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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Hypothetical crypto hypnosis on: November 30, 2022, 05:20:58 PM
Some time ago I read a comment on some phishing or hack attempts on The Pharmacist's account and took note of it. It got me thinking, how secure could one really get in a crypto society. Let it be known that there will always be vices and people who make the world seems bad and uncomfortable for others to live in. The Internet has made the world look small but as nucleated as it jas become, people have taken the long arms of the net, to stretch it in the far corner and take from a people all that could have added value to there life and make it worth living for. Cursing chaos for a people and living most with no reason to live.

I wonder how they manage to live with that! How they don't think what time they've taken off such persons life in investment and property, how they don't play the being in there shoes game. The pains of out neighbours (any one who feels the impact of your actions even globally) got to matter.

A strange topic right? Well, even I don't know how possible this could be. It's just a thought that played in my mind and I'll like to share. I don't even know how it is possible. So here is what prompted this.

Maybe one of your friends before are trying to phish you now.
Ain't got none of those 'cept my right hand I call Daisy and whoever it is that's behind all the voices in my head.

I saw this and it got me thinking of security. I would say, our security is more better now because, most people are still in the dark ages of cryptocurrency, at least in my locality which is relative globally. What happens when people understands and starts attaching values?

It's normal for we humans to have issues and sort out the solution by some means. One of those is Hypnosis.

HYPNOSIS could be seen as a state of sleep usually induced by some individual whose directives you follow to solve your issues with little or no objection.

There are a number of things you don't do when your unstable, when your drunk, when your asleep or when in transit like Hypnosis. I've never been hypnotised but from the movies I've seen, your likely not in control and seems to follow the directives of the one whom is doing the Hypnosis.
This got me thinking, could one be hypnotised to do some financial transactions? Or
Maybe, have there keys or seed phrases exposed?
Account passwords and more.

Just some hypothetical thinking...
I will like us to discuss the possibility of this if it is possible at all.
2  Other / Meta / Spamming way of creating threads on: June 24, 2022, 12:06:58 PM
Hi meta

I discovered this user HumanityWhole that seems to be rather more frequent on the Politics and Society board. Apparently this user seems to own a blog site which I don't want to reference to avoid promotion of the site as I think that's part of his or her intent for chosen post pattern but, the user tends to create more topic than necessary. Talking about abstract things, infinite existence, immortality and lots more. Just imagine what his doing to the Politics and Society board!

Is this allowed?

How can a single individual have over 12 threads on a single page that is supposed to hold a total of 38 threads and most of this posts are pasted on the forum the same day (within the range of 3 days). User gives no concern to contributions on the subject as to other users contributions and even with almost zero(0) replis on most of them, the user continues to create more threads. Perhaps, the intent is just to get clicks on referenced links.

It's one way to promote spam if you ask me and somehow, user tends to be the host. Although, due to its abstract nature, its not getting much attention but, that might not be for long.
I explained my displeasure in one, only to note several others.
Perhaps it's some new way to do some cheap click advertising. What's your take on this?
3  Other / Beginners & Help / The one with the mirror behind on: August 06, 2021, 06:49:31 PM
Security in public places

You remember how they say, you should think like a thief (Criminal) to catch a thief (Criminal). I've I've doing a lot of that lately, after I got contacted by a scammer. The narration of the conversation following that event could be found on this thread titled Scam calling . Scam has come to be a trend in our modern delay society and it isn't going to go away, no matter how hard we try, the least we could do is pirate there scam schemes and even device a possible scheme ourselves, create awareness on it to aid others from falling victims. Having this in mind, I came to a thought that could be the next phase of scammers and also a way to stay secured in a public place including a way to be secured with a friendly foe.

Scammers never sleeps, why should you?

Okay, my revelation came to me while I was on a public bus headed for a known location that was 58km away, on a 2hrs drive. As someone who happens to be conscious of time and felt there is a lot I could archive with my 2hrs wait time to arrive at my destination, I decided to put in some work on trades, check out some mails and other routine jobs I do online. So, as I set to my task, so focused on my device and all, it downed on me that, I was using a public media and with the falling of the sun and the near dark of the vehicle, my device light shown bright which would earn me some attention and there is a possibility that someone could be paying attention.
For sure, I might be very fast on my keys, making it almost impossible for someone to keep track and recall accurately what is being down but then, there is a way to this I thought to myself.

Technology plays a role to your safety or getting scammed
Technology has taken a different toll on the world in recent times, there have been advances in every field especially in terms of camera as it concerns what I'm about to discuss. You can agree with me that, the innovation behind camera advancement has drastically changed over the years and one with one of these suffisticated devices can have an edge on your operations in a public place from a distance. Looking at my situation on the bus, that was what came to my mind as, it is more easier for a scammer supposing there was one who thought that way with his or her device. Turned there camera on and focused on my screen and what I was doing, zoomed in and videos it all. The scammer could easily get back home, replay the video slowly by setting the lapses time and getting back at you and on all your activities at that moment. That was my thought and it did stood as a warning to my security in public places.

Your security, your big business! Let's all be mindful of the things we do when we are out.
I really hope this helps someone.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Scam calling on: July 28, 2021, 10:34:00 AM
Scammers don't rest, why should you?

When it comes to scam and scammers, increased awareness is what we do and your alertness is all that could save you from the bates on the hook of these peasants. Scam calling, should I take the call... yeah, I did take the call!

I got a calk calk an anonymous individual with the cell phone chip number xxxxxxxxxxx a few weeks back pleading and requesting that I should help send him the OTP (one time password) that was just sent to my phone. I was shocked at this request but then, I had to give him the benefit of the doubt and as such, a allowed him to explain himself so I proceeded to ask him some questions as a means of verifying what was at play. So I asked why would I do that? He responded that, he was in the process of a registration on an online portal and mistakenly did input my contact in place of his due to some likely similarity to mine and it was just a digit difference to have made the error happen and that I should please help him out. Funny enough, he sounded genuinely, seriously trying yo get my compassion up and in that instant explore it but, I was glued to my suspicion and gave non. How about it, let's do a quick analysis on the story so far and pick put some silent details.

