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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Problems with Safetrade on: January 30, 2020, 03:40:07 PM
With the permission of the Bitcointalk moderators, I have no courage to mess anything or anyone.

I am having problems in Safetrade again with ARW currencies, but when you complain twice on your channels, be it discord or telegram or wherever, you simply get banned and delete your comments.

they allow that the mine can be sent to their Exchange, but when there is a problem they say not to do it and you lose the coins, and that happens every little time. If they do not want to be mined directly they only have to establish a minimum of coins to enter, so all the miners would not. But they are interested in doing so, to have more currency flow, but then if there is a problem they transfer it to the miner and do not allow complaints about their channels.

It seems very unethical that they erase complaints and ban users, that shows that they have more to hide and that they are not professionals at all.

His words are always good, but his actions are not. And they are erasing and banging for you. Because they want to solve anything if they don't answer the complaints, if they delete them to give a clean appearance

I have created a Telegram channel to be able to talk about them without anyone banning us, In any case I will ban their moderators if they enter.

I hope it is not annoyance for Bitcointalk, it seems an injustice and I have to have a voice. I have nothing against your project but your moderation is completely abusive
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Warning Vectorium Fash VECT on: June 02, 2019, 05:34:29 PM

that is its price 150 satochis, but when the 570 that is in the order is sold it falls from 150 to 50 satochis, 1/3 of its value.

Currency that is not necessary for anything, has no real use, and that its price will fall shortly.

Please, moderator of Bitcointalk, I am reflecting a market situation. In my opinion I am not insulting or damaging the currency. I am giving information to other users. Deletion of unnecessary post and censorship for others

3  Economy / Scam Accusations / VEctorium Flash VECT WARNING SCAM on: June 02, 2019, 03:18:28 PM
SCAM project. They are Russian but with Italian identities, the crappy photos and I am contacting them through Linkedin since yesterday no one responds.

They have a cheap cheap VPS for the pool that does not support hash. I banned the IP when I launch 1 rig of 1080tix6, because they say it's a lot of hash and I have 12 rigs like that.

They do not have enough to pay a decent VPS and they have to limit and ban the IPS of the users that have the most hash, and you can not access the Pool

The exchante Finebox is among the worst there in the market, the starting price of 150 satochis can only fall, so between the problems of its mini vps and the price of the currency, this project does not last even two weeks.

A shame that the Russians due to their fame have to pretend to be Italian to make another project. And they are so poor that they do not have a dedicated VPS or server.

Another sign that SCAM is possible is that no large pool, such as BSOD, ICemingi, gpuhot, rig, tokyo etc ... none have added the currency due to distrust

I do not like your VPS that banes you if you mine and I do not like the exchange, nor do I like the Russians disguised as Italians.

In my personal opinion, this is a SCAM too shameless, and the fact that the Russians camouflage themselves as Italians says it all. I have nothing against Russia or its people, but if they try to avoid giving their Russian identity.

In the market of cryptos there are many good Russian projects, but also large Russian scams.

Official Website

Facebook -->
Twitter -->
Youtube -->
Telegram -->
Discord -->
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / only knows how to do things wrong and manipulate ann safecoin on: March 04, 2019, 02:49:42 PM

It's a shame to have to be behind these people, but everything they do is wrong. It has been 4 days for a server transfer, those who understand web development will know that it is something badly done.

Now apparently it is public and it works, but no.  that there are orders to buy and sell at the same price and can not sell, especially in "" RIT "" and can not make withdrawals from BTC the exchange is broken.

If you are educated in your discord and put a post they will remove it if you write in your Bitcointalk post that they now auto moderate, they erase it, they erase everything.

Now it is assumed that your exchange is working but it is full of failures, you can not make withdrawals, illogical prices in buying and selling etc ...

they say, it is already open, but it is not working, nor can you withdraw and also in the following image you can see that it is the same price in buying and selling, the Exchange is not working, it takes about 5 days to transfer the exchange to a New server.

When working in WEbs, a hidden copy of the web is made, with private IP entry and everything is configured, so that only the BD is transferred to the latter, this takes no more than 30 minutes. I have move webs of several gigas, I have taken 4 days, but the old one continued working, and when the new one is worked.
Here we have the same currency with the same price in purchase and sale, but neither is bought or sold. Nor can withdrawals be made. I have been banned from Discord, I have removed the post

they say that it is open, if it is true, but nothing works, only half justified.

