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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Appeal for negative feedback on: January 26, 2015, 06:44:36 PM
Hello, you all know me as the scammers "partner", and I am requesting for a removal of my negative feedback.
You may be thinking: "Whatever he helped him scam, he was running a ponzi and that is automatically a scam"
I would like to prove why this is not grounds for calling me scammer.
Ponzi games aren't scams, its the same as gambling on a dice site but instead of relying on a random number generated, your relying on other people sending. Only money I was taking was from the fees, which dice sites do as well, called provably fair. I'd also like to add that the fees were taken from me as well and I had over 1 btc in fees in that wallet, so I have lost more than some of you guys on the site.
I have already repaid 2.5 btc out of my OWN POCKET, meaning my total loss because of this was about 3.5 btc on top of the posts I wasn't paid for from the signature campaign as quickseller told marcotheminer to remove me because of the negative feedback.
Along with my account being completely trashed with this negative feedback. Previous customers and people I've dealed with still trust me because they know I am trustworthy and have handled large transactions before, and am still working with those on a regular basis. Having this negative trust makes it hard for me to make new sales and projects, and join signature campaigns which make my losses much higher than the actual amount of btc stole from me.
I came out and told you that I was the secondary operator of this. I could've chosen to remain in the shadows and let this blow over but I am tightly knit in this community and people deserve to know this truth.
All blame is placed on me even though I didn't take anything from anyone. Theres no reason in calling someone who hasn't scammed a scammer, and doing so is actually punishable by law:
You don't have any proof that I stole any funds, and I have proof that the theif was not me, and all of us have established proof that moreia and his band of alts were involved in this, as well as his alt actually told us he stole the funds as well.
Imagine this scenario. You work for Mt. Gox as the programmer. You developed this exchange, you handled any problems, you did what you were told and you were paid during fees. During the night when you were sleeping the CEO runs and takes all money the exchange held, including the employees salary. Should the programmer be held responsible, and have his resume ruined because of this?
^ Thats probably the most relative scenario I could've thought of. I was the programmer in this partnership and he was the guy who handled people and advertising with his ring of alts.
Please review the information above and rethink why you are falsely accusing me of scamming.
2  Other / Off-topic / Huge blame put on me, what should I do? on: January 20, 2015, 04:07:43 AM
If you want to know more about this problem please check my recent posts.
I was partnered up with moreia, and he ran away with 13 btc, and now I am taking the blame for it. I have reached into my personal wallet to pay back 2.5 btc, this was MY money and didn't have to be paid back. I did this to be honest, and to help. I could have stayed in the shadows and let this all blow over, but I came out and told what happened.
I understand how people are mad that 13 btc is gone (balance is now ~10 since I paid back), but it seems they don't want to be paid back.
I offered to set up another ponzi (this time with my REAL account) and pay him back with the fees, but no one wants this.
There is no other way for me to pay back this money, and either people don't automatically shout me down, or people help me, and eventually we can get their money back.
I feel extremely depressed about this, and I just don't know how people are so reluctant to help. I proved that moreia was taking part of this.
What should I do? Report this to the police? Where would I send this info and would they do anything with bitcoin?
3  Economy / Investor-based games / CharityPonzi - 125% - all fees repaid to scammed investors on: January 20, 2015, 02:51:33 AM
Well, its me, and you guys know me as the secondary owner of autoponzi, fastponzi, and bitcoinponzi.