Phase One Analysis
1. It always starts from an unknown pretending to share something in common with you.
2. Scammers always play the vulnerable in order to draw your compassion and explore your vulnerability.
3. Stressing them out by pushing on, watching out for claims and listening to silent details is a key to detecting this trick.

Let's get back to our story and see how it went. Story continues...

I further enquired and even made some harmless suggestions if he could just restart the whole process of verification and this time, input his correct details not to mention his cell phone chip number. He replied that, it was the last phase of a series of steps and that what was done amidst some uploaded documents can't be undone as it would create some discrepancies and error in the application. He continued to beacon on me with his endless pleas for help and that he was running out of time coupled with the fact that, I know how an OTP works, having a time frame for code expiration. This scammer was doing all he could to make me compassionate and anxious but I knew there was something fishy about this guy and his continued pleas. One thing that added me to stay strong is with the fact that, an exposed identity is a loosed end. It might not be used to harm you immediately but at the opportune time, you would still suffer its stints. I then thought to myself on some claims he has made and beginner to cross examine them. He claimed that our cell phone chip numbers were similar and slightly different by a digit so, I simply asked that he calls me with that number (Mind you, some smart scammers might just alternate ther cell phone chip numbers by a digit before putting out this trick but then, they've got to have something on you first for a target and that's what makes this trick a bit more difficult for them. Though, in this particular incidence, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to give up the OTP). Upon making this request, he claimed that he had no airtime on the cell phone chip number, I requested that he do me a WhatsApp voice or video chat with the supposed contact, he responded that, it wasn't a WhatsApp registered contact. At this point, indeciede that, i was done playing his games, besides, the time frame for the OTP has expired though, should I have taken his bate, he would have simply done a resend code but sadly, I didn't. Instead, I went on for some confrontation and accused him of being a scammer, he disinclined. I pressed on to that, ibwas going to take things up and rral serious with his cell phone chip number with the authorities, that he was out of luck and that I was a highly placed individual and he has stepped on the wrong toes. He simply muttered a curse and ended the call.

Phase Two analysis
1. Refuses to restart registration and other suggestions. Mind you, fresh registrations can always be undone. The exception is the change of details previously verified on the system otherwise, its just a step back and input the correct thing. I suppose his aim was to attempt a swap of my details. Thank goodness for OTP.
2. Examination of claims
* Similar cell phone chip number unproven to be true
* A fresh registration that can't be undone, how true is this!
* Lack of airtime, contact of value not registered on WhatsApp or have any means to its usage.

1. Play the stressing the scammer out game, thats if your core is hard enough not to succum.
2. Be routeless and neve let your emotions get in the way.
3. Most scammers explore only the vulnerability you expose.
4. Be friends with suspicion and let curiosity lead the way.
5. Loosed ends are a potential target.
6. Your safety is solely dependent on you.

Scammers never sleep on tactics. They are always there developing more and more, trying to add new schemes to q fading one. Why should you relax and not see an issue with that. Never live your values unprotected. A loosed end is a weakness, live non.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Mining for the numb on: July 17, 2021, 08:11:15 PM
In course of this thread, I would do my best to keep to the shallows as close as possible and relate it to the traditional mineral mining so it looks as real as it could be, so as to ensure its easily understood by the numbs and those seeking information on crypto mining.

Mining in the sense of the word is a process through which precious stones or minerals are being extracted from the soil or earth crust using tools like pickaxe, hammer and chisel etc and then, these precious stones or minerals are refined to its pure state and the value is breath forth (Thats the traditional minig from which the term sterms).
This term is what has been adopted today by contemporary cryptocurrency to describe the process in which, new bitcoin is mined from its block and brought into circulation in the cryptosphere.

          Traditional Mining Site : Contemporary BTCMining Farm
Img Source: Google

For there to be any form of mining, there has to be a mine of which in this case, the mine stands to be the block reserve of unmined bitcoins. Apparently, you need tools to operate a mine. With cryotos (Bitcoin) being an intangible commodity, the style and approach to mining it takes entirely a different formate. Unlike the traditional tools (hammer and chisel) been used in the physical mine operations, contemporary crypto (Bitcoin) mining makes use of highly suffisticated devices such as (GPU and ASIC) which continues to evolve in suffistication up to this day to meet up with the challenge of the encryption on a block.
NOTE: When the founder Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009, the founder created it to be limited or definite in supply hence, the mine can actually run dry and as such, the founder encrypted it and the difficulty levels to it increases with each successful Bitcoin mine hence the need for a decrypting and devices advanced devices for the job. Some miners bond together in a pool to over come the rising difficulty.
MINIG POOL: It's simply the coming together of miners to share resources and ensure the difficulty in ming is overcomed rather easily and as such, they tend to share the reward that emanates from it.

Therefore, bitcoin mining is a process where by, miners mine new bitcoins using highly suffisticated devices with a high hashrate (processor and guessing power) to generate numbers at random until it decryptes the encryption on the next block and a new bitcoin is being released into circulation and the miner is also entitled a block reward. Mind you, bitcoin mining is done on the bitcoin blockchain. So, it becomes of important note that, there exists different types of blockchains. We have the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, Binance blockchain and it keeps going for the various alts. Issues on each blockchain system is specific and handled as such.

Block Reward: This simply means, an amount of bitcoin is being awarded the miner to have found the block and is also authorised to arrange and confirm transactions on the blockchain while charging fees on them. This is why the mining field has become a dream to most crypto enthusiast but, it often stays as such #Dream due to the amount of resource needed to start and operate a mining farm. Hence, bitcoin mining is no longer a thing for the common man. Though, you can still try your hands on altcoin minig and hope they get real valued someday.

Traditional = Contemporary
Mine = Block
Hammer/Chisel = ASIC/GPU

SOURCE: There is no definite source to the study as, the information contained in this thread is from my time of experience in this forum as it occurs to me at the time of composure. Therefore as a beginner, there is a lot you stand to gain by being actively involved in the forum and it isn't limited to knowledge alone. Read and do your best to the assimilation of what you read whole you contribute as well.
Mind you, the content of this thread isn't absolute or optimum on the topic of discussion. Its open to critics, corrections, update and delete of not properly stated context. As such, your opinions is highly welcomed.
6  Other / Politics & Society / What does this go to prove in cryptocurrency? on: June 09, 2021, 05:45:13 PM
El-Salvador Makes History

For a centralized system and government to accept bitcoin for a legal tender. Not minding te fact that, bitcoin is decentralized and not very suitable for task and all.