As one can not complain because they ban you and manipulate everything written, I am forced to write a separate post that is not moderated by them.

This is the message I put in his discord and the one that caused me to be banned. You see if it is a reason to ban someone, when I file a complaint with education.

they say that it is open, if it is true, but nothing works, only half justified.

As one can not complain because they ban you and manipulate everything written, I am forced to write a separate post that is not moderated by them.

This is the message I put in his discord and the one that caused me to be banned. You see if it is a reason to ban someone, when I file a complaint with education.

Two months ago they were hacked, if it is not for me they do not pay the BTC stolen from anyone. But now to recover they have made a change from AL-GO to safecoin their currency, where they have pre-miner and have created a dumo to pump them alone, raise the hype, raising the price and dropping everything as soon as the price was up.

Similarly in RI-TO have a script to manipulate the price, if the offer is 3 purchase, buy a small amount to 4 satochis to raise the price for bots, and then remove the order and remains at 3. So you mine 4 satochis but when you're going to sell this really to 3. Now it's not the case, because there's a high buy order to 4. But when there's no order they do that, and I promise to record it on video of how It happens and hang it right here.

5  Economy / Exchanges / hacked and will not pay for the stolen BTC. on: January 12, 2019, 10:37:03 AM
Yesterday, Friday, January 11, was hacked and coins were stolen.

They are only going to return the stolen safes because it is their own chain and they can do it.

But if you or anyone had BTC in that shitexchange, know that they are not going to pay the stolen BTC, they say "gone" they do not even say the word steal.

As a currency and exchange with the name of SAFE, in the end it turns out that it has no security and they wash their hands. THE BTC WILL NOT PAY, that buyer will want to use his platform now.

They have an illegal clause in their terms and conditions that indicates that if they are robbed they are not responsible. Seriously? you imagine that in Binance, crex24 or some Exchange of the really serious ones.

Some will say that it is my own risk, and no, I pay commissions for each operation and each withdrawal, when they charge for a service they must give security and not cover now in the small print of terms of conditions with their illegal clause.

The exchanges must protect the money of their clients, regardless of the currency, and replace it in case of theft, since the client has entrusted his money to an exchange supposedly "safe"

they are already banning people in discord for expressing this idea, but for bitcointalk they can not ban people, in fact, they are even more exposed.

I do not recommend anyone to use, seeing that they are not safe and that they do not pay if they are stolen. I do not feel like paying for the problems and lack of knowledge of others

I know that now many will come to criticize, especially the holders of Safe because the currency will start to fall in price, and I promise to answer everyone with the desire to upload the post and make more and more visible the HACK in SAFE.TRADE and the refusal to replace the stolen

They have not filed a complaint ?? why Huh Will they have stolen themselves? Will it be an illegal exchange that does not pay taxes? Because there is no police report of theft. I run out of my money and they do what they want ..

As there is the term shitcoin, there are also the shitexchanges as
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Why are the miners paying the DEV equipment failures? on: December 25, 2018, 12:17:43 AM
I do not know about you, but I've reached a point where I'm fed up with anything that fails, the miners always pay.

That the rewards are changed because they are not doing their job well, they do not pay for those hours of mining. If a coin falls and they do not make the failover jump, we pay.

If we undermine a Master and the first day that goes to an exchange goes the DEV and dumps it all by throwing the price to the ground, we pay for it.

Any failure they have, their solution is usually not pay anyone those hours of mining

But why do we have to pay for the failures of the DEVs? I have already had many, too many times. They apologize, they look good, they do not pay and goodbye.

I just happened with CLG and I'm very burned with them. to the point that I am undermining even though it is not the most profitable and selling at the lowest price to drop the price.

They were 10 hours with problems in the strato on the subject of rewards and instead of stopping the blockchain and our systems failover or "awesome miner" jump to another currency, they leave us undermining and then with all the shamelessness of the world, that's not they pay it, and on top of that you complain and they delete another account that you had with many coins ... Only because it was their official pool. because I was mining the official pool of CLG, not any pool, one expects some guarantees, a seriousness, that have not been given and have treated me as a liar.

Because the developers are never to blame and because they never pay for their mistakes. Are not you fed up? and I speak to you, the miners like me, Are not you fed up?

in this case my problem with them is in the following link, since they banned me from discord.
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