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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][HLX] Helix ( | HelixFoundation on: August 01, 2018, 02:31:00 AM
Note: Not associated with this project, posting on behalf of Helix Foundation.

The World’s First Cognitive Distributed Ledger for Everyone and Everything

Fully Decentralized - Directed Acyclic Graph - Infinite Scalability - No Miners - No Fees - Responsive Masternodes - Cognitive Smartnodes

What is Helix ?

Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH is a Berlin-based strategic tech company, dedicated to creating a cutting-edge digital ecosystem for interconnecting Everyone and Everything.

Helix aims to challenge the status quo by eliminating the need for intermediaries and central authorities, at virtually no cost.

For more information you can visit our website at

What problem is Helix solving?

Helix solves problems associated with centralized systems and management. 

Rather than blindly relying on third party promises, Helix builds trust by adopting public consensus mechanisms.
Thus, it fosters the creation of endless new relationships and businesses that are more ‚direct‘ in nature.

Helix enables the use of end-to-end encryption to emit secured data streams, implying that you can fully control
which parties are authorized to access your messages or data.

By eliminating intermediaries, Helix enables trustless transactions.

It is no longer required to blindly trust any intermediary, whether it is a storage or financial service provider, such as banks.

An example includes the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that are direct, peer-to-peer and organize
their company through digital voting systems.

This could be achieved for any organization using the HelixFramework involving no payment fees to Helix.

The Helix Consensus Protocol is leveraged to achieve data integrity i.e. transactions that have reached
agreement are serialized to the ledger and are immutable.

What makes Helix different to others?

We have a community service, the HelixFoundation.
The HelixFoundation assures the sustainability of the HelixNetwork.
Further, the HelixFoundation is dedicated to create educational workshops
    in the realm of Distributed Ledger Technologies,
    as we feel a great need of educating interested people and promote young talents

   The HelixNetwork consists of Nodes (Computers) executing HCP and overlay networks
   (such as Flash and MAM),
 that are leveraged to achieve greater scalability and privacy.

We are building an application by the name of HelixComposer.
Helix assigns great importance to usability and accessibility by
providing an interface for people who do not have prior knowledge
 in cryptocurrencies or computer sciences.

The HelixComposer and its graphical user interface provide
the middle layer or rather the “interaction layer” between users
and the network infrastructure. It enables interactive guidance
and tools to designing own decentralized applications
and defining smart contracts.

Helix Consensus Protocol (HCP)
The Helix Consensus Protocol (HCP) enables efficient
and secure transaction processing at virtually no cost, opposed to legacy blockchains.

What is HLX?

HLX is the cryptocurrency developed by Helix Cognitive Computing.

Why is HLX called "Cognitive Cryptocurrency“?

Every transaction initiated in the HelixTangle results from the process of cognition.
Helix uses cognitive scientific methods for purposes of security and validation in the network.

For example, in order to approve or validate a transaction, Helix introduces the first ever transaction ledger in the crypto world,
which secures transactions using artificial intelligence techniques such as decentralized deep learning, a unique ability to understand,
reason and learn about cyber-attacks and threats.

Who can be involved in Helix ?

You ! Helix was created to interconnect Everyone & Everything, and You are a part of that !

Social Links

Contact: Email

Copyright 2018 HELIX Cognitive Computing GmbH. All rights reserved.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [OXYCOIN] THE EASIEST WAY TO BUY CRYPTOCURRENCIES WITH FIAT on: August 17, 2017, 02:53:59 AM

ICO Platform:
White Paper:
Slack sign up: Click here

::: TEAM :::
JAN, founder
Slack: @jan
ROB, founder
Slack: @seatrips
ANDREA, core developer
Slack: @vekexasia
JEROEN, android developer
Slack: @iscripters
BRAM, ios developer
Slack: @bram
DANNY, marketing
Slack: @dnny1802
WES, business communications
Slack: @wes
Slack: @lokesh8
VINCENT, ux consultant
Slack: @mindelements
PETER, ux consultant
Slack: @peter-iloveoxy
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / $3 of Steem Power when you sign up today. on: June 03, 2016, 12:07:02 AM
4  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / • • • ••--[_/` Steem & `\_]--•• • • • on: June 02, 2016, 10:30:52 PM