The government of El-Salvador in a Congress having 84 possible votes did vote for the passing into law the acceptance of bitcoin for a legal tender (Being excahnege of goods and services) for the technological able enterprises.

This is the dream and wish of every crypto enthusiast. It is a liberating move for the people of El-Salvador and I believe other countries of the world who follow soon.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Reactions From Musk's Bitcoin criticism on: May 14, 2021, 01:34:47 PM
Reactions to Critics

Musk who has been the driving force and crypto figure for Bitcoin and Dogecoin lately, made a critic statement of bitcoin not being environmental friendly and the market experienced a little crash. This has raised so controversial beliefs in Musk, Cryptos and sole amazing reactions as well. Some of it are;



There are lots of responses out there and your free to paste one as a comment or response so that, we can deduce a similarity from the various responses and be able to learn from them. Better still, to fine the opportunity in them and know how to utilise it for your gains. One basic similarity you could find between these two responses is that:

1. They both come as a reaction to some critic statement on bitcoin
2. They provide a buying opportunity. As you can notice, they both emphasise on some possible investment at the dip.
3. There is an opportunity in the tace of chaos, you just have to fine
4. It's another way of pumping new money into the market to make some gains.

You can find a lot of ways to benefit from news such as these. A lot of persons have been waiting on the dump and how to determine he possibility of a dump. Well, here they both are and it stands a lesson to all because, it would happen again and perhaps, from a different perspective this time.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Musk and Tesla's BTC conspiracy on: May 13, 2021, 06:31:12 AM

I just woke to the realisation of a bitcoin market on a downtrend and was wondering what could be the reason. Little did i know it was a Musk and Tesla manipulation of the market on the rise. Musks and Tesla has been the reason behind bitcoin and cryptocurrencies surging at many levels.

Tesla and Musk which has over $1.5billion worth of bitcoin investment and had recently started accepting bitcoin as a medium of payment on its investment plans has just gone the far length of putting a halt to that channel with a tweet from the looked up to figure which explains the recent fall in the bitcoin market.


It seems the company only got to discover the health implications of using fossil fuel and a non renewable source of energy just now of which Tesla is not driven on. It might also interest Musk to know that, its not only the use of fossil fuel that pollutes the environment and there are far other elements to the effect too. Even he Musk is involved in a space program that produces emissions and films, polluting both space and the earths atmosphere at large.

I don't think this is all about the environment, I think its a market manipulation for an intended bullrun in the dogecoin and the people would blindly follow. For a while now  the dogecoin has been targeting to make a $ in market price and i think this is that plan in motion. He has claimed to be the father of dogecoin and what won't a father do for his ward Being! Being a phenomenal figure for Musk and the long list if environmentalist to appraise this course.

Enough of Elon Musk and these bullsh*t.
9  Other / Politics & Society / Biased celebration of gender on: May 10, 2021, 11:13:25 AM
There have been an observed trend in my nation of lately and I'm guessing its almost the same around the world on a particular celebration and I'm wondering to what importance and significance it is to be celebrated repeatedly as such. I'm talking about the


I've been used to certain anniversary in life such as, the independence day, children's day world aids day, Christmas holidays and a lot more. one of the reasons why it is celebrated and it continues to have its value is because of the year round nature about this holidays. For it to have been year round is what makes it special and accords it its value. The mothers day celebration as we have it now doesn't seem to follow this trend. In less than  6months, I've witnessed over 3 mothers day celebrations in just this year 2021 and yesterday being 9th of May 2021 was one of them. What has changed or is happening?

Come to think of it, how about the fathers?
Does this actually promote love for the mothers or within a family relation?

I'm yet to understand this truly but, is it same everywhere or it is some African obsession and what really prompts this rather frequent mothers day celebration. What are the things that could arise from this frequent celebration because, its beginning to neglect the father figure in the family or its some passive way to generate some passive income by marketers. What is there to note as to the reason why?
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Madness/Insanity in sports betting/gambling on: March 27, 2021, 12:24:44 PM
Mad/Insane People Making Prefictions For Sane People

I've heard about it one too many times, have seen it quite a few times but it never downed on me until the one I noticed of recent. Wher a group of sane people surrounded this particular insane guy to patronise him to write them some predictions on soccer draws and some lotto tips on random numbers.

I thought to myself, don't madness imply a state of mental disorder no more? Which means, the supposed individual presumed to be mad isn't supposed to be capable of complete thoughtfulness and yet, he somehow seemed to have a business, working and managing it good while playing around with the brains of the sane people.

So, i questioned a friend on this abnormal trend and he replied,
'prediction in itself is abnormal and it only takes one who  is abnormal to make a proper, close to or successful prediction often'. Why? I asked and he said,
'Because to an insane person, it comes without dought in contrast to a sane  person'
He gave me a scenario where an insane person was asked what was he's time and the insane person replied 'its past 4pm' mean while, it was just 11am in the morning. To the insane guy, he was very sure and ready to stand by his timing because, that's where his state of being is at that point in time. So somehow, this seem to attract them some luck in predictions as what you believe often comes to be.

Is this entirely true, that what you believe with regards to prediction often comes to be?
Is there any spirituality with regards to sports betting or gambling?

What are your thoughts on these trend of mad or insane people running predictions for sane persons. It feels unreasonable but, its happening and most times in underdeveloped nations.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Why the lazy attitude? on: January 09, 2021, 11:07:59 AM

First ill like to congratulate every one of us to have made it through the year 2020 to the current year 2021. Iím sure the resent year was an adventure like no other which made significant impacts on most of our lifeís either towards the positive direction or the negativity that came with over whelmed all its positive vibes. Even then, weíve got to understand that an imbalance in one end is a direct compensation for the other, as you tend to loose, someone else has got something to gain. On this note, Iím officially wishing every one of us A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and hope for the best in times to come within this year.

