointalk and/or pimpcash forum.
– Invite the PimpCash community to participate in the community votes for exchanges, markets or related PR contests.
– Constant interaction at IRC with the PimpCash Community to welcome new members and assist the community.
– Share community feedback with Dev team.

Essential requirements:

– Good communication.
– Cryptocurrencies knowledge.
– Patience.
– Vision.
– Social skills. (use of: bitcointalk, forum, twitter, reddit, IRC)


40,000 PimpCash x Month.


10,000 PimpCash Weekly.

How to Apply?

Drop me an email at devteam[at] or send me a message at Bitcointalk ( Here ) and let me know about your ambition and reasons for wanting this role.

- Mar 11th 2015 -


Preliminary work will soon begin on the second edition of the book called Cryptocurrency "The Alt-ernative" A Beginner's Reference.


This book is currently available on Amazon.  
PimpCash promotions:

- Mar 10th 2015 -

New PimpCash Promotional Media for Merchants and Services

Direct Link:

Added to:

- Mar 8th 2015 -

We would like share the New PimpCash Music service created by the community
Is having an amazing response and just
commemorated the #InternationalWomensDay
by sharing a PimpCash giveaway specially for them, Thanks PimpCash Radio Team!

- Mar 6th 2015 -

New PimpCash Website and Design v2 Released

- Mar 5th 2015 -

PimpCash article relayed at TheBitcoinNews

Cryptopia Market Place

You can Buy and Sell your Products for PimpCash and Bitcoin at

- Mar 4th 2015 -

PimpCash - Fun Decentralized and Secure 69% Cryptocurrency relayed @ enter104

PimpCash listed at Market Cap Coin
and C-Cex exchange updated here and at coinmarketcap as well

You can also find Pimpcash at the ExchangeWar site

- Mar 3rd 2015 -

Vote for PimpCash at Cryptsy Exchange and Claim your Bounty!
New PimpCash/BountyShares Promotion

Get to know and visit the new BountyShares platform, vote for PimpCash at Cryptsy Exchange
and get rewarded with a nice Bounty!

Article Relayed at Cryptos.Us

- Mar 2nd 2015 -

24/7 Crypto News presents you:

- Feb 22nd 2015 -

Thanks for your Support on PimpCash!

Site redesign will be ready soon as well

- Feb 17th 2015 -

New AskCoin Giveaways for PimpCash

- Feb 16th 2015 -

Update of Network Nodes

- Feb 15th 2015 -

Translated ANN to Spanish for Hispanic Communities and future PR

- Feb 14th 2015 -

Happy Valentines Day!

New PimpCash wallets v1.1.1.1l-Queens Released
To Upgrade just replace your Qt.exe file with the new ones

PimpCash Wallets v1.1.1.1l
codename: "Queens" V

Change List 14-02-2015 v1.1.1.1l-queens

  •    Added New Checkpoints. (Security)
  •    Added New Stake Modifier Checkpoints. (Security)
  •    Custom PIMPd for Crypto Ladies (Redesign)

- Feb 13th 2015 -

PimpCash Community Call - Pledge to support Coinomi HD wallet Development and the integration of PimpCash

How to Support Coinomi and the integration of PimpCash?

1.- Download the LightHouse Software and the Coinomi Project File.

2.- Install the LightHouse Program and after launch Import the "Coinomi Project File".

3.- Once you hit the "Pledge" button a new dialog will pop up.

4.- In the "Message to project owner" text box please enter: Voting for PimpCash!

PimpCash Supporting the Development of Coinomi and Integration.
Big Thanks to all the PIMP s and PIMP Ladies.

more info on coinomi:

- Feb 12th 2015 -

About Pimpcash Section updated and added to the ANN

Fun, Fast and Secure Digital Currency

Uses: Trading, Saving, Investing, Buy and Sell, Transfers, Tipping, Gaming, Bitcoin Support, CrowdFunding, Cryptocurrency learning and PIMPin.
Released: Nov 24th 2014
Algo: Started as a PoW/PoS Scrypt Hybrid mine-able for 15 days without halving to make it fair for all the miners no matter when they started.
Average network speeds during Pow: 4-19k MH
PoW Ended at block: 33,186
Total coins at the end of Pow/Pos Hybrid Period: 36,297,000 PimpCash
Full POS started: Dec 9th 2014
Proof of Stake: 69% Year reward on coins on your wallet.
PoS Min Stake Time: 8 hr
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
POS blocks to mature: 69 confirmations
Transactions: 10 confirmations
Rpcport: 6969
Port: 6970
Test ports: ( RPCport 7979 ) ( Port 7980 )

