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1  Economy / Services / 20+ YR PRO. PUBLISHED AUTHOR / JOURNALIST. WELL PRICED ENGLISH ARTICLES & EDITS on: August 13, 2018, 06:32:07 AM
To: All Concerned
Re: Translation Services to textual content providers / Custom scratch innovative writing.
From: CEO Cryptocurrency Journalism - Published Author (Hardback 2nd ed Book/s)

- If you need to be sure that your translation piece is grammatically correct, or need the best quality custom article available. PM.
Many permanent contracts held (Nda - non disclosure contract, prevents dislosure of which the upper tier organsiations I/we work for.)

Large portfolio of innovative articles available on request.

Ghost written articles for the client - last (night) client comment; verbatim: "Perfect article again, Steven."
- Proof available to this quote.
Recent Professional References Available.

PM Welcome.
Custom Crypto Journalism.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / 20 YEARS of Journalism experience/Alt full member acc. NEED A BOUNTY TO DO! on: August 07, 2018, 11:30:59 AM
From: Sg:
CEO - - 20 years in journalism/business uk graduate - so much writing experience can't list.
Re: Help! - I understand the minutiae of bounties, but have yet to engage.

- Can some kind soul please give me guidance or a steer towards a fitting signature/etc. bit-talk bounty campaign?

- Or alternatively, is there a site that stratifies and gives advice regarding the latest and greatest bounty campaigns?
As said - I do alternately have worked my a$* off and have a full member account.

So, textual content creation and signature bounty campaigns are evidently going to be most pertinent.

- Tried posting on the Alt Marketplace, but....for some reason it's fine that ICOs constantly repeat their posts, rendering one's post impotent.

Thanks for the help,
- Crypto Journalism Solutions
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Bounty Sig/etc. campaign offers/guidance for full member crypto-jouno CEO on: August 07, 2018, 11:19:18 AM
From: Sg:
CEO - - 20 years in journalism/business uk graduate - so much writing experience can't list.
Re: Help! - I understand the minutiae of bounties, but have yet to engage.

- Can some kind soul please give me guidance or a steer towards a fitting signature/etc. bit-talk bounty campaign?

- Or alternatively, is there a site that stratifies and gives advice regarding the latest and greatest bounty campaigns?
As said - I do alternately have worked my a$* off and have a full member account.

So, textual content creation and signatures bounty campaigns are evidently going to be most pertinent.

Thanks for the help,
4  Economy / Service Announcements / Revolutionising ease of crypto purchase FinCEN/KYC and Banking on: August 07, 2018, 12:35:08 AM
By: S Gledhill, Gledit Crypto Journalism.
Abstract: Changing radically the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Upon reading, an excellently informative article detailing exactly why one has to not only jump through all the verification hoops to purchase (let's use BTC as the example) BTC, but also why governments and banks do not offer such a service - the answer is clear:
- It is lethal to their very existance.
Why would they assist in their own downfall, especially when they have already clearly identified the clear and present danger of crypto and frictionless transactions? Here's the article link for your perusal:

- This, having personally dealt with the worlds largest - Coinbase's - 'excellent' (!) (no irony ofc) customer service person/s and seen the array of other people struggling with similar problems - failure to answer emails, etc. I feel that this is the crux of why crypto is, or is not going to be adopted universally now, but will take a long time. I beleive it will ultimately succeed either way by steamrollering traditional systems and institutions.

- I understand the need for I.D. verification, for security for both parties, but would a chain of privately owned 'Bureau de Change's' not be a viable solution?

Comments - and wealthy investor interest welcome.
As are requests for custom quality journalism. - or PM.


5  Economy / Services / experienced crypto currency journalism team now taking on work on: June 23, 2018, 08:08:31 PM
To: All Concerned
From: S Gledhill - CEO/Editor of  - Crypto-currency Journalism Solutions (CJS)
RE: Now taking on textual content work, excellent rates; guaranteed to not be beaten, by any other jounalistist's similar price & quality.