If you haven't heard what happened, check my recent posts and my trust.
My partner ran away with 13 btc, and is gone with his money while I'm taking shit for what he did.
Is it fair that I took the blame? No, but I have a liability to pay this amount back, as a trusted member here (until now)
I have already dipped into MY pockets and paid 2.5 to some investors, and I need to repay the next ~10 btc back.
Its either this, or they get nothing, since there is no way I can obtain that much money.
I am doing this to regain the trust on my account, prove everyone that im not a scammer, and pay the scammed investors back.
Site will be up soon, will be fully automatic, and will pay out.
If a trusted escrow could step up and hook up his wallet to the place where fees go, that would be optimal in gaining trust.
So the rules, minimum 0.01 btc maximum 1.5 btc, 125% payouts when the next person sends (you all know how these things work), and 5% will be taken as a fee from the payout amount, and given to the escrow address
Address and site will launch soon.(within an hour or so)
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam accusation against... Myself and my partner on: January 19, 2015, 10:59:59 PM
Many of you know me as a php programmer selling scripts.
I made good money off of that, and aim to do so in the future.
I had great products that people liked, and people trusted.
I participated on these forums for almost 2 years, and am almost a hero account. Built my trust up, and am hoping to increase doing so.
About half a year to a year ago my friend wanted to participate in some sig campaigns to make some money so he made an account for it, and he asked me to make some posts every so often (he got bored after about 28 activity) to increase the activity to full or senior.
Friend hasn't been on since then, dont blame him.
Anyways, only campaign that I could join was 777coin, he lost his address so I temporarily just changed it to my own.
Made a tiny amount of btc, doesn't really have any significance.
Continued selling dice scripts, doing coding (all code is fine, nothing malicious, my trust and feedback can back me up on that), made some money.
First time I discovered ponzis I was skeptical, but eventually I trusted them more in that they are honest and transparent. This was in the last ponzi boom about a year ago during march.
Ponzi ended, and then about 2 weeks ago ponzis started up again, but first let me tell you how I met my scammer partner.
About a month ago I met my partner (moreia) over email. He offered me 1.7 btc for a reselling license for my dice scripts. If anyone is inquiring about this partnership with dice scripts you can ask in this thread (looking to keep this as public as possible)
Good partner, he got lots of sales and I made good comission, this guy knows how to sell stuff. We had a good partnership going on, made some profit, people liked our scripts, everything was going good.
Leading up to about 2 weeks ago when started. I was the 4th investor in that, I was excited that ponzis came up again, they were a lot of fun. reinvested 4 times, total volume was about 700 btc or something in the first week, the owner made 40 btc in fees (about 10,000$ usd). I thought in my head that it would be cool to run one of these, but its a big project and I didn't want to have to deal with it myself, I never though that I would be running one.
Moreia sent me an email the next day asking if we wanted to partner up (skype message here: on something like this!
I never scammed anyone before (and I never planned on it) because I spent SO many hours on this account and work. I built my reputation up and I figured running a large trustworthy site would make me even more trustworthy, earning me profits in the ponzi fees and from my dice scripts.
I agreed, this would be a lot of fun, and now I have a partner who is great at selling things (he has a bunch of alts and people he knows that could pump this up).
We first set up, worked out well, people liked our site, we made almost a btc in fees (split 50/50 between us) and we both thanked eachother for having this great idea.
Nextponzi weekly died down and we wanted to set up some more sites to keep the excitement of fees coming in (we reinvested in our own websites to help keep it going)
