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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 10:48:36 AM
Hey guys.

Some time ago I started to get more involved in placing my sports wagers on a betting exchange. With my background as a trader I am feeling much more comfortable by using a betting exchange.

Firstly because the odds are entirely determined by punters and not by a sports book. Compared to a sports book where you play against the house (bookmaker) on a betting exchange you play p2p. So punters take over the bookmakers position by getting the opportunity to lay bets (bet against outcomes).

Secondly and most important a betting exchange gives me the opportunity to trade on sports markets instead of betting on sports which is a huge difference. By using different trading strategies on a betting exchange I do not rely on wether the bet I placed is going to be correct or not.
I only need several things to happen for every different strategy.

There are many different strategies that I apply and I will use this topic to regularly explain some of the strategies I use. In this way people can learn this strategies as well and maybe can also start building on their sport trading adventure.

'Lay the draw' Strategy

My favourite trading strategy on the betting exchange is 'lay the draw' strategy. In this strategy you place a lay bet on the draw which means you think the match will not end in a draw. However I do not really care about wether the match ends in a draw or not. The only thing I need is a second half goal to secure a profit no matter what the outcome of the match is even if the match does end in a draw.

How do I apply this strategy??

- Prematch indicators

             - There must be a clear favourite pre match with an odd of no higher than 2.2 preferably 1.3 to 1.7 range.
             - There must already be matched at least 10,000$ on that match before kickoff.

- Inplay indicators

             - I search for games that are on a draw half time
             - Those games that are on a draw at half time need to have had 5 to 10 shots on goal with at least 30% shot on target.

As soon as a game matches all this criteria I place a lay the draw bet on that game.

Doesn't matter wether the match ends in a draw or not. How is this possible?

It is very simple. If you have a lay the draw position and as soon there is a goal in second half than the odds for the draw shift significantly and you will already be able to secure profits. As soon as a goal is scored in second half you will profit no matter what the outcome of the game will be.

The reason for this is that a betting exchange hedges your secured profits over every possible outcome to guarantee a profit. This means as soon as you take a cash out the betting exchange spreads your secured profits over every possible outcome in that game.... in this case 1X or 2.

The Beauty about this strategy is that you only rely on a second half goal. So even if the underdog scores you will be able to lock a profit. Below I will show a trade I made at this very moment while posting this topic.


Deposit on orbitx betting exchange on 25th of July 2020     100€
Trades placed so far 8
Current bankroll  123€
23% profits on my bankroll.


Football trading is not a fast rich method. It requires dedication to stick to the basic rules. Football trading also can deliver loosing trades.... so you can loose money. So only use money you can afford to loose.

Example of my lay the draw strategy.

Match Japan J1 league   Yokohama FC - Urawa

First half statistics

lots of goal attempts and plenty shots on target.

So after seeing the stats I decided to take a lay the draw position on this game with a 6€ stake which gave me a liability of almost 12€ that I would loose if there is no goal scored.

So if there would be no goal scored and it will remain a draw I would loose 11.88€ and in any other case I would be a able to profit 5.82€

Now we are in the position and the only thing that needs to happen is a goal by either 1 of the team. Because I said we are not 'gambling' that the match is going to end on a draw or not. We are trading the 1x2 market and profit from the market behaviour of other punters.

Whoppa after 7 minutes in second half Urawa scored 0-1

But as I said on this betting exchange we do not lock the actual profits but the exchange automatically hedges your stake over all different outcomes. As you can see. I secured a profit no matter how the match ends. Does the match ends in a draw than I secure 1.32€ profits. Does Urawa wins I secure 1.45€ and if in some way Yokohama manages to win I will receive a 18.66€ profit. And this are pure profits cause I have no more liability on this game and my stake already is back in my bankroll. So basically I am free rolling out this game and will make profits no matter how the game ends.

So this is basically what I am doing. Instead of gambling I am trading the sports markets. You maybe can think that profits are not that huge but I approach my winnings on the long term.

A gambler aims for big multipliers and odds to make money fast but in most cases result in losses.
A sports trader aims to take smaller profits and builds his bankroll and his wealth in a steady way.

And after all in the example above I lock at least 1.32€ pure profits on a current 123€ bankroll which is a little over 1% profits on the entire bankroll and little over 10% profits on the position I had.

You can compare trading on sports a little with trading on crypto. The only major difference is that crypto markets can be manipulated by whales but the sports market behaves according to what happens in the game. For example an odd on a draw will not drastically move up or down if nothing is happening in the game. Compared to BTC. BTC can take a run or a small crash without anything prior happened.

So if you are interested in trading on sports.... just keep an eye on this topic.

  • Ask me anything related to sport trading
  • Share your own experience
  • I will post different strategies I use myself regularly
  • I will post prematch and inalai tips if I find games that suit one of my strategies

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Biggest winning so far on: January 29, 2020, 05:39:43 PM
Its only 1 month when 2020 came around the corner but I would like to know what your largest win is so far and if you have set yourself some targets for this year.

Below you can see mine that I won a couple weeks ago. However I only owned 20% of this jackpot pool ticket that won 24.000€ I scooped 4800€ and some pocket money for a 1.2€ contribution to the ticket.

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / betting exchange or regular sports book on: January 21, 2020, 10:14:05 AM
I don't know if many of you guys have experience with betting exchanges where there is no interruption of a bookmaker that is determing the odds.
I personally like betting on a betting exchange more than placing bets on a regular exchange and particular for 3 reasons.

· Firstly on betting exchanges you mostly have better odds than on a regular sports book.
· Secondly you do not play against a bookmaker but by having the opportunity to back and lay bets the odds are entirely determined by the
  punters themselves.
· But my main reason I prefer to bet on an exchange is that bookmakers do not limit winning accounts. On a regular sports book it happens
  very often that your account gets locked or limited for some shady reasons but actually the real reason is because you are a winning
  player and a bookmaker doesn't make money on winning players. This is different by betting on an exchange. Bookmakers that run a
  betting exchange welcome winning and high roller players just because of the fact the 'house' takes a small % commission on all winning
  bets. So for them it doesn't matter if there are winning players because a betting exchange offers p2p bets and the house takes a
  commission. It is exactly the same as for example a crypto exchange where an exchange takes a small fee on your trades.

I love gambling with crypto but to place my bets on exchanges I am obligated to use fiat bookies like for example Betfair, matchbook or Betdaq. Cause I didn't find a decent sport betting exchange offering crypto deposits. there are a couple crypto betting exchanges like for example Fairlay and but personally I think they are pretty poor quality exchanges.

