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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Will Africa's demand for mobile fintech apps lead the way to crypto adoption on: July 22, 2017, 12:18:04 AM
While you're all reading charts and wondering how to maximise profits, in Africa we're discussing how to move adoption forward.

I personally believe Africa will lead with way with crypto adoption, meaning real world applications to be used by the population in the very near future.

Remember that Africa is the largest mobile fintech market on the planet by a very long way.

Do you see this happening anywhere else??

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][KOBO] BLOCKCHAIN FOR AFRICA - NAIROBI, KENYA - 29/07/2017 on: July 17, 2017, 11:17:35 PM


This will be a convergence of developers, incubation hubs, micro, small & medium enterprises to practically explore how blockchain technologies can be integrated into various aspects of business to save costs, from human resources management, data back up to expense tracking and more. This event will end with practical solutions that can be adopted for development or test integration.

Speakers include:

Gibson Juma - CEO at Bitsoko
Alakanani Itireleng - Founder Satoshi Centre
Felix Ugoji - Creator of Kobocoin
(Learn more about Kobocoin here -

Date and Time
Sat, July 29, 2017
8:00 AM 8:00 PM EAT

Moringa School
Ngong Lane
Nairobi, Nairobi County

Educate yourself about the largest Mobile Fintech market on the planet:

Brought to you by Bitsoko, Satoshi Centre, and Kobocoin - The most formidable blockchain collaboration in Africa

Bitsoko & Moringa School

Bitsoko is a digital currency services provider that is driving the adoption of digital currencies in Africa. It develops innovative blockchain based solutions for micro small and medium entreprises.

Moringa School is a world-class software developer accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya.

tl:dr - Africa blockchain conference, no ICO (sorry!)
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Kobocoin in African FinTech 100 & Nominated for African FinTech Award !! on: March 17, 2016, 12:27:56 AM
Kobocoin has been listed as one of the Top 100 FinTech companies in Africa and been nominated for an African Fintech Award

The African FinTech 100 and The African FinTech Awards

There are other cryptocurrency projects listed such as BitSoko, a project that aims to use BTC as a payment method on the African continent and has already received a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Coindesk Article

This is great news for Kobocoin which is now entering it's second year of existence. We've survived a very challenging first year and are looking forward to recognition in the market and growth in the coming years.

No IPO, no ICO, no premine, no forks, no external investment, and a fair launch on 7th February, 2015. This is a major achievement for a small project aiming to break into the largest mobile finance market on the planet.

Thanks to the Kobocoin Community for all your support and encouragement.

We're getting there!!


(Original ANN Thread -
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Kobocoin [KOBO] *** NOW ON COINWALLET.CO *** Online wallet, PoS, Twitter tipping on: March 09, 2016, 02:37:24 PM
Original Announcement thread -

KOBO at Main Features

- Make payments quickly and easily
- Ability to send free payments via email address
- POS Pool active for KOBO, earn interest on all KOBO in your account
- Easy Twitter tipping for KOBO
- Support for multiple altcoins
- Make payments from any computer
- Create up to 50 labelled wallet addresses
- Add unlimited address book entries

It's simple to start using the POS pool

- Register or Login to your account
- Create a new deposit address for Kobocoin [KOBO]
- Send some coins to your deposit address
- Wait for coin maturity (maturity times shown in fee table)
- Earn KOBO!

KOBOCOIN - The Next Chapter

- Built and optimized for the largest mobile money market on the planet - AFRICA!
~ Mail & Guardian Africa ~
~ McKinsey & Company ~
~ Mobile Ecosystem Forum ~
- Android and Blackberry wallets already built and operational since May 2015
- Microtransaction ready. Four human-friendly denominations in one currency [KOBO, MANILLA, COWRIE, MANSA]
- Globally dispersed DNS seeders maintain network integrity - Always up, always fast, always confirmed in seconds (not minutes)
- Unbreakable and private address-to-address desktop messaging
- No IPO. No ICO. No premine. Fair Launch on 7th February, 2015
- Dedicated, loyal community

ANDROID and BLACKBERRY - Done and Dusted!