We set up 48 hour, that worked out greatly as well.
We made fake accounts to avoid getting our accounts trashed which all the ponzi accounts did.
Nextponzi was good, but 48 hour died again and we made 1 more site, autoponzi. Nextponzi had some problems with the api (blockchain was terrible and this ended in skipped transactions), and in the thread there was lots of bugs shown, which were all fixed. We started up autoponzi (kerimk2 account was used), hoping to make that bigger without some bugs holding it down, it worked great but blockchain banned our ips and resulted in long response times. It had a bad start due to the IP being banned the first hour in.
Since autoponzi had lots of time put into it and we were going to advertise/give the most care to it, we were going to use the kerimk2 account. Having a full member running this would result in more trust at the default, people trust full members more than newbies. I gave him ownership of the kerimk2 account, password and username, and he took over bumping it and posting elsewhere (I think he tried to make a ban appeal and tried to evade being banned, this was not the doing of me)
We sorted out the IP, but we were sitll having problems with connecting to API, so we scratched blockchain and created our final site We then converted all our old sites to the api which was amazing and allowed us to process thousands of TXs per second. worked out great, we had no problems and everything was working good.
Some rounds were restarting, our first restart went well on the 48 hour, and then I think auto was restarted, these all went well, moreia did a good job in restarting these rounds.
Finally came the round change (weekly) which was this morning. He generated new addresses, we were all ready.
Didn't pay much attention to it. saw the deposits on the site, but noticed they were confirmed and not paid (13 btc total). Saw the message at the top saying problem with the API so he manually sent them. Seemed a bit fishy, but I trusted him with loads of btc before so I thought he was being truthful. He wasn't responding to skype messages about this, but he lives in australia, on opposite time zones and he usually took a while to respond to my messages.
He sent the 13 btc to here
And at around 3 or 4 confirmations, I checked the thread first to see what people were thinking, i then checked the address, and then I realised it. He used shared sent to get his bitcoins away from that address (if anyone can trace it or something that would be great, but that probably wouldn't help us resolved it).
Messaged him a couple more times on skype before he blocked me and then I got EXTREMELY mad. I had some investors lose 13 btc, more than a thousand dollars worth of btc to this guy.
He then replied to me about an hour later using a hushmail address
Email screenshot here
I formatted it a bit (A lot) in the thread to show people he ran away with the money. I wanted to distance myself from this, since I was not the one who stole the money, and am not responsible for that money. I figured running a new ponzi site honestly would be the only way to recover some money through fees, and eventually I could repay my investors.
Leading me up to an hour ago, I made a post (you all quoted this, this was my writing and I know what I said) saying he replied to me giving the option of "transferring ownership" to me.
I messaged quickseller, shorena, and redsn0w about running an honest ponzi, and proving that I was legit (instead of instantly neg bombing me).
And then due to quicksellers excellent detective skills, saw how kerimk2 posted a while ago how he wanted to change the payout address to mine, and then I knew I was found out. People know that the 3 sites were connected, and now they knew I was a part of them. No sense in defending myself, and the only way to recover that 13 btc is to come out honestly and explain my situation.
For the people skeptical about my "partner" being the ones stealing the funds, and maybe they think it was me, you can look at his posts (he was banned for ban evasion on the alt accounts) and how closely he was related to ponzis, trying to justify them and all that. You can see the trust he left on how we were partnered up, and I can show you the skype messages, PMs, emails, if you are doubting me telling the truth.

