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41  Economy / Speculation / Why bitcoin will go to $1,000 on: April 28, 2013, 01:49:19 AM
...Because rpietila is right: a bunch of wealthy people will find a use for bitcoin, and they will declare that use requires bitcoins to cost $x thousands of dollars per coin. Then, they will open whatever service(s) they are offering to the public which is where the real money is, make no mistake, in mass marketing and sales to the public.. and they ALL know it.

For example? Paypal cuts fees in half and kills all competition forever, permanently, by buying out the bitcoin network for it's own internal use. For example. Massive PR win on ALL sides, and they triple their profits. And they'd do it too. Paypal and ebay together are worth an order of magnitude more than the BTC market cap at $1,000.

And at that point, the public will be dumbfounded to see that there are parties who will gladly pay $1,000 for their coins. many millions will be made even by middle adopters (those who got in after Jan 1st 2013 IMO). What will dumbfound people the most is the scale of the pocket. 21 billion is nothing by the standards of a multinational, just around 6% of Apple. And companies today have a LOT of cash. Especially companies like Apple. There are hundreds of computer companies alone worth more than 21 billion. Adobe alone is 23 billion last I checked.

And here's the funny part, once everyone sells out and they control the network (which they will, because they will need to from the standpoint of security and quality control) they will take the price to $5,000. And then, only then you will complain. But not because bitcoin was successful, but because you got tricked. You will complain that big money manipulated the market and stepped on the little guy. Just remember who chose to press the sell button. Remember who got stars in their eyes with dreams of $1,000 bitcoins. And then you will know why big money has big money. Because the long and short of it is, they were smarter than you, when you pressed the sell button.
42  Economy / Speculation / $300 in May on: April 24, 2013, 04:18:43 PM

Thereís a lot going on here so please allow me to explain my thoughts.
1.   A, B, C, D
a.   Green line A represents the original trend. I speculate this is the normal rate of adoption.
b.   Orange line B represents market acceptance of what I believe was a large institutional buyer entering Bitcoin and driving the spikes higher with D.
c.   Red line C was a speculative frenzy ending with a blow-off top.
d.   The black line D represents steady accumulation by an institutional-class investor or investors and the current breakout above this line represents smart-money recognition and confirmation of this event and trendline.

Based on the above A-B-C-D analysis, and the recent psychology of the market, we expect a short term rise to approximately $250 over the next two weeks, followed by a secondary crash to above previous support levels of $90 and $95. Finally, a rise to long term stability in the $300 range.

2.   Head and shoulders confirmation of reversal followed by return to speculative frenzy dynamic (red line C)
a.   The three purple cups on the three purple lines drawn downward show an upside head and shoulders reversal, which is extremely bullish.
b.   Support is marked in the $90 to $95 to $100 range.

3.   Period of net selling followed by period of net buying
a.   Self-explanatory and ridiculously bullish.

4.   MI and MFI confirming all other signals.
a.   Mass index declining after a period of net selling, into a period of net buying, which shows big money is waiting on the sidelines and is not in the market. This is bullish since big money would theoretically buy at these levels.
b.   Money flow index at local lows, which implies the price increase has occurred despite net selling.

This implies that people who sold in the $100 to $150 range made a mistake; itís not that demand is up and people are no longer willing to sell, itís that people already sold and they donít have any more to sell, and if they return to the market they would have to be buyers. We feel that is a great confirmation of all the other signals.

This is pretty much a textbook example of a bullish reversal.

Hereís another fun little chart you might enjoy;

There are four technical points on this chart. One, the MACD crossovers confirming the downtrend (red circles) and uptrend (green circles) show that yes, we are in the middle of an uptrend. The crossover is bullish and the last crossover lasted for more than two weeks, suggesting thereís at least another week left in this rally.

Second we have the accumulation/distribution indicator showing increased accumulation. This is consolidation. Make NO mistake. This is incredibly bullish.

Strong hands have been buying this whole time, all throughout the previous bubble, crash, and even now with the recovery. They havenít sold. If you think the price went higher on short term speculation you ainít seen nothing yet Ė you are now dealing with people who bought at $100 on the way up, bought at $260, bought in the crash at $57, bought at $120, and are still buying right now into the recovery at $155. If they didnít sell at $260 only God knows how high the price will run this time.

The final indicator is the Enveloping SMA 20, which never really stopped going up.

I must admit I sold a few coins into the $130s last week, but this new analysis stopped me dead in my tracks. I bought all my coins back at $150 and Iíll stand by that. Please remember I canít tell you what to do with your money. I am just letting you know how I think and why I did what I did. Itís up to you to make your own trading decisions.
43  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Woodworking Power Tools on: April 22, 2013, 06:47:25 AM
1. Makita SP6000 Plunge-Cut Circular Saw

2. Makita B03700 Orbital Sander

3. Makita RT0700C Router/Trimmer

4. Bosch GST 65E Jigsaw

  • Tools are in lightly used condition, have been used for less than 1 hour of total operation each.
  • Pictures of the actual gear can be provided if you're interested in buying. You will see slighty sawdusty versions of what's in the videos. I.E. no nicks, scratches, etc.
  • If you buy the router you get three new bits for it.
  • The jigsaw comes with five new blades for wood made in sweeden.
  • The circular saw comes with a new factory issue blade.
  • Make an offer (PM preferred), shipping is free if you can pay at least 50% of MSRP.
44  Economy / Goods / [WTB] CASIO LK240 on: April 21, 2013, 12:31:34 PM
Title says it all. Will deal with anyone trusted in the community or with a strong OTC or other rating.