I personally would like a crypto betting exchange to appear with all the features like the big boy exchanges like Betfair, Betdaq and matchbook. What do you think?
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / My sport betting journal. Build a 5 figure with a modest bankroll on: December 25, 2019, 09:44:47 PM
I am going to keep a sport betting journal over here. Before i start my topic i want to clarify a couple things.

· I do not give betting tips or betting advice
· I am not a tipster or never charge money for my picks.
· Following my bets can result in losses.
· Do not waste time on replying about casino games, house edge or other things not related to sport betting. It has no value in this topic.

· I do giveaways from time to time and share profits with my followers. In order to qualify to receive giveaway prizes or shares of my profits you need to follow me on Twitter. You can find me there as @HLpunter

The purpose of this topic is to show people that betting on sports is not that easy as some tipsters say. Lot of tipsters just want to drag as much people as possible and charge subscriptions. They claim to be professional tipsters but in the end followers end up loosing money cause of their shitty service.

Theoretically it all looks very easy to make money on sports. You pick some games.... put some money on it ..... hit correct ticket ..... and collect winnings. But the majority of people that bet on sport do not spend a single minute on analysing teams or players they bet on or study historical data. And thats just the most important thing about becoming profitable on sports betting. It only takes 15-30 minutes weekly to enter your bets but it takes hours and hours of analysis to compose those tickets.
Me personally i spend 30-40 hours weekly on composing my tickets and choosing games to bet on.

Very often you read stories about guys that turn 10$ into 25.000$+ in a matter of weeks. Theoretically it is possible but you will need so much luck to reach that. Theoretically you can even turn 10$ into 30k in only 20 bets. If you are capable to hit 20 consecutive 1.5 odd winning bets and you reinvest all your profits then it is possible ..... but like i said Theoretically.

Look at the screenshot below. You can turn 10$ into 30k+ but to be honest you will fail 99% of the times and i do not know someone has the balls to get this until the final bet. I personally would not have the balls to bet my entire bankroll 20 consecutive times. Final bets you would bet a couple 1000$ on a single bet.

So theoretically everything is possible but in reality it will be more difficult to make some decent money with sport betting.

That is basically it and i am going to keep a journal of all my sport bets (winning as well as loosing bets) , balances on my betting accounts, deposits and withdrawals. I want to be as transparant as possible.

How do i bet?

I bet in several ways. I always believed that spreading your bankrolls over multiple ways of sport betting systems it will pay off in the long run.

· I use value betting software to place bets on games with good value. A good bet does not require high odds... it needs to contain value.
· I bet on singles
· Bet on multiples
· small stake accumulators
· small stake one game bet builders ( multiple selections in the same game)
· Small stake system bets like goliaths, super heinz, lucky31,....
· And i play sport betting jackpots.

During the next months i will keep track of my bets in this topic. I will try to screenshot every bet that i play and i will update screenshots of my balances, deposits and withdrawals once every week.

I will start with a bankroll of approximately 400€ spread over 2 platforms. I place 99% of my bets on and on Maybe i will add more platform the following weeks or months but this will be updated in the topic.

Proof of funds

So lets see where this 400€ bankroll will lead us.

A small reminder: As i started my topic:

i will regularly do giveaways which will be free tickets, free percentages in my pool bets and even free cash from 1$ up to 100$ depending on my winnings

NOTE!!! There are not requirements, no subscription, no nothing. the only thing you need to do is follow me on twitter and retweet my posts in order to qualify for my regular giveaways.
5  Local / Gokken/lotterijen / Ben ik een idioot of zijn 99% van de mensen in gambling discussion idioot? on: November 13, 2019, 12:05:44 PM
Ik will eventjes in de Nederlandstalige sectie posten wat ik in in de Engelstalige gambling discussion sectie heb gepost. Want blijkbaar zitten daar meer idioten die zelf een simpele berekening niet begrijpen.

Ik heb daar een topic gemaakt dat ik een manier heb om 100% winsten te boeken met sport weddenschappen. De winsten zijn niet groot (kunnen groot zijn als je jackpot raakt) maar de mogelijkheid is er. Je kan misschien zeggen er bestaat geen 100% gegarandeerde winning methode in sport wedden of in eender welke gambling. Verwacht in dit topic geen fixed games of eender welke strategie sprookje. er is al genoeg bullshit op het forum. Maar je zal merken dat mijn 100% risk free methode volledig onderbouwd is met argumenten.

 Mij zal je nooit zien beweren dat ieder ticket 100% winstgevend zal zijn, maar ik wil de focus meer leggen op je initiele inleg en de manier waarop je je initiele inleg kan behouden.

Maar volg a.u.b even de volledige logica en geef dan je mening.

Wedden op eender welk sportsbook platform.

Dit is heel simpel stel je zet 10€ in op een wedstrijd met een 2.0 quote. Heel simpel win je dan heb je 20€, verlies je dan ben je je inzet kwijt en maak je verlies.

Het platform dat ik wil bespreken voor deze 'risk free' methode is Colossusbets is de grootste aanbieder van sport jackpots en werkt een beetje naar het model van een loterij. Colossusbets is een zeer gereputeerd bedrijf met UK license en officieel partner van ondermeer
Elke dag/week bieden zij verschillende pools aan waar je zelf een syndicate ticket kan creëren, solo kan spelen of als investeerder in een syndicate kan deelnemen. Al dezer pools hebben een gegarandeerde prijzenpot. En deze pot wordt verdeeld naargelang het aantal winnaars in de pool. Dus hetzelfde als een loterij. Ben je de enige met de winnende combinatie dan win je de gehele pot, zijn er meerdere winnaars dan moet je de pot delen onder alle winnaars.

Zoals ik zei bied colossusbets 2 formats aan.

· Je kan solo spelen. Dit betekent dat je zelf een ticket creëert en dit ticket volledig zelf fund.
· Poolbetting. Dit is eigenlijk gewoon gezamenlijk wedden. Dus je creëert een ticket en je betaald zelf een deel van het ticket en geeft
  anderen de mogelijkheid om het ticket mee te funden. Als het ticket dan een prijs wint dan wordt de gewonnen prijs verdeelt naargelang de
  grootte van je share in dat ticket.

Tot dusver denk ik dat alles duidelijk is.

Mijn 'risk free' betting methode op

Ten eerste wil ik meedelen dat al het geld je in solo tickets steekt of investeert in tickets van van andere captains niet meetelt voor deze risk free methode. Enkel de pool tickets die je zelf als captain creëert tellen mee!!!!! Dus al het geld dat je in solo tickets steekt of investeert in andere captains is volledig at risk!!!

Zo hier gaan we.

Colossubets biedt een referral programma aan waarbij je een free play krijgt en tot 10$ per persoon die je aanbrengt, maar daar hou ik me niet mee bezig en heeft niets met deze methode te maken.