Click here to download the Android wallet from Google Play Store
Click here to download the Android wallet from Amazon App Store
Click here to download the BlackBerryOS wallet from BlackBerry World

So What's Next?

- Kobocoin's twitter account now has over 1,200 followers
- Approximately 800 are prolific Africa based media tweeters who tweet consistently and continually
- Each and every human Kobocoindev follower will be tipped 100 KOBO to get them started and to raise awareness of the KOBO brand and currency
- This process has already started.

This is the first major step in building an online Kobocoin community, beyond BitcoinTalk, to rival other well established online crypto communities.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / THE FUTURE - A Blockchain for Everyone on: October 28, 2015, 11:58:12 PM
THE FUTURE - A Blockchain for Everyone

The number of coins in existence (and also the number that have ever existed) has got me thinking and speculating about blockchains. Recently I've been speculating on the possibility of a blockchain (or even blockchains) for everyone, for personal use. I've been wondering if the blockchain could evolve to become something like an email address, but an email address with a magnitude of difference. So, in effect, people could have personal blockchain addresses. Not an address (or series of addresses) on a blockchain, but entire personal blockchains with their own public addresses.

The blockchain could then be used to store all personal data e.g documents, pics, music, bookmarks, letters, medical history, search results etc. Compression technology could be used to reduce the size of items stored on the blockchain. Though blockchains can bloat, the size of a personal blockchain would be nothing compared to other items we store for personal use. Forget hard disks or cloud drives, blockdrives will be global, personal, anonymous, secure, and shareable, simultaneously. Every item will be bookmarked and indexed with an associated block number and stored in the blockchain's own local sidechain.

No-one need run their own wallet or even think about how to keep their blockchains sync'd, in the same way that people don't run their own mailservers, or worry about whether their email address(es) will be sync'd. If it's profitable to host blockchains (in the same way it's profitable to host email accounts) then services will spring up to accommodate these new personal blockchains.

Merchants, advertisers, and other services will all have to operate sidechains and fight for our business (i.e the blockchain owners decide if a sidechain has access to their blockchain, or blockchains). Of course, the other services will also run their own blockchains, once again, in the same way that all organizations also have their own email addresses.

So, what happens to the personal currencies on all these personal blockchains? Who knows? Maybe employers will buy them off individuals rather than paying in return for labour. Maybe employers/services will operate sidechains that pump value into personal blockchains (somehow). Maybe personal blockchains start with a zero sum and owners have to tout existing sidechain holders for currency/value (e.g employers/friends/family/services). And then a mass of profitable background crypto exchanges arise, facilitating the free flow of all these different personal currencies around the globe, finally offering an instantaneous global currency service that knows no boundary.

By that time, of course, we've colonized Mars and my personal butler is a wookie.

Just a thought...
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [KOBO] Kobocoin - An African peer to peer payment/micropayment system on: January 11, 2015, 04:07:24 AM

Launched: 7th February, 2015

Coin Specifications:

- Name of Coin : Kobocoin
- Ticker Symbol : KOBO
- Max number of kobocoins : 350,000,000
- Algo: X15/PoW/PoS
- Timings of block (in seconds) : 60
- Coins per Block  : 1,000
- Block number when PoW end  : 43,200 (ended 25th February, 2015)
- Approx number of coins in circulation after PoW end : 23,500,000
- PoS Reward (currency growth) per year : ~10%
- Max stake age : No max
- Min stake age : 24 hrs
- 50 confirmations required for mined blocks
- 6 confirmations required for transactions
- No IPO, No ICO, No Premine

- Cryptopia
- CoinExchange
- NovaExchange
- YoBit

Block Explorers:
- CryptoID
- Kobocoin Abe I
- Kobocoin Abe II

KOBO Faucet:
- Kobocoin Faucet

Mobile Wallets - v2.1.2:
- Trade in over 150 supported Global Currencies, including BTC!
- KOBO, MANILLA, and COWRIE denominations built-in, and available
- Micro-Transaction ready

Click here to download the Android wallet from Google Play Store
Click here to download the Android wallet from Amazon App Store
Click here to download the BlackBerryOS wallet from BlackBerry World

