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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTS 5000 HODL on: February 19, 2016, 04:53:15 PM
Since there is no exchange for HOdlcoin and demand is growing i would like to distribute 5000HOdlcoins.
Please note mining cost atm with current diff on running AWS server instance with 34CPUs varies between $0.08 and 0.1$ for each HOdl coin mined.

About HOdl:

HOdlcoin earns you interest on every block for 30days Balance being Holded (HOdl) even if your wallet is offline. No POS, and you can earn extra bonuses by locking your Coins for some Time period, called "Term deposits"

1 week term deposit ~ 6.5% bonus on interest
1 month term deposit ~ 25% bonus on interest
3 month term deposit ~ 60% bonus on interest
6 month term deposit ~ 87% bonus on interest
1 year term deposit ~ 100% bonus on interest

+ APR %Bonuses up to 4000% (Check thread for more information).

So for example if you now buy 2000 Coins and make a max 1 year term deposit you will receive after 1 year around 80000 Coins!!!
More information about HOdlcoin:

Price is Fix: 0.25BTC for each 1000HOdl - About 25k Satoshis for each Coin.

CREDITS: Copy pasted from trader19 sales thread, 5% of sales will go to you, trader19 Smiley
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / XQNPOSFUND MHS, Masternode Hosting Service on: February 06, 2016, 03:32:08 PM

XQN Announcing:

XQNPOSFUND MHS, Our Masternode Hosting Service.

Our solution for those who desire to run MasterNodes and for legitimate reasons can't,
or wish to take advantage of our simpler approach to run a Masternode 24/7.

Our Service:
  To maintain a synced hosted wallet.
  To maintain an updated newest version daemon.
  To report to you by email if the wallet was restarted typically for (bootstraping/binary update/machine restart)
  and to reissue the "masternode start" on your end.
  We provide you with step by step guidance, ensure your node runs optimal at all times.

Our competitive price for this service:
  50% from all earnings on any Masternode hosted.
  50% from all earnings on the first Masternode hosting.
  For a limited time:
  45% on any additional Masternode hosting
  Bigger discounts can be given on bigger orders, or clients with multiple hosting contracts.

We host the following Masternodes:
  Crave (Under rebrand to CryptOS)

 For all other masternode coins, contact us to get your coin added.
The options are:
  1. MasterNode Hot/cold hosting.
  2. MasterNode Hot/cold hosting + mining. (Only for Bitcredit)
  3. Staking wallets hosting + wallet/strategy optimization.

1. You will be provided the following:
  a) ip of the hosted MasterNode <MASTERNODEIP>
  b) port of the hosted MasterNode <MASTERNODEPORT>

2. In addition to the above service, We will mine to the provided address with 2 Xeon/opteron AVX cpu     cores.
  For this, the wallet must contain the above 50000 BCR transaction + 1 BCR, so we can mine on that address.
  The price for this service is 65% from all earnings on that BN.

3. We also offer Our HPoS-(SFPoS or OSPoS) services:
  Hosting for any PoS coin wallets.
  This is not a PoS pool, but individual management and not trustless YET.
  You will receive the privkey of your staking wallet.

 Option A, SFPoS:
  Flat fee of 5% of staked coins, no wallet/strategy optimization, just Set and Forget/SFPoS.
  Most POS coins would fall under this option.
  Example of suitable coins: DMD, HBN, VPN
 Option B, OSPoS:
  Flat fee of 20% of staked coins,
  this option enables full wallet/Optimization and Strategy/OSPoS, ensures you best possible return.
  This option is suited for the more competitive stake coins, where strategy plays a more significant role.
  Example of suitable OSPoS coins: XQN, XRA, HYP

4. XQN Enterprise
   Our XQN Enterprise option, for the PRO staker/node operator.

 2 cloud VM machines, 1 for your hot wallets and one for the cold nodes and a sandbox environment     
 for newer wallets not considered safe yet.
 Should render the wave of wallet thefts useless, as we have multiple layers of security
 that makes such a virus impossible to reach your actual coins/funds/info.
 We setup and maintain all wallets you want, and help you determine what is "safe" or not.

