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1  Other / Meta / Newbie Patrol on: September 19, 2018, 09:12:58 PM
How many of you fine folks have enabled the "Patrol" link in your profile?  
How do you use it?
What do you look for?
I imagine some of you (LoyceV?) have some script you use to scan the posts for plagiarism and spam.

In the last couple of days I've spent a little time going through the newbie posts and have reported a couple.  But it's slow going that way, and my eyes start burning after so many quoted bounty replies.

Any suggestions for making it more useful would be appreciated.
2  Economy / Goods / [FOR SALE] Firearms, Optics, Gun Parts, and Accessories. on: September 13, 2018, 04:28:54 AM
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Handgun Section
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Smith and Wesson Model 27 (no dash) 4-Screw.
Price: $1500 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Smith and Wesson U.S. Government Model 1917
WWI production, 5-digit SN.
Price: $1750 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Rifle Section
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Harrington and Richardson M12 Military .22 Training Rifle.
This is a CMP rifle, I'm pretty sure I have the certificate if you want it.
Price: $SPF

More photos here.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Remington 700 Short Action Receiver Assembly.  New, never assembled.  
Includes a complete bolt assembly, trigger assembly, magazine, and bottom metal.
Price: $SPF

More photos here.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Remington 1903a3 Sporter, .30-06, includes a Leupold VxII 1.25-4x25mm scope.
The pictures don't do it justice, it's a beautiful rifle in person, and light weight.
Price: $450 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Remington Model 30-S Express .30-06
This is a pretty cool rifle for the Remington History buffs.
Based on the U.S. Model 1917 "American Enfield" (aka Eddystone)
The Scope is clear and bright, but it's missing the reticle (I can't see it, anyway.)
Price: $950 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Shotgun Section
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Remington Model 11 (Humpback Browning Auto 5)
New bushing and spring.  Very comfortable clays gun.
Price: $500 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Simson Suhl German (GDR) Side by Side 20 gauge.
I'll let the photos do the talking.
Price: $1200 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Trijicon ACOG Reflex NSN-1240-01-435-1916
Price: $300 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Gun Parts
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

M14 (M1A) USGI Buttplate kits
5 of the steel shoulder rests have been reparkerized, the rest are of original finish.
All the buttplates (Aluminum pieces) need refinishing.
There are enough small parts to complete at least 8 assemblies, (just missing a few ball bearings.)
I'd rather sell the whole lot all at once.
Price: $200 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

M1 Garand OpRod SA-9 (Springfield Armory U.S. Arsenal)
Curved Side, Uncut.
Price: $150 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

M1 Garand OpRod HRA (Harrington and Richardson)
Price: $120 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt Assembly
Price: $120 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

1903 Parts
All parts in photo are included
Price: $75 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Ruger New Vaquero Rose Wood grips, no screw.
Price: $30 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

McMillan GAP Camo A3-5 Full Adjustable stock
Cut for a Surgeon 581, but will work for any standard length Remington 700 or compatible.
Bottom metal relief is cut for a Surgeon or Badger Ord.
Flush cup sling swivel mounts installed.
Price: $750 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

McMillan Forest Camo A3 stock
Cut for a short action Remington 700 with standard bottom metal.
Price: $500 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

M1 Garand Grenade Launcher Sights
Still wrapped in the original paper, includes instructions and carry bag.
Price: $15 USD,

M1917 Parts
Sight ladder, stacking swivel, rear swivel, front sight block, stock ferrule and buttplate.
Price: $25 USD,

M14 (M1A) USGI Buttplate assembly.
Needs refinishing
Price: $30 USD,

AK-47 Slings
Unknown origin, 3 available
Price for each: $5 USD,

FAL Flask Cleaning Kit
New, never used.
Price: $20 USD,

AR-15 Stand-Alone Rear Sight Assembly
I Mill-cut a carry handle to make this, needs finishing.
Price: $20 USD,

AK-47/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool
Price: $5 USD,

FAL Bayonet
Price: $15 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

SIG P Series Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool
Price: $75 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Springfield Armory Inc XD Series Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool
Price: $75 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Brownell's Bolt Forge Kit.
I'm including a set of aluminum heat-sinks, handy for welding.
Price: $50 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Miscellaneous Accessories
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Custom, handmade Cowboy holster for a Ruger Single Six. -
No manufacturer markings, I got it from an coworker about 10 years ago.
He said he had it made for his wife by guy in Oregon.  
I lost track of the coworker, and I don't remember the name of the guy who made it.
It's made for a smaller person:
I have a 36" waist and the belt buckles at the second to last notch for me.
Price: $50 USD,

More photos here.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Terms of Sale
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Shipping to USA only!
Firearms must ship to a Federally licensed dealer (or collector if applicable.)
Buyer to pay shipping and insurance fees.
Buyer to pay escrow fees.

