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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / =Become A Trading God= on: July 10, 2018, 06:32:12 PM
This year we have seen a decrease of 70% in the total cryptocurrency market cap. This comes after a year of almost unimaginable highs. For many, the profits they made last year have been wiped away by the events that have taken place this year. Few who actively trade have beaten or matched the market, and even less have turned a profit this year.

Trading in the current environment can be dangerous without proper guidance, guidance that can come through your own understanding or through the insight of others. (The insight of others assumes a few things: 1) They understand what they're talking about; 2) They have no other agenda) Whispers of manipulation by whales and price suppression by oligarchical financial institutions can make it seem futile to do otherwise. However, there are solutions for those who don't have either...

I'm sure many of you have noticed that as of late in the cryptocurrency space there's been an onslaught of services pertaining to trading, many of them coming in the form of "scripts", most of which are used through TradingView. A lot of these indicators and strategies are incredibly helpful and, when understood properly, will improve your returns in trading.

I'm here to announce that Tim Schuiling's ( God Edition is available for sale through me. The secret sauce behind this script has been sought by many, but to no avail. With only three variables to adjust this is a very easy script to implement, although support is provided post-sale if needed. A very important aspect of the script is that it doesn't repaint. This is crucial for understanding how it would perform against past data. It can be used on any time-frame and against any market too.

Heikin Ashi ( is recommended for the candles as the script responds well to the lack of noise, although Heikin Ashi is not in the code, so there's no repaint as a result of using those types of candles. Other candles types it responds well to include Kagi ( and Renko (

(I'm trying to get Tim to do a Strategy-version of the script, which will also be made available to customers; this will allow you to properly understand how it would have performed against past data, instead of doing a visual backtest).

Below I'm going to provide links to screenshots showing what it's done or could do, not just in cryptocurrecies, but in other markets too. And not just bull periods either. Take a look at how it performs on a downtrend too (URANIUM)



S&P500 1 MONTH:
S&P500 1 WEEK:
S&P500 1 DAY:

Now for the real test...
BTCUSD 2 DAY, Bitfinex:
BTCUSD 12 HOURS, Bitfinex:
BTCUSD 1 HOUR, Bitfinex:


XRPUSD 2 DAY, Kraken:
XRPUSD 12 HOURS, Kraken:
XRPUSD 1 HOUR, Kraken:

NEOUSD 1 DAY, BitTrex:


ZILBTC 12 HOURS, Binance:
ZILBTC 1 HOUR, Binance:

If you're aiming to trade tokens on a lower time-frame (-1 HOUR), that token pair should have high volume on the exchange it's being traded on and be relatively volatile. Token pairs on a higher time-frame (1 DAY+) go under the radar a little better, unless you're trading large amounts. And if you are trading large amounts...

Tim has offered to provide an additional service for those who are interested in it. You tell Tim or I what it is you want changed about the script (stop-loss signal; less noise/trades; integrating another indicator etc) and he'll make it happen. This will be dealt with directly by Tim and it requires no knowledge of the backend code. The details of this are still being ironed out at the moment, but as more information comes in I'll share it here. Let me know your questions regarding this and I'll create a list for Tim to answer. Nonetheless it is a very exciting opportunity for those who are interested.

What's more is that for the first ten paying customers three other indicators will be given away for free. These indicators are: DI (; CMO (; and the "Longs VS Shorts" indicator (

After the first ten paying customers these indicators will still be available, but only as a reward for referrals. More details on this to follow... Again, feel free to ask questions that I can prepare to answer.

The reason I say "first ten paying customers" is because I'm willing to give three of the most reputable members to post a reply of interest a trial. This will allow them to give feedback on how the product performs, if it will benefit you and what you can expect. I'll leave this open for the next three days to try and generate some interest. Don't be afraid to spread the word!

=Price: 300$=

If you have any questions regarding any of the scripts available in Tim's library, how different token pairs perform against any of the scripts in Tim's library or anything at all, please, don't hesitate to ask. My Telegram username is: @overttherainbow.
Note: If, after the first 25 customers, there's a desire between the customers to limit the amount of people using the script (thereby preventing everyone from making the same trades) I will implement this limit, as of yet undecided. For now though there's no intention on my part to do such a thing.
Edit: If you're doubting that I am who I say I am, don't be afraid to reach out to Tim on TradingView and politely ask him if overttherainbow/Dylan Monahan is the official reseller of his script library.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Hadron Cloud pre-ICO, Airdrop and Alpha Testing on: January 12, 2018, 02:35:16 AM
I've just written this in a thread titled "How To Know Good ICO", or something like that.