I prefer to deal with people in Australia, Japan, or China, or other east-asian country, since that's where I live.

PM with offers, I believe this should run about 5 BTC plus shipping for a new kit?
45  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] TU.SILVER -- News & Reports on: April 16, 2013, 05:16:06 AM
Latest News: Bitcoin Crash Report! Sunday April 14th, 2013
Following is the contract I am using for the issue of TU.SILVER on BitFunder.

=Issuer Detail======
Longtime forum member

SILVER is a company which operates a silver fund enabling investors to hold physical silver. We also sell covered call contracts to pay for secure storage, generate revenue for the company, and pay a modest dividend.

1. Each outstanding share in SILVER represents 1/10th (0.1oz) of 0.999 grade (or better) physical silver.

2. SILVER will allow shareholders to exchange shares for PHYSICAL silver bullion at any time:
2a. Shareholders must trade-in their shares in lots of 5, as the minimum denomination we can ship is a 1/2 oz. silver round.
2b. Shipping is 1 share per 10oz (i.e. 1%) airmailed anywhere in the world, with tracking number and insurance. Additional shipping options are available at the customer's expense. SILVER is not liable for customs, duties, taxes, VAT, etc.

3. SILVER will sell covered call options to generate revenue and pay for secure storage fees.
3a. SILVER will not sell covered call options if the call of the contract would reduce the backing of the fund below one tenth ounce of silver per share (unit).

4. SILVER will hire an advisor to prepare and publish acceptable financial reports twice per year.
4a. The current advisor is DeadTerra.

5. The issuer assumes personal liability for the silver and guarantees investors will retain the ability to claim their physical silver by trading in their shares as outlined in clause #2.

6. We have an exclusive arrangement with BitFunder to support BitFunder as a platform. We will not trade on any other exchange until August 2013.
6a. We can not honor the trade-in program for shares of an unlicensed passthrough operation.

=Executive Summary======
I know the silver market very well and I have an excellent OTC rating. I have sold gold and silver on bitcointalk and on ebay for many years and I only have positive feedback from my customers. I have been watching the silver market for about six years now and I have a great business idea which I believe will work: SILVER. I hope you agree that the contract I've come up with is a good deal.

The core business here is not just allowing investors to buy silver in bitcoins like any other fund -- it's to leverage that position to generate dividends. The SILVER advantage is that if we are stopped out on our cash position, our physical SILVER rises in value to cover the loss and provide reasonable returns, while still allowing us to honor the trade-in program. While if the price of silver declines or remains steady, we generate income from our trading strategy.

The ability to generate dividends along with the promise of backing and the ability to claim your physical silver at any time, makes SILVER a unique business model that I feel will work well. I'm very excited to be able to stand by this contract and you may feel free to contact me by telephone or by e-mail if you have any questions.

=Business Description======
Primary Business: Silver Storage
To start the company we will convert existing ounces of physical silver into units of the fund. We will then sell these units into the market at a premium to spot price, representing the existing premium* on 1/2 oz. coins and need to pay for secure storage. From that point physical silver will be bought and converted to shares of SILVER either out of the cash position of the company or immediate-term loan, then converted to units and sold on the market.

Secure storage costs 0.49% per year in Hong Kong (VIA MAT or G4S). Other vaults around the world have similar rates, although Switzerland is notably higher at 0.99% per year. I am planning to start with the vault in a local bank so that we may inspect the silver at our leisure.

Secondary Business: Selling Covered Calls
We will write covered call contracts against the silver position in order to pay for secure storage fees and generate revenue for shareholders. This will allow us to pay for secure storage fees on an ongoing, permanent basis, and to expand the fund.

Since storage fees are around 0.5% per year and we expect to make ~1% per month on the invested value, this implies we only need to write calls against 6% of the position in order to pay for secure storage. As we will be selling each unit for 5% to 10% above face value, the cash position will cover the risk of loss. As a result, I feel there is a very low risk of breaking the fund's model of retaining one tenth of an ounce of silver per unit. In short, should we get called on such a small position, we will have more than enough cash on hand to settle with no risk to the holders. Failing that, please see clause #5 in the contract.

=Definition of the Market======
TL, DR: I have a passion for silver. Silver has been money for even longer than gold. Many languages in the world use the word silver as the word for money. The world's supply of silver is precariously low in comparison to historical supply. There is a historical ratio of 15 or 16 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold (due to mining supply), however due to industrial use this has fallen to a 1:1 ratio. Therefore I personally feel the silver story is more than just unique. I believe it presents an opportunity that will change the lives.