Payment options in order of my preference:
Bitcoin (will provide signed invoice, buyer to pay escrow fees)
Chase Money Order
USPS Money Order
PayPal G&S (plus 3.5%, no F&F)

All sales are final.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Mauser P08 Luger Black Widow, made in Obendorf (BYF code) in 1941.
Included with the pistol is an original Luger holster, the take-down assist tool, and three magazines (none with numbers matching the gun.)

LRB M14 Muzzle device/Faux flash suppressor with Bayonet lug

Harris 1A2 Ultra Light Bipod,

Springfield Armory Inc SOCOM 16 Muzzle Break/Gas Cylinder Lock/Front Sight
Includes Trijicon XS Tritium Sight.

FAL Pistol Grip Cleaning Kit, New, never used.

Ontario KC SPECOPS SP1-95

Smith & Wesson K Frame grips, no screw.

Smith & Wesson K Frame grips, include screw.

1911 Wrap-around rubber grip

1911 Target Right Handed grip set

Chinese M14 (M1A) parts
All parts in the photo are included.

Smith & Wesson K Frame round butt grips, includes screw.

Mossberg .308 10-Round Magazine
DPMS AR308 Pattern

1911 Beavertail Grip Safety
Will not fit unmodified Colts, for a bobbed rear frame spur.

FAL Dust Covers
One has been reparkerized, the other looks to have the original painted finish.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM] MetaMask Android App on Google Play Store on: September 04, 2018, 07:01:07 PM
This weekend I wanted to buy a CryptoKitty (so cute) so I went to check on one of my MetaMask accounts, and it's been depleted!  No transaction evidence in my wallet, but Etherscan shows the transaction, of course.  I only lost 0.021 ETH, so the kids aren't gonna starve, but I don't want this scammer getting away with anyone else's money.  He already has 40 ETH in his wallet.

Retracing my steps I've concluded this is due to my attempting to use the MetaMask android app.  I know, I know, there isn't one.  But I found one on the Play Store a few weeks ago, and I must have been drinking because I wasn't as skeptical and careful as I usually am.  The piddly rinky-dink "token ransom" wallet was the only one I tried to set up on that app, and it's the only one that was compromised.

Be Safe!

My Wallet: 0xD2bd00918CACac389a8178D7C39a04aeEb750229

Thief's wallet: 0x822dab4eb6d938a96c1d4be0ddde0f8ad5e8332f
4  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] I need a $250 Bitmain coupon on: August 26, 2018, 01:26:18 AM
If you have a $250 bitmain coupon for sale please let me know. 

No scammers, I won't go first unless you are trusted.
5  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS]Domains for sale. on: August 09, 2018, 04:44:51 PM
I have a few domains I want to sell.  Some I bought for projects that I no longer want to pursue, some I bought purely for speculation.  The domains are listed on a domain sales site;  The prices on include their commission and escrow fees.  The prices listed here are for direct purchases only.  I prefer payment in Bitcoin, but I'll accept paypal.  Buyer is to pay any escrow fees incurred.

Domain  ||  Price in USD  ||  Price in BTC  ||  Usage  ||  Status  ||  $100  ||    ||  Previous firearms retailer  ||  inactive  ||  $100  ||    ||  undeveloped  ||  inactive  ||  $100  ||    ||  undeveloped  ||  inactive  ||  $200  ||    ||  undeveloped  ||  inactive  ||  $200  ||    ||  Translation service  ||  inactive

Feel free to make me an offer.
6  Economy / Currency exchange / delete on: August 01, 2018, 02:04:03 AM
please delete
7  Economy / Currency exchange / Please Delete on: July 29, 2018, 03:37:46 PM
Please Delete
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / [NFL] National Football League 2018 on: July 26, 2018, 05:26:01 PM
Any American Football fans here?

Here's my prediction:  If Jimmy Garoppolo stays healthy the Niners will beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
9  Other / Off-topic / Life on Mars? on: July 26, 2018, 04:15:14 AM
News today says an Italian team announced they may have found a subsurface lake on mars.