Desktop Wallets and Source Code - v2.1.0.3:

- Full Windows Installer
- Unbreakable Private Messaging (address to address using our custom built sidechain)
- Globally dispersed dns seeders ensure a robust network
- Dns seeders hardcoded into all wallets guaranteeing network connections (no need to fight with silly conf files!)
- QR support

*Windows users, please use Firefox to download your wallet*
Click here to download the WINDOWS wallet (full Installer)
Click here to download the WINDOWS wallet binaries/zipfile (no installer)
Click here to download the MAC OSX wallet
Click here to download the LINUX wallet (requires libboost 1.55)
Click here to download the Source Code

Sample kobocoin.conf (for advanced users and hairy masochists):

Blockchain Bootstrap (speed up the initial sync of the blockchain):
Kiklo's Bootstrap.dat & Blockchain Snapshot for Proof of Stake Coins

Website : (mobile site also available)
Block Explorer :
Github :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Reddit :
Dev : Felix Ugoji : :

This thread is self moderated (no swearing or bad language).

Kobocoin In The News:
29th July, 2015 - Changing Africa Remittance With Kobocoin
15th March, 2016 - Dood Reviews Tipbot and POS Pool

Kobocoin - A Use Case for a Mobile Peer-to-Peer African Cryptocurrency

Payments and money transfers using mobile phones is an everyday occurrence on the continent of Africa. The money transfer market alone (money sent back to Africa) is worth $82bn per year. There are already existing services offering money transfer and mobile payment options. It is already possible in Africa to buy goods from your local market using your phone. Western nations are far behind when it comes to person-to-person mobile interactions on the ground. Kobocoin is not entering into a virgin market. We will be fighting to establish kobocoin as a viable alternative to currently existing services.

The vision is that, with kobocoins, people will be able to pay for goods and services, person-to-person, using desktops or mobile wallets and QR codes, or other mobile or online methods, as well as being able to cash out to the local fiat currency (if required). Family abroad will be able to quickly and anonymously transfer money back home, or to each other, worldwide. Using kobocoins, they will also be able to purchase goods online as with other cryptocurrencies.

Kobocoin is the solution for the unbanked. There is no requirement to belong to any network provider, or bank, to use kobocoins as is the case with some of the other services.  There is no need to register personal details or have a financial or credit history of any kind to use kobocoins. On the ground, all that will be needed is a phone with a kobocoin wallet or multi-wallet that supports kobocoins. There's also the added benefit of the generous rewards for becoming a stakeholder by virtue of using the currency.

We're hoping these benefits will help us gain some traction in the market.


The Structure and Denominations of Kobocoin

One of the concerns expressed about cryptocurrencies is the way the subdivisions are defined. Some people find them confusing and at first glance it seems hard to grasp. To address this, a scheme has been devised to make the kobocoin subdivisions more recognisable and hopefully easier to read and use.

The kobocoin currency structure comprises of four denominations:

- Kobocoin
- Manilla
- Cowrie
- Mansa

The relationship between the denominations is as follows:  

100 Mansa = 1 Cowrie
1000 Cowrie = 1 Manilla
1000 Manilla = 1 Kobocoin

So, for example, if the sum of 17.35924514 kobocoins is transferred to another person (or organization), the sum is broken down as follows:

17.35924514 kobocoins becomes:

17 Kobocoin
359 Manilla
245 Cowrie
14 Mansa

Using the scheme, it breaks down and becomes the digital equivalent of change in your pocket. So, in practice, some goods may trade mainly in kobocoins, some may trade mainly in manilla, other items may trade in cowrie, and if kobocoins ever do gain mainstream acceptance, and the currency grows, then mansas may one day be used. The wishlist for a new wallet includes this breakdown in a user friendly interactive UI.

The names of the denominations were chosen for the following reasons:

The kobo is the smallest unit of the Nigerian Naira. As the Naira has devalued since the 1970's, the kobo's value has diminished. It is now rarely used on the ground as it's value is negligible. Even so, it still holds an iconic place in Nigeria.