Официальный сайт:
Биржы: | |
Блок эксплорер:
Обсуждение на Bitcointalk:
Slack:  |  Auto-inviter:
Новости и сервисы:
Белая книга:
Видео Введение:


5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / • • • ••--[_/` Steem & `\_]--•• • • • on: May 20, 2016, 07:25:46 PM
6  Economy / Services / STEEM Chrome Plugin -Request for Proposal- on: May 05, 2016, 09:07:41 PM
STEEM Plugin for Chrome


Funded by STEEM witness “Kushed”

In anticipation of STEEM becoming a popular and widely used crypto currency, but most importantly, a standard platform among content creators and participating audience within Steemit and outside off, a new standard would need to be created in order to support 3rd party implementations while minimizing complexity of the system for the end user. By creating a chrome plugin, In process we aim to create a new standard for online content publishers and readers that would simplify and make interaction with Steem blockchain more seamless and elegant for all parties.

  • No Authentication: Never again will a user have to authenticate, login, or create an account per site in order to create content, reply or simply vote. There are millions of online users on daily bases that avoid interacting with a website just because they have to go through new account creation process or to even simply logon and that’s if they don’t have to go through password recovery process.
  • Long keys: No more having to copy and paste 16+ character keys from another source, let alone having to “remember” and type a long brain key.
  • Security: Does not store the keys on 3rd party servers. Posting/Voting Keys are stored stored locally (preferably encrypted or password protected)
  • Cross platform support: Chrome is a widely used browser and supported on all platforms, including mobile. Mobile users are important as most people are using their cellphones for social networking than desktop computers.

Project Scope:
  • Chrome plugin that would securely store, posting/voting key.
  • Plugin would need to have a indicator to notify the user if the website supports Steem platform.
  • Plugin needs to be able to identify Steem supported comment and vote fields when proper html
  • Tags are used. Preferably highlight those fields when hovered over.
  • A new standard of html tags for steem supported field/functions. Cross platform compatibility.

Proposal: Please provide the following.
  • List similar projects that you have worked on.
  • Software and hardware requirements.
  • Provide a sample work.
  • Estimated time of compilation.
  • Suggestions and limitation
  • Proposed cost upon completion

Candidate Requirements:
  • Preferred candidate should have extensive with chrome plugin.
  • Knowledge of Steem and/or BitShare blockchain.
  • Experienced website development.
  • Experienced in JavaScript (DOM/APIs)

Compensation: We will rate the proposal on the following factors.
  • Responsiveness to the requirements set forth.
  • Relevant past experience and Technical expertise
  • Sample of work
  • The funding for this project will come from various sources, including but not limited to Steem generated from witness spot.
  • Voting for this project on Steemit and direct donations.
  • Compensation is negotiable.

References: (wallet, web-sockets, api, etc)
Please join Steem slack (Self Invite if you have specific questions or more information on Steem.

Contact: Anyone that is interesting in undertaking this task, please contact me.


Slack: - Kushed

on IRC Freenode channel #Steem
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WTS] up to 10,000 LISK on: April 08, 2016, 04:27:45 PM
Escrow is be available upon request, though not necessary.

1) 10,000 LISK is up for bid. (for this round, PM me if interested in more)
2) Minimum bid is 100 LISK.
3) Starting bid is 0.01BTC per LISK.  (Current Yobit price is 0.02BTC per LISK)

PM me if you have any questions or concerns.



8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTS 2000 HODL on: February 19, 2016, 08:35:16 PM
Since there is no exchange for HOdlcoin and demand is growing i would like to distribute 5000HOdlcoins.
Please note mining cost atm with current diff on running AWS server instance with 34CPUs varies between $0.08 and 0.1$ for each HOdl coin mined.

About HOdl:

HOdlcoin earns you interest on every block for 30days Balance being Holded (HOdl) even if your wallet is offline. No POS, and you can earn extra bonuses by locking your Coins for some Time period, called "Term deposits"

1 week term deposit ~ 6.5% bonus on interest
1 month term deposit ~ 25% bonus on interest
3 month term deposit ~ 60% bonus on interest
6 month term deposit ~ 87% bonus on interest
1 year term deposit ~ 100% bonus on interest

+ APR %Bonuses up to 4000% (Check thread for more information).

So for example if you now buy 2000 Coins and make a max 1 year term deposit you will receive after 1 year around 80000 Coins!!!
More information about HOdlcoin:

Price is Fix: 0.25BTC for each 1000HOdl - About 25k Satoshis for each Coin.