Fun with Quality - Stealth Addresses - Encrypted Message System - Customized wallets for him and her - Sharing cryptocurrency
Fast (Almost Instant Speeds) - Coin Control - Lowest fees in market - Secure Network

Official PimpCash Team

Developer: Bitcoines (PIMPdev)

PimpCash Honorary Members from the Community

PimpTeam - Klaasje - DarkPill - GameGear - Ultra1 - WeedFreddy - Varvarin

PimpCash Honorary Communities

BitcoinTalk - BitcoinGarden - BitcoinMafia - CryptocoinTalk - CryptoInfinity - Cryptos - Ocupy - AllCryptoTalk - CryptoTrust

Special Thanks

To Satoshi and the full Cryptocurrency Environment and to the PimpCash communities at IRC and different Networks.

- Feb 11th 2015 -

You can Download the Pimpcash Videos in different formats at Genyoutube

- Feb 10th 2015 -

New exportable Quandl Datasets and stats for PimpCash / Bitcoin Rates

- Feb 9th 2015 -

Ann updated (New sections Media and Cross communities and projects)

New PimpCash Info page

- Feb 8th 2015 -

Media relay at Cryptorss

- Feb 7th 2015 -

Check your PimpCash rates with more tools at Cryptrader

Now You can also Check the PimpCash Charts at CryptoCoinChart

- Feb 6th 2015 -

Diff Communities added to ann and
New PimpCash Community at AllCryptoTalk

- Feb 5th 2015 -

Feedback: What is your favorite $PIMP feature

- Feb 4th 2015 -

New #pimpcash Ann Update and Redesign

- Feb 3rd 2015 -

Ocupy #PimpCash Giveaway
Claim your 100 PimpCash and test the $PIMP speed

- Feb 2nd 2015 -

Ann Thread added to the Forums

- Feb 1st 2015 -

Win 200 PimpCash!

Recommend #PimpCash at Poloniex Giveaway
Visit the $Pimp Cash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 31th 2015 -

Win 200 PimpCash!

Vote For #PimpCash at Comkort Giveaway
Visit the $Pimp Cash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 30th 2015 -

#PimpCash at the OpenSource Daily News Headlines

- Jan 29th 2015 -

Dev Fund Distribution Done
Full Report 29-01-2015

- Jan 28th 2015 -

New PimpCash wallets v1.1.1.1-Kings Released

PimpCash Wallets v1.1.1.1
codename: "Kings" V

Change List 28-01-2015 v1.1.1.1-kings

  •    Added New Checkpoints. (Security)
  •    Added New Stake Modifier Checkpoints. (Security)
  •    Updated Hardcoded DNS seeder (no more config file required for new users)
  •    Guard against openssl's new strict DER checks Patch. (Security and new SSL Compatibility)
  •    Fail immediately on an empty signature Patch. (Security)
  •    Client name updated to Pimptoshi (Customization and Branding)
  •    Custom PIMPd (Redesign)

- Jan 27th 2015 -

Visit the new #PimpCash IRC logs and info site at

- Jan 26th 2015 -

PimpCash Giveaways
Vote For PimpCash at Cryptsy Giveaway
Visit the PimpCash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 25th 2015 -

#PIMPCASH $PIMP No reddit pain, no IRC rain!
Reddit upvotes needed!

- Jan 24th 2015 and Earlier Months -

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January 05, 2015, 07:20:42 PM
Last edit: January 26, 2015, 08:00:55 PM by PIMPdev

Updates From Nov 24th 2014 (Release)  to Jan 24th 2015

- Jan 24th 2015 -

Poloniex 200 PimpCash Giveaway
Support PimpCash by Sending a request for addition to the Poloniex Exchange
Visit the PimpCash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 23th 2015 -

Win 200 PimpCash!

Vote For #PimpCash at Comkort Giveaway
Visit the $Pimp Cash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 22th 2015 -

New Faucet and List to get PIMPd

- Jan 21th 2015 -

200 PimpCash Giveaway
Vote For PimpCash at Cryptsy Giveaway
Visit the PimpCash Talk Forums for this Giveaway.

- Jan 20th 2015 -

#PimpCash at OpenSource CXM & Hybrid Cloud Daily

Welcome to Play the new Dice #PimpCash Game

PIMPd by CryptoFever

New Facebook Group for PimpCash International

Admin: Cryptos.Us

- Jan 19th 2015 -

PimpCash Website v1 Released at Github
For any Cryptocurrency or PIMP cash user to download, modify and use.
We are working a v2 version for our Website
Sharing is Caring

- Jan 18th 2015 -

New Facebook Group for PimpCash Indonesia

Admin: Astantoid

Indonesian Forum at PimpCashTalk

- Jan 17th 2015 -

Remember to visit and trade at the different exchanges
That supports the PIMPin (Improving things)
To make sure everyone can have a chance of getting some PIMP
so PimpCash can continue to grow with a healthy distribution
and all together helps support the crypto environment and decentralization.