Let me know what you think. Any pointers or questions would be appreciated.


How do you pick a good ICO?

By picking this one:;;
Sign up for the airdrop, apply for the Alpha testing and follow their progress.
You're welcome.


I see a lot of people here telling others to check websites that rate ICOs, but let me put something to you guys: how do you think those websites decide what ICOs to rate appropriately?

Well, some of the websites will list an ICO in a particular place or in a particular way in the same manner a media outlet will publish a paid release. Yes, you can pay the owners/moderators of those websites to list your ICO in the most marketable way.

Besides that though, when a website decides to list an ICO as promising without being paid, they'll first take a look at a few things to see if it passes the sniff test. What do you guys think those things are? I'll list below what I think they are. They're not in order of what I think is most important as such, but the higher they're up the list the, the more importance I'd give to them (I've run the risk of sounding like I'm contradicting myself there, but just read it again in a different tone and it might be clearer). How all these factors come together, their functionality within their context, is what's really important:

1. The team. This one can sometimes be difficult, as if the team is new and young it might be a little harsh to assume that they can't complete the project. Similarly, if the team decided to remain anonymous (partially or wholly) this can be a huge red flag for people, but there are project that have done well with an anonymous developer/developers. However, if the team has accomplished in areas in the past that are similar/the same as the areas that are going to be engaged in the project, that's great. Token about real estate? Someone who knows real estate is great. Token about solar energy? An environmental engineer is wonderful. And so on. Apart from their past work experience, you should also look at the success of the past projects that certain staff members were involved in, what college they went to and what they studied and how the team engages with the community as a whole. Which brings me to my second point...

2. The community. Again, this is a little tricky because it's a latent signal. That is, you're only going to get a good idea of the project's community when the project has been going for a few months, but you should never underestimate the power of the community. Just try and appreciate how beneficial it is to any project that has hundred or thousands of intelligent, well-mannered and engaging people constantly spreading the word of a project they love across many different mediums and outlets across the internet. This is more true in cryptocurrencies than anywhere else, as we are all very community-driven people and we thrive, even sustain, ourselves off the information, ideas and support we provide one another. Anyone who was involved in the Power Ledger or the Quantstamp ICO process will understand exactly what I mean. There was positive communication throughout. Bad times (I mean, relatively) and good times and inbetween.

3. Communication. From the team to the community. From the community to the team. From the team and the community to the rest of the cryptospace and beyond. Communication is key. (Marketing is part of my definition of communication.) Communications in all cases should be transparent, honest, accessible and nurturing. Communication should never be censored, over-hyped, dense or patronizing. Projects that behave in the latter manners should be questioned, and they're most likely to damage No.2 (Community). Projects that behave in the former manners nearly always have a promising idea that the team are passionate to see out through thick and thin.

4. The idea. This is where the analysis of a project gets a little more interesting (for me anyway). Consider whether or not the idea has many applicable use cases and if it is pertinent to the current cryptoclimate. Both of these are important. I'll use Quantstamp as my example. Quantstamps idea is to provide cost-effective code auditing to smart contracts. Smart contracts are pertinent to the cryptospace and they have many use cases. Business can function almost automatically with them. The project is also marketed as scalable and secure. Scalability and security are two huge issues in cryptocurrency. So this is a solid idea. Projects like Quantstamp make it easy, but some ideas will need a bit more thinking over to really see if they have a place in the current cryptosphere. I'm sure you all understand what I mean though.

5. The product. Mmmmmm yes, the elusive product. Clearly, for those of you who have been in crypto long, the product actually hasn't been of the utmost important within the cryptosphere. Many ICOs have launched successfully and are still going strong without their product being released. Many projects are, to be frank, total vaporware. But don't be fooled into thinking this is okay or that this is going to go on. Over the course of this year I'm almost positive that the standard of ICOs is going to increase drastically and that having a working product come the launch of the token will almost be a necessity. So for those projects that do now have a working product come their first exchange listing, it's not implausible to assume that they're committed and in it for the long run.