Alles heeft te maken met hun rebate reward systeem.

Hoe werkt dit systeem?
Heel simple naargelang het totale volume van je gecreëerde pool tickets op weekbasis ontvang je een rebate van 5 - 7.5 of 10% op het totale volume. Het wekelijks volume wordt berekent op al je gecreëerde pool tickets die 100% worden gefund. Als een pool ticket niet wordt gefund dan wordt dat ticket gevoid en krijgen de investeerders en jij je stake terug. Dus enkel de volledig gefunde tickets op weekbasis dragen bij tot je totaal volume.
Kijk de voorwaarden in volgend screenshot

Vanaf je eerste gefunde ticket krijg je 5% rebate of je totaal volume. Boven de 100€ 7.5% en boven de 750€ krijg je 10% rebate op je totaalvolume.

En deze rebate is de kracht achter mijn 'risk free' betting methode.

Volg de stappen die ik uitleg en je zal merken dat er een risk free methode is.

Om te kunnen genieten van deze rebate moet je enkel en alleen een pool bet creëren... Thats it. Dus vanaf dat je er 1 creëert ben je gekwalificeerd voor de 5% rebate. Dus verder zijn er geen voorwaarden of addertjes.

Wanneer je een pool ticket creëert als captain ben je verplicht om minimum 10% van de totale waarde van je ticket zelf te funded. Kijk naar volgend voorbeeld. Voorbeeld laat een 2€ ticket zien en de minimum contributie die ik zou moeten doen is 0.2€. dit is 1 van de keys van mijn risk free betting methods.


5% rebate

-> Je vult een pool ticket in van een waarde van 50€ en je doet de verplichte bijdrage van 5€ (10%) van totale waarde.
-> Je ticket wordt volledig gefund door investeerders en je hebt dus kans om een prijs te winnen.
-> je bent gekwalificeerd voor de 5% rebate (total value <100€) en je krijgt week erna 2.5€ terug

Resultaat: Je bezit 10% van het ticket en maakt kans op 10% van de mogelijke winsten + je krijgt sowieso de week erna 2.5€ terug als rebate. Dus wat er ook gebeurt met het ticket, je krijgt 50% van je eigen inleg terug op voorwaarde dat je natuurlijk niet meer dan 10% van je ticket hebt gefund.

7.5% rebate

-> je vult bijvoorbeeld 2 pool tickets in van elk 100€ voor totaal van 200€ en je doet de verplichte 10% (20€) bijdrage.
-> je tickets worden volledig gefund en je bezit dus 10% van een totale waarde van 200€ aan tickets
-> Je totale syndicate value is +100€ dus je bent gekwalificeerd voor de 7.5% rebate. Dit wil zeggen dat je de week erna 15€ (7.5% van totale value) terugkrijgt als rebate.

Resultaat: Je maakt kans om een prijs te winnen met de 10% share die je hebt in je tickets + je krijgt sowieso 15€ terug als rebate reward de week erna. Dus wat er ook gebeurt en zelfs als tickets niets winnen krijg je de week erna 75% van je eigen inleg terug. Weer als voorwaarde dat je niet meer dan 10% in je eigen tickets hebt geïnvesteerd.

10% rebate

Deze is de key voor mijn risk free betting methode. Om 10% rebate te krijgen moet je 750€+ aan gevulde pool tickets hebben.

-> Stel je vult 10x een 100€ pool ticket samen voor een totaal van 1.000€ En je betaald 10x de minimum captain bijdrage van 10€ wat een totaal van 100€ maakt
-> Je tickets worden allemaal gefund door andere spelers. dus je bezit 10% van 1000€ aan betting tickets
-> 1000€ is >750€ dus je bent gekwalificeerd voor de 10% rebate. Dit wil zeggen dat je de volgende week 100€ (10% rebate van 1000€ totale waarde) terug krijgt

Resultaat: Je bezit 10% van 1000€ aan betting tickets volledig risicoloos!!!!! Waarom risicoloos? Heel simpel. De 10% rebate die je krijg is exact het bedrag dat je zelf hebt geïnvesteerd in je tickets. Dus wat er ook gebeurt je ontvangt 100€ terug als rebate en dat maakt dat je eigenlijk je tickets 'free rolled'. Dit maakt ook dat alle winsten die de tickets maken 100% winsten zijn want je eigen stake is niet at risk.

Ik had graag een bewijs gepost van mijn 100% risk free. Maar ik ben nog maar een week bezig als captain. dus ik moet nog naam maken. Maar vorige week had ik voor 400€ aan pool tickets verkocht wat mij een kwalificatie opleverde voor de 7.5% rebate. Dit kan je zien in volgend screenshot.
Ticket heeft totale waarde van ticket 72€, minimum verplichte bijdrage 7.2€ maar ik krijg zowiezo 5.4€ terug de volgende weel als rebate.

Dus als je even logisch nadenkt en je choco in je hoofd laat werken dan zie je dat er een mogelijkheid bestaat om 100% risicoloos te wedden bij colossusbets.
Voorwaarden zijn:

· Creeer enkel zelf pool tickets en doe enkel de minimum bijdrage van 10%
· Bouw een reputatie zodat elke week 750€+ aan persoonlijke pool tickets gefund geraken

-> Als je voldoet aan deze 2 voorwaarden dan speel je letterlijk elke week volledig gratis je eigen tickets.

Maar zelfs wanneer je niet aan de 750€ geraakt is dit een zeer mooie opportuniteit. Vanaf de eerste pool die je creëert krijg je 5% rebate. Dit betekend dat je sowieso minstens 50% van je eigen inleg terugkrijgt de week erna (op voorwaarde dat je maar 10% van eigen ticket fund

Ik weet dat dit een crypto forum is. Colossusbets bied spijtig genoeg geen crypto deposits aan en vergen een kyc verificatie. Maar ik wou deze mogelijkheid toch eens naar voren brengen. Ik weet dat er hier genoeg mensen zijn die ook op gewone fiat bookmaker bets plaatsen en dit misschien wel interessant vinden.

Ik wil natuurlijk niemand in iets forceren, maar als je eens een kijkje wil nemen op de site en wil registreren vul dan gewoon RAFHODLER in de RAF code bij registratie. Bij gebruik van deze code krijgen jij en ik een freeplay token.

In de engelstalige sectie heb ik ook de mogelijkheid geboden om een groep te vormen. Er zijn altijd mensen die geen kyc willen doen of met fiat willen gokken. Dus daarvoor had ik de mogelijkheid geboden om tot een groep toe te treden waar je crypto kan gebruiken en er als groep bets op colossus worden geplaatst.