The individually very experienced team (evidence readily available on request) is now ready, as am myself as both writer and editor; for quality crypto journalism work requests.
No job too large or small, individually tailored including graphical content where needed. The job will not be completed until the customer is 100% satisffied with the content, via a back and forth feedback loop, but all work thus far has been happily accepted upon 1st draft.

Please visit and complete the request form or pm me here or on Telegram -(gledit.)

Best Regards,  - CJS

All areas covered.
6  Economy / Services / crypto journalism solutions seeking freelance writers on: June 12, 2018, 10:03:45 AM
Re: Crypto Writers Needed Crypto Journalism Solutions

- Freelance writers needed - huge amounts of work available.
- You, commited, ethical, teamplayer and intelligent.

The concept, is to pay my writers as best I can, now have a large social media and network footprint.

I look after my staff, as I want long term loyal staffers.

Telegram: 'gledit.' - Or simply reply.

Many thanks,

CEO and sole owner/founder;
7  Bitcoin / Project Development / crypto journalism solutions seeking snr ops manager/stake on: June 10, 2018, 04:30:18 AM
Re: Journalism Solutions Job Advert
From: Mr. Gledhill, CEO

Seeking a day-day operations manager to be the secondary lead with the dev. See website for details. Trust, honesty, pos. work ethic/loyality and teamwork mandatory.

Concept/etc, - 3 weeks in, twitter page marketing going well, all 'gledit' titled social media cornered by title, ready for content; but twitter 65% done. and landing page/promo video completed by a professional and now live. - I get more cryto currency work request than I can cover. (2 refused this week alone after such a small amount of trading.) I have 20+ yrs exp. and a premier UK University Business Managment Honours degree (Lancaster.)
Myself - CEO, Editor, (consider deputy later), initally; writer and marketing framework establishment. (All planned)
You - Willing to accept that this is a startup - skillset as outlined/reviewed per candidate. Initial structure - per job, - revenue/happy customer 1st, then transparent payment to staff. Rates exponentially teamwide, increasing vis-a-vis expansion/growth/increased revenue. Fair conduct in all aspects/but trial probationary 1st phase. 3-4 good writers currently under scrutiny re applications, but you will need to round out the team and provide leads/market/build the company on existing social channels, but creativity and showing own initiative, important.
- For this position - a negotiable percentage company share, as incentive.

Interested? - I have a close friend with a similar concept business, to co-operate with closely but utterly separately, and several other crypto contacts/networks. Ready to propel the company forward? - Pm / reply / gledit on Telegram. -

8  Bitcoin / Project Development / QUALITY Crypto writers/marketers needed for new company and new website on: June 05, 2018, 02:35:10 AM
- Please refer to:

- It needs a little tweaking, but is 99% there.
Already started marketing/ad campaigning - word out/work in.

Seeking crypto writers/journos (I have 20 years of business and journalism/editorial experience) for an initially small, but perfectly formed and skillset complimentary team.
I value - fairness, ethics, trust, TEAMWORK, loyalty, honesty and flexibility in these early stages of dev. So candidates must also. I value these qualities even beyond pure writing ability, although ofc this has to be solid at minimum.
In return, the work comes in, - already have a strong working colleague network, then I allocate you the articles I think best suits your each individual (I want a spread of complimentary journalism skills) and pay you the best rate I can (with uniquely full financial transparency,) while ofc providing myself with a resonable income.
This will be a TEAM. - One is good many can be great.

Examples of work required.

If you are interested please reply here or PM me here/twitter @gledit.