6. ICO details. How are the tokens distributed? Tokens should be distributed in a fair and transparent manner. Too many tokens kept for the team can be a bit daunting and raises red flags for a lot of people. Tokens that are distributed solely through sale make the project look like a bit of a money grab. Mining and staking allow for more people to get involved. What is the hard cap for the sale? A very high hard cap (100-200 millino $ +) can worry me at times, but it has to applied in context of what the product will be or what the project intends to do. If the project requires vast amounts of sophisticated hardware then it's reasonable to see a somewhat high hard cap. If the ICO passes every other aspect of the test and it has a low hard cap... well aren't you a lucky boy/girl. (sidenote: apparently over 96% of people in crypto are male, so for those of you who really care for this space, encourage your female counterparts to get involved) (in case you're interested, I'm male) There are other details such as bounty campaigns, KYC/AML policies and the time between the crowdsale finishing and the token being available on exchanges. How you choose to interpret these is just that... how you choose to interpret these. The details are a little more subjective, but any opinions would be appreciated.


So does Hadron pass my own smell test? Let's see:

1. The team. "... artificial intelligence and crypto visionaries and run by successful serial entrepreneurs..." Paraphrasing their website just wouldn't do it justice, so here's the management team. Check their website to see their mouth-watering advisory board. The teams experience does match the demands of the project though. Without a doubt. This is a copy and paste taken directly from their website:

-Cliff Szu, CEO
Cliff is CEO of decentralized peer-to-peer lending pioneer LoanBack, Inc. LoanBack is one of the first companies in the world to automate peer-to-peer decentralized lending, with hundreds of thousands of registered users and nearly two billion dollars in loans.

Cliff is co-founder of Fanpop, a community-powered network of sites with over fifty million pieces of user-contributed content, millions of users and billions of pages served. Built to last and run autonomously, and going strong over a decade after founding, it features a meritocracy-based self-governance system, a comprehensive virtual currency and democratic elections.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Cliff studied computer science and economics at Stanford. Cliff then joined Good Technology, later acquired by Google, where he was promoted to be the youngest engineering team lead in the company, building secure mobile apps with encrypted enterprise-class wireless messaging.

To date, 100% of his backers have received a positive return on their money, and he is thankful for the opportunity to build great things with them.

-Michael Chu
Michael is a key player in the Fanpop founding team and LoanBack executive team where he has been instrumental in building out the technology and decentralized strategies that have been embraced by millions of users and customers.

A California native, Michael was the youngest ever Novell Certified Netware Engineer: at age 15, he was already designing networks for global giants like Samsung. He won Grand Prize at the prestigious Rockwell International computer science competition, as well as the First Prize in US Department of Energyís National Science Bowl.

Michael then completed his degree in computer science at Berkeley where he was mentored by the legendary David Patterson. Afterwards, he joined Intel, where he was awarded six patents in Computer Vision as a Microcomputer Graphics engineer and co-authored a paper inventing the revolutionary technique Light Field Mapping. Michael was instrumental in the development and launch of the Intel Centrino platforms, playing an important role in the mobile computing revolution.

-CJ Jones
As a mathematics prodigy, CJ finished most of her college-level coursework in her early teens and attended Santa Clara University, graduating in two years with a degree in mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Her interests lie in cryptography and mobile software development, and her advisor is an authority in cryptography and advisor to RSA. Raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, she brings her invaluable experience and perspectives in cryptography and software development to the Hadron team.

-Dr. Evan Szu
Evan received dual degrees in computer science and chemistry from Brown University where he collaborated with the renowned professor Jim Doll on computer simulation techniques for modeling atomic and molecular motion.

He then completed his Ph.D. from Stanford where he was awarded the highly prestigious Stanford Graduate Fellowship, an honor bestowed on less than 3% of all graduate students across the entire university. Evan has managed technology product development for over a decade at numerous companies in Silicon Valley.

