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1  Economy / Speculation / They/he/she/it is doing it again on: April 18, 2013, 01:29:31 AM
OK, so it looks like whoever pumped up the currency the first time is going at it again.  This is not a normal recovery.  And I fear Bitcoin's hopes of being a currency may not survive a third major crash.  So here's the thing: we can stop this thing.  In the meantime, buy/trade/sell, I don't care.  But when the ddos'ing starts again soon, and this big entity dumps a whole sack of coins and brings down the price by $40, please, please don't panic sell.  If we don't panic, it will recover and then keep going up.  

The fundamentals are there, merchants right and left are picking up Bitcoin -- it's all over the fuckin' evening news and The Colbert Report, for God's sake.  A $1000 coin is in sight.  But we'll never get there if we let this entity keep dropping our holdings like flies each time he ddos'es the exchanges and dumps a couple of thousand coins.

Just stay calm when the time comes.  You'll know it when you see it this time.  Until then, day trade till your heart's content!

PS: You don't have to run go sell your Bitcoins now, you'll know when it happens next.  All the exchanges will be offline or hard to reach.  My guess is that they'll probably get it up to at least $200 before they try again.  bitashley's approach (see below) is probably the smartest strategy against this.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Anyone else having trouble with Bitstamp Ripple transactions? on: April 17, 2013, 03:51:58 PM
I've e-mailed help but no response yet for a Ripple deposit I made this earlier today that has not yet appeared on my account.  I think they've been under dDOS, so I can understand if they're busy with other stuff, just a little concerned about my transaction.
3  Bitcoin / Armory / Thanks/Filter wallets? on: April 08, 2013, 02:19:01 PM
I'm really enjoying using Armory and have expressed my appreciation in a small donation (which I intend to repeat whenever I can).  Thank you for all the work you've put into Armory. 

I only find myself missing 2 features:

1.  The main thing I'm missing is the ability to filter the wallet view.  Say I'm holding a wallet for someone else and I don't want to see it.  It's possible to save it offline and mark it as someone else's watching only wallet, which removes it from the total balance, but I still can't filter the view so that this wallet does not appear.  Is this a feature you plan to implement?  If so, if you'd tell me your planned approach, I'd be happy to give it and try and submit a pull request for you to review.  If you're not interested in it, I'll probably keep a private fork with this feature since it's so important to me.

2.  I'm surprised you don't generate a qrcode for offline transactions (for both the online transaction data  and offline signed tx).  Some of us have qr code scanners which would make the whole offline signing process a lot quicker.  Any plans to implement this?

Thanks again for all your work on this -- I'm very impressed.  I've been a happy user of the Satoshi client for ~2 years but am switching to Armory for the offline transactions and other features.  I'm recommending the same to my friends and family.  Well done!
4  Bitcoin / Wallet software / HTTP API support for CORS? on: April 05, 2013, 03:05:47 PM
It would be absolutely awesome if could support CORS:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

It would allow client-side projects to access the API without having to resort to hacks like using YQL.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin mobile app ideas? on: April 04, 2013, 10:58:52 PM
What kind of Bitcoin mobile app would you like to see?  I've got some time to take up a new side project and would like to build a Bitcoin-related app.  Any app you'd like to see?

6  Bitcoin / Armory / md5 hashes for armory ubuntu deb files? on: April 03, 2013, 09:58:33 PM
Are these available anywhere for the latest releases?  I see the windows and osx md5 hashes, and the hashes for building from source, but nothing for the deb files.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ripple API: Part Deux on: March 12, 2013, 03:52:56 PM
I'm trying to develop an application using the Ripple API but the server seems to be down a lot today.  Is there some other test server I can use to subscribe to a stream via websockets other than ? 

Also, is the websocket interface the only public interface?  Frankly, I'd rather use HTTP but as far as I can understand from the wiki, the web socket interface is so far the only API with order book data available to the public.  Is this correct?

Thanks in advance and best of luck with Ripple.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / 2 btc for debugging short python script with json-rpc and bitcoin on: August 27, 2011, 01:00:20 AM
I've tried and tried to get this script to work.  I want to run this as a cron job every hour or so to dump my online wallet's contents to an offline wallet).  I'm trying to interact with the bitcoin json-rpc lib for python and I'm stuck in python type hell.  Another individual (who is an actual programmer, unlike me --I'm just a web dev with some python skills) tried to get it done to no avail.  I'll send 2 btc to the first person who posts a working solution to the boards.  Currently, the script gets a "JSONRPCException(resp['error'])".  Most of my alternate solutions tell me that my decimal types are serializable as json objects.

If it's not obvious, the access function is the serviceproxy to the bitcoin client running as bitcoind,

Thank you.