Bleutrade [BTC/PIMP]

Coin-Swap [BTC/PIMP]

Coins-e [BTC/PIMP]

Cryptopia [BTC/PIMP]


Welcome to Play the new Black Jack #PimpCash Game

PIMPd by CryptoFever
Pimp a gnome Contest at:

New IRC Faucet! Just join us at #pimpcash IRC
and write !pimpme  to win free PimpCash every 8 hrs.

- Jan 16th 2015 -

1000 PimpCash Giveaway.

1000 $PIMP for genuine posts in both New Pimps & idea in #PIMPCASH
Community Cares threads at

500 PimpCash Giveaway.

#PIMPCash on @CryptoInfinity community 500 Free PIMP to each new member

50,000 PimpCash Contest

@DanDarkPill will give 50K #PIMPCASH if you beat his time in next contest,
$PIMP supports alts like $GHC

New PimpCash Talk Forum for the $PIMP Community

New #PimpCash Social Network @Pinterest

- Jan 15th 2015 -

Why Encrypted VoIP?

What is Team Speak 3?

Release of encrypted VoIP teamspeak 3 server for Cryptocurrencies,
Encrypted Voice and chat service where people can connect
and talk to each other for gaming, trading, organizing and more.
Gettin' the Crypto community PIMP'd

Great Tool aimed to help the whole cryptocommunities organize better,
work efficiently and have more fun.
(PM me if your community would like to do cross-collaboration
and get added, after a background check of the work and Devs it can be done)

We are making an exclusive room for the Communities
that we do cross-collaborations with
and that Supports the PIMPin.
( GAIA and EMC2 for now )

To access you need to download:

and then:

Auto connect (open the program, paste and click enter):

or in the program
Connect to:

TS3 General Server Admin: WeedFreddy

- Jan 14th 2015 -

New ZombieAttack Game to get all the IRC room PIMP'd

PIMPd by Captian Hook

New $PIMP bot to Fund #EMC2 Scientific Research Studies
#PimpCash cares, Automated for the community, PIMP Community Power

- Jan 13th 2015 -

Dev Fund Full Report 13-01-2015

PimpCash video at The Crypto Trade Network

Now you can Buy / Sell PimpCash and more at the Cryptopia Exchange!

Now you can Buy and Sell PimpCash at the YoBit.Net Exchange

Added Direct Link for the Roadmaps for ease of access:

PimpCash - All I see is Profit Profit Profit - BTC 'n PIMP - The Price Action Video

- Jan 12th 2015 -

Ultra PIMP - PimpCash True Fast and Low fee Transactions - Wallet v1 (Video)

Merchants Api for PIMPcash & Online Wallets

PimpCash Partnered with the Coin Payments Provider:
Thanks CointoPay for providing this awesome service for merchants and markets!

For Merchants and Consumers in a nutshell:

    Make- and Receive Online payments
    Buy and Sell PimpCash directly
    Support for all crypto currencies like BitCoin
    24x7 operational support for customers
    Pay out in currency of choice
    Free service: T-Zero instant Crypto payment technology

PIMP or PMP  (PimpCash) added at Cointopay Services

- Jan 11th 2015 -

PIMP is becoming an Official Sponsor to support the good power of Cryptocurrencies
in aims of real world use and improvements, we believe dedicating some funds to
Scientific Research is a must as it helps improve or solve real world issues.
Sponsors PIMP address: PC9MBuRxwycPXkwKgKdqdx42ZH75X7FsxS

- Jan 10th 2015 -

New PIMP Faucet
Visit the New Faucet and get PIMP'd !

