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Author Topic: MoneyPolo = SCAM  (Read 16490 times)
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October 03, 2017, 11:39:49 AM

I am not MP fan at all. I do believe that they are a shit company but I am not sure whether they are a scam.

 They are regulated(they cannot be a shell company as you said). A license payment processor cannot be a shell does't matter where they are registered. The AML laws and other similar rules are almost the same everywhere. Period Smiley

It's nothing uncommon for a payment processor to have many bank accounts. Skrill has around of 100 Smiley. Yes, one hundred bank accounts.

Paypal is called scam too. They have many dedicated scam pages as well but they are no 1 in the payment processing yet.

The word scam is too much used on this forum.

Now, it doesn't matter if they are russian citizens or mars citizens. all it matters is the customer support. Your friend, BOB, can ask his bank to trace the wire and to request the wire back. Also, he can complain to FSA(the MoneyPolo regulator) after he receives the answer from his bank.

I don't know about your other accusations regarding to the black may be true or not.

Crook or not - you decide!

I went thru full KYC verification and wired 35000 Euro [Euro] into Mazyus on 25th Jul, and two month later fund is still stuck at Mayzus and they are unable to either credit or return even 1 Euro to my bank account!

The details are as follow:

I opened account at xbtce and they did full KYC verification for the btc-e at the time.   The fund is from my foreign currency high interest savings account and I am a native Taiwanese citizen for my entire life and had nothing to do USA and no stinky US Dollar => I spent a whole month get verified via xbtce and once I provided passport, utility bill, car registration and other address verification document via xbtce and once my status is verified on both xbtce and received private message on btc-e that my account was verified and legal, 35k Euro was wired into Mayzus on July 22 and on the wire request with my local Taiwanese bank I specified and put in China Construction Bank in Tokyo as correspondence bank.  That went nowhere so on Jul 25th citi bank was used as correspondence bank into NAIMMNUB in Ulaanbaatar without telling me about it.  If they have told me about it I would asked them to cancel the wire because I don't like doing business with crook banks related to USA.  We did a trace and my bank confirmed fund fully entered Mayzus Financial Service on the 27th of Jul.

A few days later, the Mayzus Financial service first attempted to return the fund because the exchange is closed, as their policy is to return the balance to the sender.   They broke the wire into two smaller amount and send it between 8 - 9th August and they both got rejected by correspondence bank (Chartered) on its way back to my Taiwanese bank, which then informed me about this situation.   

There is no further attempt from Mayzus/Moneypolo  to return this wire until I email their support about this.  Their ticket system is there to make sure you receive no support, because every email or follow up email (even when kept the same subject line intact) it generates a new one, yet response to the same support ticket # were no deeper than 2 level drills down on that same threaded conversation!  As the time of writing, they are (162447, 164221, 166501, 166708, 165403, 165179, 164242).  Nearly all of them are unresponsive “deadbeat” answers and some were not even looked at after a week (Oh yea, 24-48 hours response? No weekends? How about full loads of happy polo horseshit).

Here comes the fraudulent intent part: after numerous inquiry Mayzus would not share any detail about returning wire into my Taiwanese account, citing "finance department was looking into the situation “at this time: Moneypolo is unable to provide further explanation.  They thought I am noob so they cleverly crafted deceptive answer like "Can you ask your bank to return the wire" when it is obvious that with SWIFT only sender can trace the wire and make any inquiry to its current status to its beneficiary.  When the money then bounced from their correspondence bank (Standard Charter, another USA befriended multinational crook bank) back to Mayzus, those genius then try the exact same bank to return the entire about at once a month later on 2017.09.06! 

Since then weeks have gone by and no refund is seen anywhere!  Not even 1 Euro – The truth is, it does not take 2 weeks to recall a wire that was not received by beneficiary.  2 bloody month went by and 35000 euro still went missing! Crook or not? You decide!


i am facing same issue. they didn't refund my 490 Euro.
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October 05, 2017, 06:41:24 AM

Could be a scam, but 490 euro really? not worth it
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October 10, 2017, 01:07:21 PM

moneypolo, btce & wex is scammers, pls help me to return my money
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February 14, 2018, 07:01:53 PM

I've been using money Polo for a couple of months now, I don't think they are scammers, but a shifty company. They create the mess but they will return your funds eventually, it usually takes weeks. Actually I've only had problems with their cash transfer system, it is a mess you send a transfer and you don't how or where is going to end.
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March 12, 2018, 09:00:48 PM

Where can I find a list of countries where MoneyPolo send VISA plastic card?

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