CREDITS: Copy pasted from trader19 sales thread, 5% of sales will go to you, trader19  Smiley
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [------------------■[ SaluS ]■------------------] on: January 06, 2016, 06:32:13 PM

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns in regards to Salus products and services.


Coin Specifications

Coin Name - SaluS
Ticker - SLS
Annual Interest - 1%
Supply - 1,000,000
Min stake age - 8 hours
Max stake age - No Max age
SaluS Fund Transaction Fee - .0001
Block Time - 3Min
Block maturity - 5
p2p Port - 22534
rpc port - 22530
50 confirm stake minimum for eligibility

Wallet - Win 32 | Win 64 | Raspi | Mac

Block Explorer 1-
Block Explorer 2-


10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [HYP] HyperJobs Framework - Positions opened on: November 27, 2014, 12:32:25 AM

    -   -  - -=-=-=[HyperJobs Framework for Hyperstake]=-=-=- -  -   -


    HyperJob concept is an experimental framework that was created out of the need to fill a gap that HyperStake ( would eventually require given the exponential growth of community and demand of certain services, technologies and products.

    • Acquire individual(s) with qualifying skill sets for short and long term projects.
    • Provide incentive for the said individual to not only complete the tasks in satisfactory manner, but to also be creative, innovative, suggestive and to an extent, become part of the HyperStake team.
    • Create an endowment pool per positions. (see proposition section)
    • Create an automated payroll system for the said individual(s) utilizing HyperStake's Multisend feature.
    • Create a self-sustaining (see endowment above), self-funded, growth and incentive based framework for acquiring talented and dedicated individuals to improve all aspect of HyperStake.

    • A new endowment pool will be created as new positions are added.
    • Each pool will retain starting capital of 50,000HYP
    • 50% of the stakes from the endowment pool will go to the employees HYP address
    • The remaining 50% will be used to replenish the next pool. Once that pool has been replenished, than this 50% will go back to employees endowment pool to compound.
    • If the new pool is fully replenished and no position is assigned to it, then all stakes from that pool will go towards replenishment of the next pool, instead of taking funds from pools with filled positions.
    • When a new position is added and there is no available endowment pool, then even percentage amount is taken from existing endowment pools to replenish the newly added endowment pool.
    • Note: As the number of pools increases, the less will be contributed from each pool in order to replenish the newly added endowment pool. See graph below.

    Application Form:

    Will be conducted by:
    Kushed -;u=104052
    David Latapie -;u=81999

    Follow up:

    11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [ANN] - [HYP] Hyperstake Pool - Public Pool is closed. Private Pool is Open. on: October 25, 2014, 05:38:16 PM
    Thank you all for your participation in HyperStake experimental PoS Pool project. At a time, there was a demand for such service, but it appears there is now more interest in Private pool than Public. (easier to manage and track).  It was a very interesting and exiting experiment which morphed overtime to meet the current demand of HyperStake community.

    There are plans to relaunch the public pool in another form one day (Multi PoS, Automation, incentives, etc). Any dev that is interesting in working on this project, please contact me. There is a bounty set aside for this project.

    Please PM me here or on IRC if you wish to participate in a Private pool, minimum requirement to participate in private pool is 20K.
    Currently, there are no fees for pool participation.



    All funds that were sent After Pool 72 will be returned with extra HYP for the inconvenience.


        -   -  - -=-=-=[Official Hyperstake Staking Pool]=-=-=- -  -   -

        This project was reviewed and approved by Presstab and David Latapie.


        First of its kind PoS Staking Pool.  The idea is, pool operator would make a block size of 4000 (for example), lets say a participant sends 200 HYP to the pool. Once that 4000 block stakes, participant would receive 5% of that 4000 block + 5% of the stake + Stake Bonus + HyperPool Lottery (random).


        1)Provide incentive for small quantity HYP holders to stake and hold HYP and not be discouraged by the pace of larger block size stakers.

        2)The more pools operate simultaneously, the more it will contribute to the overall network security.