New PIMP Block Explorer Added

- Jan 9th 2015 -

C-cex opens 96 alternative Pairs for PIMP Trading

Join us at PimpCash Reddit Updated and Redesigned

- Jan 8th 2015 -

PimpCash Rise Event
Klaasje made a 100k PimpCash Rain at IRC

LadyPIMP bot updated at #pimpcash IRC @ Freenode
Assistance commands:
!music - !price - !roadmap - !website - !coldwallets -
!reddit - !github - !pimpann - !conf - !fb - !explorer - !casino - !pool
Game commands:
!quiz - !hl on Xnumber

- Jan 7th 2015 -

Now you can Mine PimpCash with Scrypt/Sha/X11 at the:
IRC Personalized PIMP Multipool (IPPM)
Access Channel #PimpPool @ IRC Freenode

New PimpCash Cold Wallets Released

- Jan 6th 2015 -

Now You can watch, follow and vote on the PIMP RoadMaps,
just sign up at: Trello
and then visit the Public PimpCash RoadMap Released

- Jan 5th 2015 -

#PIMP Rain Event at #pimpcash irc @ Freenode took place

#PimpCash - PIMPIN' THE MOON - SEXY PIMP CASH [Official Music Video] Full Released

- Jan 4th 2015 -

#PIMPCASH Music video announced Mkt

- Jan 3rd 2015 -

C-Cex added new

- Jan 2nd 2015 -

C-Cex added new PIMP/XPY  Pair

- Jan 1st 2015 -

New Year's Event  Took Place at IRC

- Dec 31st 2014 -

Today Great #NewYear #PimpCash Rain Event at IRC @ Freenode #Pimpcash Join and win some free $PIMP , Best Wishes!
( more than 100k PimpCash!! )

- Dec 30th 2014 -

New PimpCash Market
Now you can use your PimpCash to buy
Phones, Games, Computers, Miners and more !

- Dec 29th 2014 -

Fun PimpCash Matrix of Latest Transactions added

- Dec 28th 2014 -

C-Cex added new PIMP/MSC  Pair

PIMPbot Upgraded and back at #pimpcash and #pimpcasino irc

- Dec 27th 2014 -

C-Cex added new LFTC/PIMP  Pair

- Dec 26th 2014 -

C-Cex added new PIMP/MGT  Pair

PimpTeam made Post Xmas Rain Gift Event.

- Dec 25th 2014 -

Merry PIMPmas!

C-Cex added new PIMP/QBK  Pair

Dice Game is Back Online !

PimpCash Faucet Added to the OP

- Dec 24th 2014 -

PIMPtaClaus Even 2: Merry PIMPmas PIMPin Magic at IRC for the PIMPs

First Month Report - Twitter Popularity

- Dec 23rd 2014 -

PIMPtaClaus Even started: Merry Xmas PIMPin Magic at IRC for the PIMPs

Hi Res PIMP Logo [5500px300dpi] for Markets, Exchanges, Games and Services added to ANN

Captian_Hook is working at implementing the new PIMPraffle system at IRC
And he went Crazy and PIMPd more than 52,000 PIMP at the IRC Community

Thanks in name of the PIMP Community!!

- Dec 22nd 2014 -

C-Cex added new

PIMP'd Dice will be back later.


Captian is working (testing) his PPM (Personalized Pimp Multipool) Method
with some testers (2nd Day now)

Klaasje acquired a server and started to work on building a PM (PimpMultipool)

- Dec 21st 2014 -

New Ann Redesign Done

- Dec 20th 2014 -

New Thread for the News & Updates History

C-Cex added new PIMP/KRYP - PIMP/LOG Pairs

- Dec 19th 2014 -
New Explorer for PimpCash released
Full info on Nodes, Staking, Blocks, MarketCap, Richlist and more

- Dec 18th 2014 -

Cryptos.Us Launched Christmas Giveaway

- Dec 17th 2014 -

CryptoInfinity Launched 7 Games Competitions
To Win Bitcoin, Doge and PIMP

Ann Thread added to the CryptoInfinity Forums

Merry Christmas Bitcoin & Crypto Communities Video Released at Youtube

- Dec 16th 2014 -

New PimpCash Video Released at Youtube

- Dec 15th 2014 -

PIMPcasino at IRC #pimpcasino got Released

- Dec 14th 2014 -

Ann Thread added to the CryptoTrust Forums

Ann Thread added to the Cryptos.Us Forums

Ann Thread added to the CryptoCoinTalk Forums

Ann Thread added to the BitcoinGarden Forums

PimpCash got added to coinmarketcap [PIMP]

- Dec 13th 2014 -

New Improved PIMP Dice Game with invest options

New Abe Full Query Branded Explorer:

Links Updated @ Website and Networks

C-Cex added the [PIMP/HLC] Pair

- Dec 12th 2014 -

New #PimpCash Giveaway/Contest by @DanDarkPill - Announced


Onnz423 Big Party 100k Rain at IRC took place

- Dec 11th 2014 -

PimpCash PIMP'd Paper Wallets released -

New 50 - 100 k #PimpCash Rain / Round 2 / by onnz423 Announced

PimpCash added to CoinGorilla Reviews

- Dec 10th 2014 -

C-Cex added new - PIMP/PLCN - PIMP/PLCS Pairs

The Biggest Giveaway in Crypto "Epic PIMP Rain" Took Place.