My solution to this, is continuing to run ponzi sites, under this account, and giving FTP access to a reputable escrow (redsn0w is sort of involved in this, I sent him a PM about the legitimacy of running an escrow) who would be there to verify my scripts, maybe giving him the email access to the blockchain wallet, maybe fully restricting me from touching the wallet or the files).
And the fees being linked to an address held by redsn0w. We would pay out all 13 btc over time (starting from the bottom), and hopefully resolve this situation.
Doing some quick math, if we charged 5% fees on this, we would have to reach 260 btc volume to be able to earn 13 btc in fees.
This is reachable in under a month, nextponzi raised over 100 volume in about a week, and if ran by a trusted (now untrusted, im referring to this account) account and having the fees going to an address owned by redsn0w, we could easily reach this volume in a month, and to pay back each 0.5 btc investment we would have to raise 10 btc in volume, which auto reached 40. I beleive that we can recover these funds, and I will volunteer to help recover this money to regain my trust.

I am deeply sorry in partnering, lesson learned the only one you can trust is yourself.
If anyone has any questions about this post, or wants further proof (email thread of partnership, full skype log), please post here.
I reach out to the escrows, whoever wants to help me with recovering this 13 btc.

5  Other / Meta / Should Ponzi = Negative trust on: January 19, 2015, 07:35:31 PM
Hey, I know there is another thread here but this case is different. The owner of (and also and, which are all the same owner) has stolen 13btc from for  "medical emergency" (not that I believe that but he is gone for good).
I sent him an email. since I noticed 13 btc was sent from the ponzi address to his own wallet and then used shared send to somewhere (I dont think we can track it now). He offered to give me his code and password to the hosting site he used and all of his sites, and so I could hcange the email and therefore give it to me. I was chosen because I was trusted, and was almost a hero member and I participated in some of his ponzis. Anyways, I would like to run one of these HONESTLY. There is lots of money in the fees, and since my account is almost 2 years old (maybe even older? I don't know), I would be open to starting up ONE large, trusted ponzi, with multiple features and a large well done site (I do lots of php, mysql, html coding) and could take ponzis to the next level, and I seek to create a large trusted ponzi. Weeklyponzi is extremely trusted, more than 2000 replies on their post, but there account is newbie. They are not trusted here, for all we know its just a throwaway account from someone already on the forum, but I want to create a ponzi where people know that a trusted person is running it, and am using a very valuable account.
All that I ask from the community, is how people will react if I start up a ponzi. I have messaged quickseller, shorena, and redsn0w about this and they suggested for me to post this here, but I want the people who automatically label ponzi accounts as negative to listen and use the trust system how it is supposed to be used.
If theres no evidence of me scamming, please don't leave negative trust, since I haven't done anything wrong. A ponzi SCHEME is a scam, taking new investors money and giving it old, and then calling it "cloud mining". It is strange to me that these obvious ponzi SCHEMES, are treated better than a ponzi GAME which stay online and never run away with the money.
If the community doesnt want me running a ponzi that would be taken into consideration, and the reason im posting this is to not trash my 2 year old account trusted by more than 15 people an zero negative or even neutral trust.
If I created a ponzi, this would be the ponzi with the account that is the most trusted to date. We had a full member run, but even he got his account negative bombed even though he never scammed anyone.
TLDR: I am thinking of running a honest ponzi GAME, and please dont negative trust me if I create one and don't scam anyone
6  Bitcoin / Project Development / Hack me (reward) on: January 08, 2015, 12:09:39 AM
Got a dice site which I would like to make public.
Ive gotten lots of bug fixes but theres no more problems reported for the past while and I've fixed everything people have suggested.
I will offer 0.001 per bug and if you can get into my mysql database/hack your balance/ hack your bet, whatever, I will pay you 0.05 btc.
Theres no vps or anything hooked up to it right now so you wont be able to steal funds Wink
7  Economy / Digital goods / CryptoScripts Dice v1.1 -- RUN YOUR OWN CASINO -- Invest/Non-invest on: January 02, 2015, 06:08:21 PM

Please post any questions in the thread or PM
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Security keys are only generated from the next day onwards after installation. You can manually create a server seed pair if you need to test it the first day.

Dice Regular v1.1 - All bugs fixed
Interested in running your own Bitcoin Dice Script? Well, after months of work, I have finally developed a PHP dice script that allows you to run your very own Crypto Dice Site!

There are two versions to this dice script, one accepts user investments and one does not.

Dice Script NON-USER Invest Script
- Admin Funded
- All source code is not hidden and therefore is changeable by you. You can edit the code and add your own features as you please!
- Provably fair, code is also adjustable
- Compatible with all crypto currencies. You can add/remove any crypto currency you please
- Install included
- Beautiful Custom Bootstrap Design
- Custom themes avaliable
- Mobile optimized
- Well-organized deposit system & instant withdrawals (this is adjustable as to how many confirmations a user can have before withdrawals being sent)
- Registration System
- Security patches, all script is secure
- Chat box
- Adjustable Faucet

- PHP webserver
- Cron
- Cryptocurrency server

Price: 0.5BTC 0.35BTC -- SPECIAL SALE --

- All of the features of the previous script
- Ability to take in bankroll investments from users
- Adjust maximum and minimum investment
- Instant invest/divest system
- No delays for users to invest and divest
- Invest only accounts can be manually activated as per user request (locked gambling)
- Chat include, FREE OF CHARGE

- PHP webserver
- Cron
- Cryptocurrency server

Price: 1BTC 0.5BTC -- SPECIAL SALE --

Optional Add-ons (extra price per add-on):
- Chat: Give your users the ability to chat to each other building a nice community (Chat can be moderated)
- Faucet: Give some users the opportunity to test out the site before putting major funds in (Faucet payout frequency and amount can be adjusted)
- Upgrade system: More features will come in the future, with this you will receive unlimited updates with the script for no charge
- Theme integration: Installing your theme from is easy, but we can get a custom theme for your needs