        Benefit to participant:

        • Gives smaller holders a chance to stake at a same pace as large holders.
        • Compound Faster.
        • Prevent losing age on idle change waiting, sometimes days on, for next stake in order to create a new block with it.  Which also might leave you with change.
        • If a pool takes longer than 30 days to stake, HyperPool will make a manual payout of max. stake amount, 1000HYP
        • Guaranties daily block creation. More blocks could be created daily if there is demand.
        • Stake Bonus: From Stake for Charity donations, IRC tips/rains and Direct donations. (see below for details)
        • Hassle and worry free staking.
        • For does who can not dedicate a 24/7 computer or would not be feasible to run a 24/7 session for staking small amount.
        • HyperPool Lottery: A fund will be started based on initial donation and will stake for HyperPool  Lottery. 50% of the stake will go back to the lottery fund to compound, the other 50% will be distributed to the participants of the winning pool.
                 The pool that stakes right after lottery pool stakes, wins..


        • Participate by sending HYP directly to HyperPool fund address: Blue address in my signature. Make sure to send from the same address that payouts will go to. Avoid Sending coins from multiple inputs (addresses) , otherwise I will use the first input address.
        • Minimum requirement to participate is 50HYP, please review OP before sending as this amount might change.


          • Coming soon: Automated payouts.
          • Coming soon: Hyperpool built in to Multisend - ( - multisend ASCII mockup)
          • Coming soon:Rollover Staking: If some of your coins go over the set block size during block creation, they will roll over to the next pool and start staking as soon as that pool reaches set block size.
          • Coming soon: Official calculator for optimum block size
          • Feature request: Automated deposit and block creation
          • Feature request: Choose between payout or automatic participation in the next pool.


          • In a spirit of helping out smaller HYP holders, I have created a donation address for direct donations to Hyperpool fund. Red Address in my signature
          • All funds in the donation address will also stake, 50% of stakes will be evenly distributed to the participants of the pool during that period and the other 50% will go back to the donation fund in order compound and increase overall donation fund. In process helping newcomers/small HYP holders to stake faster and get more return, giving them a better chance to somewhat outpace larger holders.  In short, helping does in need.
          • There will be a specific field for Hyperpool in the Multisend interface of the wallet..



          Website -
          Forum -;topicseen
          IRC - 
          Reddit -
          Twitter -
          Facebook -
          Wiki -
          HYPERpool -

          12/19/2014 - Updates.
          Automation Of HyperPool is in development.
          Second post has been revised.
          IRC Channel Rain fund has been added.
          Donation fund has been merged with lottery fund.

          11/4/2014 - Updates.
          First ever HyperPool payout was made on Pool_2 which staked 868HYP
          Thanks to ssta we now have a much improved Pool Spreadsheet template.

          10/30/2014 - Updates.
          Added a 1000HYP guarantee payout on stakes over 30 days.
          9th Pool Has started

          10/29/2014 - Updates.
          Added HyperPool Flow Chart to OP.
          7th Pool Has started

          10/28/2014 - Updates.
          Website up (still under construction) - Webmaster for the site is locohammerhead
          Updated Participation section, informing participants to avoid sending HYP from multiple inputs .
          6th Pool Has started

          10/27/2014 - Updates.
          Added Minimum requirement of 50HYP to participate.
          5th Started

          10/26/2014 - Updates.
          Added a note in the participation section in regards to Sending from the same address that payouts will go to.
          Updated donation fund status within second post.
          4th Pool Has started

          10/26/2014 - Updates.
          Removed option to Participate via IRC Tip. (Will be added later, when the process gets automated)
          Moved the choice between payout or automatic participation in the next pool to feature request.
          3rd Pool Has closed

          10/26/2014 - Updates.
          Revised Participation process within OP
          Added short term to do List to the second Post.
          Moved HyperPool Related address to signature field. (Color based)

          If I missed anyones PMs on IRC or BCT. Please let me know. Thanks.[/list][/list][/s]
          12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Review: BTCGarden blades from on: January 20, 2014, 08:52:38 PM
          Posting a quick review of my experience with ASIC blades I purchased from


          Seller: Ytterbium



          Purchase process was simple and secure.
          Second day delivery.
          Professional packaging.
          Great communication and support from seller.
          Setup was fast and easy, blades required no configuration.
          Self explanatory, though instructions are available on the site.


          Waiting for PCB spacers to arrive from Amazon so I can have a nicer setup, but here are some pics of the current Frankenstein I built. Smiley

          13  Economy / Computer hardware / [CLOSED] [WTS] 148 AVALON CHIPS on: October 16, 2013, 03:53:46 PM
          Make me an offer.
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