Want dat is mijn ultieme doel. Om een groep samen te stellen waarmee je op wekelijkse basis de mogelijke wedstrijden kan bespreken en analyseren en zo de beste pool tickets kan samenstellen.

Ik heb in het verleden al een paar syndicates gerunned maar op colossus ben ik nog maar een goed weekje bezig, maar had toch graag al een paar resultaten laten zien. Geen giga winsten maar toch een paar mooie resultaten.

6€ inleg - 47€ return

25€ inleg - 165€ return

115€ inleg - 315€ return

En de volgende daar was ik ziek van. Dit was een 72€ ticket maar werd gecanceld omdat niet volledig gefund was. Dit ticket had 3.500€ winst opgebracht als uitverkocht was geweest.

Dus zoals je ziet zijn er wel wat mogelijkheden om mooie returns te maken en met wat geluk als je een goede reputatie opbouwd, krijg je een goed aantal volgers en geraken je tickets zo uitverkocht. Ik ben alvast aan men reputatie aan het werken.

Na 1 week 20e op de captain leaderboard met sen 54% ROI op men tickets.

Dus wil je net zoals ik een kans wagen, gewoon registreren. Vergeet niet RAFHODLER te gebruiken voor een freeplay token of als je zin hebt om deel te nemen aan onze groep, dan zend je gewoon een PM naar mij of reageer je in dit topic.

6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Syndicate pool betting results. 2,000€ in cashout offers currently on: November 10, 2019, 05:14:47 PM
Hey guys,

I am a huge fan of playing syndicate bets. This basically is just teaming up with other people and buy shared tickets. In this way you pay as much as if you would play by yourself but get more chances because there are many more lines involved. If there is a price or jackpot hit of course it needs to be shared with everyone but well. I rather share profits than chasing big wins on my own which mostly result in losses.

My goal is to create a group in this community and chase this jackpots together. But I am well aware that this community is all about trust. So initially I will post some syndicates I got involved in or that I created myself. And maybe eventually there will be people interested in teaming up and chase jackpots together.

If you want to create pool bets yourself you can of course also join and join the action. Only note that they do not accept crypto deposits and do require a kyc verification.

But if you do so just signup over there by using 'RAFHODLER' as code. Me and you will be rewarded with a freeplay.

But for now I will start posting the results of my own syndicates and those I joined as a member as well. Please note however I will only post winning tickets doesnt mean that there are no loosing tickets of course.

7  Economy / Gambling discussion / 100% guaranteed no loosing sport betting method on: November 10, 2019, 10:48:54 AM
It always have been my 'wet dream' to bet on sports without any risk involved. During the past few years I tried out many things to decrease or even exclude the risks of loosing money. I have tried value betting, arbitrage betting, system betting and some other things. But at the end every strategy had its issues so it wasn't what I was searching for.

But now I found a way how I can bet without risking to loose even a single penny. I can put 100s of Dollar in weekly sports bets with the guarantee to get back all the money I wagered even when every bet goes wrong. So this way of betting will guarantee you 100% sure profits. cause your stake back is guaranteed and unlimited. So every dollar you win is pure profits. This is not a fast rich opportunity but you can make real profits.

The only disadvantage is that the platform that offers this opportunity does not accept crypto payments and they do require a kyc procedure.
But for every problem there are solutions. So I am thinking about creating a group and do this together. I have a fully verified account over there.

How in earth can you bet risk free?

Read this carefully cause this is the only way in the world to bet risk free!!!!

I am a syndicate captain on that platform and one of the privileges of being a captain is that you can earn a 10% rebate on all your personal created syndicate pools. This rebate is based on your total value of personal created syndicates in the previous week. As a captain you are guaranteed a 5% rebate from the first syndicate you create and this increases to 7.5% when placing more than 250€ and the full 10% if you place over 750€ in total value.
There only is 1 obligation for syncicate captains. this requirement is that as a captain you must at least fund your own syndicates with a minimum of 10%. This means if you create a 25€ syndicate, I as syndicate captain, need to fund that syndicate with a minimum of 2.5€.

And this is the key of my risk free betting method. I first didnt believe it but I had contact with their support and they confirmed it indeed worked this way and that the rebate amount is unlimited. Just check out the example and then you understand.


I have 500€ in my captain account.

I go through the available syndicates and after selecting the pools I want to join I create 10 syndicate with each a value of 750€. In every syndicate I make the minimum 10% captain contribution. So in total I add 75€ to all the syndicates.

So after placing the syndicates my balance is 425€ (500 minus the 75 I added to the syndicates)

But guess what. Because I placed a total of 750€ I qualified for the 10% captain rebate. And guess what the value of the 10% rebate is exactly the same as what I have put in the syndicates myself. Total amount of the syndicates is 750€ so I qualified for the 10% rebate. 10% of 750€ means a rebate of 75€.

And thats the magic about this. I paid 75€ min contribution to my own syndicates. And because I qualified for the 10% rebate I receive back 75€. So guess what I own 10% of 750€ total value in betting tickets entirely risk free cause the rebate is equal to my personal contribution.

Lets say 1 of the tickets made a 500€ profit. Then my end balance will be 550€

500€ start - 75€ captain contribution -> 425€
500€ winnings/ 10%                        -> +50€              550€ end  balance
10% rebate                                    ->  +75€

Lets say all bets were lost. Then my end balance will exactly be the same as my start balance

500€ start - 75€ captain contribution -> 425€
0 winnings                                       -> + 0€               500 end balance
10% rebate.                                    -> +75€

So no matter what happens in the bets there are 2 possible outcomes. Or I end session in profit or I end session break even. What do you think about that? Is this a risk free betting method or not?
And I am not talking bullshit. You can contact their support yourself and they will confirm that captain are able to gamble 'for free'

But like I said unfortunately this platform does not offer crypto payments and they do require a kyc verification which include id , proof of address and occasionally proof of your resources.

So there are 2 opportunities that you can benefit from. I dont know if I can advertise a site in the gambling discussion section. so that why I dont mention the site here.

·If you do not mind gambling with fiat and do not mind running through a kyc procedure then you can sign up and become a captain yourself.

·If you rather gamble with crypto and want to stay anonymous you can join our group and use your crypto. We can place all bets on your behalf through our verified account.

At this moment we also are looking for people that have a lot of knowledge of horse racing, NBA, NHL and NFL to become part of our group and start betting risk free.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / honest opinion on our future gaming platform project. on: November 07, 2019, 06:09:26 PM
Hey community,

My name is Steve,

I have made some post and topics about sport betting which I am heavily involved in. But beside that I am an active member in several crypto gambling platforms. From all feedback that I read in all forums and in those gambling chats I think there is quit some room for launching a crypto gaming/gambling platform that still is quit different like all the current crypto gambling platforms.