Mr. Gledhill CEO gledit cryptocurrency journalism solutions.
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / Quality writers needed for long-term crypto journalism solutions co. on: June 01, 2018, 02:11:15 AM
To: All Concerned
From: Gledit Journalism Solutions
Re: Long Term progressively increasing pay, based on quality of copy

Good conditions of service/trust/loyalty, a mandatory core value

Regards to all,
- I am a 20+ yr experienced editor/journo/businessman/UK Business Degree Honours Graduate. I have myself, recently authored very well received by customer/immediate payment various topic crypto articles. website currently being professionally built, launch date is within the next month or sooner. All relevant social media platforms cornered in title, Youtube, Facebook, Insta, etc. (gledit) This is ready for one element (as well as my contacts/networks) of the advertising/marketing stragegem. Initially executed by myself (to gain work jobs/contracts) but soon will have a full time ad/marketing manager as full time paid staff member, q3 2018.

- You

Emphasis on quality and originality of thought, approach and writing style. Loyalty essential, as I aim to have a initially small, dedicated team; before expansion of the team. Initial team members will have to understand the exponential nature of a new venture, but in return I am known as a very genuine person/employer which will reflect in me paying you as much as I can and still be viable re: my own income. Flexibilty and timeliness. I will help those who help me a key ethic/all have to be teamplayers and be willing to help each other, if neccessary.

I will need past work evidence/or set you a short 4-500w crypto article task.

Best Regards,

If you are interested in applying, please contact me, either via reply here or on Telegram - 'gledit.'
10  Bitcoin / Project Development / New Telegram Group - Cryptogether - a more social and crypto savvy channel on: May 21, 2018, 02:03:35 AM
Telegram Channel Name: Cryptogether

From: Sg. @gledit
Re: New style Telegram Channel

- That includes serious and knowledgeable crypto-currney discission, but also social, light hearted comments - a place to meet new, like minded GENUINE (if you even hint of being a scammer, you will be instantly banned) people.
- A place also to let off steam.

Please PM me here, reply, or reach me (named gledit on Telegram) on Telegram for instant membership.
A place to work together, learn together and prosper together in this new and exciting, dynamic, new - e-commerce paradigm.
But at the same time have fun and socialise. By all means promote your ideas/projects and get good feedback, as the community grows.

May take a few weeks/months to organically grow/gain the right type of inclusive-minded members, but momentum will be gained; you will ofc be all welcome to invite you're similarly-minded colleagues and friends.

A place for like minded, blue skies thinking, banter, crypto news, your project advice and general progress discussion and much needed more light hearted stress relief.
- I don't yet think the like of which, currently exists.

edit - I have to restate - this is a place for helpful, kind genuine people. Depending on the infraction; you may get a warning - or a ban. This is noot the place to scam, coerce, or anything similar. And I and especially my good friends are good judges of character.

Sg. @gledit

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Ethereum / Bitcoin Base Pair Choice and Ultimate Best 2018 Coin BTC/ETH? on: May 17, 2018, 02:57:28 AM
S Gledhill @gledit

Often there is a daily 'newb' investor confidence yo-yo effect, between ETH and BTC; i.e. people check the last days performance and swap over, based on such limited info/market knowledge/experience/analysis. Ethereum however, with the ERC-20 network/blockchain being the foundation of many altcoins, does this give Ethereum the edge in 2018?

If the majority of ERC-20 altcoins go up, more often than not, so does Ethereum. Thus, helping stabilise Ethereum per-se.
Bitcoin however, is known for it's wild swings in value. It surely also depends heavily on what coin you are potentially trading against?
 - I think that it is generally down to what an individual investor's goals are, to which base they choose.

Thoughts guys? I'm still learning, as are most, so really appreciate a discussion.

Regards all.

Sg. @gledit

12  Economy / Services / job posting on: May 15, 2018, 08:04:19 PM
Re: Job Posting

- Experienced writer/journo, UK business graduate with 20 years business management experience, private and public sector. PR/Press releases for Zanussi, etc. Many projects on hand at the moment. Google Adwords and other SEO tools available for premium search engine ranking, as an extra service. Contact me if this job offer is still active and I will gladly provide evidence of work (or just search on this site for my post) CV, available; etc. Then you can state the work involved and what rates you are offering. All my work is scratch, professional custom wordsmithing. Edited, until customer is perfectly happy, however, so far; I have yet to have had to do this 1st drafts well received and immediately paid for.

