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1  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum 3.3.4 doesn't start (Linux) on: April 24, 2019, 01:41:31 PM
Hello, I'm on Ubuntu and I have upgraded my Electrum wallet from 3.2.3 to 3.3.4.
Now if I run it from the application menu it doesn't start anymore.

If I try from the command line, I get the following error:

~$ electrum
Error: No module named 'aiorpcx'. Try 'sudo python3 -m pip install <module-name>'

~$ sudo python3 -m pip install aiorpcx
Requirement already satisfied: aiorpcx in ./.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages
Requirement already satisfied: attrs in ./.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from aiorpcx)

~$ electrum
Error: No module named 'aiorpcx'. Try 'sudo python3 -m pip install <module-name>'

What could I do to fix it?
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] CoinMap 1.0 is back! on: February 19, 2019, 07:01:17 PM
CoinMap 1.0 is back!

Here is what's the difference with CoinMap 2.0:

Donations and/or contributors are welcome!


Thanks to @stick for his original source code and for letting me sharing this.
For CoinMap 2.0 go here:
3  Local / Mercato valute / [VENDO] Dominio on: February 07, 2018, 10:50:50 PM
come da oggetto, vendo il dominio, ideale per qualsiasi progetto/startup/idea editoriale a tema Bitcoin/Blockchain/criptovalute.

In omaggio vi regalo il dump del database dell'attuale blog Wordpress + la proprietà della pagina Facebook omonima: Grin

Se siete interessati provate a fare un'offerta rispondendo a questo topic.
Accetto solo Bitcoin.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How to run Bitcoin Core behind corporate proxy? on: January 30, 2018, 03:59:30 PM
I'm running Bitcoin Core on TestNet and I would like to set a proxy.
Since I'm using Squid to set proxy for my system I should set "localhost:3128" somewhere... but bitcoin-qt options have only SOCK5 proxy field.

So, it can't connect...

How can I solve? Thank you in advance.

5  Bitcoin / Electrum / Using Electrum on TestNet under corporate proxy on: January 30, 2018, 12:43:24 PM
Hello, I'm trying to make my Electrum connect to server but I'm experiencing problems.

I installed versione 3.0.5 and run it in TestNet mode (`--testnet`).
I filled the proxy settings with my data but it stucks on "Not connected" or "Waiting for fee estimates"...

I also tried to connect it manually, but none works.

What could be the problem? Does exist any log to see to figure out why it is not connecting to any server?
6  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Notizie spazzatura su bitcoin/blockchain on: November 03, 2017, 08:22:21 AM
Ieri sono venuto a conoscenza di questo topic grazie alla segnalazione dell'utente Micio.

Avrei voluto aggiungere tutti gli articoli, maggiormente pubblicati su edizioni cartacee, che mi è capitato di incontrare negli ultimi mesi, ma il topic è chiuso. Apro dunque quest'altro thread in cui magari continuare a raccogliere questo genere di articoli "spazzatura" e farci due risate!
7  Economy / Exchanges / Bitcoin exchange accepting Payza on: September 06, 2017, 06:25:10 PM
do you know any bitcoin exchange that accepts Payza as deposit method?

Thank you.
8  Economy / Service Discussion / Mayzus Financial Services: btc-e, OKPay, MoneyPolo... on: August 16, 2017, 03:38:03 PM
Hello, is Mayzus Financial Services a company behind btc-e, OKPay, MoneyPolo and so on?
Since btc-e has been seized by US Governement, what about the other services?

Could be riskful to keep using OKPay?
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Kairos:The first artificial intelligence driven Exchange Traded Fund [ICO] on: July 27, 2017, 11:30:49 AM
The first artificial intelligence driven ETF for block-chain assets



Kairos is the first of its kind Artificial intelligence Crypto Asset management fund. It is an exchange Traded Fund ( ETF) that is managed with Artificial intelligence from end to end. The objective of Kairos is to make better investments decisions and take well calculated risk while investing in the volatile crypto markets. This is achieved by the use of a well sophisticated A.I agent also called: Kairos.

It is predictive by nature, and analyzes mass data sets with incredible speed and accuracy. Kairos A.I manages the Kairos Fund by optimizing and harnessing the vast investment potentials available in the crypto markets.