So I am going to show and explain you about the platform that we are working on. We hope to receive some feedback from this community, cause after all this is the largest crypto community in the world. So your feedback matters for us.

Name of the platform: secret until the launch
Date of launch: unknown

We want to offer single player - multiplayer and tournament games under 1 single roof. We have been on many gambling sites and we saw there is a huge demand of multiplayer games where people do not need to beat the house but just compete peer 2 peer. So thats why we decided to create a platform that offers a mix of everything.

Our future games


Every crypto gambler knows the crash games. But in our opinion it needs a small touch of animation. It is getting boring only seeing a graph going up until it says 'crash'. So here we have a sneak preview of our crash game. It works exactly the same as regular crashgames . the only difference is that there is a touch of animation attached to it.
Like all crash games a bunch of people can bet on the same game simultaneously but at the end you still are playing the house.


Everyone knows farkle. Farkle is one of the most addictive games on social media apps. Millions of people play farkle online. We will offer this popular dice game to the crypto gambling community.
There will be 3 options:

· You can play the house as single player and chase a multiplier from 1.5 up to 29x to chase a score of 5000 or higher.
· You can play p2p duels. You can create your own duel and pick the buy-in. If another player accepts the buy-in the game begins.
· And will will organise daily farkle tournaments. This will be free rolls, regular tournaments and guaranteed tournaments.


Poker does not need to have much explanation. Everyone knows and loves playing poker. We will add a poker section to our platform with only p2p poker games.
Our poker section will have 4 sections:

· cash games which include FL PL and NL holder + PL omaha
· 6+ holdem
· tournaments which will include freeze outs, regular tournaments but we will offer a large amount of bounty and progressive bounty tournaments.
· And spin & go will be added to our platform. Spin &go is a fast sit & go format with 3 players, 500 chips stack and blinds increasing every 3 minutes. But the beauty of spins is that you can win up to 1000x your buy in just by defeating your 2 opponents. This is the perfect game for players that like to play poker with a twist of higher multipliers.


Keno is another popular game. We will offer a wide range of keno games. We will offer the regular 10/20 and 8/20 games. But there will also be side bets available like for example betting on the total sum of the numbers drawn, hi lo game on keno,......

This will be our 4 largest games and formats when we will launch but there will be more fun games available.

There will be games like:

Russian roulette, fantasy sports, rock-scissors-paper, backgammon- checkers, ogwil

Some more important details that will be on the platform.

· At this moment we are preparing everything to acquire a curaçao gamin license.

· A couple games are already provably fair and after launch we keep working in the background to turn more games provably fair. Games that aren't provably fair yet will be supported by a certified Third party RNG system where we do not have influence on.

· Our betting currency will be 'bits' (0.000001BTC) So if you have 1,000,000 bits you have 1BTC.

· There probably will be more currencies available to deposit and withdraw but we will only support bits as betting currency. So every other crypto deposit will be converted to bits.

· There will be an affiliate system integrated in the platform. ( no further details available at this time)

· There will be a signature campaign, no deposit bonuses for beta testers, we will build a base of youtube and twitch players who can host giveaways.

· We are considering to add bankroll investment as well. But we rather do that as soon as we have build some kind of reputation.

· future plans: We already have plans to add casino - slots - live casino - sports betting - lotteries and pool betting as well within 6-12 months after launch of our platform.

So this is a little about it. Hope you read everything through and leave us an honest opinion. Cause like I stated in the beginning. The feedback of the largest crypto community in the world does count.
9  Economy / Games and rounds / Free plays , 10$ per referred friend, captain rebates!!!!!! on: November 06, 2019, 10:57:54 AM
Hey guys,

I know we are on a crypto forum but I want to share this wonderful opportunity with you guys. If you have a lot of friends and are familiar with sports betting than you can monetize this opportunity.

· weekly free play

When you bet 5$ weekly you are rewarded a free play the following week. Depending on your played amount your freeplay will be valid for larger jackpots

· Refer a friend

Receive a free play and up to 10$ for every friend that signs up with your RAF code

· Saturday free play

Every customer receives a weekly free play in the Saturday 7 pool horse racings

· Captain rebate

Are you a good punter and want an extra way to monetize your skills. Colossus gives a weekly captain rebate up to 10% of the entire value of your created syndicate pools (only filled pools count)

This are some great opportunities to monetize your sport betting skills.

I know we are on a crypto forum. This platform does not offer crypto and it does require a kyc procedure. I am a crypto believer and gambler myself. But this doesn't let me to join their platform. Where else in the world can you join in jackpots where you can turn 2€ into 1,000,000€

In my opinion it also has advantages.

· This platform is entirely regulated with UK gambling regulations
· This platform has a massive good reputation and has partnerships with some of the largest bookies in the world like
· Colossus has an entire insurance funds and is backed entirely for their offered jackpots.
· If you do not breach the terms and pass kyc they will never limit or freeze your account when you hit large win or even the 1,000,000€ jackpot.

So why don't you give it a shot.

Just go to and sign up. Use RAFHODLER code during your signup and you will be rewarded with a free play.
After that you can join or create syndicate pools and start to monetize your sport betting skills
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / [Mutual betting pool] 800,000€+ jackpot on pool betting!!!!! on: November 05, 2019, 11:09:37 AM
Hey guys,

I have made several posts regarding this and I already did 1 giveaway in the games and rounds. I am a huge fan of pool betting and always fun to have a gamble with a group to increase chances of hitting the jackpot.

I was wondering if there are people interested in joining this pool bet. It can be a lot of fun.

I know that I am 'only' a junior member. So I do not care if people rather want a well reputable forum member to act as escrow service. I can easily cover 500-750€ while coins are held in escrow.

Pool betting is some kind of lottery like game. There is a predetermined guaranteed prize pool. There is a list of 15 predetermined games. 15 correct picks gives you the jackpot (shared when there are multiple winning tickets). And there are consolidation prizes for 11 up to 14 correct picks.
And in between there are cash out offers. So there is always an opportunity to secure some profits while the bet is running.

Tonights jackpot details

Tonights jackpot for 2€ per line has a 800,000€ guaranteed jackpot and consolation prizes for 11 up to 14 correct picks.
Bear in mind in case of multiple winning tickets jackpots and consolation prizes are split amongst winning tickets. So the prizes you see in the pictures are in case there only is 1 winner!!!

Games included in jackpot

How to join?

Minimum amount to join is 2€/ maximum amount is your choice. Payments need to be received latest 1 hour up front the start of the first game.