Mr. S Gledhill



-sorry admins, it was an error, I was replying to a job offer, got timed out, resigned in, posted my reply (I thought) , and now can't seem to delete. Please contact me before taking any penalty action, genuine mistake. gledit. Steven G. - quote 'you cannot delete your own messages on this board.' - please feel free to demirit the post cout or actvity count. This is my career and very important to me. I am a genuine present and future contributor to the community.
13  Economy / Services / Textual writer - thoughts and feedback to my latest work/generally v. welcome on: May 12, 2018, 10:01:36 PM
Re: Journo/editorial
Contact details: Telegram: gledit
- Or simply message/reply; here.

 - For well received and thus far, always paid on time, crypto-related textual work, all are welcome to contact me directly for any potential projects or tasks. Small and large sized projects equally considered; based on project merit/size.

- Quality textual content, with 1st, 2nd; subsequent drafts/edits, if required/needed, included in original price quote. Clients have simply been happy with initial version, thus far.
- Custom, scratch wordsmith - CV available.
- Degree (Hons. in Business Management, awarded from Lancaster University UK, regarded as one of the top 5 in the UK for business.)
- Using both Ms Word and search engine optimisation (SEO) tools, such as wordpress yoast plugin and google adwords. Highly ranking 300-800+ word (the ideal) original pieces, or other bespoke work.

Many Thanks.


Example of recent work:
Crypto Currency The Essentials
● EQUI & Associated Applications

EQUI, is a new cryptocurrency and investment platform system, founded by two hardworking Scots - Doug Barrowman, a highly successful 30 year businessman, with 350 staff and 3 billion of funds to call on. - The second founder, Baroness Michelle Mone of Mayfair, OBE, a highly influential businesswoman involved in many successful ventures; being awarded an OBE from the Queen in 2010 for her contribution to business. Furthermore, honored with a recent life peerage to the House of Lords and is now the UK's business start-up Tsar.
EQUI was developed to bring e-investors and companies together. EQUI helps to fund developing cutting edge business ventures and similar enterprises. Built using the Ethereum blockchain, the platform aims to improve traditional venture capital investment markets (i.e. FIAT). The methodology has a blockchain based ledger dynamic.
EQUI utilises unique tokens, to allow potential investors to buy shares in startups and already established businesses seeking funding injection, with the overall aim to take their concept to the next stage. If investors purchase stakes, investors are awarded investment returns, including incremental bonuses on their initial investment. This, in turn, aids innovators bring their ideas to fruition.

The ultimate goal is to enable more humble and also established individual investors to participate in funding ventures. EQUI, will therefore help release the vice-like grip big venture capital firms have held on the investment industry for so long. This will be primarily achieved by sourcing, categorizing and stratifying worthwhile investments. This in turn will allow users to make more informed business decisions.

Profits generated will be divided, - 75% of which will be shared to EQUI investors and token holders. The remaining 25% funding the EQUI team itself.



Divided into three types: Investors, Holders and Traders....cont.

14  Economy / Services / Experienced Journalist / crypto oriented text high ranking SEO available on: May 07, 2018, 01:53:10 AM
Re: Journo/editorial
Contact details: Telegram: gledit

For examples, of my very well received and immediately paid for crypto-related work, all are welcome to contact me directly. Or any other custom articles.

- Quality textual content, with 1st, 2nd; subsequent drafts/edits, if required. (-to and fro, until you are satisfied with the product)
- So far clients have simply been happy with initial version.
- Custom, scratch wordsmithing - CV available.
- Degree (Hons) in Business Management/ many years (10+) experience in management and PR/press releases - for clients such as Zanussi and AGA.

-Using both Ms Word and Wordpress, for highly ranking 300-800 word (the ideal) original pieces, or other bespoke work.

Many Thanks.
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