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Author Topic: The Nightmare Lies, extortion, blackmail and slander by bbxx and curiousminer  (Read 1208 times)
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January 07, 2015, 01:01:40 PM

Since this still hasn't been concluded and bbxx is still calling me a "scammer" slandering my name whilst i try to help out the community. Also my feedback still contains lies from bbxx and my post i have decided to bring this back up.

I request that you conform with the post below that was ignored or i will be forced to escalate the situation and release all of the information i have on the situation.

I ask that you and your brother both publicly apologies for the harassment, lies and blackmail that you have posted.

This post is in relation to the lies user bbxx has posted publicly and private messaged to members of the community about me. It is also about bbxx attempts to extort money from me and blackmail me. This post is the last one I will provide on this subject and will provide conclusive evidence of the unscrupulous character of bbxx as a warning to all who would consider dealing with him. I want to protect you all from the nightmare I have endured.

Firstly I would like to ask that members read through the whole post before making up your mind about the actions I am going to inform you about.  Please note that bbxx is the brother of curiousminer who placed an order for single chip miners and 5 chip miners earlier this year. Clearly bbxx is not an independent party but rather is biased!! At the time I took and fulfilled many orders in good faith. The only problem order was curiousminer. This came about because curoiusminer refused to ever provide his postage details. In his original private message to me curiousminer stated that he would provide his postage details within coming days. This is clearly a lie as curiousminer has not yet provided his postage details. It is my feeling that curiousminer has withheld his shipping details in the attempt to force me to go against the rules of the groupbuy that he accepted which are:  “All orders paid for and submitted to the shipping company can NOT be refunded.” However it may be that curiousminer had more sinister reasons to withhold this information. Regardless of the reason, curiousminer accepted the terms of the groupbuy when he made his order. He made his order on the 5/2/2014 and his order was sent for processing on the 7/2/2014 by the manufacurer meaning that he was not eligible for a refund, as per the stated and accepted terms of the groupbuy.

Curiousminer then made the claims that he sent the payment for the order by “mistake” when he said “just give me back my 3.1 btc because i send it to you by mistake. it is so.” It is hard to comprehend how someone could accidentally send three bitcoin payments to a groupbuy addresses by mistake!
He then claimed that he only paid to reserve the order. However the terms of the groupbuy required payment only when purchasing the miners. See this “I have paid and reserved 10 usb gridseed miners and 5  5 chip gridseeds from beastlymac (3.1 btc total)” This is one of the many lies that curiousminer has posted in relation to this issue.

In the photos you will see he claimed that he provided his signed message required for the refund of the single chip devices on the 5/3/2014 where in fact that message was not sent to me but sent to himself. This is yet another lie that curiousminer is providing in his thread.

He has also lied when he said (5/2/2014) “in next days i will provide you shipping address plus i will send you cash for package to poland.” This has still not happened..

Bbxx (remember this is curiousminers brother and not just an independent observer on the forum!!) then accused me personally of mining on users hardware when he said “so who was mining with his gridseeds between feb and may ?” .This is completely false and frankly absolutely idiotic when you consider that the miners he is questioning were shipped directly from HK to the client!! Indeed this was a simple attempt to defame my good character.

Bbxx made a series of posts claiming false dates regarding curiousminers order. Although these brothers knew the truth of when the order was placed bbxx lied in these posts. This again demonstrates the dishonest nature of these individuals and the danger for anyone dealing with them in the future. Of course I was able to provide proof that curiousminer’s order was made on 5th and sent for processing on the 7/2/2014. See:


More lies from bbxx:

Proof order was sent for processing on the 7/2/2014

bbxx then attempted to blackmail me in the pm here

bbxx threatened to “ruin” my reputation if I did not comply with his demands. Blackmail is illegal and I would ask that action is taken in accordance with the illegal activity of bbxx.

I would make it absolutely clear that curiousminer was given a full refund for the single chip miners that totaled just over 1BTC as per the terms of the groupbuy for the single chip devices. This provides further evidence of my honesty in the dealings with curiousminer.

To conclude I would like to post the image that renders the whole accusation from bbxx and his brother false. In this bbxx acknowledged that his brother agreed to the terms when he ordered and that his order was submitted to the manufacturer. Thus the order was valid and in subject to the terms of the groupbuy. Clearly this was an acknowledgement that curiousminer is not eligible for any more money.

The post that shows bbxx agreeing his below.

I hope that the proof I have provided undo the damage and anyone from conducting any form of business with these two liars. I would like to point out that I am not the first member who has been harassed by bbxx  (others include sushi, knc, hashfast etc ). Indeed if you look through his posting history you can see that bbxx regularly abuses other members of this forum. Clearly an abusive and unscrupulous user who is a danger to other forum members should be banned and I would call on other members to put pressure on the administrator to fulfill his duty in this regard.

In order to further protect members of the community the alternate usernames bbxx uses in relation to crypto currency should be shared publicly. I feel we as a community need to band together to stop the liars and bullies from roaming free.
Alternate usernames used by bbxx are:

This is my last post on this topic. The nightmare is over. My good reputation is important to me. I hope you all agree that there is no place in the forum for liars, cheats and blackmailers.

Message me if you have any problems
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