If there is a liquid water lake on Mars it's likely to be as salty as the dead sea.  If so, the chances of finding life are very slim, but I'm going by what's normal here on earth.  Do you think life could exist on Mars?
10  Economy / Goods / [WTS] WWII Nazi Luger Made in 1941 by the Mauser factory in Obendorf on: July 18, 2018, 11:01:10 PM
Moved this gun to the Firearms Mega Thread:
11  Economy / Computer hardware / blank on: July 18, 2018, 07:52:19 PM
12  Economy / Reputation / Account dealers in need of red paint. on: July 17, 2018, 04:29:53 PM
Account dealers are slime balls.  Odds are they're scammers with nothing to actually sell.  The ones who do sell real accounts are only facilitating and exacerbating the issues this forum has developed; scammers and spammers.  The only reason anyone would want to buy an account is to scam people or spam the forum.  If we want the place cleaned up, we'll need to step up, take ownership, and help out.

Here are a few dealers without red trust that I found on the first two pages of the "invites and accounts" sub alone.  I'll keep adding them as I find them.  














Red Tagged (thank you):








13  Economy / Scam Accusations / scammer punk_yaj creating fake ANN Threads, spreading malware! on: July 12, 2018, 03:39:39 PM
This user: punk_yaj, keeps starting fake ANN threads, spreading malware.  The threads started are self moderated, and the replies keep disappearing.

A thread discussing the "wallet" software for download:
14  Other / Meta / I exposed a scam and got negative feed back on: July 06, 2018, 04:23:37 PM
I called a guy out for posting a fake version of a popular mining software, and he used an alt to leave me negative feedback.  Is there a way I can fix that?

ETA Archive link:
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / SCAM! - hughson - Mining Software on: July 06, 2018, 02:34:55 PM
There's a thread in the altcoin mining section claiming to be a new version of a very popular ETH miner.  However, this announcement doesn't fit the typical format of every previous announcement the real developer has made.

Furthermore, since I've been using this miner myself I have been keeping up on it's development.  The next major release (i.e. from 3.0c to 3.1x) will include features the scammer didn't bother pretending to include.

Scam thread:
User:  hughson

--------------------  The Real Phoenix below  -------------------------------------------
16  Other / Meta / Protect your account by staking a key with a signed message. on: July 05, 2018, 06:09:41 PM
ETA:  Here's a much better tutorial than what I put together:

17  Other / Meta / Someone please merit these posts on: June 27, 2018, 09:23:33 PM
I don't know that I want to be a merit source, but as a newbie I've found these posts very helpful.  The forum is so busy and has so many posts in such a short time I can see why some very helpful posts get overlooked.  If you're a source and you have a bit of time, please reward these folks who've been kind to this lowly newb.


Be careful with such deals. Credit cards are charged on monthly subscription. Even though OP's service will be a one time payment, there is no guarantee he wouldn't generate a huge bill for the next billing cycle which may result in card getting charged the next month.Also the card details will be saved on the profile which I suppose can also be easy to unauthorised access.

I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this just for a couple of bucks.


I wouldn't trust a newbie to run anything on my own machine. you could actually rent a machine in the cloud
To run your script. Friendly warning for greedy members don't do it because OP could do it himself for less than $10.


Good day everyone!

It's been a great day for me and so I would like to share my strategy on how to get a free followers that is related to cryptocurrency or to any targeted participants so everyone will be having a great day just like mine. I don't know if someone already make or create a this but I'm hoping that I'm allowed to do this.

So let's stop this introduction and let's continue with the tutorial.

I've been in twitter industry for a long time at first it was just a hobby and after some time I've become an entrepreneur where in I create a twitter account for a business and find a targeted and real participants and
selling it to different businessmen that is related to what that account is all about or selling post, etc.

So let's proceed:

1. Create a twitter account and make sure that all the infos are related to the targeted participants (In this tutorial we're going to use cryptocurrency related account) you can also use your existing account but just like what I've said your account might be at risk.

Create a proper icon pic, header and bios.

2. After creating an account find and follow big and active accounts (What I'm referring about active is making always making tweets.) for example Bitcoin News we all know that this account is related to cryptos, active and lastly most of the followers of this account are crypto related.

3. Wait for the account you've followed to tweet and  make sure that it was a fresh tweet probably a post within 20 mins. and if you're going to look at that tweet there's someone who retweeted, like and comment on it.

