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Author Topic: Newbies - Read before posting  (Read 81601 times)
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November 22, 2016, 08:50:54 PM
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Welcome to! This video goes over the basics of bitcoin, so I would suggest checking it out. Look below for more info about the forum.

Forum Tips
  • Introductory threads: If you feel the need to post an introduction thread please take the effort to write something substantial or don't bother at all. Threads and post that contain only one word/sentence such as "hello & welcome to the forum" will be removed without warning as it causes unnecessary clutter.
  • General threads: A General thread will contain relevant information related to the question/subject of the title. Duplicate threads related to this question/subject are not allowed, so please refrain from creating them. General threads are supposed to be informational and reposting similar information multiple times is not allowed.
  • Watch list: theymos (the forum admin) explains how to use Watchlist. This feature makes it easy to keep track of threads you have posted in.
  • Trust list: Read up on the trust system in this thread. It is also suggested to read: Trust Vocabulary. If you have questions about it, ask them over here. You can set your own trust list over here.
  • Forum rules: For all forum rules checkout this thread: Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ
  • Reports: If you notice someone breaking the rules, please use the 'report to moderator' feature found on the right side of their post. Alternatively, you could contact one of the moderators directly.
  • Recovering your account: If you ever lose your account, be sure to read up on how to recover it: Recovering hacked accounts or accounts with lost passwords.
  • Signing a message: Read up on how to sign a message with your private key, so you can proof ownership of your account and funds: How to sign a message?
  • Merit: You can get merit by making good posts and gift it to other when you think they made a good post. Some useful links: Your merit page, other people's merit page, statistics and click here for more information.
  • Post edit time: If you edit your post within 5 minutes of its creation, then the original post time will still be display. Otherwise, the time of posting will be underlined and hoovering above it with your mouse will show the last time the post was edited.

Other important information

More detailed information

I cannot post images?
Pictures posted by Newbies using the [img]-tag are displayed as links, because of previous incidents with spammers and trolls. See this thread for more information Images in posts disabled for newbies. It is possible to purchase to "Copper"-rank if you want to post pictures right now, checkout this thread for more information on that: Newbies can now pay a small fee to enable images.

Why can't I change my avatar?
Only Full Members and up are allowed to wear avatars. It must be no more than 120px wide, 80px tall, and 100 KiB in size. It must be a PNG, GIF, or JPEG image. It must be safe for work.

For more information why this restriction exists, please checkout About the recent attack and Avatars re-enabled

How can I find my Bitcointalk ID/UUID?
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on "Summary"
  • Look at the URL in the URL bar (mine would be;u=101872;sa=summary)
  • The bold part is my Bitcointalk ID/UUID, so "101872"

What forum account levels are there?
There are multiple account levels on this forum, here is a quick list for all of them and how to get them:

RankRequired activityRequired merit
Brand new00
Jr Member301
Full Member120100
Sr. Member240250
Hero Member480500

You get merit points when someone sends you some for one of your posts. For more information, checkout Forum ranks/positions/badges and Merit & new rank requirements.

How is forum activity calculated?
Activity is calculated with the following formula:
activity = min(time * 14, posts)

Activity is increased by posting and is updated every hour; however, the updated number of activity points will be reflected at your profile at the end of the current activity period. As a note, in case you have latent activity points from earlier periods (meaning activity periods where you didn't post daily: in this case, the days when you did not post become latent activity points), these ones will be updated on your profile after 1 hour. You can gain a maximum of 14 activity points every 2 weeks.

Activity is updated every hour.

What is Merit and sMerit?
You have Merit and sendable Merit (sMerit). sMerits can only be send, they have no other purpose and hoarding them is pointless. When someone gives Merit to you they lose sMerit of the amount transferred and you gain Merit as well as sMerit (which in case you can send again).

Quick Example:
Should I send 10 Merit to you for a post, my sMerit would decrease by 10.
Your Merit would increase by 10 and your sMerit would increase by 5.

What signature restrictions are there?
There are restrictions on signatures, based on your activity/rank.

Newbies can no longer set any signature or personal text.
- Jr. Member: No links allowed. Max 150 characters.
- Member: Unlimited length.
- Full: Color allowed.
- Sr. Member: Size allowed
- Hero: Background color allowed

Why can't I send a private message to someone as a newbie?
In response to the annoying private message spam that has been happening, someone now has to opt into receiving PMs from newbies. The option can be found in their private message preferences.

For more information checkout: Newbie PM opt-in.

I cannot send multiple PMs?
There is a limit on how many PMs you can send based on your activity.

ActivityMax recipientsMax recipients if whitelistedMax PMs per hourMax PMs per hour if whitelistedMax PMs per dayMax PMs per day if whitelisted

You are automatically whitelisted if you buy a copper membership. You don't need to wear the copper membership, just own it. You can also be whitelisted for free by any staff member and a few non-staff, but we're going to need some reason to think that you actually deserve it. Do not ask me for free whitelisting.

Whitelisting is a not a license to spam. You will be immediately banned if you're found spamming, even if you bought a copper membership (and you will not be refunded).

How long do I need to wait between forum posts?
Waiting time between forum posts is calculated with the following formula:
waittime = 360;
if(activity >= 15)
        waittime = (int)(90 - activity);
if(activity >= 60)
        waittime=(int)(34.7586 - (0.0793103 * activity));
if(activity >= 100)
        waittime = max((int)(14-(activity/50)), 4);

What are the badges some people have?
There are some badges that a member can earn on this forum.

I added a system of badges to SMF a while ago, though only two are defined now. Here are the current badges:

Bitcoin expertDev&Tech only. People with this badge know enough about the Bitcoin network to reimplement something very like it from scratch. They are capable of intelligently discussing the Bitcoin network: current protocol, possible attacks, proposed changes, etc. Criteria: Recommendation by an existing Bitcoin expert or core dev and approval by a forum administrator.
Bitcoin-Qt core developer Dev&Tech only. These are the core developers of Satoshi's Bitcoin client. They are listed here. Core developers are among the top contributors to Bitcoin-Qt, and they are all bitcoin experts, though they don't also get that badge.
The Glider(hacker symbol) Awarded for people who have responsibly disclosed forum security flaws.

A core dev does not "outrank" a bitcoin expert (or vice-versa), and it's possible for someone without a badge to contribute meaningfully to a discussion with experts and core devs.

Art contest recognition badge - Art contest winners only. Offered by Theymos to only 5 people who participated in the 10th anniversary art contest.
- Between 1 and 20 (depending on number of submissions) people will receive art contest recognition badges: , based mainly on community consensus of who had the best art. In judging consensus, I will be substantially but not entirely influenced by the total amount of merit your art received.

We would like to credit everyone who has been linked inside this thread. Thanks a lot for the hard work. If you see any mistakes or have a suggestion, please message me or Mitchell and we will look into it.

"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"
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