2. The community. Incredible. People are jumping up in the Telegram group trying to be the first to answer questions. Everyone is curious, engaged and intelligent. There's no FUD, no hype. Just cool, clear thinking from everyone. Considering this hasn't even reached the pre-ICO stage and the team have done minimal marketing so far, the exponential growth of their bitcointalk thread over the past week has been incredible. New people are joining their Telegram by the minute. This is but a fraction of the power of a strong community, and as the project gains momentum we're likely to see thousands of people flocking like seagulls to the Telegram. If you don't believe me then just join the Telegram and say hello and ask a few questions.

3. Communication. Just insultingly good. Like, I mean, it's hard to get across just how active they are with communicating. Cliff, their CEO, actually rang me a few weeks ago just to chat for an hour about the project. I'm just a fucking moon kid. I'm not an accredited investor. But it doesn't matter to them. They are insatiable when it comes to engaging with the community, I've never seen anything like it. They're in no way patronizing or secretive. They never hype their project. They only release information that is absolutely true. Their marketing has up until now been quiet, but as I said, they don't release news they don't have. I'd tell you to keep an eye on them, but you won't have a choice but to know them come the end of this year. Just as a whole communication around the project is wonderful.

4. The idea. Their idea is to utilize the power of everyone's mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, consoles, android toasters (courtesy of another hadron member) and more. You run their miner (which is actually a neural network to power advanced AI) and your compensated for your computational contribution. You run the miner through a browser. So you can run multiple instances through multiple browsers. I think each instance needs one core. With the advent of 5G capabilities and with over 3 billion people holding mobile phones, the untapped potential is huge. The idea is definitely pertinent. The advanced AI can be used by different businesses and institutions for things like finding cures for diseases and many broads applications that my tiny head finds difficult to fully understand. Again, join the community and see what you think.

5. The product. The product is not elusive here with the hadron team. The alpha release is due on January 15th for their miner and there will be multiple alpha rounds which you can all apply for. There's absolutely no vaporware here and the team, as far as I understand, intend to have a working product around the time of the tokens release. I may be a little off on that, but you can ask the team and they'll be out-straight with you about it. Hadron's ICO, I'm sure, will be amongst the most successful and talked about ICOs of the year. They're going to raise the bar.

6. The whitepaper is due for release this weekend and all of these details I'm sure will be elucidated.


The list of past ICOs I've invested in are UTrust, Red Pulse, Solaris and Power Ledger. (You would have thought the way I went on that I invested in Quantstamp. Well I was very late to the party ie when it hit the exchanges.) Those ICOs have been great investments for me, but the potential of their projects, in my opinion, in relatively pale compared to that of Hadron's. This will most likely be the only ICO I invest in for the first half of the year. I want to learn as much about the project as I can and that's going to involve committing a lot of time to it, but I believe it's worth it. Let me know what you think anyways if you bothered to read it.

Don't blame you if you didn't.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Promising Altcoins With Less Than (or around) 10 Millino $ MCAP on: December 22, 2017, 02:53:33 AM
Iíd like to start a discussion centered around promising altcoins with a market cap of less than 10 million dollars. Obviously it can go a little above this valuation for highly promising projects. The true aim of the discussion is to pinpoint tokens with a huge amount of room to grow (100-10000x), which is an incredibly difficult thing to do these days.

To get the ball rolling Iíll first suggest a few (full disclosure: some of these tokens Iíve just researched for the purpose of this discussion; if you have anything to add or take away from them, please do so, just excuse my excitement):

1. LIFEtoken (MCAP ~ 6 millino $)
 - Aspiring to become a reward system (with a unique distribution model) that can be spent by customers through the LIFEcard (due for release Q1 January), LIFElabs have whispers of promising developments and partnerships being announced soon. Theyíre currently awaiting to be delisted from CE as theyíve been unprofessional (in regards this team) and the LIFE team want to shrug association from PíníD exchanges.

2. EverGreenCoin (MCAP ~ 6 millino $)
 - An environmentally friendly, ASIC-resistant (correct me if Iím wrong please) token (that also claims to be an environmental movement), EverGreenCoin also offer 7% PoS rewards for token holders. I actually f****** love this project[1]. They have an EverGreen foundation with four different branches (cannabis, gardens, renewables, water) that contribute to their assigned catergory. Look, I have to do more research on this project, but itís exciting. Their roadmap for next year looks quite promising thus far. Not to mention, with increasing scrutiny being arrowed toward the cost of electricity in PoW protocols it wonít be long until environmentally friendly tokens get their time to shine, and this one is promising. Itís also listed on BitTrex.