The Kairos Fund utilizes the power of Artificial intelligence and the integrity of the blockchain to effectively manage crypto assets with the aim of increasing the Net Asset Value of investor held tokens by growing the fund.

How does it work ?

The Kairos Team comprising of 2 main entities; Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc. (RMTN) and Ocubicle Inc are initially offering 15million Kairos tokens at a crowdsale for $10 per token with the aim of raising $150 million from investors who are interested in investing in the first of its kind crypto asset fund that is completely driven and managed using artificial intelligence / Machine learning. Funds will be invested in a diversified pool of digital currencies and assets that have shown great potentials and are expected to experience rapid growth in the near future.

For full details of the Kairos investment strategy, please see section 3.2.0 in the white paper.

The token is a representation of the stake each investor has in the fund. Return on investment is split into 2 equal parts. One part is shared as dividends to investors every quarter based on the amount of tokens owned. Dividends are paid in Ethereum( ETH or BTC) depending on investors preference.

The other half of the returns is spread across the total tokens in supply. This is expected to continually increase the Net Asset Value of the investor held tokens. The Net Asset Value of the token is calculated in realtime and always displayed on the investor's dashboard.

In line with the U.S Securities and Exchange commission Rule 506 of Regulation D, Investors need to be aware that the tokens purchased cannot be sold for at least a year.

However after the first year, investors would be able to sell their tokens at the open exchanges anytime they wish. The Kairos fund would also open a buy-back window every quarter for investors that want to trade-in their tokens at the current Net Asset Value.

Why invest in the Kairos Fund ?

Kairos combines the transparency of the blockchain and the precision of Artificial intelligence.

Kairos is an AI that understands the crypto market just like humans do but analyzes the market data and trends faster than any human, hence it has the ability to make smarter and quicker investment decisions.

Kairos always asses risk against potential profit before vital trades decisions are taking.

Kairos is designed to grow the fund that it manages and constantly increase the Net Asset Value ( NAV) of the tokens purchased by investors. This is achieved by distributing half of the return on investment from the fund across the available tokens, while the other half is paid out as dividends every quarter.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology in the crypto markets that brings in sophisticated reasoning. Most market investors are still unseasoned and invest mostly based on guesses, sentiments or speculations. In the last 12 months the crypto market has grown from a market capitalization of $12.4 bIllion to $106.6 billion ( as at June 2017).

Rocky Mountains Ayre Inc (RMTN) a US public company in the OTC markets and Ocubicle Inc are one of the pioneers of AI technology in the crypto market, delivering a cutting edge AI technology that maximizes the available investment opportunities while solidly managing risk.

How much does 1 Kairos token cost?

1 Kairos token costs 0.05 ETH. (About $10).

Is there a minimum investment threshold?

Yes. The minimum amount of tokens that can be purchased is 5 token which is equivalent to 0.25 ETH (Between $50 - $60).

How do I invest in Kairos token crowdsale?

Please visit the crowdsale website

Accepted Currencies

Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Litecoin(LTC)

Kairos Token Details

Asset Name: Kairos
Symbol: KRX
Total token supply: 25million Kairos
ICO: 15million Kairos Tokens
ICO value in USD: $150million
Price in USD: $10/Kairos (Payable in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins )

Kairos Tokens are issued on the Ethereum platform as a smart contract. Token supply is fixed and will not be increased. There won’t be any inflation of the Kairos tokens.

Token Distribution

Early participation bonus

To encourage early investments, bonuses will be given to participate early. The schedules for the bonuses are below:

Week 1: 5% bonus on tokens purchased.

Week 2: 2.5 % bonus on tokens purchased

Week 3: 1% bonus on tokens purchased

Week 4: 0% bonus on tokens purchased.

Other Investment Bonuses

Official Collection Addresses

Bitcoin: 1LukjGDrSSse3f8PZQyTTDgXWJ8jbyUyE7
Ethereum: 0x5C37A208408c5ADbb5ed0d29cfD4aD341cA708Df
Litecoin: LfnhD25rpHkbv5VT5L31cbnxgFRdzu7Dne

Official Contact Links

White paper:


Crowdsale (ICO) Bounties.

We have set aside 10,000 tokens as bounties.

Detailed information about our bounty categories is listed below.