 2 Ip addys, one for each VM to separate the IPs (separate networks), hot and cold wallets are at.

 "unlimited" amounts of nodes hosted at no extra cost. Within limits of reason, and we have obtained
 Hi  spec hardware for this purpose also.
 "Unlimited" amounts of staking wallets hosted, same as above.

 Private assistance tailored to everything you need help to in crypto, from setting up and maintaining 
 wallets, investment information,
 help to optimize your rewards, We make your own individual investment plan/strategy suited for your 
 budget and desired return.
 We provide realistic expectations on return and present a worst case scenario on our plans to be sure   
 we under promise and over deliver.
 This service is meant to be the ONLY service you will ever need, to get full rewards from all other   
 crypto  avenues.
 Your private Concierge service for all crypto related needs.
 NO FEES on the hosted nodes/wallets, all inclusive flat fee membership.

 Introduction offer is 0.5 BTC monthly fee, NO OTHER FEES OF ANY KIND.
 This pricing will go up to 0.75-1 BTC monthly when we are fully operative. (2-3 months)
 We are only offering 5 Enterprise options, we might increase this number in the future.

 XQN Enterprise is the option for the more advanced crypto staker/investor.

  The payments will be distributed on a daily basis, or by individual agreements.
  In case that funds will be retrieved from the MN wallet, We must be notified by email with the transaction ID.

Termination of the service:
  Missing two payments without any message from you, will cancel the service.
  In case that MN is offline for more than 2 days, the service is canceled.

XQN Revenue sharing strategy:
  All incomes from this hosting service, is feed back to XQNPOSFUND and is a factor in our closed loop 

  75% of all incomes are converted for distribution to XQNPOSFUND shares.
  25% is re-invested and used for maintenance costs.
  Direct payment in XQN/XQNTOKEN gives 10% discount compared to market cost.

  All prices mentioned are subject to market competition, and will be adjusted accordingly.
  Our promise is to always be competitive,
  even without our revenue sharing model.

CREDIT: Thank you JN, wouldnt be possible without you.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Quotient OTC PoS Direct Trade Offers - Buy quality PoS coins at a discount on: November 26, 2015, 07:07:45 PM

Hello community
We have just begun to unveil our over year long work in the development and setup of proven strategic
methods that benefits and maintains the value of all Communities we are involved with.
This is designed live up to the Satoshi principle of direct financial interactions.
We are offering our stakes to be bought for XQN.
As an extra incentive to stimulate direct trade, we offer 5% discounts on all purchases paid in XQN.

Staking contracts:
The optimal way to build your POS holdings, with this contract you pay at end of week the average prices of both XQN and the staking contract coin during the week.
You only pay for the amount of stakes recieved.
This removes alot of the problems with volatility in altcoins, and ensures you always gets the best prices without the need of being a skilled trader.

Here you can also sell/buy XQNPOSFUND assets with XQN as base currency.
Post your offers: WTS/WTB Assets/XQN
We can provide escrow on asset deals if wanted.

The coins we are seeking buyers are the following:

We would like to sell the entire weeks in one lot, sell by each coin.
Amounts available will change weekly to how much we stake/produce.

We will also help with whatever you need to get your staking or masternode running for free.

XQNPOSFUND for sale: SOLD.. Next lot is put up Monday 29. FEB

DMD: 150
RADS: 280
HBN: 10000
HYP: 20000
NET: 12000
G3N: 10000
8BIT: 224
PHS: 1000
HODL: 1500
SUPER: 10000
NTRN: 2000
XST: 200
SLING: 1000
ORB: 100


Our main thread:
Other OTC threads:
TALKs new OTC thread
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / $XQN Quotient Takeover #Board Of Community #Asset Fund on: September 28, 2015, 03:26:44 PM

Hello community,
We are taking over XQN (Quotient) old thread:

It will be a long term operation, we will not give dates or any info to make hype at all.Everything will be delivered when ready and working.
We need you and the community to step up and get involved with the Board of Community we are
creating. (all skill sets have value)It will take us time to build so we need your patience and support.
Like several already pointed out, the wallet is running great and doesn’t need any immediate work done so there will not be any changes to that yet.