STEP 1 Just respond in this topic

STEP 2 I will message you with details (I can accept BTC, ETH and LTC)

STEP 3 As soon as payment confirmed you are entered in the pool

STEP 4 As soon as the ticket is placed I will post the percentages participants own in the ticket.

Track results

·As soon as all payments collected I will place the ticket about 30 minutes before the start of the first game and post the ticket here in the thread.

·During the games I will post regular updates regarding to possible cash out options to lock some profits during the bet.


If we are lucky enough to win some money with our ticket I will message everyone to ask them for their payment address and preferred currency.
If a large jackpot is hit, I will need to have some time to process the payments cause Betfair processes payout in €. So I need to withdraw and convert to crypto before I can process payouts.

I will do a special effort and add 100€ myself to the pool ticket

good luck to all of us.

11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Build a bankroll with pool and system sport betting on: November 04, 2019, 07:47:47 PM
Hey guys,

I am part of SmashTheBookie, a small group of friends pooling money together in sport bets. We all screwed up in the past by playing individually and now we have teamed up for over 2 years and bet on sports as a small syndicate (team) ever since.

We also have a smashthebookie thread in gambling discussion and we have a giveaway thread in the games and round section also.
This thread will only be a reference to show how we bet and results we make. Of course I will not guarantee any profits but by playing system bets and pool bets you can decrease the variance cause you do not loose entirely when 1 of your picks is wrong.

So this thread will be some kind of journal to keep track of this account progress.

Account details

·Starting bankroll is 600€
·Betting platform is
·Betting types pool betting and system betting

What is pool betting?

Pool betting is some kind of lottery kind sport betting. A pool bet gives you predetermined picks to choose from. You have to pick 1x2, under/over, both teams to score, correct score,... depending on the pool that is offered by the platform.
Every pool has a guaranteed prize pool just like in lotteries. And payouts are a little similar as well. Jackpot is shared amongst all the winners and just like in lotteries, the less winners the more you can win.

The reason why we play pool bets is because you can win massive jackpots for smaller amounts. For as less as 2€ you can participate in jackpots up to 1,000,000€ in the weekly pick 6.

In the picture you see a couple pool bets we participated I the previous months.

What are system bets?

System bets are a way of betting on multiple different games and still have the opportunity to make profit or get break even, even when 1 or 2 games are wrong.
The most common system bet we play are Super Heinz or Goliath bets.

A Goliath bet consists out of 8 different games. By choosing the goliath system the system creates a ticket with every possible double up to 8-fold bet. So if you put up a goliath bet you will actually have 247 different bets. And from the moment 2 games are correct you are already making returns. Even in some cases you will get break even, even when 3 picks are wrong.

Reason why we play system bets is to decrease the variance. Everyone knows that playing parlays often results in a 1 bet loss. When you get 1 leg wrong in a parlay the entire ticket is lost. But a system bet is also some kind of parlay but this one keeps making money even when 1-2-3 selections are wrong.
Check below for examples. You see 1 or 2 selections were wrong in this system bets. In a normal parlay you would have lost the entire ticket but as you see because of using system bets we still were able to make profits. Profits made with 1 or 2 wrong selections aren't that big but at least a profit was made and not the entire ticket got lost. So by doing system bets you can keep a better control on your bankroll and decrease variance.

Examples of system bets that were profitable even with 1 or 2 selections wrong.

So lets give this a try. As told above the starting bankroll is 600€ and lets see where it will bring us.

If someone is interested in joining our group after seeing some results just go to our smashthebookie thread or our thread in games and rounds. We always are willing to welcome new members to our 'syndicate'.
12  Economy / Games and rounds / SmashTheBookie sport jackpot giveaways!!!!! on: November 01, 2019, 11:39:52 AM

Hey guys,

we opened a topic in the gambling discussion section but we decided to proceed in games and rounds. We are preparing everything to build a huge crypto sport betting syndicate that is going to crush the colossusbets and Betfair daily sport betting jackpots.

Colossusbets is a platform that offers daily and weekly betting pools with huge jackpots up to 1,000,000€ in their weekly pick 6 games. A lot of websites have the colosusbets pool betting jackpots integrated in their platforms. For example, and offer this product. BUT all this bookies are fiat only rooms and people cannot participate by using their crypto. All platforms only accept fiat and require a kyc procedure. This are things that crypto gamblers do not like to do.

We, SmashTheBookie, are going to offer different services

  • We offer a third party service to play this pool jackpots by using your crypto. You pick your bet and we place it on your behalf through our fully verified accounts.
  • We offer opportunities to join our own pools. We team up, put funds together and go for large jackpots as a team.
  • We will also offer system bets on a regular basis

At this moment we are negotiating with Colossusbets to offer their jackpot pools on our own platform. But there are some thing according to regulations and licenses.So for now we are running this through our social media until we have our automated platform.

But as for every new project it is very important to build a relationship with the community, build some trust and offer something to the community.

So keep an eye on this thread. To build some followers and supporters that want to embrace the project we are going to run some giveaways every week where people can join several jackpots on our expense.


  • We announce amount of participants in every giveaway
  • Qualified people will have the opportunity to pick a 2€ line in a pool determined by us
  • 50% of the winnings of the participants ticket will be shared

Further giveaway details will be shared when the giveaway is posted.

Keep an eye on the thread!!!! First giveaway will be announced within next 60 minutes.

As we said we are started just right now to build our community and hope to build such a good trust that we can run a crypto syndicate with 100s of members in the future.

So help us to build this project.

Check our website
        This is a blog website where we will regularly update winning tickets, giveaway winners, and news about upcoming syndicates.

Join our telegram group
Follow us on twitter
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / SmashTheBookie, crypto sports betting syndicate. on: October 17, 2019, 12:47:06 PM

Hello community,

We are SmashTheBookie. We are not a tipping or prediction service but we are a group of friends that share the same passions, crypto and sport betting.

We have been running sport betting syndicates with friends and online for fiat gamblers, but now we also want to start with the very first crypto sport betting syndicate.

What is a betting syndicate?

A sports betting syndicate is a group of two or more people who pool their resources to attempt to make a profit betting on sports. It can be something as simple as two people combining their bankroll to enable larger bets to a large organization run like a business with dozens of investors and employees.


We all know the stories of crypto bookies closing accounts, confiscating winnings for no reason and more. We want to avoid this. So thats why we only place bets from our personal verified Betfair account. Betfair is a well reputable and one of the largest bookmakers in the world.

We also make sure our participants feel safe. All is about trust. so we also have a thread in the games and rounds where we already organised our first giveaway.

What do we offer?