Our bounty campaign is open to everyone willing to participate, and ends on August 25th 2017 by 5pm EST.

 We will distribute all bounties within 5 - 7 days after the ICO ends.

The Kairos (KRX) tokens will be distributed according to the predefined groups.  We have allocated certain amount of tokens for each group.

Twitter bounty: 2000 KRX

Follow @Kairostokens on twitter to receive our latest news and updates.

For following us you receive 10 pts per week.

Retweet our news updates to your friends and followers.

 For every retweet or mention, you get points as follows;

Under 250 followers: 5 pts
Atleast 1000 followers: 10 pts
Above 5000 followers 20 pts

Retweets are valid for tweets after 26th of July 2016.

Here is how the bounty is calculated;

For example if you follow @Kairostokens on twitter for the duration of the crowdsale and you have 1000 followers

You earn 10 * 4 = 40 pts for the 4 weeks duration

If you do 10 retweets, you earn 10 * 10 = 100pts

Total points earned: 40 + 100 = 140 pts

At the end of the Crowdsale, we will compute all the points earned by participants in this category and each person will get tokens that corresponds to the percentage of the total point earned.

If total points by all participants in this category is 14,000

The user in the example gets: (140/14,000 * 2000) = 20 KRX

Facebook bounty: 2000 KRX

Like our facebook page and stay up to date with news and updates from our facebook page.

For liking our page on facebook you receive 10 pts

We will post all updates on our facebook and be sure to be rewarded for every like, post or comment.

Comment: 10 pts ( at least 25 characters per comment)

Like:  5pts

Publicly share any post from our page: 20 pts

Translation Bounty and forum moderation: 3000 KRX  

If our Bitcointalk  and reddit OP hasn’t been translated into your language yet, you are free to contribute by translating it to your language and earn some points in return. To confirm and reserve your translation please contact us on

Translation earns 50 pts

Moderation: You get rewarded with 10 pts for each post you receive in your thread.

Blog Bounty: 2000 KRX

2000 kairos tokens are up for grab for blog post creation. For your blog post to count, it must meet the following criteria;

Blog content must be unique ( directly translating someone else's work does not count)
Blog must be publicly accessible
Must contain at least 5 mentions of Kairos and at least 3 links to
Must contain at least 750 characters.
Blog entries should be submitted to:

Approved blog entries will be published on our facebook page as well as twitter, reddit and Bitcoin talk pages.

Video Bounty: 1000 KRX

On Kairos FAQ page, there are 14 questions.

Create a video in your language using question 1, 4 and 2 others from the list as content for the video.
Share on your facebook and twitter pages to your friends, followers and groups.

You must tag @kairostokens each time you share for this to count;  

Video creation: 100 pts
Each share: 20 pts ( sharing in groups included)

Page Translations

Spanish Translation:   Thank you @Freemind1
Indonesian Translation: Thank you @Jovi18

10  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Android] Bitcoin Map: bitcoin shops and ATMs around the world on: November 27, 2015, 03:30:24 PM
Hello, i have just released on Google Play my Android app. It isn't just another bitcoin world map, it has some nice features imho.

You can search for bitcoin merchants in the world in 5 different ways:
- by proximity
- by city
- by category
- by name
- by map

The app provides a view with all infos for each merchant.
In addition it produces statistics: you can see the trend of the world spread of bitcoin among merchants in the world.
Last but not the least, you can view all Bitcoin ATM in the world.

Here are some screenshots:



I look forward to getting feedback from you.


I have changed the name of the app. Now you can search for BitcoinMap on Play store.
In addition I have released a page, available on (a bitcoin version of, in which you can notify to OpenStreetMap contributors a new shop that accepts bitcoin.
11  Local / Mercato valute / Compro Payza on: October 14, 2015, 01:20:51 PM
non so se sono off-topic, ricevo Payza e invio quello che volete trattenendo il 5% + 3€ di fee.
Gli scambi devono avvenire qui

mi inviate 100€ su Payza e io vi pago 92€ su Paypal.
12  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Traduzione documentari Bitcoin on: July 30, 2015, 04:43:02 PM
Magari se qualcuno a tempo perso vuole tradurre i sottotitoli dei documentari "Rise and rise of Bitcoin" e "Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it" è il benvenuto.
Sarebbe una grande cose per promuovere la conoscenza del Bitcoin.