- Dec 9th 2014 -

Bitcoin Garden Giveaways Launched

Bitcoin Mafia Giveaways at C-Cex Chat

Timer Added for The Epic Rain
(more than 700k - 1m PimpCash Distribution for the Crypto Community)

- Dec 8th 2014 -

PoW Phase Over

Coin-Swap added the PIMP/BTC Pair to their exchange.

C-Cex added new - PIMP/DOGE - PIMP/DRK - PIMP/EUPH - PIMP/HTML5 - PIMP/LTC Pairs Giveaway Launched

New PimpCash Article at CryptoCoins Daily News

PimpCash Faucet added to Coin Faucets Direct

- Dec 7th 2014 -

PIMP theme for Gaia wallet added to the Gaia Appstore

C-Cex added   PIMP/BTC  -  PIMP/USD Pairs

Cryptos.Us Giveaway Launched

- Dec 6th 2014 -

Cross over Rain Promotion with GaiaCoin - PIMP'd

Epic PIMP Rain Announced
Be sure to follow our network or IRC, we will Make it Rain and PIMP crypto like nothing before,
We will Rain more than 700,000-1,000,000 PIMP on IRC channels after POW to give back to crypto and the
community and get everyone PIMP'd, making it the Biggest Rain ever seen, Should be epic PIMPin

- Dec 5th 2014 -

BitcoinMafia Giveaway Launched

Votes List Added to OP

- Dec 4th 2014 -

New Website goes Live:

PIMP Russian Thread Added.

PIMP French Thread Added.

PIMP Indonesian Thread Added.

- Dec 3th 2014 -

New Logo and Poll.

- Dec 2nd 2014 -

PIMP Portuguese Thread Added.

New Pair added at BleuTrade - PIMP/BLEU

- Dec 1st 2014 - - New exclusive site for PIMP News and Updates

PIMP Chinese Thread Added.

- Nov 30th 2014 -

PIMP Google+ Social Profile Added.

PIMP listed on Cryptonator - PIMP Rates

PIMP Price and Alarms for Android - Bitcoin Checker

- Nov 29th 2014 -

BleuTrade added

PIMPin back the community

As soon as POW ends and we've done the nice transition to POS,
we will make a PIMP giveaway here in the IRC channel,
where We will Rain 400, 000 PIMP in one hit,
so everyone in the channel will get a fair ammount of it !
Wanted a chance to get PIMP'd here it is!
Join the IRC #pimpcash for ur chance.

- Nov 28th 2014 -

Added Giveaways for the new Facebook and Reddit Subscribers (Visit FB or Reddit to get PIMP'd)

Reddit Community Redesign Applied - PimpCash Reddit

Windows Installer for PimpCash wallet added - PimpCash.v1.installer

- Nov 27th 2014 -

Tipbots and Quizbots added
$PIMP If you can't mine, You can quiz mine #PimpCash at our IRC channel,
join the community and get PIMP'd - Click Here to Join

Reddit Moderator
We Have a new moderator in our #PimpCash Reddit Community!
Subscribe n show your $PIMP strong hand -

- Nov 26th 2014 -

Coins-e added

- Nov 25th 2014 -

First Hardcoded DNS seeder goes Live

- Nov 24th 2014 -

PimpCash got Released

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January 13, 2015, 07:00:38 PM
Last edit: January 29, 2015, 07:15:06 PM by PIMPdev


Dev Fund Full Report 29-01-2015


Dev Fund Full Report 13-01-2015

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Activity: 1080
Merit: 1000

BTC - 14ZVqS5UGqhY77d5u9aUSW24ipRJ2g9wmm

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January 13, 2015, 07:09:59 PM


Bitcoin - 14ZVqS5UGqhY77d5u9aUSW24ipRJ2g9wmm
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April 18, 2015, 12:21:52 PM
Last edit: April 18, 2015, 01:47:34 PM by PIMPdev


PimpCash is now OKCash

New ANN Thread:

(PimpCash Ann & Update Ann Locked, please continue to follow the updates at:

           ﹏﹏﹋﹌﹌ WPP ENERGY ﹌﹌﹋﹏﹏

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