A medium of exchange that was prevalent in West Africa. Originally worn around the ankles of West African women to display the wealth of their husbands, this form of West African currency also became known as "slave trade money" after the Europeans started using them to acquire slaves for the slave trade.

A medium of exchange that was once commonly used in West Africa and many parts of the world.

The smallest unit of the kobocoin currency supported by the blockchain. Named in homage to the illustrious Mansa Musa

The expectation is that manilla, cowrie, and mansa will not be used in the early stages of the currency's growth as the value of 1 kobocoin will probably be sufficiently low that these subdivisions will not have any real value or meaning. If, in the future, kobocoin does gain acceptance and grow, then these subdivisions will become useful.

Next steps

The first thing I have to point out is that I am not a technical dev. I did not write the code for kobocoin. I did however build the Abe Explorer, Android and Blackberry wallets and Javascript Libraries. I am a Technical Consultant by profession with over 20 years experience. I can code, but not to the level of proficiency needed to be one the industries true hero crypto dev (so I'm afraid there's no technological advancements bundled with kobocoin). I'm a community member with a vision of usage and I've paid to have certain things done properly. I'm still learning the finer details of the technology and I'm sure this will be a steep learning curve.

1. Start CoinsSource verification process - Completed
2. Agree launch date and launch schedule. - Completed
4. Speak with exchanges about the possibility of listings for launch. - Completed
5. Kobocoin code (github), Block Explorer, Linux wallet, Windows wallet, OSX (Mac) wallet, Android wallet - Completed
6. Launch Kobocoin (PoW mining begins) - Completed
6. Android/iOS wallets (still in development). - Android, BlackBerryOS completed. iOS under review.
7. PoS - Completed

Social media, traditional media, and other means will be used (social media is already being used) to raise awareness of kobocoin, the Kobocoin blockchain, and the benefits of it as a peer to peer platform.

We have already started working to partner with complementary technology providers (e.g. multi-wallets, POS providers) to gain visibility and make headway in the sector. We'll also be knocking on the door of existing services to make purchasing, using, and redeeming kobocoins as easy as possible.

We're very aware of the regulatory hurdles we're about to encounter. We won't be the first people to encounter these hurdles and we're ready to seek advice, learn the ropes, and do what it takes to keep moving forward.


All bounties will be listed on the kobocoin website under the 'Tech' tab. Bounties will be paid in a dollar amount of BTC, LTC or DOGE. If there is an available bounty, please contact us direct on or

If a member develops something that is not on the bounties list, that takes the community forward, we will do our best to make sure that member is rewarded. We will try and make sure that no effort goes unrewarded.

Mission Statement

The altcoin boom is sometimes berated because of the feral nature of the industry at this stage in it's development. We believe that the boom has accelerated progress in the industry far beyond the expectations of even the most militant of critics. A new digital landscape is emerging, but beyond the currencies lies the untapped possibilities of the blockchain itself. This is where we believe the real revolution will take place.

We hope to be a part of the coming revolution, and also to offer bespoke services and solutions to the people of West Africa (and the entire continent) based on the emerging blockchain technologies.

Please visit to see how we've positioned the brand.

tl;dr Roll Eyes?
New coin. African.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Aaaah... The good 'ol days... on: December 29, 2014, 03:42:04 AM
Saw this pic in an article about cryptos from March 2014

Look at dem market caps
8  Economy / Economics / Tracking total Market Cap of all Cryptocurrencies on: November 19, 2014, 01:56:35 PM
In Jan 2014 showed total market cap of all cryptocurrencies as >$8bn. It's now <$6bn. The site shows the total as a snapshot at the top of the page.

Is there a website out there that tracks and graphs this change over time, maybe for the top 50 or 100? I think it might be useful for creating a form of Cryptocurrency price index like the dow or ftse (if it's not already been done).