I specifically chose a degrading question format topic title to make emphasis on the setbacks that most beginners express as I noticed it towards the end of last year. These are common to most persons at some point, at least for as time it was common to me until I picked up the pace for a change and now, I merry with every step on the way. Though, my merry is yet to get to its peak the much Iím settled with is already looking like enough. There are a lot that can be achieved when you choose to do the work you can do today on your attitude towards learning and getting involved so, I ask again, why the lazy attitude?
This topic was born out of the many complaints on meriting, a firsthand merit give away thread of my own and that of Pmalek came up with unlikely similarities.  Complaints from beginners on the merit redistribution have been a common thing on the minds of beginners as expressed in some of their threads and comments and yet only a few seems to be hitting the target on how merits are actually attracted. It would be of note to know that merits are given based on individual perspective and criteria of what a quality or merit deserving post is and to take into consideration not to merit just any post as this activity is reflected on the BPIP and could be a depleting factor for such user.

I created a merit give away thread Congratulations to me as a full member [Merit Thread] in my bid to help remedy the many complaints even with as low as 15smerits and was worried of it not to be enough but still went ahead creating the thread anyway to help beginners lacking merits and troubled with ranking up but to my surprise, only 2 users got merited due to low response on the low quality post the rest few applicants applied with. Similar response did I observed in a merit give away thread by Pmalek of which I expressed concern ( when I noticed the user having to bump his or her thread to be noticed and yet with only a few responses still. It's very discouraging such an attitude and it by far goes ahead to describe the type of beginners we had in bitcointalk late last year 2020 and I use the word had because I believe the last year has ended such attitude in our new borns. Only beginners who arenít willing to learn or participate in discussions would complain much as their zeal to earn encompasses the core value of the forum which is learning and sharing ideas. So I ask again,

The fear of saying the wrong thing and be banned?
The phobia of having your deleted posts due to spamming?
The fear of plagiarizing some article or posts?
The feeling that the cryptosphere is just too difficult to fully comprehend?
The feeling that the rules arenít favorable or against you?
The feeling that merits are being hoarded by ranked up users and redistributed amongst them?
The feeling that ranked up users likes you to be at the bottom of the food chain?

ÖÖÖÖ. It goes on and on so, Iím going to hold it right there but, Iíll like you to realize that none of these things answers why you are stock where you are now. Youíve got to realize that you hold the power to your own success in the cryptosphere. Itís a measure of how much you know and how well you know it.

Until gold is tested through fire, it canít shine and as such isnít much appreciated as we do this day. If you donít do the work today, youíll remain stock where you are now, same place youíve been yesterday, the day after that and every other day that precedes the day you chose to do the work of today. Get involved, you remain unrecognized and underappreciated until you do the work of today.
Do Something NowÖ

Happy New Year
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Congratulations to me as a full member [Merit Thread] on: December 06, 2020, 06:09:39 AM
                                                                                                      STILL I ARRIVED

I wanted to say the race to ranking nh up but, It would be wrong because, you ain't competing with no one but your lazy self! Yes, your lazy self. The part of you that has made you hesitant to putting in work and ensure a more beautiful forum for all. For this reason, you blame the forum for not being able to rank up but, this is yet another post to let you beginners know that ranking up is possible.

I actually ranked up on the 28th November, 2020 as a full member after almost a year of slow progress in the forum because, I wasn't able to conquer my lazy self until I did! The important thing is that I did and now I'm proudly a full member. It's a matter of how you view challenge though, I'll hate for it that the challenge is about ranking up but then, it's more of how much can you offer to the forum in terms of knowledge and building you.

To keep it to a minimum, I'm celebrating my new rank with a merit give away for those that fall within certain criteria and it's not much, just 14 sMerit and it must be earned by virtue of your contribution to the bulk of knowledge in the forum. It's my first give away and to ensure only the credible gets merited, I'll merit the application itself in place of the posts after going through for quality.

- Rank; From member and below
- Account must be at least 3 months old with at least 30 posts
- Accounts with negative trust is not allowed to apply
- Users having proof of Authentication and bounty report posts aren't welcomed to apply
- Post must be in English as I only understand English

* You can only apply once, never repeat
* No spam posts is allowed on this thread
* Application must follow specified format
* Don't apply with more than two posts
* Applicant have no right to dictate which post should be merited or not

Message to beginners (In one simple sentence):
Useful topics by other users:
Your contribution to the forum (Topic):
Your post shouldn't be just a link but, should appear readable (E.g [url=] Newbies - Read before posting [/url] )
The exemplified link would display this way: Newbies - Read before posting .

Only the worthy shall be merited, the thread will be useful throughout the month except stated otherwise by myself and should any member having merits wishes to aid in the process, your welcome to assist.

EDITED: 2 merits sent thus far, 12 more merits to go.

Congratulations to me and thank you all for your support.
Kind regards
13  Other / Off-topic / Depending on Google play store safety, is it really safe? on: November 26, 2020, 10:12:31 AM
                                                             GOOGLE PLAY STORE SAFETY DOESN'T MAKE YOUR DEVICE IMMUNE

I recently wiped my device in entire for a fresh start through restore factory setting which brings the device to a factory default due to a possible security bridge although, it came as a hunch but, I don't want to take chances. This became a last resort while I was browsing and noticed a pop up requiring permission to send information to some third party application which I new not though, I had apps like Trell (an Indian) app that bugged me by self installation even after deleting it severally.
This i traced to be due to my turning off the default device system that restricts installation of apps from unknown source. Most of us do this when we tend to install applications gotten through Xender.

The question now is, does it really help?
That's is, the default settings that restricts installation of applications from unknown sources.

To verify this fact, I had to research on how and what it takes to publish an app on google play store and I discovered this:

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store

App store submission is a crucial step in releasing a successful app. In contrast to Android Google playstore, Apple app store is relatively safe than the regular Android playstore. This is due to the fact that,
 Apple has a strict review process as the App store only allowed the publication of top quality apps. These release standards benefit mobile users by limiting publication to only the best products which are Apple's App Store standards. In the Google Play Store, apps have a low chance of being rejected hence there exists a possibility of unreviewed app publication hereby developers can just publish which ever app so long as they satisfy certain requirements.