4. Follow all those users, why? Because most of them for surely are cryptorelated users, second they're active at that time meaning there's a chance that they will see that you followed them and there's a chance that they will going to follow you back.

You can also go to the "Followers" and follow them all.

This is called mass following but BEWARE!!! make sure the you confirm phone number as well as email because when you're doing mass follow the twitter will going to detect it and will suspend your account but in able to recover your account you just need to verify it through phone number and they will ask you to do recaptcha to know if you're a real human.

The maximum follow you can do per day is 1000.

5. After that you are able to get targeted followers (It may not be 100% targeted participants but 1 thing is for sure most of them are real users so if you're going to do a twitter audit you will see that the number of fake followers are just minimal.) and done!

• Let's say you've followed 3000 followers in 3 days after 3-5 days you can unfollow those users who didn't follow you.
• You can use this app to do automatic following and unfollowing Mass Follow
• Don't forget to do quality posts, etc. to engaged followers. Also make something that will follow you for example doing a raffles, etc.
• Make your profile and bios professional so many people will going to follow you.

This strategy is a little bit risky. Your account may be banned by twitter or suspend your account. I'm not responsible for this, do this at your own risk.

Also this will not work for a week, you need to be patient in order to get followers if you want easy one just buy followers from internet there's a lot of services offering that but we can't guarantee that the followers they will give is your targeted users.


more social drama to cause community to ruin bitcoin security by changing the mining algo... (facepalm)

funny part is to achieve changing the algo. core would need to do yet another 35% mandatory attack, threatening the network with IP bans and block rejections.. oh but there will be baseball caps available again. (facepalm)

remember this though folks.
one positive lesson about the august 2017 mandatory split.
if blocks dont fit the rules of the network it doesnt matter what they produce, they will get rejected.

the fear is not that a pool can just magic money up 50 billion bitcoins simply by having enough hashrate. their blocks will gt rejjected in 2 seconds no matter what the hashrate is.

the only thing that will happen is that if a pool with large majority does something that does not fit the rules. then the blocks get rejected and the only result is slower block solutions frrom the remaining pools.

changing the algo is DEFINETLY going to cause not only a risk to security but also delays in block solutions from all pools because ALL pools use the same algo.

so a change in algo affects EVERY POOL and will delay EVERY BLOCK
dont let yourself get fed into the fud of what pools can do to blocks(data). and realise the blocks would get rejected if they try..
wise up to the reality that if the network(CODE) changes. it affects everyone


Followed all instructions on the XMR-stak github to compile.... kinda.  Notes are below.

Compiled using Cuda 9.1.  
DevFee set to zero.  
Build version number stayed the same, build name was changed (added -JK).  
No major modifications aside from "built by notes", and changing the donate address to '' for quick timeouts if there is any code trickery I did not catch.

No donations or whatever required.  Just enjoy.  I know a bunch of you (like me) would like the zero devfee build, but either can't or are too lazy to compile it yourself.   Here you go you lazy ones Wink  If you do feel like taking the time to donate, you can find the donation address in the "miner batch" post that is linked in my signature.

I plan to slowly try and incorporate as many different free miner sources into one set of apps for my mminer batch.   If I can get them all into one project/solution, then I may do a version that does away with the batch altogether.

For now;  I was unable to find a --flag for devfee==0, so I wentt to my main network hub where my VPN is; and finally downloaded the compilers and build tools to build the source myself.  Would have taken ages from my cellular link at home.

***I literally cut/paste the source and built it 100% as per instruction aside from the edits mentioned above.***

MS Visual C++ Runtime:
Download vcredist here

Current Version:
Download XMR-Stak-2.4.4-JK here

Previous versions:
Download XMR-Stak-2.4.2-JK here

If you are getting slower hashrates on older cards, try these DLL files.  They are from a different release of xmr-stak, thus not compiled by me.  But, another user has reported that replacing the DLL's with these has increased performance.  Your mileage may vary:!oGY0iIxa!X1tlll_HR5LWTa1aT3jBQIZAR3Bv91_Bgll8huVl84w

2018-06-03: Compiled and uploaded 2.4.4
2018-05-30: Added vc redistributable install link
2018-05-29: Compiled and uploaded 2.4.3/quickly removed partially built binary
2018-04-10: Alternate .dll files from original dev's older release available, download link added.  May give better or worse hashrates.
2018-04-06: Fixed issue with not launching properly.  Added original usage docs from source.

