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1  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Price control action by the government through the FCCPC. on: April 18, 2024, 08:21:53 PM
Many Nigerians like myself have often complained about the unregulated nature of prices in the market and some big superstores, where the sellers and owners fix prices at their discretion without consideration of the customers buying. Exchange rates have reduced, but there are still marketers who have refused reducing the prices of their goods as quickly as they were to increase it.

The Federal government through an agency that I just heard recently but have been founded since have started price control actions to make sure that marketers that are taking advantage of Nigerians are brought to book.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) is the agency of government that has swung into action and closed down some supermarkets in the capital city for unfair prices.

The Federal Government on Thursday initiated sporadic enforcement raids at multiple supermarkets and markets within the Federal Capital Territory to ensure adherence to price display and quantity regulations, aiming to reduce the cost of food commodities nationwide.

It also said it would continue unannounced inspections at super and open markets in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, and Ibadan in the coming weeks to probe the abnormal price surges and take firm measures against any companies caught engaging in unfair market practices like price manipulation, excessive pricing, or cartel formation.
During the exercise that lasted several hours, the FCCPC sealed 4U Supermarket


What do you think? and how long will this agency be able to stay corruption free? Because it is not impossible for big supermarkets and stores to begin bribing the officials of this agency to allow them with their illegal prices.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Simple practices to improve trading (2). on: April 13, 2024, 08:25:31 PM
As a notice, I originally created this topic on altcoinstalks, but because there is a larger traffic here, I like to share it here too because I believe that in addition to my observations, there will be other observations from other more experience people that we can randomly learn from.

Some simple practices can help a newbie trader to quickly improve on his/her trading skills. some of these practices are very simple, can be done alone or best with another newbie trader who wants to become an expert trader. Some of these practices that I have observed are;

- Practice demo trading, although not all traders started with Demo trading because some traders actually could handle the risk of loosing.
- Be consistent, and to encourage or learn consistency, you can start a 21 days trading challenge with a fellow newbie trader, or a trading challenge for as long as you want. If you do a challenge with someone, the person can encourage you when you feel like quitting from the challenge due to failed analysis or other reasons.
- Whenever you loose in trading, always return back to find out the reason why you failed.
- Do not depend on signal groups.
- Practice emotional control.
- Do not focus on too many cryptocurrency pairs.
- Join a community of traders.

These are a few, and I am sure there are more from other traders, please share to the benefit of us all.
3  Other / Off-topic / Do not make gambling the only activity you do for fun. on: March 31, 2024, 07:43:10 PM
Gamblers who make gambling the sole activity that they can have fun with will quickly transform into addicts, this is the exact thought I had today.

Gambling  frequently either for fun or to make money is a certain way to get addicted.

If you are gambling for fun, It will be better to have many other activities (options) that you can catch fun on, so you do not always have to gamble whenever you think of having fun. 

What do you think?
4  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / A method to still use BINANCE for exchanging Cryptocurrency to fiat. on: March 04, 2024, 09:47:23 AM
Many of us use binance P2p regularly, and since P2P have been directly suspended for NGN, it has forced many people to other exchanges like kucoin, Okx etc.

I have heard rumors of Binance exchange still working fine for exchanging to NGN and withdrawals, but through another option that is not often used because it is not known by many people. I tried out this method and it worked really fine without any challenges. I will like to share it with you my brothers and sisters.

Follow my guide
 After opening your binance application, Click on "Trade" and then convert any of the cryptocurrency to NGN. In my case, I swapped some BTC to USDT to NGN.    

 Click on "fiat" among the options, after you have converted your cryptocurrency to NGN

This is the next page you will see

Click on "withdraw"

Your NGN balance will be reflected here

Click "continue" on the bank transfer option to move to the next page.

This is the next page

After putting in the amount you wish to withdraw, You add account number to receive, and as usual your account name have to match the name of your binance. which means you should not input another person's account details.
Click on "continue"  to be directed to an available merchant.

A merchant will pick up the transaction and be given a countdown time for him to credit your fiat account so you can release the NGN to them, almost the same as the P2P.

The entire process can be done and completed in less than 20 minutes.

The process works just fine, you can confirm that I tried this method from the date of and time of my transaction, and it was successful.

5  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Drop your predictions for the value of dollar against naira? on: February 16, 2024, 09:50:15 PM
I am not here to discuss the economic hardship that our failing naira is putting on the citizens of the country, I am sure the matter is already discussed in some other threads. I am here to discuss the projections for our naira against the dollar.

In our wildest imaginations, we never would have imagined a time where One dollar will be the equivalent of N1,600 of our naira.

N1,500 was almost seen as the height it will get to, but now we are approaching N2,000 a dollar, and I also do not think that it will be the stop, In maybe the second quarter of the year, I predict one dollar to be almost the equivalent of N2,500 because our government seems to be clueless on what to do. It was not even this bad under the PMB administration.

What are your predictions?