Prerequisites to Publishing an App on Google Play Store
Unique Bundle ID to represent your app.
A signed release version of your application as an APK, which means you need a signing certificate.
A developer account is necessary to distribute an application through Google Play. This only needs to be performed once and does involve a one time fee of $25 USD.


These are easy to access and gain details which can be accessed by just anyone any day. Especially now that you can buy identities from hackers who phish for these details and scammers online to perpetuate evil. This explains why of recent, there are series of topics and red flagged apps which seems to be a direct piracy of the original for some evil intended purposes yet to be correctly determined on the Bignners and help board of this forum. Some of these red flagged notifying topics on certain apps includes:

All this is to let you know that your very much in control of your own security, the stakes to either raise your vulnerability high or reduce the ever increasing risk to a minimum is in your hands.

Before downloading a crypto related app that requires your vital details or installing apps of any kind on your device,

✓ Always ensure its needed
✓ Enquire often forum forum members if it's a familiar and relatively safe app
✓ Even when you install certain apps on your device, be sure of the pop ups you click

These are just simple regular measures for safety. Any technical or other simple advises or precautionary measures would be welcomed.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Why you shouldn't tire out with bignners on: November 23, 2020, 11:01:27 AM

Do you ever get tired of helping or answering the same related question over and over again?
I just had that experience or recent and just when I was about heating up about it, a little pause was all that was needed to cool down.
Its not strange that we have influx of new users almost on a daily or weekly base amongst us and they seem to have been very familiar with the create new topic icon even before they could read what ever it is on the board and it often happens that, the pinned posts which is supposedly meant to be some form of first orientation Newbies - Read before posting eludes them rather easily, not minding it's position on the board or the it's directive to whom it is meant! It's pretty funny but it happens and as such, we and up having rather reoccurring familiar questions in different perspective and most times, we tire out and would want to give it a blind look or just screw up but no. The need to give a helping hand is what should be the resort, to build a blank mind from the scratch.

There is a reason why this forum has a core value as Learning. Everything about learning is education and to be specific, education in Bitcoin as relates to this forum. Learning is a continuous process, it's the only process that I know to never ends. Show me who knows all and I'll show you an ignorant man (not specific to gender). The beauty of learning is that it goes both ways as, the one doing the teaching can also learn something from the questions asked! The more you teach, the more you know. No wonder our high school professors always seem to know all or too much in our eyes. Then again, educating goes both ways, as much as the teacher is ready to impact, you must be ready to receive, have your doubts and clear them. Education has been known to build feature generations and it's important to note that, we've all been there! Where the forum seemed too ambiguous for us to comprehend but we gradually through perseverance adapted and now, we welcome and build feature generations.
After conceiving this idea, I took sometime to design a picture of some possibilities when we fail to offer a helping hand to who really needs and deserves it and here is what I came up with;

Why you shouldn't tire out

In the first instance, I had to go with a telecommunication transmitter held by cables and on one side, I used the various ranks of which the effect when we tire out is seen in the second phase which ends up crashing right on us.
In the second illustration, the forum ranks is seen as a mountain of work loads and confusions if which the experience members tires out and the biginner just tried to destroy the system by digging it up (this is seen in the activities of scammers, hackers, spammers, false news promoters etc).
Note: I'm not saying not helping or tiring out are the main reason for these neither is it the last resort of those who fail to grasp the ways of the forum but, trying to make a point using pictures.

So, it's necessary that we should continue the educating process and hope that the beginners give their alll in trying to get the information been past out so, our tomorrow in Bitcoin would be safe.
Do this and as we grow in numbers, we grow too in knowledge and strength.
Long live Bitcoin and Bitcointalk
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Solution to risk and money insecurities on: November 10, 2020, 05:39:43 PM

These are two important parts of finance that a lot of business figures, investors, traders and gamblers are ignorant about or pay less concern to yet, it remains an important aspect of every successful merchandise that it cannot be over emphasized. I was driven to talk about this based on a suicidal thread I saw on the gambling discussion sub-board
and it got me pissed off that people still see suicide as a short cut to get out of debts, forgetting how interesting life always turns out to be and the many opportunities it promises and as such, I got really concerned. Everyone desires a better life and as such, wee are driven to make hard choices that might either profit us, brings us closer to our goals/dreams or sink is farther to the depths of that which we hope to escape and in turn, end us!. For this obvious reasons, I have come to up with this article to shine a light on the shades of this topic and situation due to personal knowledge and interaction with these two concepts of finance and how it has held me up so far.
At first, I was going to base this topic on the gambling discussion sub-board but, due to it's encompassing nature as it covers both gambling, traders, investors amongst other forms of business, it would be inappropriate so, I feel this is the best place for this discussion.

Risk: According to the Merriam webster dictionary, risk is defined as the possibility of loss or injury. I'll explain further as, a situation in which, what is been put out has a probability of either being rewarding or ends in a loss, damaged or solves a problem. In all that we do, there is always a risk factor attached. My composure of this article to post with my user has a risk factor (it could be considered inappropriate and make me liable for a ban), your free breath carries a risk (Gas poison), your stepping out comes with a risk (stepping on sharp objects or get bitten by a poisonous animal or hit by a stray bullet), in your investing in Altcoins (scam/zero potential on growth), gambling on some odds on the platform (You ain't no player on the pitch or an official of the match) etc.
Money: This is simply currency or a medium of exchange in circulation capable of universal or territorial acceptability as an exchange rate. This implies that, it's valuable like your local fiat, Bitcoin and few Altcoins hence, it should be handled carefully. This is why, risk evaluation and money management is a necessity for every successful merchandise.


Unfortunately, many of us don't want to loose and so, we rule out it's possibility without considering any obvious factors that could result in a loss. This is the first step that brings us closer to a loss. Precautions against a risk factor is often associated with a 'what if' or 'should i'. Note those two phrases as they could be the phrases that could guide you against a loss or encuring more debts than you can afford. They come as:
What if I fail/loose?
Should I fail/get disappointed?
And is answered by
What next?
How do I recover?
What's the way out?
(On this one, rule out suicide, you've got life)
These are critical to safe guiding your life and finance. They put your fund and fund raising in a pattern that if followed, your potentials for success is elevated.

