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1  Economy / Speculation / Need reputable sources of guesses where BTC will go in the next few days/weeks. on: September 26, 2019, 05:03:45 PM
I know nobody can predict it but I am wondering if I should move my BTC into a stablecoin now in fear of losing more or if I will get angry when I lose the trading fees and then watch it go back up again. That happened to me b4 actually.

Also sidequestion what it the a cheap and fast way to move into a stablecoin that is supported on the Ledner nano S.
2  Economy / Currency exchange / WARNING you can NOT chargeback PayPal Friends and Family on: June 26, 2019, 02:27:26 AM
Yeah this might be obvious but I did not think about it as I had other things about the trade in my head.

Why is the forum and people warning everything here a million times about PayPal charge-backs when you can get scammed the exact other way around because from what I saw you can not charge-back those.

Please pin this or add it to this and that topic.

Fucking bullshit.
3  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB BTC for Paypal on: June 25, 2019, 11:31:37 PM
Trusted users preferred, I have USD and EUR directly on my PP. I like to start with small amounts and if I trust you go higher and buy more.

I like to buy BTC for multiple thousands of EUR but as I said I am not going to send someone that right away. I am sending a small amount first and when I get the BTC we can go higher.

If there is anything I can to to get more trust here please let me know, I have to start somewhere and I have no trust at this time. You can see my posts ranting about BTC crash and exposing shitty masternode coins but that's it. Not a newbie on the forum but not every active.

Post your exchange rate and the amount of BTC you want to sell in EUR or USD.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / I like to learn to become a "week trader" where are good places to start? on: December 06, 2018, 09:34:18 AM
I do have a job I should focus more on but I like to have a few trades when I do not have to stressfully look at the prices every hour. I have seen all this Discord groups and Websites where you can sign up for "signals". The idea that I just have someone tell me. "Buy this then, sell it then" sounds way to good to be true for me. On the other hand I know that there are traders with insights that this might be possible.

I do not want to get rich fast and I am very discouraged by this stupid marketing claims like 1000% RIO and stuff like that. I just want to trade some as save as possible trades and make a little money while doing so. I do not want to me a crazy daytrader who watches prices every day and gets anxiety from it. I did got that recently with BTC and I hope its really not falling anymore.

I am fine paying a small monthly fee for some trader community but I do not them to expect from me that I want to be a there every single day and I do not want to do this as a full time job.

Any suggestions?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Good stablecoin to move my BTC right now? on: November 23, 2018, 11:12:44 AM
I am thinking of selling my BTC right now (already waited to long, it just keeps falling).

I looked into STASIS EURS because I prefer Euro over USD but I look at the last years price and it has fallen when you look at USD price. So have real Euros be falling to compared to USD? I do not know and I do not full understand how this stablecoins work. Are they just 1:1 linked to currencies?

Also there seems to be no LInux wallet for EURS just Android and IOS and I do not want to use that.

I think the USD will lose value so there are this Stablecoins that are backed by crypto. I am just looking to move into something fast right now that is not FIAT.

It should have a Linux wallet and even better be storable on a hardware wallet. And it needs to really just store the value as it is basically like I would just cash it out in EURO and store in under my pillow. Is there something like that?

Tether background looked WAY to controversial for me to invest into that but its despite that its still one of the top stablecoins.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Shared Masternodes are BS - Do not do it! on: March 11, 2018, 02:09:51 PM
Learn to setup your own. And do not just go by RIO percentages. Many of this coins have no purpose other then make the creators rich. You need to find a coin that actually does innovative things, that actually has a high volume and marketcap and a future.

It makes no sense at all not to run your own! And no I have not been scammed or anything like that, I never got a "seat" and I never will!

They take a percentage and you are have to assume they pay you the right amount and even if they do they take a cut. For what exactly for setting up a VPS? Seriously linux is a great thing you should learn it its fun. Its the most retarded thing I have ever heard and I am so annoyed by this channels and ads on discord for this kind of things I just wanted to tell everyone.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Can I broadcast a signed transaction at any time? on: March 10, 2018, 01:36:57 AM
I singed a transaction yesterday with bitkey setup.

Two Electrum wallets. One watcher only one on another PC cold.

So I have the file on the shuttle USB with the signed transaction. My guess is I can broadcast it any time I want to, even a year later. But I just want to ask to make sure.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How do I find out if a masternode coin supports IPv6 and how does bind= work? on: March 04, 2018, 02:45:35 AM
I have found this absolutely awesome project, that seems semi abandoned, at least it does not have many of the modern coins you would get into of you would go into the masternode game now. But it for sure does things WAY better then 99% of the stupid noob masternode guides arround that just run one coin as root without systemd, without bothering to move the bins and things like this. I have seen so many horrible guides. And finally I have a good source for dependencies and compile switches for coins.

Before I run into a trail and error hell, and because I am actually interested into the technical detail behind the bind= setting for masternode deamons.

So it seems to use vultr's free IPv6 option and can setup coin totally automatically. I started to write on my own script b4 I found this project and decided to use that instead, and add new coins, seems simple enough for me since I do have Linux knowledge. But I never worked with IPv6 b4 and I am not sure how this work exactly.

So the coins MN guides I have seen all use.


But this project uses
and fills in IPv6 addresses automatically. So can someone tell me how this works exactly? Are this IPs generated? Are they then bind/linked/forwared to the actual IPv4 address the VPS comes with or are they truly run on IPv6?

Because in all the node lists of the coins wallets I run I never saw a IPv6 address. But all coins, including numus that seems one more relevant coin I see on masternodes list sites ofter are seem to do fine this way.

Its just confusing to me, because DASH itself does not seem to support IPv6 and all this modern masternode coins are forks of DASH right?

There is also this
that this script uses and I do not understand what it is and does. Anyone with some knowledge can explain this to me?

Sadly this project comes with a very basic setup guide So my guess is I would just take that IPv6 address from a config it generates and add that to my desktop wallet and try to start it, if fail I would try the main IPv4 of the VPS and hope its somehow forwarded to that IPv6 in the config.

Of course if IPv6 is a problem then its easy to replace it with common config for IPv4 and that script even puts out a warning notice that it has been done manually additionally IPv4 addresses can be bought on vultr or you just run one node of each coin one one VPS. Also I am not sure if all cons support multiple nodes on one VPS, it seems with this setup they do.

// edit

some coin peole just told me that their coin does not even need another ip just another port so that should probably something easy to setup with that script as a base. basically just go to
and change port and then open on the firewall. I may be wrong but I think there are coins where you actually can not use different ports for another node on the same VPS. Its not that its making me poor purchasing another IPv4 (or even other VPS instance) if thats what needed, but still curios about all of this.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Can someone explain hot and cold wallets in reguards to masternodes to me. on: February 28, 2018, 05:29:03 PM
In a bitcoin context I know what a cold wallet is. For example with you have have your actual wallet on a air gapped cold wallet and its private key will likely never get exposed if you use 2 PCs. I think it may even be more secure then a trezor or ledger and its totally free, but not as user friedly.

So for masternodes this concept of hot and cold wallets seems to be something entirely different, i not came across a true cold wallet when it comes to masternode guides. You have a master-node that you start from a hot wallet that run on a desktop, usually the masternode only needs the masternodes private key and is started remotely so they run cold.

Now I came across Ganjacoin and they want you to set privkey and txindex. On the masternode. Why does their masternode needs that as well, does this make it less secure does this expose something? I guess not but I just like to understand the technical part a bit. The masternode is still not a hot wallet I guess but how comes that its doing differently then the other coins I came across?
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