#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf8

import urllib
from gluon import *
from btcservice import access


balance = access.getbalance()
9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Testnet coins on: August 24, 2011, 11:24:40 PM
Could anyone please spare some testnet coins?  I would greatly appreciate it.  Testing out new self-hosted Bitcoin payment system on a site I've developed.


Thank you.
10  Local / Discussions générales et utilisation du Bitcoin / Un mec vient de déposer la marque Bitcoin on: July 07, 2011, 11:55:25 AM
Je ne sais pas si vous suivez les discussions à  Un mec aux USA vient de déposer la marque Bitcoin et a l'intention de faire de même en France et ailleurs, parait-t-il.  C'est un avocat qui n'a rien à voir avec le projet Bitcoin...   Nous allons essayer de combattre la déposition aux USA et il serait une bonne idée pour les défenseurs de Bitcoin en France de faire pareillement, je crois.  Si non, ce mec pourrait poursuivre en justice tous ceux qui utilisent le nom Bitcoin, y compris les bureaux de change comme mt gox.

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Miners and early adopters, make it rain! on: July 06, 2011, 02:46:30 AM
I'm a little surprised not to see more support and promotion for Bitcoin coming from the early miners and big pool owners.  For example, I have made some extremely modest (5 bitcoins or less) contributions to worthy Bitcoin development projects.  These are Bitcoins I've bought on exchanges at $15+, by the way, not mined.  But based on the surprised and grateful reaction of the developers, such donations are not exactly common.  Some of the most promising Bitcoin projects are being build part-time on a shoe-string budget, because no one is putting their money where their mouth is.

It's interesting to me that the old adage about the wealthy being the most tight-fisted is proving true with Bitcoin.  However, unlike in the world of established fiat currency, holding on to vast reserves of a new currency in its infancy, and never spending it, has significant implications for the growth of that currency.  I know that many of the early adopters with thousands of Bitcoins secured away are totally convinced that this project will continue to take off, but let me assure you that unless many more people adopt Bitcoin, it could well turn back into the experiment and hobbyist currency that it was six months ago.  I'm a strong supporter of Bitcoin for both ideological reasons and selfish reasons (I'm building a product involving Bitcoin), but I'm also very aware that the market has not made up its mind about Bitcoin.  I don't think Bitcoin's success is a foregone conclusion just because it's a better currency.  Look at what happened to Betamax.  At this stage of Bitcoin's development, it needs infrastructure.  And the beauty of Satoshi's creation is that he has given those with the most vested interest in Bitcoin's success *the very means to fund that infrastructure*.  But this is clearly not happening to a significant degree, since there are relatively few projects involving Bitcoin that are being done by well-funded professionals (and hat tip to Camp BX for being just that).

So miners and early adopters, consider that in order for this venture to succeed, it's possible -- likely even -- that you're going to have to start spending some of those thousands of Bitcoins you have stashed away.  With that in mind, I offer you this easy-to-understand action plan that will take you from Montgomery Burns to Pacman Jones in three easy steps:

1.  Start patronizing merchants who accept Bitcoin.  I mean, look at:  Art, music, clothing, gift cards -- it's all there.  You *could* almost live off of Bitcoins alone at this point.  So start spending!

2.  Share some with your non-Bitcoin-owning friends.  And make them promise not to immediately convert them to USD, but instead to at least buy something useful with them. (But don't get mad at them if they do go running to the nearest exchange -- at least they'll finally believe you when you tell them you're a millionaire).

3.  Decide on a worthy Bitcoin-related start-up project to fund.  Take your time.  I realize this forum is full of scam artists, but there are some worthy projects going on.  I don't care if it's software, porn, gambling, exchanges, or alpaca socks.  If it's related to Bitcoin, it needs your help.  And to be clear, we're not talking charity here, we're talking *investment*.  If you do this one smart, you have the opportunity to make some big bucks.  But it does involve releasing the death grip you've now got on your coins.  So spend some money.*

I realize I'm painting the largest holders of Bitcoins with a wide brush.  To be clear, my criticisms don't apply to all Bitcoin rich individuals.  I'm sure that some of them are doing everything I described above, and to them I say thank you.  Also, I should make it clear to the Bitcoin wealthy that I don't begrudge you for your money.  I'm glad you made it big!  I do, however, begrudge you for your tightfistedness.  If this were an established project, I could care less.  But at this point, Bitcoin needs you to spend, spend, spend!  Not play Silas Marner.  And Bitcoin is too good of an idea to go back to being an crypto experiment and hobbyist activity run by ex-pats selling gamer trading cards.

tl;dr Miners and early adopters, this project may not succeed without your help.  So start spending some Bitcoins.  (And in my opinion, manipulating markets doesn't count as help.  That's only postponing the inevitable.)