The changes we are considering:
Re enable POW with auxpow (merge mining with new algo)
Use Tx fees as pow reward
Increase TX fees
Some stake tools like multisend and wishes from community.

Short on our longterm plans, what we want is a Global multi chain/network service platform that consumes XQN and other cooperating chains/networks.
One of the services we want on this platform is the Crypto bank idea mentioned in Cerium ann, and we are building the infrastructure for this now.
It will take a long time to integrate and complete like we want.

What to do short term?

Rebuild community and start various promotions.

It is important to have a strong and committed community, so we have setup a Board Of Community fund.
This fund is based on various pos coins and generates steady payouts.
Those payouts will be used to buy xqn from market to fund promotions and rewards to members of board.
Max 50% is allowed as rewards to board members, the rest must be used for promotional reasons like:Giveaways,bountys,faucets,contests, burning of coins or similar projects.
Value of this fund is 1.4btc today and will be increased to 2btc when we have setup board members.

After this we intend to increase it bi-weekly until it is stable at 5btc.
The 1.4btc that is ready are on

The remaining 3 btc to reach 5btc total could be managed by community, or added to stakeminers.
The purpose of Board of community members is to manage social accounts and keep those updated with info, managing the community funds to the purposes community decides and generally a help and resource center for the community.


Our new asset name is "XQNPOSFUND" and it's available to trade on Counterparty platform now.
Counterparty is a platform for peer-to-peer markets we only use as an exchange platform, we don't own it.
Since the new asset is trade able on a decentralized exchange, it is hard to keep track on the asset owners.
The easier way that we can correct with is to create another XQN token as the weekly XQN payout on Counterparty.
The XQN token you will able to use buys additional new assets (if any sellers) if you want to buy or sell.
Each XQN token will be backed up by actual XQN coin, has a dedicated address will have same amount of Token vs XQN to store until redeemed.
The XQN token will be able to sell for BTC on counterparty platform or exchange back to XQN  if you want.
To redeem your XQNTOKEN for XQN coin, BURN your XQNTOKEN on this adress: 11ParticipantsXXXXXXXXXXXXXUGmPx6
Before you can burn your tokens, send me a pm here or email the amount you intend to burn and your XQN address for payout.

This will be done manually until we can move to our own system.
The first distribution has been done, and 190.000 XQN is ready for conversion.

How to trade on counterparty:

We have just begun to unveil our over year long work in the development and setup of proven strategic
methods that benefits and maintains the value of all Communities we are involved with.
This is designed live up to the Satoshi principle of direct financial interactions.
We are offering our stakes to be bought for XQN.
As an extra incentive to stimulate direct trade, we offer 5% discounts on all purchases paid in XQN.
Our direct trade thread:



We have been added to Staisybit, opening a special feature for all XQN stakers on Staisybit.
We have made a deposit of 150k XQN (aprox 1% of supply) to be staked on Staisybits.
All stakes from this 150k XQN will be shared among XQN stakers on the Staisybit platform.
This will allow smaller holders to get higher returns on their XQN staking from a share of our donated XQN stakes there.
This feature will be free for all to use.
This is the beginning of the 3.0 cloud staking options we offer.
All our stakers need to do to get this feature with the added bonus of our mined XQN
is deposit some XQN to stake at and enjoy.
Additionally you can deposit any other coin to stake that Staisybit supports.
Now the smaller holders will be able to compete with larger ones and don't need to have a computer running.
This is an exclusive offer aligned personally with Staisybit.