We offer the crypto community to join in our syndicates. We offer several types of syndicates like pool betting and system betting. We will offer weekly pools and system bets and there will be single pools and system bets.

What is a pool bet?

Put simply, Betfair Pools offers bettors the chance to bet on the outcome of football results and scores. Amounts staked are placed into a big pot (or 'pool') and the winning players share the total pool, minus any deductions. The prize fund is guaranteed, so winners will always win a significant payout which is divided by the amount of players that won on that particular round of fixtures.
Betfair Pools is offered on major football matches across Europe, and for some bets you'll need to select the correct score in each of the games, while in others you'll be able to select the correct outcome (home win, away win or draw). Of course, to win the bet you'll need to select the correct score or outcome, but if you don't there are occasionally consolation prizes available should you come close to a full house.

There are different pools available. You can pool bet on exact score, 1x2, asian handicap and over/under goals. There also are horse racing, NBA and NFL syndicates. So there is a huge offer on a daily basis

Depending on which format you pick you can enter pools that can win 500 up to a whopping €1,000,000 and this for as less as €2 per line. And by doing pool betting it even can get cheaper!!!!!

To spread our risks we will make a mix of creating syndicates ourselves, joining other syndicates and by playing solo bets exclusively for our SmashTheBookie members.

How can you join?

We are running this just through our social media. Maybe in a later stage we will launch a site as well but for now we process everything manually.
You can join by following our giveaway thread in games and rounds or you can send us a message if you want to join the paid pool bets.


You can always approach us here in the forum by posting in this topic or send a pm here on the forum.

You can also join our telegram
You can also follow us on twitter


14  Economy / Gambling / SmashTheBookie, first crypto sportbet syndicate. Freebet for 50 first signups!!! on: October 16, 2019, 06:50:33 PM
this topic will be closed. and new one with another way of working will be posted.

because of feedback received we decided to run our syndicate a little different
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / freezes account right after placing 100mBTC bet!!!! on: October 11, 2019, 12:19:11 PM
Account frozen after placing a 100mBTC bet!!!!!!

Hey guys,

I want to have your opinion on this Mather.


I have been playing on for quit a long time. I have always been very happy with the site. Never had any issue with deposits and withdrawals. Everything happened instantly. From the day I opened the account I also did a full id verification. I was used to that from fiat betting sites. So it didn't bother me.

The account I am using is a very clean account, never had issues with that. Never requested a self exclusion or something like that.

What happened?

I am a huge darts fan. yesterday I deposited 1 time 120mBTC and 1 time 63mBTC to

I placed a bet of 100mBTC

So far everything went well. But all of a sudden my entire account got frozen. I wasn't able to log in so I wasnt able to monitor my running bet.
Mostly when I place such 100mBTC bets I only do that when I am 100% sure I am able to jump in and use the cash out feature if necessary. In both cases when first game is loosing I could still CashOut lets say 50-70% of my bet amount and put that money in another bet.

So their claim to freeze my account was because of links to self excluded accounts. but I never had any issue in the past. I must admit I was watching darts with my neighbour a couple houses further and he has self excluded himself ( black jack addiction). But because I was with him and probably cause I was at the same ip of the self excluded accounts my account got frozen. But after investigation my account was reopened again. So sportsbet admits that my account has nothing to do with self exclusion or multi accounting or something else

So what is my complaint about?

I understand if there is an account flagged that there comes an investigation..... BUT

- Personally from other experience with other gambling sites they first notify you when they are going to investigate the account so the player is capable to cancel his outstanding bets.
- Or betting sites automatically cancel the outstanding bets.

So what bothers me most that because of them freezing my account I wasn't able to cancel my bet or at least to cash out with some loss. Mostly when I place 100mBTC or higher bets I always monitor my games closely so I can CashOut if im not comfortable with how the game is going. But because the froze my account I could not do that.

So this resulted in a entire loss of the entire 100mBTC. But if I would have been able to enter the site I probably would have cashed out at 50-70mBTC when I saw the first game was going into the wrong direction. Or maybe CashOut when CashOut would have increaded to 120-125 when the game was winning.

So I emailed sportsbet and spoken with their chat. I kindly asked them to refund the 100mBTC or at least 70% of that bet because if the reason I wasn't able to use the CashOut feature while account was frozen and because they froze the account without sending a prior message so I would have been able to CashOut or cancel outstanding bets.
I also suggested if they dont refund me they could offer me a freebet from 50 up to 100mBTC non withdrawable to be able to place a bet to recover losses.

But I got a short answer:

They told me they couldnt do nothing about this issue because my account got frozen because of link to self excluded accounts.

What do you guys think of this?

Do you think sportsbet is acting it the right way or do you guys think they should have notified me or cancelled outstanding bets before freezing my account. Which at the end proved the link to self excluded account was false cause the apologised for the inconvenience and reopened my account.

I am not aiming to get back the full 100mBTC. Because the first game was going in the wrong direction I probably would have cashed out maybe 50-60mBTC and would have taken a loss.
So like mentioned before I requested sportsbet to refund me 50-70% of the bet or give me a freebet equal or 75% of the placed bet during the lock out period.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / HiLo bot on: March 07, 2019, 06:38:31 PM
Are there gamblers over here playing on and are interested in a HiLo bot exclusively for Just shoot me a message.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / how to hit 100x or higher multipliers on HiLo every 5 minutes on: March 03, 2019, 11:01:05 AM
Hey guys I am testing out something on how to hit 100x or higher multipliers every 5 minutes or even more frequently.

I am testing with DOGE now. Just keep an eye on the time frames and how frequently I hit higher multipliers
18  Bitcoin / Project Development / telegram bots on: March 01, 2019, 10:08:28 AM
Hi community,

I have been brainstorming about a small project. At this moment I am looking for someone that has some experience on telegram bot development.

NOTE: This is a work on a partnership basis. So you will receive a certain percentage of the project profits instead of a one time payment for work.

Drop me a PM if you are interested.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [AIRDROP][NO ICO!!!!]2pleaseyou, doesn't sell tokens but gives them as bonus!! on: July 08, 2018, 08:04:38 PM

This is not an ICO, But still can be a very nice investment for future profits!!!!!!!!!

First ever crypto project that is not distributing his token through an ICO but that distributes its token as a bonus!!!!!

First ever airdrop for a crypto startup that does not launch an ICO and does not need to raise funds!!!!!!!

Receive 100PLT tokens with a 10$ total value as soon as all our reserved tokens are distributed.

What you need to do?

·Step 1 Follow or like at least 2 of our social media pages.
       -Joining telegram group is obligated.
       -Beside telegram you can choose between following our twitter or liking our FB page or you can do both.