Price: 0.15BTC
- Extra Licenses (non invest script): One extra license
Price: 0.1BTC
- Extra Licenses (invest supported script): One extra license
Price: 0.25BTC
- Unlimited Licenses (non invest script): Unlimited amount of licenses
Price: 0.35BTC
- Unlimited Licenses (invest supported script): Unlimited amount of licenses
Price: 0.75BTC

If you are interested in purchasing the script, Post below or send a PM. You can also add me on skype: williamj2543
Main page

Terms of Use:
-- Unlimited support via skype, email, or PM is provided at no cost.
-- All licenses are not to be re-distributed unless approved by williamj2543. Resale rights are available for negotiable pricing.
-- All payments are UPFRONT or escrow
-- You receive all files within 48 hours after your upfront BTC payment
-- BITCOIN ONLY accepted
-- All sales are manual for licensing and security purposes
-- All licenses are recorded to each site, user or domain. If anyone violates these terms their license CAN be terminated via other means.
8  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin Dice Casino Script Featuers on: December 29, 2014, 06:07:05 AM
I am in the process of developing a really complex and fully featured dice script but I want some ideas on what to add to it.
I have the basic faucet, chat, invest, and provably fair features but I want to know what the community would want to see in a dice casino or script that they would purchase. I would like to make this as best as possible and am open to all ideas so don't be afraid to share them here.
(All people who post a well thought idea will receive 50% off the script when it is completed)
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Devitout101 scammer on: December 17, 2014, 10:36:11 PM
A user named Devitout101 has been trying to resell a blackjack script which has been stolen from someone else. The user also removed the license file from the file, which is illegal and I will be following up about that. 1btc has been conned, and I gave him 2 choices, full refund or we contact his ISP.
I have his ip address, and have confirmed where he lives, so what would the best course of action be?
10  Economy / Digital goods / Selling btc exchange script on: December 17, 2014, 04:17:31 AM
I would like to sell an exchange script. Right now it has basics, like an account system, and open trades and filling trades, but I can add more things like depositing, 2fa, integration with your site where you want to be able to trade shares and more.
PM for price
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Are ponzi games still a thing? on: December 13, 2014, 12:46:32 AM
I remember a while ago ponzi gambling games were all over the place, now I can't find a single one. They were quite fun, but why did they go down?
If anyone is interested, I would start up one.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Multibit phishing, beware! on: December 10, 2014, 02:44:10 AM
Just got an email from "multibit" forwarding to a site that looks exactly the same and the domain is slightly different. Here is the email:

13  Bitcoin / Project Development / Looking for partner selling bitcoin scripts on: December 08, 2014, 10:35:19 PM
Hello, I am a php bitcoin programmer, I have made dice scripts, wheel of fortune scripts, and custom jobs for people before, but I need someone to help develop blackjack with me, and market other scripts for a commission.
Our primary method of contact would be over skype, or email (I would prefer skype). is my email address
williamj2543 is my skype username
14  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Wheel Script ☆ Custom design ☆ Any Coin Compatibility ☆ AUCTION on: December 02, 2014, 12:13:12 AM
Selling a cryptocurrency wheel script. The script is offchain, meaning it does not spam the blockchain, and it is completely open source.
Register on the demo and PM or ask for a fund top up to test it out.

Build with CSS, PHP, HTML, and Javascript from scratch

- All source code is not hidden and therefore is changeable by you
- Compatible with all crypto currencies
- Install included
- Beautiful custom casino theme
- Well-organized deposit system
- Integrates extremely well with my dice game

- PHP webserver
- Cron

Sold games

Referral System:

If you get anyone to buy a copy from me, you get 0.1 btc - half of the selling price]

Bet page and wheel:

Bet table (auto updating):

Price is 0.2 BTC, PM me for negotiating
COMBO FOR DICE AND WHEEL TOGETHER 0.25 (savings of 0.1 btc)
Get 10% off by mentioning bitcointalk

Other games:
- Dice:
Contact me:
skype: williamj2543
15  Bitcoin / Project Development / PHP Secret Key Generating Script on: September 28, 2014, 07:38:25 AM
I have made a very short secret generating script for if you need to make secret keys for casinos. This makes 3650 days worth of keys (you can easily make more, just change one number) to last 10 years. It generates and inserts the original secret (the thing you use and reveal 24 hours later), and the encrypted version which you release instantly, and it there at any time. It also associates a day per each pair. It inserts it all into a mysql database, but you can obviously change this, maybe insert into a csv file or something else. It is written in php.
This assumes you have a table with 3 columns, date, hash, and secret. You can change the table name if you want, and the hash algorithm. Its up to you what you do with it.
Source code:

// ^ connect to the database on this line. The mysql connection is on the object $db
$start_date date('n/j/Y');
for (
$i 1$i <= 3650$i++) {
$next_date strtotime($e++." day"strtotime($start_date));
$date date('n/j/Y',$next_date);
$key substr(str_shuffle(abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ),01) . substr(str_shuffle(aBcEeFgHiJkLmNoPqRstUvWxYz0123456789),031);
$hashkey hash('sha256'$key);
$stmt $db->prepare('INSERT INTO crypti_secrets (date, hash, secret) VALUES (:date, :hash, :secret)');
$result $stmt->execute(array(
'date' => $date,
'hash' => $hashkey,
'secret' => $key,
Please donate if you found this helpful: 16MtvTUvqwwKwV87nayxPLHTJJZNGPa9qw
16  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bipolarbob post checker! on: September 27, 2014, 05:52:40 AM
Finalizing my post getting service, I finally created a service echoing the latest post, and emailing me if there is a new post. The url to this is
It works on any bitcointalk user, just replace the ID with your desired one and it will print out the latest post. I have this running on a cronjob, and it emails me only IF there is a NEW post for bipolarbob. Let me know if you want the source code for this.
17  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcointalk post and profile checking methods on: September 26, 2014, 03:14:09 AM
I have been exploring some methods for gathering data from users from bitcointalk, for sig campaigns and other purposes. I have found a way to gather individual profile data, and I can easily automate this, insert into databases, and even format a table with given IDs. You can view my little test thing here:
Replace the id the end (currenly mine) with yours and it gathers your Post count, activity, rank, username, and bitcoin address, perfect for signature campaigns. I could also easily implement a feature logging the post count from the beginning of a time period, and relog the end and find the amount of posts the user made in that time period, and listing that in a file along with their btc addresses so thahas t the sig campaign owner could easily payout within minutes. If anyone wants the code for this, PM me, but the main purpose of this thread is to find anyone that has further information on this. I would like to be able to check and list the users posts, and if there are any new posts a php function is logged. Basically, it would check the posts and if new posts, run a notification service, maybe emailing with the post content. For the previous profile checking, I would find the html element, and then find the data corresponding to that row in the table. It doesn't work like this in the post list page, so if someone could help me on this that would be great.
18  Economy / Service Discussion / - no block in 8 hours. on: September 19, 2014, 08:03:18 PM
Check no block for 8 hours! My transaction is still unconfirmed and I'm getting inpatients whats up?
19  Bitcoin / Project Development / Uncaight exception "exception" ERROR, cant do getinfo on: September 18, 2014, 02:15:21 AM
I am trying to connect to a Bitcoindark linux server, which is port forwarded, running, all ips allowed, I checked if the port was open on a site, and everything, but still I can't connect. Actually, it doesnt give an error on the connect line, and when I change the information on the connect line to wrong information, nothing changes. The error is given on the getinfo() line.
This is the error I get
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Incorrect response id (request id: 1, response id: )' in /home/crypsizy/public_html/jsonRPCClient.php:152 Stack trace: #0 /home/crypsizy/public_html/bitcoind.php(4): jsonRPCClient->__call('getinfo', Array) #1 /home/crypsizy/public_html/bitcoind.php(4): jsonRPCClient->getinfo() #2 {main} thrown in /home/crypsizy/public_html/jsonRPCClient.php on line 152
I can't tell if it connects or not, because it doesn't give an error if the connection line is wrong, and it doesnt show any error information.
Please help
20  Bitcoin / Project Development / Ideas for casino on: September 17, 2014, 12:50:01 AM
Hey guys,
I want some new ideas that you would like to see in a dice casino, or a general casino. Things like betting on bets, or some new ideas that you would like to see. I want some ideas to develop
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