These I've formed into three though, there might be a lot of others but, these sure do govern money management for me and could for you if tested, seen to work and adopted. Your welcome to add yours.

1. You don't spend what you don't have
2. You don't spend more than you earn
3. You don't put money in unsure investments

1. You don't risk more than you can afford to loose
2. You never should risk all that you have
3. Never take a low success probability risk

SOLUTION: The solution to all the above rules is found in the reversing of these laws. It has a direct relationship once flipped. Though, I'll like to add this one important point and that is,
* Detest borrowing! If it's not a mission critical, never borrow. Let this be your last resort and should it be that you must borrow, there should be a ready made arrangement on how to repay what is borrowed.
Suicidal shortcuts to escape debt doesn't erase your debt. The debt owed just becomes a bad debt due to inrefundable nature but then, you remain a debtor and the statement 'the diseased owed me some $' still qualifies you very much and it's cost you your life.
Your life is worth more than any debt owed and so long as there is life, there is opportunity to acquire all that you desire in life. Retrace your step to where you got it wrong, right the wrong and success is yours.
Thank you.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Sports icons and Covid19 complications on: October 28, 2020, 07:52:32 AM
Sports and Covid19

In order to ensure the continuity of the spirit of good sportsmanship and to entertain fans of sports, various sporting activities ensured the resumption and opening of their sporting arena with a strict adherence to the Covid19 pandemic guidelines but it always seems not enough, considering the travelling aspect of most sports as a necessity. The new normal is also believed to have been a major influence to the outcomes of most team meetings as it's valuable players, couches and directives with Covid19 complications are isolated away from sporting engagements as a way of preventing the spread of the virus.

Of recent, the FIFA president Giani Infantino has been reported to be infected with Covid19. Infantino is believed to have done little of traveling since the pandemic though, it was rightly reported of his attendance of a normalised relations signing with Israel and UAE at the white house sometime last month FIFA president Infantino is currently in isolation and FIFA has advised all who came in contact with him to take necessary steps for safety reasons.
This is sure to influence decision making in soccer as the president is going to be more skeptical with cases related to the pandemic.

Chaos hits Lazio as nine players has been reported missing from training camp due to covid-19 complications. The coach was left to train with less than 15 players in preparation for their next match in the Uefa champions league with Club brugge. Bad news for Lazio as one of the infected player is Ciro Immobile, a formidable striker and his absence from the game is surely going to result in a significant impact on the game.

Earlier on, Christiano Ronaldo has been in Isolation and have missed not just his nations but now, his games at Juventus and his absence on the pitch is very much reflected on the games.

Football was almost normalizing as some had started allowing fans to feature at the games but with this current turn out of events, what do you think would be the effect on sports.
17  Other / Politics & Society / They kill us at nights and sympathize with us by day on: October 22, 2020, 11:57:05 AM
                                                                              Blood on the streets as chaos hits Nigeria

* When the evil doers/wicked/unjust rules, the righteous suffers (Proverbs 29:2)

This is the quotation in the Christian holy bible that governs nigerian politics. Nigeria has become a nation in crisis as it's youth take to the street in masses while a few others have fallen to their desk, pick up our pens and notepads to relay to the world our pain and the situation in Nigeria. The Nigerian citizens has been and continue to be oppressed even up to this day and so we our out to cry that our government and the world might hear our voice of lamentation through peaceful demonstrations.
          As I slowly made my way through the foggy and crowded streets of Nigerian protesters to a destination a rather remain anonymous (sorry I have to exclude that detail for privacy reasons, I'm sure you guys understand) and YES, I'm a Nigerian and a proud one at that, thank you! I listened to the news over the car's transistor radio and got emotional over the series of degenerative news that came off it's speakers of the many hardship an average Nigeria citizen has endured for so long that, it has become endermic or sown into our lifestyle like a tailors hook and thread does to a fabric. These are the activities in which myself, the middle class has been enduring, praying and hoping for a change and it only gets worst and worst. The media house never carried a news that expressed development, it only carried sky falling news, news of deaths and more deaths, of human brains, intestines, bloods and more littered on our roads, news of flood not followed with preparation resulting in internationally displaced persons, news of flooded farmlands and food scarcity,  increased price of market commodities, protests, striking bodies and more news of this nature.

The problem
Nigeria has become a nation of where politicians fraud the people and goes caught free, where it's citizens are deprived of basic amenities, where the armed forces are unsure of their duties and choose to what extent of capacity to go about dispensing them, with the Special Anti-Rubbery Squad acting in the capacity of a drug enforcement agency, cyber crime detectives, carry out executions before prosecution and they live the Rubbery crimes to the local vigilantees, where an armed force agent will say to a citizen 'i'll you and nothing will hapoen' over demanding for human right and more unjust practices within it's section of governance. Nigeria has become a nation where it's laws and systems are against the youths, where youths have limited participation in issue ms of governance, where the youths are always at the receiving end of all negative actions from political ambitious leaders and high authorities seeking power and promotion, where Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strikes against the government and still go about their duties behind their desk in their offices, receiving every salaries owed in the process while the students stay stock at home, where the voice of the Students Union Government (SUG) is taken from them less they revolt over unjust policies, where a youth is questioned for owning an iphone, laptop, a car or even brutalized for being fashionistic. Owning Bitcoin, Altcoins and wallet applications makes you a suspect of fraud and Cyber crimes.

The revolution
The youths have awaken, united with one voice and one goal to do that which our fore fathers didn't finish, to reform Nigeria through peaceful demonstrations with hope that our cries might be heard, our parents have seen our vision and supports our struggles for a better Nigeria for every Nigerian child.