Just run xmr-stak.exe and fill out the questions.  from there after, just run xmr-stak.exe and theres no need to put any commands after.
See my below replies for notes on disabling CPU and GPU's individually.  I can help if you need assistance with your configuration.

Please see all of the build and usage notes on the original github: By clicking here.

If you are looking for XTL-stak, that's right here.


Sorry if this is rude to post here in the thread of someone with a devfee miner...

but why do all you people use a devfee miner? I use ethminer 0.15.0rc1 from for a few days which has no devfee at all.

I'm using 6 x 1070s and 2 x 1080 (with OhGodAnETHlargementPill) and 270-280mh/s on Nanopool. That's average of around 32.4mh/s for each 1070 and around 34mh/s for each 1080. Do you do better than that with Claymore or Phoenixminer?

That's not impressive, I reach almost 31,5MH/s with 2 of my RX 570s on Phoenix, and they are at least 50% than a 1070.

1080 with pill should be around 50MH/s. We've seen reports of this kind of pseed with ETH pill & Phoenix.

I don't think you earn more on ethminer rather than with Phoenix and its 0,65% devfee. You could buy a sub 15$ win 10 licence and compare.
I never got good results for Rx570 and phoenix. Can you share your settings?

GPU1: 1180 core (850mV) / 2130 mem (860mV) gigabyte Gaming with samsung mem. Usually 31-31,4 MH/s. Higher frequencies because it's my display GPU and I use the PC while mining
GPU2: 1140 (825mV) / 2090 (880mV), Sapphire ITX, Elpida/Hynix mem. Usually 31,2-31,5 MH/s
GPU3 (weak ASIC): 1130 (875mV) / 2035 (880mV) MSI Gaming Elpida/Hynix mem. Usually 29,5-29,8 MH/s
All cards are bios modded.

Phoenix 2.9C, AMD 18.5.1 drivers with annoying win 10 X64 build 1803.

---------, a Cayman-based Blockchain Startup is funding, its blockchain platform through the process of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The multibillion-dollar fundraising effort is speculated to be more than double of the second biggest offering of this type.

The investors have been backing the project solely at the back of the hype that the ICO has created and at the back of the expectation that the founders, who have run a series of other Blockchain projects can repeat the success story again.

In their ICO, is launching their cryptocurrency known as EOS.
ICO Participants will be using cryptocurrency ether in place of the Dollars in exchange of the new EOS tokens.
According to the Token Report, which is the division of New Alchemy, the Blockchain Advisory Firm, fundraising of EOS has already brought 7.12 million funds in ether value.
When the amount they had raised – $576 per ether – was converted according to the US Dollar exchange rate, it came out to be equal to $4.1 Billion.

Once the system is launched, it is expected to give support for the efficient operation of decentralized applications, which is even more than what Ethereum offers. If becomes successful, the industry believes that it would bring greater adoption of the cryptocurrency-based technology.

Validating the expectations that will make decentralized application operation more efficient, the ICO is being backed by 10 ICO fundraisers including –

Telegram Open Network – $1.7 Billion
HDac – $258 Million
Dragon Coin – $320 Million

About EOS

EOS is the blockchain technology that functions like Ethereum, which gives a platform for Blockchain App Development. It was brought into existence in 2016 by the founder of BitShares and Steem, Dan Larrimer.

Here is the list of features that EOS comes with –

A Constitution – It has a set of rules that everyone in the blockchain agrees on which are linked with every block that is mined.
Parallel Processing – It comes with the ability to complete things in parallel, at a much faster transaction speed, and with lot more scalability
Decentralized Operating System – Developers can easily build blockchain apps on EOS.

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3- Wednesday, May 30, 2018, new scam of Matyas Zaborszky denounced :
4- New complaint against Scam Matyas Zaborszky :
7 -
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Some More :


A question for those who have experience mining ETH with Radeon Cards:

I don't have a lot of experience with AMD chipset cards, but I'm thinking of adding a couple of RX 580s to my ETH machine.  I've narrowed my search down to the Sapphire Pulse, or the Sapphire Nitro+ (8gb cards.)  Which would you choose?  Any recommendations for bios settings and how to flash the bios for a first timer would be really appreciated.