What economic policy do you think can be utilized by the government to stop this trend?
6  Economy / Reputation / Is forum reputation enough to influence mixers? on: December 03, 2023, 10:26:10 PM
Since mixers will be soon be rejected on the forum due to the heat they are bringing from the government, do you think that the reputation of the forum and the rejection of these mixers from the forum will be enough to force them to change the way they mix their coins?
7  Bitcoin / Mining / The effect of bitcoin halving on bitcoin mining. on: September 29, 2023, 07:24:36 AM
The mood of expectation that HODLers of bitcoin are in for the halving that is expected soon is not the same mood that miners are in for the simple reason that;

As the halving will increase profit in investment for hodlers, it will reduce the reward for mining for miners to half.

I imagine that every miner is also hodling bitcoins and will still benefit the other way from the halving. Am I wrong? Is there anyone amongst us who is strictly a miner that depends on the rewards from mining as income to sort expenses and is not hodling any?

How should miners prepare for the halving?

8  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / A call to order. on: July 21, 2023, 06:46:28 AM
You owe it to anyone you introduce to this forum for the purpose of learning that you let them understand that this forum is more for educational purpose and not a social media platform where you go just talk anything wey enter your head because you wan just talk.

As person wey just come, or person wey never too sabi for forum, Before you start a topic,
- Please try to check if a similar topic has been created already
- Use your head reason wetin you wan write first, make you judge if is educational, or can spur up a reasonable conversation
- Some answer to some questions that have been made into unnecessary topics can simply be gotten from regular google search, no need to ask a straight question that answers can simply be gotten from the internet.

Although newbies are not only the perpetrators, Newbies should take note most importantly.

Improve your post quality, so discussions will be more attractive for older members to engage in.
9  Economy / Gambling / Without money, does it still qualify as gambling? on: April 20, 2023, 07:17:02 PM
Have you heard of Superpicks on DSTV? where you can make predictions and win money without staking your money?

if you have not, check it out.

My question is can it still be called gambling if it is not played with money?
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Most likely category of people to become Gambling addicts. on: March 30, 2023, 08:27:33 PM
You will agree that some category of people will most probably become addicted to gambling if exposed to it than some other people. If you are the type that likes to refer and tell people to try out new things, you should avoid encouraging this category of people listed below to try out gambling even as a way to relax or for fun.

- Be careful introducing gambling to teens, especially young male teens.
Young people are more vulnerable to developing a gambling disorder than adults. According to the Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior, around 5% of teenagers in the United States have problems with compulsive gambling. By contrast, only about 1% of adults have a severe gambling problem.
And there is a specific about "males" because
men are at a higher risk of compulsive gambling than women in all age groups. What accounts for this difference? One study found that men are more likely to take risks and experience social anxiety than women, contributing to problem gambling.
. source

- Be Careful introducing gambling to people with some certain "Personality Characteristics".
Certain personality traits are associated with a higher risk of developing a gambling addiction
individuals who are highly competitive or get bored easily may also be at higher risk of compulsive gambling.
People that you notice have a poor opinion of themselves,
low self-esteem connects to addictive behaviors, including compulsive gambling and substance use

- Be careful introducing gambling to people who have a good access to enough money and no discipline in spending, they may not mind gambling to win money, but for other reasons, and because of their good access to money, they may just become addicted without even knowing.

- Be careful introducing gambling to someone who you know is poor and needs a better way to earn a livelihood. The person may mistake gambling as a way to earn a living.

- Be careful introducing gambling to your friend who you know easily gets addicted to new things.

- Be careful introducing gambling to your friend who you know has a drug use problem.

In general, I know some forum users may like to respond saying we should be careful generally who we introduce gambling to, which is true, but since may not possibly be avoided, there are some categories of person's that we should be on the look out for in the society.

Join the discussion by extending the list if possible.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / The future of CBDC in gambling. on: March 22, 2023, 05:37:05 PM
With how much CBDC's are being developed for use as a legal tender, do you  think there is a future for gambling with CBDC's?

Last year (2022), Macau which is popularly known as the gambling capital of the world due to it's booming casino business were planning to give CBDC's the status other accepted Legal tenders had. It raised the question of it this will prompt casino's in the city to begin accepting CBDC's for gambling?

The government in Macau did not say when;
The government has not established a deadline for when or which digital currencies will be accepted
But it is something to expect.

If Casino's in Macau begin accepting CBDC's, It may prompt other casino's to follow suit especially in places where CBDC's already have the Legal Tender status.

Gambling Capital of the World Macau to accept CBDC as Legal tender

12  Economy / Gambling discussion / How do you keep your gambling habit under control? on: February 24, 2023, 06:02:08 PM
Seeing how many people who are problem gamblers today did not have the intention of becoming gamblers who lack self control but somehow they are now gamblers who cannot control themselves, It means that everyone is at the danger of become such if it is not put in check.

How do you keep your gambling habit in check such that becoming addicted and out of control is something that never happens?

 (share your strategy for others to benefit from)
13  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Election day safety tips. on: February 23, 2023, 11:31:58 AM
The forthcoming presidential elections will attract many voters, more voters than Nigeria has ever witnessed. It becomes important for us as we plan to go out to exercise our civil duties, that we also plan to return to our homes and family safe. How do yo prepare for the election.
Some tips are:

- For people wey their polling unit dey very far from their side, maybe due to some kind reasons, if way dey for you to go that area go find person dey with till the early morning of that day so e go dey easy for you to reach your unit, e make sense like that.