·Step 2 Fill in following Form
·Step 3 We just want you to stay active in our telegram group, like FB posts and retweet or like our tweets and help us keeping our bitcointalk threads active.


Every airdrop participant will receive 100PLT tokens (10$) as soon as the tokens reserved for our webcam platform are distributed.

For further information visit our website
or follow our ANN thread Here

This probably is the shortest Airdrop announcement you seen recently but we like to keep it simple. No weekly proofs to send. We have our own software screening activities in our social media. So automatically every participant in the airdrop will receive his 100PLT tokens when he was a little active on our social media channels.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][NO ICO!!!!]PLT utility token for the adult entertainment industry on: July 08, 2018, 07:28:15 PM

This is not an ICO, But still can be a very nice investment for future profits!!!!!!!!!

First ever crypto project that is not distributing his token through an ICO but that distributes its token as a bonus!!!!!

Why not launching an ICO???    =>Why do so if there is a more fun way to distribute tokens!!!!!

Why raising millions of Dollar to develop a product/project?
Why putting millions of Dollar in a project because of its team or nice looking white paper? There is no guarantee.
Why do ICO teams need to allocate 20% of the raised funds to founders, team and advisors before they have proven something?

=> Conclusion. The only persons that are 100% sure they will fill their pockets with money (crypto) no matter the success rate of the project after the ICO are the founders, team and advisors.

We do it the 2pleaseyou way!!!!

4 ways to get your PLT tokens

=> Receive tokens by becoming a premium 2pleaseyou member starting for as less as 10$
=> Receive tokens as a bonus just to be active on our adult webcam platform.
=> Receive tokens every 5 minutes just for watching PORN on our porn video streaming platform
=> Sign up as performer on our webcam platform as one of the first 1000 performers and receive 500$ value in PLT as signup bonus.

We are not an ICO but a crypto adult entertainment startup with a vision:

 ''launch a healthy company that needs to build step by step with company earnings just like any serious company does instead of attraction millions from investors without any guarantee on success.''

What not to expect?

Do not expect a detailed or technical white paper. We are not an ICO, we are a startup that is introducing their own network of adult entertainment platforms.  

Do not expect detailed info regarding the team. We are a business and not an ICO or blockchain development team. Other adult entertainment companies like for example chaturbate, camsoda do not display their team or employees as well.

Do not expect we will reach our goal over night. We will start from a centralized system and build our platforms to an entirely decentralized system in next 12-18 months. There are ICOs wanting to launch a decentralized system straight away. But why do that if the majority of the people still aren't familiar with crypto, blockchain,... How can their decentralized platforms attract webcam, porn lovers if 90% isn't into crypto. It will scare them off. So that is why we are starting from a centralized system with fiat and crypto payment options and will evolve to a decentralized system in 12-18 months. During those months we will guide every crypto, blockchain novice through this process.

What can you expect?

You can join a project that doesn't rely on raised funds to set up a project. Our webcam and porntube streaming platform is already under construction and first platform will already be delivered in a 4-5 weeks.

You join a project that also takes into account that still the majority of people as well as adult entertainment lovers still are crypto and blockchain novices. How in earth can a project succeed if you don't attract those 90% as well and only attract that 10% that are familiar with it and regular crypto investors that just want to take money by selling as soon as listed.

This project is launched for the adult entertainment community in first place. The usage of the token and decentralization will follow as soon as our basis is strong enough with a huge community supporting our project.

How to get your PLT tokens!!!!!

first option, earn PLT on our webcam platform!!!!

Customers, performers as well as webcam studios will have the opportunity to earn PLT just by doing what they love to do

Third option, WATCH PORN!!!!

fourth option, Sign up as one of the first 1000 performers on our cam platform!!!!

Additional info

Token info and distribution

Some notes on above picture

8 million tokens are reserved for promotors. Do not send us any advertising offer for $, BTC or ETH. At this moment we only work with freelancers and promotors that are willing to promote our project for a PLT token reward. As soon as our platforms are running we will hire paid advertisers and promotors. But as every startup first company earnings need to be generated before money can be spend.

We do not use investors funds to spend on promotors like every ICO does because again we are not an ICO!!!

What are we looking?

- Article writers and blog posters. We are looking for people that have experience in adult entertainment, crypto currency or both.
- video creators that create videos about our project and post on youtube or any other video sharing platform.
- Influencers We are looking for influencers in crypto or adult entertainment industry.

2 million PLT are reserved for our airdrop campaign. We give away 100PLT (10$ value) to first 200.000 airdrop participants.
Airdrop details will be announced in a special bitcointalk thread. As soon as thread is posted the link to the post will be published here.

35 million reserved for promos and bonuses

As soon as all our tokens are distributed on our platforms we will regularly launch competitions, incentives and bonuses to keep our platforms as attractive as possible for performers as well as customers.

25 million PLT reserve
We keep a 25 million token reserve on one of our company wallets for the time our token gets listed on exchanges. After the token is listed we need to be able to provide liquidity on our own exchange as well where people can still keep being or selling their PLT for fiat.

Only 10 million tokens reserved for company and employees!!!!!

Unlike many other projects we only keep 10 million (2%) of the total supply as a bonus for our founders and employees. PLT is a utility token for the adult entertainment. Our opinion is that as much tokens as possible should be in circulation and in hands of crypto or adult entertainment lovers.

2pleaseyou is hiring

Global Performer agents

At this moment we are looking for persons globally that want to become a 2pleaseyou performer agent. We are looking for at least one agent in every country globally. As soon as our webcam platform goes live every agent will receive his own studio account where his hired performers can sign up.
Job description: - post job advertisements on local job websites.
                        - approach people personally.
                        - approach active webcam performers and try to convince them to try out our platform.
                        - promote the platform and project itself.

You will earn in PLT token and $/BTC payments depending what you prefer.
     - You will receive 50 PLT for every performer you attract to our platform.
     - You will earn 5% commission on all performers net earnings that are signed up in your studio.
             e.g your performer earns 100$ at a 50% commission. So your performers earns net 50$. You as studio owner will receive
                   5% on your performer which means you earn 2.5$ on your performer.

Earnings do not look that much but calculate your earnings if you have 10- 25-50-100 performers working for your studio. And take into account that some performers make thousands of Dollar on a weekly basis. One of our team members is a studio owner himself and his results are showing he is making thousands of Dollar every single month. Your earnings will depend on the quality your performers are delivering and how you deal with your performers.
As studio owner you can give performers incentives when reaching a certain goal. You can keep personal contact with them. You can help them out improving their services. All this things help improving your relationship with your performers. If you have happy performers they will give their best every single time.

Contact/follow us                    
Check our Website

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