We match and write to demonstrate power in unity, to show that the power resides with the people. They came to us using national podiums during electorial campaigns to seek our votes and approval, we cheer and put them in places of power without any form of violence, now we come seeking campaign promises and reform in Nigerian politics, say no to corruption, they show us the lead rather than hear our cries, they call us jobless youths , we ask them:

* Are our the celebrities who share our visions jobless too?
∂ Are our parents who supports our struggles jobless?
∂ Are there any available jobs provided by the government to empower at least half of it's youths?
∂ Are the youths really free to participate in political affairs?
∂ We have all the resources to carter for the needs of every citizen but yet, we are deep in depths to international bodies...
∂ Are their amenities provided by the government for smooth living and running of business?
∂ Do the country have enough resources to carter for itself? YES we do!

Instead of looking into these issues,  they continue to kill us still, they use us to test their night visions. They provoke us to giving them a reason to kill more of us, using our own youths in the armed forces to fight us and even some deformed protesters. It's been over two weeks of national peaceful demonstration and the presidency is yet to say a word on the chaos in the country.

They pay deaf ears and wait us out to get warned out, tired or all drop dead but, even now we continue to grow in number and in strength. We have endured enough of their oppression, unjust practices, brutality, killing before prosecution, corruption amongst it's political ranks, exploitation, threat to free use of the internet and social media and more crimes against the good citizens of Nigeria.
Even as we continue to seek, pray and hope for our voice to be heard for a better Nigeria, we do so in peace.

Long-live Youths and Long-live Nigeria
#EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality #EndCorruption #ReformNigeria
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Your perception matters on: October 10, 2020, 05:33:39 PM

This is virtually for newbies and those at the biginner who seem to have a hard time making remarkable archeivements with their accounts and are discouraged. Before I go any further, I'll like to ask a few questions and answering this questions judiciously could redefine and align your course or that of someone else's to focus on forum objectives and Cryptocurrency at large.

1. As an individual, how did you get here?
2. How did you first viewed the forum?
3. From experience, how do you view the forum now?
4. What are the possible barriers to you or a fellows improvement in the forum?
5. How are you responding to the above resolution?

Okay, I'm going to answer most of these questions later in the course of this article as it applies to me and I hope/expect concerned users to do the same or drop comments that could focus a biginner on the Bitcointalkforum objectives.

From the many months of involvement and interaction with the forum, my eyes have been opened to certain realities of the forum. Certainly, we all dropped here by some means especially with the fact that, the forum doesn't select whom it offers a membership and as such, it's either we get here accidentally/by chance or got introduced. Which ever way it is, your here and it's fine but, your either here with a mindset of fogging ahead or dropping out disappointed and that is very unlikely what any one of is desire and your perception of the forum plays a vital role in your reform process. So, lets just go straight to it.

Many biginners already have or has an idea/mindset to the forum and it becomes rather discouraging when the targets on your wish list aren't met, not because they are just too much but then, the top forum users seem to be getting a hang of it rather easily you think, soaring even greater heights while you wallow in the shadows, unseen, unnoticed despite how much you try and as such, you have a hard time going anywhere. After all, the book of the Christians (Bible) says, 'He that has, even more should be given to him and he that has not, even the little he has should be taken from him'. Cold world right? So it may seem but no one is taking anything from you but then, the once who has will continue to have even more and you know why? It's because of their perception of the forum which is basically based on learning and educating at the same time with little interest on earnings.
There is no magic or favouritism concept about it. Have you ever been a little curious and go a step further as to knowing how these users started, have you asked yourself how and what it took them to stay enthusiastic and consistent for years, have you taken time to review their first page posts (the last page on the page count series), do you study how they create contents and comments, all these amongst numerous others not mentioned plays a role in setting your course towards forum objectives. These are the few steps to improvement and archeivements in the forum. You don't just wallow in the shadows, criticizing the merit and activity system of ranking up, blaming top users for earning even more merits which you feel they don't need and as such, you wish and want it to have been you! You can't seat back and simply desire to;
* Have posts with merit counts as these...

[General] Bitcointalk Ranking-up pipeline- Those close to their next rank (lacking Merits)

* Desire to participate in a sig and avatar campaign
* Wish to be a merit source or staff of the forum
* You can't have a wrong perception of the forum and hope to shelter in it's shades while you reap from it's produce.

Know this, for everything under the sun, there is a season. A season to sow and ends in reaping. You don't smile while sowing, it's not a joyous adventure. Sowing comes with tears and pain. You only smile and make merry when you reap or harvest. Let your tears water it's seed and your pain guides it's growth and so, you'll better appreciate it's produce when the time to reap or harvest comes. As a biginner, this is that sowing phase and you really shouldn't expect any reaping just yet. Put in the work and never relent.

There are some users who stay almost permanently on the forum, ever glued to their screen it seems. As though they've got some notification across every board of the forum to notify them of every post or upload on the forum. There is hardly any post of interest without their touch or contributions. I'm talking users like DdmrDdmr , OgNasty , LoyceV, fillippone , Ratimov . These users have spent years putting in work and remains consistent. Another significant fellow making waves to show biginners that measuring up in rank is possible is Charles-Tim. These users are an inspiration to map out a path from. They perceive the forum as a place to learn and educate before earning because they know, the earnings will always come eventually. The most of it all is that, they are ever willing to help, I'm talking about uses like DdmrDdmr , OgNasty , CryptopreneurBrainboss , LoyceV, fillippone , Ratimov and others. We beginners are the next generation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Let's learn from and with them, paying attention to details so in time we might pass on our knowledge to our predecessors.

With regards to questions asked at the beginning of this article, here is my response?

1. As an individual, how did you get here?
    I got here (forum) through a friend and since then, I've been unable to live as it continues to educate me still in matters of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.
2. How did you first viewed the forum?
    Like almost everyone else, it was more about the idea of earning for me. I needed cash and felt bitcointalkforum could offer me that so, what the hell, I had to start somewhere. Of course I had some bounty rough days but, it's all gone now, every stating of it erased.
3. From experience, how do you view the forum now?
    The forum has been an all round reformation facility for me. It didn't end with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but as far as life goes. You get to learn about technological advances, approach to web security and your voice and contributions is respected.
4. What are the possible barriers to you or a fellows improvement in the forum?
    One of the greatest barriers to beginners is the illusion that they can measure of compare their/our 2 step with an active top users 200 steps. Hence, you end up disappointed, get discouraged and blame the system not to work for you but I tell you this, it's not so!
5. How are you responding to the above resolution?
    After discovering all this set backs on my account, I had to delete all my sheet posts and bounty related posts to turn a new live and focus on learning, impacting positively and let the earnings come last.