- Nor be dressing competition, try wear comfortable clothes and shoes, so you fit easily discharge incase kasala wan dey. Very importantly, wear normal cloth, nor go wear cloth or any thing wey go show say na any political party you dey support. That day na day to vote by voting, not by wearing party material.

- Keep your opinions to yourself mostly, nor too talk that day.

- If e dey possible say you and person wey you know dey the same polling unit, e go dey better say two of una nai go go, make una join body waka.

- Make sure say your phone dey charged, and if possible you carry power bank follow body.

- Chop better food that day, carry water follow body or find way get small money early wey you fit use hold your side that day.

- Nor involve yourself for any form of electoral malpractice especially snatching of ballot box. Nor allow politicians use you when their children dey abroad already.

(Make we join add more safety tips for our benefit)

14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Do casino and sports betting platform owners gamble as much as other people? on: February 10, 2023, 06:56:36 PM
Farmers who have chickens for eggs especially on a large scale, easily get tired of eating the eggs from their chickens or even eggs in general. Caterers get tired of eating their own pastries, just as people who are exposed to certain produce get tired of them due to over exposure. Do you think this experience is the same for casino owners and owners of sports betting platforms?

Do you think that the owners of casinos and sports betting platform, gamble as much as other people do? If they gamble, do you think they gamble on their platform?

15  Economy / Economics / Monthly or weekly pay? Fixed or percentage earning? what is your prefrence. on: February 02, 2023, 10:22:29 AM
There are two categories of people when it comes to the choice of when to receive payment for work. There is the category that prefers it be paid weekly so they can off set bills as they come so they do not become a burden, while there is the category that prefers it monthly so they can plan well for the month.

If employers put out the option before you to either to be paid weekly or monthly for your job, which will you prefer? Please give reasons asides the ones I have stated to support your answer.

Would you prefer to be a contract staff for a company that is being paid a certain percentage for every job delivered, or would you prefer a job with a fixed monthly or weekly income? (Give a reason for your answer aside the reason that will be stated)

With percentage earnings, you can earn more and you will be very motivated to work, but the disadvantage will be when there is no job.
With Fixed earnings, you are sure of what to receive, but sometimes the workload you may encounter may be so much that the salary you are paid does not befit the work you put in.

16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Godwin Emefiele declared WANTED by State Security Service on: January 16, 2023, 01:31:09 PM
Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, says the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, has not returned to the country following allegations of terrorism financing levelled against him by the Department of State Services (DSS).
How una see this matter, nor be this man wey dey do like say everywhere for e side dey clean, how come this kind case dey come up against am?

How come say e get this kind case, abi dem wan use am pursue am from that place based on say e dey worry dem? I nor just know how to reason the matter follow.

You may be wondering why I have that perspective, but see wetin dem still do Sanusi Lamido when e be CBN governor.
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria removed the governor of the country’s central bank from his post on Thursday, after the bank governor repeatedly charged that billions of dollars in oil revenue owed to the treasury was missing.

so what do you think?
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Where do slot game developers get the soundtracks they use? on: December 11, 2022, 03:59:21 PM
I recently played a slot game named "Wanted dead or a wild", on and I so much liked it because of the great soundtrack the game had. I have asked here if anyone has an idea the origin of the songs used in slot games, there was no definite answer, so I am bringing it up here for general discussion.

 Where do slot game developers get the soundtracks they use in their game development? Are soundtracks made specifically for every game (that will be an extra budget) or do they use selected already existing soundtracks and just pay the creators some royalty for using it?
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / How are Online casino's and sports betting platforms coping? on: November 04, 2022, 07:53:00 PM
Online casinos and sports betting platforms are big businesses like we all know, and currently considering the economic situation of things around the world many businesses are affected and have been taking measures to cut costs in terms of reducing staff, taking loans etc to still be able to sustain operations. How do you think online casinos and sports betting platforms are adjusting to manage the situation?
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Will you be influenced by your favourite celebrity? on: October 16, 2022, 09:15:15 PM
Would you be influenced by your favourite Celebrity who you know gambles and one day happens to post the games he played, would you be influenced to play the same game?

I am bringing up this because a popular Canadian musician Drake posted the games he played today on Stake,

Many of his fans who are into gambling as well, may have played same game without thinking. As it turns out, the game did not go as predicted for him and his bet lost.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Can the blockchain be hacked? Ask again. on: September 13, 2022, 10:33:19 PM
A recent discussion brought up in my locale board lead me to this little striking detail from my research that holds a contrary opinion to what most know about the blockchain.
Blockchain isn’t totally foolproof — there are a few ways that it can be hacked. “If 51% of the network of miners, or of work done by miners, is bribed to alter the ledger, this can result in corruption and incorrectness in the ledger.” Additionally, if one of the nodes of the blockchain network is disabled and it cannot communicate, it may be compromised

This is not to undermine the strength of the blockchain technology and make it less of what it is, but for us to discuss the possibility of this happening and the credibility of this information.

Kindly share your opinion.
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