3. Solaris (MCAP ~ 4 millino $)
 - Holy fucking shit[2]. Before I start I am not (yet) invested in this token, but if Iím about to make a terrible mistake please enlighten me. From what I can see Solaris: a unique, ASIC-resistant algorithm created by the Bitsend developer; masternodes; 60-second block time (with ZEROCOIN transactions being enabled January 20th); seesaw reward system which adjusts the reward allocation for masternodes and staking nodes; staking nodes; intentions to create a truly anonymous cryptocurrency; an infinite coin supply (our economies models are just better suited to an inflationary currency, but once the inflation is in the hands of the people...)

4. ZClassic (MCAP ~ 8 millino $)
 - So this is pretty much just filler. I was tempted to leave it out but you can just skip over if itís not of interest. ZClassic is a fork of ZCash with two small changes (check their bitcointalk for more details on those changes). Itís available for Atmoic swap on the Komodo platform at the moment and I think it has a fork upcoming. Some guy on their thread speculated a price of 500$ just around the corner, which is literally 100x com itís current price. Anonymity tokens look like theyíre going to gain traction in 2018 as governments and regulatory bodies demand that cryptocurrency holders not withhold how much they own to those bodies.

5. Hawala.Today (MCAP ~ 500 k $) (when millino?)
 - Hawala is a P2P crypto-fiat exchange. From what I can tell their app will function as a Google Maps/localbitcoins-kinda thing, so it will rely on more people using it in order to gain traction. Youíll (apparently) be able to buy Hawala tokens globally by purchasing a cash card and entering the serial/PIN and receiving your tokens. Honestly, when it comes around to it, I imagine there will be a QR code behind a peel and not a PIN, but thatís an unimportant feature and clearly Iím using it as filler because I didnít do in-depth research on this. Oh, you have to get AML/KYC verified to send over 600$. I donít know if thatís at a time or accumulatively. Thatís probably a more important aspect. Imagine if only most of the current crypto market investors used this (never mind new people coming in) how much bigger it could be than 500k.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on these, but not as much as Iíd love to hear your thoughts on your own tokens of choice with a low marketcap.

[1] + [2]: couldnít contain my excitement after digging deeper into them
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / [LIFE] LIFEToken Speculation Thread on: December 01, 2017, 10:57:37 PM
LIFE website:
LIFE Telegram:
LIFE Facebook:
LIFE Twitter:
LIFE whitepaper:

LIFEToken is an ERC20 token, part of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (, created by LIFElabs with simplicity and mass-adoption in mind ( There's a unique distribution model for LIFE, incentivising businesses to use it as a reward mechanism for their customers. There are already projects in place where this model can be achieved (

LIFElabe are also creating a LIFEcard ( and a LIFEwallet (, the former having pre-registration open (and apparently in talk with you know who, join the Telegram to ask questions I can't answer) and the latter becoming available in the Q1 of 2018.

Around this time they'll also be delisted from CE ( (as per the wishes of the LIFE team), with availability being limited to HitBTC, Tidex and EtherDelta. There are talks of them being listed on BitTrex (an agreement they have with BitTrex regarding their listing on HitBTC), but they have to generate higher volume first.

The price as of now is about 2 satoshis. It was steadily climbing up to 10 satoshis as the coin was to be delisted from CE on the 1st of December, but upon release of the news that it would remain there until mid-January began tanking again.

I would love for people to discuss the pros and cons of this project and where you think it will end up in 2018. I'm invested, but I'm impartial to criticism (if someone can help me move my funds from a bad project, then that's great, my egos not too big for that)

Also feel free to ask any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them, but if you're truly interested them just join the Telegram and ask the team or community yourselves. Both are usually very helpful
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Day Trading Portfolios and How to Manage Them on: October 27, 2017, 04:07:02 AM

How should one go about setting him/herself up for day trading?
How should I organize myself? (files, folder etc)
What should my routine be? (what should I do at the start of my working day etc)
What indicators and charts studies should I learn about?
What are good resources for learning about trading cryptocurrencies?
And other questions I haven't thought of yet...