* For the record, my venture is already fully funded.  Rest assured that I'm not looking for your money.
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / Developer/project introduction thread on: June 22, 2011, 04:07:14 PM
I suspect there are a lot of talented folks out there monitoring these threads who would like to get involved in a bitcoin project but lack the contacts to do so.  So I would suggest that anyone with an interest in becoming part of a start-up team, introduce yourself in this thread.  You don't have to give your name, but a brief description of your background and interests could help to pair you with others interested in the same area.  I'll start.

My background is in public health and international affairs.  I also did web development out of undergrad back in the 90s (left right before the boom).  I'm very interested in seeing bitcoin expand into Africa and South Asia, particularly given the prevalence of mobile phones in those regions.  If a basic java client for use in non-smartphones could be developed for bitcoin, it could lead to the currency being adopted in the developing world.  Remittances are another interest of mine.  So I'm interested in both supporting an open source client for phones running java (maybe using SIM toolkit and javacard?) and starting up some type of for-profit project in anticipation of Bitcoin's adoption in Africa and Asia.  I can do basic-to-intermediate coding in a number of scripting languages (PHP, Python, Javascript), am comfortable with HTML and CSS (and several web frameworks), and used to maintain multiple databases (using MySQL) when I worked as a biostatistician.  I am also fluent in multiple human languages. So I think I'm in a good position to help Bitcoin expand into the developing world, but would love to find some reliable collaborators to help.

I've got another interesting project that I'm hoping to get off the ground, but which I'm not quite ready to share at the present time.  But it also would help foster the bitcoin's adoption around the globe.

Anyone else?  Please feel free to introduce yourself and describe your background and Bitcoin ideas.  Thank you in advance.

EDITED: To remove the phrase "anyone with an interest in...investing in a promising bitcoin project" in case that's what is preventing people from contributing to this thread.  I'm not personally interested in investors, I only mentioned that in case there were investors our there looking to make contacts.  However, I am very interested in finding collaborators, so please introduce yourself or at least tell me why you choose not to.  Yes, I'm newly registered to the forum but I've been following Bitcoin closely for over a month.  I know that's not long compared to some of you, but relative to Bitcoin's current lifespan, it's not too bad.

EDITED: Removed "Catalyst" from subject since it occurred to me some people may be thinking of the ATI driver and not the type of catalyst I have in mind.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Some positive vibes on: June 22, 2011, 04:53:10 AM
For all you lurkers out there, and for all those who've been thinking about bitcoins without actually trading them and using them to buy/sell things, I'd highly recommend you actually try the client to buy things using bitcoins and discover its genius on more than just a theoretical basis.  I've been lurking on these forums for the past 3-4 weeks, reading about bitcoins, and was very intrigued -- enough to buy a hundred bucks worth (now tied up on Mt Gox).  But I only started spending them today, and I'm just amazed at the little geniuses and choices built into the system.  To name one example, I love how you can choose how fast your transaction is processed, depending on how much you want to pay.  So if you're making a 1000 BTC purchase and need it to clear quick, you just offer 5 BTC transaction fee and watch yours go to the first of the line.  And now reading about all the amazing bitcoin technologies being developed and coming on board on the project development section of the forum.  Clearly, unless some major flaw is inherent in the design, Bitcoin is here to stay.  All this security stuff is just growing pains.  I'm sure of it.

TL;DR :  Lurkers and Bitcoin "theoreticians", jump in and start using this thing to buy and sell.  It's an amazing system!
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Forum causing users to call (forum "bot"?) on: June 21, 2011, 12:18:55 PM
I'm a long-time lurker who has only bothered registering to pass on a piece of information that might interest forum users and moderators.  Someone on the forum is causing other users'machines to send packets to  I noticed that whenever I was on the forum, my machine was connecting to  Turns out this is a IP.    For those that don't know, is a bitcoin mining pool.  I've 100% isolated this behavior to the Bitcoin forum. It would appear that someone on the forum has is using some variation of CSRF, probably via a link or image tag in their signature, to cause other users' computers to call; I would assume to use their CPUs/GPUs to mine on their behalf.  I'm not knowledgeable enough about security issues to guess how exactly they are doing it, and I'm in the middle of a big work project and so don't time to track it down.  I would assume the script is only using our computers to mine on their behalf, but who knows?  I'm kind of surprised that no one else has posted about it.

I'm running windows and I've not yet tried to isolate this behavior on a linux machine, but I'd assume it would work there, too.  It's really amazing the level of sophistication that attackers use now against users.  Everyone be on guard.

Just to be clear, I don't think this is related to the forum owners, but rather to a member of the forum.

PS -- I don't mine and have no mining clients installed.
PPS -- This hasn't happened on the newbie section, but in the general section.
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