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cryptsy Shoutbox - No explanations allowed on: February 10, 2014, 03:48:35 PM
No explanations/insults/defamations against cryptsy allowed (they're doing their best under exceptional circumstances - pray they don't add MAX). We all feel that way sometimes. This thread is just for shouting your head off because of the frustration. Images and memes allowed. I'll start
 Huh Huh Huh Undecided Angry

Thank you. I feel better.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / I feel really low... on: December 30, 2013, 01:41:37 AM
There hasn't been a coin released in over 12 hours. I feel sad.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bye bye Cryptsy. I love you but enough is enough. I'm off to CoinedUp on: December 28, 2013, 10:14:18 AM
I've just about had enough of cryptsy. The lags and delays and constant issues are a joke. I'm just tired of being p****d off.

I like cryptsy, I like the interface and I think it could do well as a trading tool rather than an exchange.

I used CoinedUp yesterday for a few trades. Deposits came in on time, confirmed on time. Trades went through in a timely fashion, then I withdrew my bounty back to my wallet. It took ~1 hour. On Cryptsy I would have to budget about 1-2 days to complete that set of work (anything under 24 hours is a bonus on cryptsy).

I love you cryptsy, but I'm gone. Give me a call when you've got your act together.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ALTCOINS!! - What are your "CLIENT DOWNLOAD COUNTS"??? on: December 24, 2013, 10:30:07 AM
How popular are all these coins??

The REAL test of a crypto is the "CLIENT DOWNLOAD COUNTS"

Does anyone know of a site where these are published in the same format as

I think it'll be very interesting to see the adoption rates of each crypto.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / We have seen Dogecoin before... It's name is Yahoo on: December 23, 2013, 04:01:41 PM
Yahoo... Does anyone here remember how Yahoo started? Does anyone remember how it was seen as a joke when it first started because of the name and the concept behind the name (a race of crude nasty people from Gulliver's travels)? It's now known globally as Yahoo inc. And it blasted away some very strong competition in the process. Remember Alta-Vista? Of course, Google stole the lion's share in the end, but Yahoo is still a major player in the portal arena.

It's possible that DogePower will do something that other crypto's can only evangelise about. Large scale anonymous person-to-person transactions. Dogecoin 'looks' like it's on the verge of entering public consciousness. If it does, then people will want to get their hands on some dogecoins. I can more easily see people exchanging items for dogecoins, than I can see them exchanging items for any other coin around now. Just for the fun value. I can see a person exchanging an old phone for some dogecoins (on the spot, face to face - not via a website or other third party). The apps probably don't exist right now, but with a QR code and a mobile phone, all things are possible!

No interaction with an exchange for a USD equivalent. Daily exchange price fluctuations will have just as much effect on the general public as everything else that fluctuates in price does (e.g. fuel prices). This is just a person to person interaction that's completely private based on the value that those 2 individuals place on whatever item or service is to be exchanged.

So anyone mocking the name, origin, or theme of the name Dogecoin needs to remember (or find out) where Yahoo inc came from.

tl;dr? Dogecoin is the new Yahoo
14  Other / Beginners & Help / A question of ethics on: November 25, 2013, 02:56:03 AM
I'm going to get burnt for this: Cry

I've been looking into all of these new cryptocurrencies. I whole-heartedly agree with the concept of the economic model and the revolutionary aspect, when you consider QE (Quantative Easing) and the devaluation of paper money. Currency is merely a promise in this day and age. Nothing else really. Money is no longer backed by a physical entity residing in a bank vault. Those days are long gone so one currency is just as good as the next (as long as it has some form of use/circulation). I also look forward to digital trading. Can't wait to buy a toaster (a flying one please) for .000001 of whatever cryptocurrency wins the race.

There's just one thing that sits uneasily with me.

Does anyone else think there's something askew in the amount of planetary resources being used to create these new currencies? Rows of graphics cards burning up planetary resources to create currency. It's not what I expected to find when I started looking.

I should probably keep that thought to myself (everyone seems so excited) but I wonder what other people's thoughts are on that.

15  Other / Beginners & Help / Why so many on: November 24, 2013, 01:15:55 PM
First post. Looking forward to the new digital economy!

I've been reading a lot about cryptocurrencies recently (and researching them). I was wondering why there are so many? Do they all have individual uses? Are they all geographic in nature? There seems to be more than is required for a cybereconomy.
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