The title could be slightly misleading for now, but I'm willing to consolidate the information I get here, edit this first post and include all the helpful advice and information that I gather to help others.

In line with the cryptocurrency ethos I will take into consideration all the thoughts, ideas, advice and requests, both on how I present the information and how I word it, that I get and I will try my hardest to make the information as accessible as possible to people from all backgrounds. But I'll need everyone's help.

So I got into cryptocurrencies around July 2013 and without giving an big spiel all I can say is, what a journey. I never thought it would come as far as it has and I'm honoured to be a part of all this.

I didn't intend to invest heavily or day trade when I was starting. I was kind of obsessed with the idea of decentralisation and Satoshi Nakamoto and I just peppered my Bitstamp account with some of my wages, buying here and there. But recently (since July) I've seen financial opportunities in cryptocurrencies explode. I won't assume future circumstances on past events, but I have belief the crypto community will keep gathering momentum and I see it as a viable option to earn cashmoneydwolla.

Unfortunately I have f*** all experience in trading. I got very lucky in the summer with NEO and BTC, but that's all it was, luck. There was no technical analysis, no research of the team or even the fucking product (God-forbid!).

In the few months that have passed I've come a long way. I'm an avid (that's an exaggeration) reader of whitepapers, I've come to understand basic features of a chart, (like MACD, BB, OBV and EMAs) I've taken to joining the Telegram groups, Slack channels, Facebook groups etc. of the projects I've been interested, I've become (somewhat) privy to media outlets that cover cryptonews and I've actively chased down members of a team to get answers  directly from them about their product.

Despite this I am a total amateur and I'm not afraid to admit it. But I think there are plenty like me, with a splatter of knowledge here and there, a fire in our belly, but no real harmony in our minds of how it all fits together.

But first: orgnizatiom. My skills in this are quite low. I want to ask you all, for day-trading, how does one go about becoming organised for this? What should be do first? Buy a folder? (Is that archaic?) What does a day traders routine look like?

As I said, as I gain information I'll ask new questions, take on the questions of others and consolidate it into one accessible piece, to the best of my humble abilities.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SegWit2x (B2X) on CoinMarketCap *shudder* on: October 21, 2017, 01:37:25 AM

What all'a ya'll think of this shenanigan?
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / MAGOS Gone? on: October 03, 2017, 12:46:49 AM
I invested a small sum of money into MAGOS ICO. The ICO looked like it would have trouble reaching it's soft cap, but just got over the mark in the last few days.

Now, I can't find any information about it. Their Facebook page has gone, the Telegram chat has gone and will now take you to, which kinda looks like a rebranding of MAGOS, but without any effort to communicate to everyone what's going on how is a rebranding better?

Not only this, but I've had two posts deleted from their Announcement thread. I didn't want to continually post in case I gained negative trust for it or whatever, so I just left.

This isn't FUD. I am an investor and I had hopes for this project. So does anyone have any information on MAGOS, AIO, their relation (if any) and their team?

This could be posted on the wrong board. If so please just let me know and I will open the thread on an appropriate board. Thank you
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Other Altcoin Forums on: September 06, 2017, 09:11:35 PM
Does anyone use any other forums for news, discussions dn speculation on altcoins?
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Individual Hardcaps on: September 04, 2017, 01:55:31 AM
Is there a fair and effective way of implementing individual hardcaps for ICOs?

Limiting contributions per address means people will use multiple addresses. Pre-registration means whales can register multiple accounts and causes friction. KYC goes against the ethos of cryptocurrencies.

Can any of you guys suggest another method of implementing an individual hard cap that doesn't run into any of the above problems?

10  Other / Meta / ICO Thread on: August 26, 2017, 07:11:21 AM
I'm very sorry if this has been asked before, but does the community + mods think that it would be a good idea to open/allow an ICO thread?

Maybe "thread" isn't the right nomenclature. But if you just look to the left you'll see that I'm a newbie.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ICOs on Binance on: August 25, 2017, 02:35:58 PM
Just a few days ago the TRON ICO finished writhing a matter of minutes.

Only a few hours ago LLC sold out on Binance, again within a couple of minutes.

Does anyone know anything about either of these and why the ICOs on Binance are so popular? And did anyone get in on either of these before they finished?

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