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Author Topic: WTS account! (Wow, Starcraft, Diablo 3)  (Read 363 times)
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January 15, 2015, 09:20:27 PM

There are no tricks with purchasing this account, I'm quitting gaming and just want a bit of money back for my hard work.

World Of Warcraft: 3 Days Game Time remaining as of 15/1/15
-Account is up to date with expansions. (Cataclysm, Mists, and Warlords are all collectors.)
-Heaps of rare mounts: Dread Raven, Garn Nighthowl, Ravenlord, Swift White Hawkstrider, White War Talbuk, Albino Drake, Netherwing Drake(s), Black Drake, Bronze Drake, Dark Phoenix, Drake Of The North Wind, Great Brewfest Kodo, Headless Horseman's Mount, Hearthsteed, Imperial Quilen, Alliance Lion/Horde Scorpion, Mekgineer's Chopper/Mechano-Hog, Swift Brewfest Ram.
-Rare toys: Autographed Hearthstone Card, Darkspear Pride/Gnomeregan Pride(NO LONGER OBTAINABLE), Orb Of The Sin'dorei, a few other toys.
-39,320 gold on the account.
-Agility Leather, and Plate BoA leveling Chest and Shoulders.

-Level 97 Rogue: Epic Flying.
+586 LW, 681 Skinning, 163 Primal Spirit, Couple of rare items from rare mobs in WoD (Spirit of Shinri, Whispers of Rai'Vosh, Breath of Talador), Ilvl 615 tokens for level 100= 2 weapons, 4 neckalces, 1 shoulder, 3 wrist, 3 chest, 3 boot, 2 trinkets, Follower tokens= 1 armour, 6 weapon. 2 Epic Followers, 5 Rare Followers, 5 Green followers. (All are level 100).
+Currency: 23x Mark Of the World Tree, 1823x Honor Points, 344x Apexis Crystal, 5734x Garrison Resources.

-Level 95 Warrior: Epic Flying.
+638 Blacksmithing, 700 Mining, 157 Truesteel Bars, 119 Primal Spirit, 15 Sorcerous Fire, 21 Sorcerous Earth, 13 Secrets Of Draenor Blacksmithing, HEAPS of transmog gear, 542 Blackrock Ore (great for Blacksmithing and Daily secrets) 133 True Iron Ore (great for Blacksmithing, Daily Secrets, and Work Orders for Truesteel), Ilvl 615 tokens for level 100 = 4 trinkets, 2 necklaces, 2 boots, 1 shoulder, 3 weapons, 1 chest, 1 wrist. Follower tokens= 5 weapon, 4 armour. 3 Rare followers, 10 Green.
+Currency: 1676x Honor Points, 1259x Apexis Crystals, 984x Garrison Resources.

-Level 92 Paladin: Epic Flying.
+638 Mining, 606 Jewelcrafting, 7 Primal Spirit, 2 Sorc Air, 1 Sorc Earth, 25 Blackrock Ore, 135 True Iron Ore, 52 Taladite Crystals, 1 Epic Follower, 2 Rare Followers, 4 Green.
+Currency: 1783 Garrison Resources.

-Level 87 Warlock: Epic Flying.
+534 Tailoring, 548 Enchanting.

-Level 85 Shaman: Epic Flying.
+525 Mining, 525 Jewelcrafting.

-Level 85 Hunter: Epic Flying.
+497 Mining, 482 Engineering.

-Level 83 Druid: Epic Flying.
+184 Leatherworking.

-Level 82 Mage: Epic Flying.

-Level 80 Paladin: Epic Flying.
+450 Mining, 450 Skinning.

-Quite a few high levels worth restoring.

Diablo 3:
-Account is up to date with expansions.
-Level 73 Paragon.
-2,491,131 gold.
-Massive amount of Crafting Materials.
-Massive amount of gems.
-352 Rift Keystone fragments.
-56 Death's Breath.
-1 Liquid Rainbow, 1 Black Mushroom.
-Legendaries and Set items in bank.
-Jeweler, Blacksmith and Mystic are all max rank/level.

-level 70 Barbarian: Full Legendaries, has a set weapon, set chest, and set helm.
-Level 70 Crusader.
-Level 53 Wizard.
-Level 49 Monk.
-Level 25 Demon Hunter.

Starcraft 2:
-Level 16 Zerg.

-245 Dust.
-Golden Bloodsail Raider, Golden Azure Drake.
-Roughly 106 Cards.
-Druid level 18= 3 Epic Cards, 2 Rare Cards.
-Warrior level 27=Legendary card, 1 Epic Card, 5 Rare Cards.
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