Community staking wallet @ stakeminers:


Cerium project community merge

This is an offer to the Cerium community:

I am not the original creator of Cerium, but the owner of the pos fund that agreed to help fund Cerium project, and now original dev team seems unavailable for unknown reasons.
My offer is to replace the entire CMF asset from cerium, and merge it over here to XQN.
We make a new asset on counterparty, and redistribute those new shares to the owners of old CMF asset in Cerium.

You get the same amount of shares like before.
We will make 20.000 extra shares on the new asset, those will be used to swap against
Cerium coins, in this way entire Cerium community can get some value from this merge.

This new asset will own a pos coin portfolio of minimum value 10btc.
Profits made from staking will be used to buy XQN from market, and invest in other income streams.
We are willing to verify we hold control of the values promised, in ways that won’t risk security of the funds itself. Signing wallets to a trusted escrow service or such could be
an alternative for transparency.


windows 64bit:



Block explorer:
Bootstrap service:



More news and updates to come

Project GateKeeper
More info in Q1-Q2 2016


5  Economy / Computer hardware / wts 2 hosted antminer s1 on: May 27, 2014, 10:43:16 PM
as title says, i have 2 antminers hosted in an early sushi groupbuy.
the rent is now up, and i would like to sell the ants.
you can have the hosted is the same datacenter for 50usd month, or you can have it shipped to you whenever you like.

can trade for gpus or similar, or entertaining offers in btc/ltc
would prefer to sell both to same person, but can split em up.
the ants run @200ghs, and comes complete with psu.
should be able to point miners to your adress to verify i actually have them.
asume sushi will also assist in owner transfeer.
i also have 5 antminers in my home if you want more :-)

shoot me your offers :-)
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Buying your 290gpu on: April 20, 2014, 08:39:36 PM
as title says, looking to buy your 290gpu.
Target price is 250usd each.

Happy mining
7  Economy / Reputation / Incognitoworker mining rigs feedback on: March 17, 2014, 10:49:04 PM
Plz put your feedback here:  Cool
8  Economy / Goods / Any interest for luxury gourmet coffee roasted to your liking? on: January 31, 2014, 02:06:21 AM
Hi all!

I am a norwegian coffee "snob" who imports luxury green gourmet coffee from around the world, where only the best is good enough!
i have professional roaster and can roast to your preference, or recomend a roast if you describe what you like, espresso or regular.
If you dont have a grinder, i can grind it for you, but grind coffee looses aroma alot faster than whole beans.

This is not cheap coffe...
But you get exactly what you pay for, some of the best coffees in the world, delivered to your door.

Just had to share my hobby and passion to other fellow miners who might also want the best coffe!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to order.

If you want to use escrow, since i am relative new here, this is perfectly fine, but you pay fees.
Also only trusted escrow services is acepted.
Payment is very flexible, BTC,LTC paypal, wire transfer, ukash or similar can be discused.

Hope to hear from others who loves the best cup of Espresso/coffee!

Regards from Norway,
the most expensive country in the world?
9  Economy / Computer hardware / buying your asic! on: November 21, 2013, 10:25:47 PM
Hi all! Looking to increase my power, mostly interested in knc range. Secondary is avalon and bfl items. Knc preorder for nov/des shipping, very interested.
Pm or post your item and asking price :-)
Can pay in btc,fiat or mix, escrow is a must:-)

Have a good one!
10  Other / Beginners & Help / noob intro on: September 04, 2013, 10:57:50 PM
Hi all fellow miners!
Short intro about me and my plans about mining.

Lives in norway, ordered a knc saturn as my startup in this buisiniss.
planning on increasing my own hashrate and possible sell hashrate in future.
Rebuilding my basement to become a possible hosting facility for others interested in that kind of service.

Been reading alot the last month, and do think i know what i have invested in  Smiley
Happy mining to all Grin
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