Don't just seat back and criticize, it doesn't get better when you quit, start there and persist, it only gets better where you try. Stay motivated!

Thank you.
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Trading in the pandemic on: October 08, 2020, 11:24:31 AM
The market as at now.

Cryptocurrency trading is largely based on history with activities repeating itself every now and then with traders who are able to analyze correctly seem to always win the day. In the first and early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of trading activities dropped, causing a rather significant change in price of which seemed threatening and logical to watch out for in light of the resurfacing of the pandemic for a second time. This has left most traders in disarray as they tend to exchange their coins for stable coins and also withdraw from the market.
But then, this is most likely and should not be the case as the first phase of the pandemic met a world with zero preparation or anticipation for that level of damage, causing a drop in drastically all economies in contrast to now when, all is in plan to tackle it at its best and reduce damage to a minimum. Therefore, the market though might encounter a little bumpy road, is bound to run smoothly in no time.

In other to keep this simple, I'll refer you to a topic I posted in biginners and help to help biginners and traders better understand how to keep an eye on the market to make the most out of it.
Post URL:
And I really hope that it helps.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Analysis for biginners on: October 08, 2020, 10:50:45 AM

This is given as an insight to a biginner in trading to see and know how to analysis what price is doing in the market, the way the market works and reading of charts.

Highest High: the highest price formed at some point
EMA: Exponential moving average for directional bias
RSI: relative strength index which measures to what extent the buyers or the sellers are in control of the market, shows the direction the market tends to follow and possibly who is in control of the market either to be buyers (bulls) or sellers (bears)
USD, ETH, USD: are traded instruments and usually comes in pairs (BTC/USD).
BULLS: an animal that attacks by lifting and throwing up
BEARS: an animal that attacks by trying to pull down
CANDLES: a representation on the chart for either a buy or sell in a given time frame depending on the nature the market assumes as it shows whose in control
TREND: the pattern the market assumes either up or down

One of the most critical criterias that determines success in trading and a good trader is in his analysis. Many traders trade based on given signals and sentiments (which is one type of analysis as well) and might seem to succeed you in the short run but then breaks and blows your account in the long run. For this reason, proper analysis is not just based on the chart alone but news, chart/indicator signals and what you see people doing in the market which encompasses the three types of analysis out there being fundamental, technical and sentimental types of analysis.
During the heat of the pandemic, the market experienced a lot of over sold as seen in the drop in price of cryptos in general and as much as many experienced loses, a lot of others who were able to hold a long position experienced some profit as well. Again, the pandemic seem to be resurfacing, causing a lot of discrepancies in the market with traders anticipating for a potential drop as Bitcoins and Altcoins tends to move towards the resistance level signalling a potential change of trend, pushing traders to withdraw from the market, exchange their coins for stable coins such as USDT and USDC to save it's value which is a step in the right direction but then, it also keeps you away from holding positions that could profit you in the long run.


According to data from CryptoQuant, the total amount of Bitcoin (BTC) held in exchange reserves dropped from 2.8 million BTC in October 2019 to 2.4 million.  This is as an effect of fundamental news on the market as retail traders and whales tend to accumulate coins in anticipation for a potential rise when the change of trend occurs.
Even though Bitcoin is still far below its lifetime highs, if it manages to close Q3 2020 above $10,590, that would be the second-best close in any quarter. Data from Skew shows this would only be behind the Q4 2017 closing price at $13,660.

This could be related to the activities of institutional investors which is advantageous to Bitcoin and themselves as they stand the chance to hold long positions in a trade.
Grayscale Investments currently holds 449,900 Bitcoin, which is over 2% of Bitcoinís maximum possible supply according to a data from Bybit.

In running analysis on a certain pair to determine direction of trend, it's always best to run your analysis on a higher time frame and observe on a lower time frame for changes. Let's see what's happening in the market for the BCT/USD and ETH/USD. These are the top trading pairs available on many exchanges.

Using the 20-day exponential moving average, Bitcoin has been found to move around the ($10,732) zone for the past few days, forming a channel at that zone. Although the bulls had tried to break away on Sep. 29, they could not sustain the higher levels as a bearish engulfing occured forming a zone of indecision as prices seem to hover within that zone without taking a definite direction in preparation for either continuation or change of trend within a layer of consolidation.

BTC/USD daily chart. Source: TradingView

Combining the 20 EMA, Symmetrical triangle drawn and the movement of the RSI, one can predict the trend direction if the buy or sell candle breaks out of our zone in either direction respectively.
If they succeed, the BTC/USD pair can rally to $12,000 and then to $12,460. Conversely, if the bears sink the price below $10,500 and the uptrend line, a drop to $9,835 is likely.

As clearly shown through the early months of July, the market continued in a zone of indecision following the equal power between bulls and bears, forming small candles in a zone of consolidation before it started buying by late July 21st and continued through August, making it's highest high in early September before the bears started attempting to stall the relief rally at the 20-day EMA ($361). Then, it ran into a period of up and down movement within that zone. If the price turns down and breaks below $337, Ether (ETH) could drop to $308.392.

ETH/USD daily chart. Source: TradingView

When the price fails to rise above the 20-day EMA in a down move, it suggests that the sentiment is negative and the bears are selling on rallies.
Both moving averages are sloping down marginally and the failure of the RSI to rise above the 50 level suggests that bears have the upper hand. A break below the critical $308.392 support could result in a fall to $240.
This negative view will be invalidated if the ETH/USD pair turns up and breaks out of the 20-day EMA. Such a move could result in a rally to $395.

These are actions of news on the market in anticipation for a potential drop in price and a change of trend in the market as seen in the BTC/USD pair and a likely trend continuation in the ETH/USD trading pairs.
Though, I still maintain that, noting the fact that the first face of the pandemic causing a rather fall in price as observed then is most likely not to be the case as at now due to the fact that, the world is better prepared now to tackle the pandemic than before hence, the market though might encounter a little bumpy road is still bound to move smoothly.

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