I would choose Sapphire Nitro+ because I have heared from almost everyone who is in mining that this is the greatest card with greatest fan engine + hashrate when you overclock it.
You can see this for example or just google information you are looking for but this website is truly amazing for mining reviews and etc. Here is article about sapphire nitro:


now that ETH is going to go PoS you are going to add more cards to the network with the hashrate skyrocketing??? OMG.......... people are just Fu---cking up this.

I don't understand, does this mean mining with a GPU will be more difficult soon?

Ethereum is going to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) from Proof-of-Work (PoW). No official date has been announced yet; it'll probably be the first quarter of next year.

Mining difficulty has been constantly rising for Ethereum (see the graph here); once it goes PoS, it'll be somewhat a trouble for GPU miners as then they won't be able to mine Ethereum. Still, once it goes PoS, you'll have many other coins (using mine-able algorithms like ethash, cryptonight, equihash, etc) to mine. However, imagine all this hash switching from Ethereum to other GPU-friendly coins, it'd definitely create a huge difficulty increase in those coins and it'd be quite interesting to see how the market reacts after that.


Both the Sapphire Pulse and Nitro+ are great mining cards. The difference is the Nitro+ has a better heatsink, runs cooler and a dual bios switch. I've had very good results with the Polaris Bios Editor 'one click timing patch' timings.

PBE automatically adjusts the timings with the bundled performance straps according to the cards memory type.

The only change I made to the PBE bundled timings is on the RX 580 Nitro+ cards with Samsung memory, I changed the bundled UberMix v3.1 Samsung timing with this one that is much more stable.


I easily get 31 MH/s on Samsung cards with a 1150 MHz core clock and 2150 MHz memory overclock. On Hynix cards I get 32 MH/s with a 1150 MHz core 2250 MHz memory overclock.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Pump and dump? on: June 26, 2018, 10:32:41 PM
How many of you folks have participated in these schemes?

Perhaps I've already shown my hand by calling them schemes.  From a regulatory standpoint, any reputable trade market sanctions against pumping and insider trading.  Certainly we're all aware of why these actions are frowned upon, or criminalized and prosecuted.

I get it, crypto is the wild west; unregulated, unsanctioned, and arguably illegal.  Sure, that's likely to draw out the scumbags, shysters, and generally shady characters.  But, aren't most of us trying to legitimize crypto?  Help bring it to the mainstream?  So why are people introducing pump and dump schemes into the crypto world?  Or, more specifically why are people who're otherwise ethical folks participating in them?

Maybe I'm being a prude, and most of you don't think they're unethical.  So, that's my question; pump and dump: ethical or not?
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Sapphire Radeon RX 580 recommendations, please on: June 21, 2018, 06:07:55 PM
A question for those who have experience mining ETH with Radeon Cards:

I don't have a lot of experience with AMD chipset cards, but I'm thinking of adding a couple of RX 580s to my ETH machine.  I've narrowed my search down to the Sapphire Pulse, or the Sapphire Nitro+ (8gb cards.)  Which would you choose?  Any recommendations for bios settings and how to flash the bios for a first timer would be really appreciated.

20  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Cool Knives and a sweet, sweet Cowboy Holster on: June 15, 2018, 09:52:55 PM

Moved remaining items to the Mega Thread


Shipping to USA only!
Unless otherwise noted prices do not include shipping fees.
Shipping will be USPS priority mail flat rate box of appropriate size.
You pay for shipping, I'll pay for insurance.

Payment in Bitcoin

Escrow ok, fees are to be paid by the buyer.  

If you're willing to take a risk without escrow, I can provide links to other venues where I have 20 years' worth of positive feed back.  I will also sign an invoice for you using the BTC payment address, which is posted in my profile, and has been staked here.

If you rank Full Member or higher; AND you have positive DT trust; AND you can provide me with a signed message using a staked key, I'll go first.


Sold Items Place Holder:

Tops Battle Cry - $100
Tonto blade badass.

Cold Steel Trail Master - $85 - SPF
Has a little bit of tarnish on the spine, and the brass guard shows it's age.  Please inspect photos carefully.
Otherwise a beautiful knife, and surprisingly light for it's size.  

More photos here.

I'm consolidating all the gun parts I will not likely need in the future into one box.
Hundreds of dollars worth of new and used gunparts,
perfect for a gunsmith to add to his or her inventory.  

$225 shipped and insured.  SPF

There are parts here for several manufacturers, including, but not limited to Winchester, Colt, Remington, Ruger, Browning, Marlin, Savage, and more.

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