Occorre solo un account su Transifex per contribuire:
13  Local / Servizi / [CERCO] Social media manager on: July 26, 2015, 03:34:03 PM
Salve a tutti,
noi del CCN Italia (College Cryptocurrency Network - siamo alla ricerca di un "social media manager" che si possa dedicare alla gestione degli account social e alla pubblicazione di contenuti inerenti il settore blockchain e cryptovalute con un minimo di esperienza.
Si parla di un impegno giornaliero la cui remunerazione è da considerarsi mensile e in bitcoin, condizionata al raggiungimento di target predefiniti.
Per sottoporre una candidatura o per richiedere maggiori informazioni non esitate a contattarci alla seguente email:
14  Local / Mercato valute / Compro Bitcoin ad un prezzo inferiore rispetto a quello di mercato on: March 30, 2015, 08:20:42 AM
Come da oggetto, c'è qualcuno che vende a meno rispetto il prezzo degli exchange?
In cambio pago con quello che volete Cheesy
15  Other / Off-topic / Anyone here use USD on OKPay? on: February 11, 2015, 11:47:23 PM
I need USD on my OKPay account.
For example i send 101$ to your bank account and you send me 100$ to my OKPay account.

Anyone here could be interested?
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Looking for trading partner on: January 23, 2015, 07:47:25 PM
Hello, i'm looking for a trading partner that come from USA and that use OKPay.

Please contact me by PM if interested.
17  Local / Servizi / QuiBitcoin - l'app per la diffusione del Bitcoin in Italia! on: October 15, 2014, 07:37:49 PM
Salve a tutti,
lo scorso 15 luglio all'App Challenge di Salerno, io e due miei amici abbiamo presentato QuiBitcoin, un'app sviluppata con l'obiettivo di diffondere in Italia l'utilizzo e la cultura del Bitcoin.
Finalmente, dopo aver aggiunto importanti feature e miglioramenti, il download è disponibile dal Play Store.

QuiBitcoin offre numerose funzionalità:

- Ricerca esercente vicino
- Ricerca esercente per città
- Ricerca esercente per categoria
- Ricerca esercenti per nome
- Ricerca esercente su mappa
- Gestione elenco negozi preferiti
- Scheda esercente dettagliata
- Tab per l'invio di una recensione su un esercente
- Menu per l'aggiunta del proprio negozio
- Statistiche diffusione esercenti in Italia
- Ricerca ATM
- Menu per l'acquisto di Bitcoin

(in grassetto le funzionalità esclusive Cheesy)

Resto in attesa di vostri feedback!


(Per gli utenti non Android è disponibile la web app, raggiungibile da qui:
18  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Bitcoin-QT v0.9.1 non sincronizza... on: April 23, 2014, 09:14:26 AM
ho riaperto Bitcoin-QT dopo una decina di giorni e mi ha chiesto di effettuare l'upgrade alla versione 0.9.1.
L'ho effettuato e ho lasciato aperto il client per fargli terminare la sincronizzazione con la blockchain: 9 giorni rimanenti.
In mezza giornata è arrivato a 7 giorni e poi ho spento il pc.
Il giorno successivo invece è rimasto sempre su 7 giorni mancanti, nonostante io abbia lasciato il pc acceso tutto il giorno!
Addirittura oggi dice 8 giorni mancanti.
E' come se non andasse avanti con la sincronizzazione.
Ho controllato lo spazio libero sul disco e ci sono circa 60 GB.

Quale può essere il problema?

Utilizzo Ubuntu 14.04.
19  Economy / Currency exchange / OKPay EUR for OKPay USD on: November 20, 2013, 09:22:48 AM
Hello, anyone here need OKPay EUR?
I want exchange to USD with no fees.

I anyone interested we can exchange these currencies avoiding OKPay fees Cheesy
20  Bitcoin / Electrum / How to import electrum.dat file (created with 1.8.1) in Electrum 1.9 ? on: November 05, 2013, 12:03:39 PM
I noticed that Electrum 1.9 doesn't use anymore electrum.dat file to store own wallet.
Am i right?
So, if i want to restore my wallet keeping labels, how to import electrum.dat file in new release?
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