=Products and Services======
Product: None, however one share (unit) is guaranteed to represent 1/10th of an ounce of silver, redeemable upon demand.

Services: Exchange program
We will allow investors to exchange shares of SILVER for physical silver on a 5 share for 1/2 oz round basis (or for larger denomination bars upon request, should we have them available). There will be a 1 share fee for shipping anywhere in the world per 10 oz.

=Organization and Management======
Organization and Management:
I am the issuer and responsible for the daily operation of the company.

We have also hired an advisor to provide oversight and prepare financial reports.

Shareholder motions require 60% to pass.

Any shareholder with 5% or more can raise a motion.

I will maintain a forum thread and I will listen to and respond to the community's advice.

=Marketing Strategy======
Out of the profits of the fund we will attempt to buy advertising on bitcoin-based websites like bitcointalk, feedzebirds, or any other community-based advertising services.

I am planning to spend ~10% of revenue on advertising. Not too much, basically just that or a little less.

=Financial Management======
Start up costs will be around 10 BTC for initial advertising and to retain our financial advisor.
I plan to retain 1/3rd of net profit into the company's cash position, take 1/3rd as management fee, and pay 1/3rd as distribution to shareholders.
46  Economy / Services / [WTB] Hitler Rage Videos on: April 12, 2013, 05:44:34 AM

I'd like to give someone a script and have them run up a hitler rage video for me. Any ideas on how much this is gonna cost me? I'm thinking 1 bitcoin or $100, something like that.
47  Economy / Speculation / flash crash price watch btc-e 123, mtgox 142 on: April 10, 2013, 06:28:58 PM
I just checked BTC-e since MTGox has 2 min. lag (and I'm in asia) and they're selling off down into the 120s, last price is 133 and low is 123.016. :/

edit: can't edit post due to lag, or view mtgox but I just saw last trade 157 then it jumped to 190, then 140 then 180, within 5 min.. the volatility is nuts, what is going on? the coins are blowing up

edit: 142 on mtgox
48  Economy / Securities / [BAKEWELL] Action Proposal - Call for Volunteers on: April 10, 2013, 03:37:01 PM
Hello. I'm proposing that the shareholders immediately take control of BAKEWELL via shareholder motion, and:

1. appoint an interim CEO,
2. rerouting, refund, sell the rights to, or sell the actual, AVALON asics ordered by BAKEWELL
3. create and issue IAN BAKEWELL debt representing the two $4,000 mining rigs owned by BAKEWELL
4. distribute profits from these events to shareholders
5. shut down the company

To be effective we need a shareholder motion to run appointing someone as the sole director of the company. We will need Ukyo's permission to run this motion. We need:

---> Someone must step up and volunteer to become the interim CEO and take control of the BAKEWELL account.
---> We then need to run a motion firing Ian and turning over all company asset to this new person (We need existing shareholders to request this, I will sign the request this as well since I now directly represent ownership of between 4.9% and 12.1% of the company (294 shares on BitFunder and a BMF claim for a possible further 432 shares).
---> The voted-in CEO needs to immediately contact AVALON with proof of the transfer (essentially, the result of the vote and/or Ukyo's signed statement regarding the matter).

At the very least this will constitute proof that Ian has stolen money from the company which will be needed if anyone wants to go after him legally for the GPU mining rigs BAKEWELL owns, so I think we should take a shot at getting this resolved on our end ASAP.

If no one volunteers for 48 hours I will do it. At least I'm a Canadian. I would prefer not to become interim CEO though. I am very busy with my own business and work IRL. We need someone to step up and volunteer here.

We also need to immediately contact that guy who claimed to have met Ian in person. (I'm a little busy so someone please step up to the plate and link the info from one of Ian's old threads where someone claimed to have met him in person). Thanks. But FWIW I have a lot of (somewhat estranged) family out there in Northern Canada. It is not unfeasable for me to make some calls and ask/pay a distant cousin to drive down to Edmonton and check out a few addresses. It would save money on a PI.

We will also need someone to contact Yifu and ask if it is theoretically possible, given the situation, to reroute the order to the new company address. That's how it should be presented, as that's what it is (a change of company address). So someone please step up to the plate and contact Yifu and ask him if we can do that so long as we can provide proof we run the company. This is important, we need volunteers to step up to the plate and get these things done within 24 hours. Post what you're going to help out with here and then go do it so we don't duplicate our efforts.

If anyone asks what I did for this, it's the push and the idea/plan. But I can't get too involved because I run my own business and I work a lot IRL, so actually doing the whole interim CEO thing would be a bit much for me.

Get involved, or you are basically kissing your money goodbye. If we get a small group together and start a collection plate for things like a private investigator and a lawyer / representation in small claims court, if you're not in the room when the deals are signed you are not in the deal and would have to go after him on your own.
49  Other / Politics & Society / Porter Stansberry Alert on: April 03, 2013, 05:14:22 AM
50  Economy / Securities / [April 2013] Unified Options Trading Order Requests on: April 03, 2013, 04:54:29 AM
(For BitFunder and BTC-TC/litecoinglobal traders only.)

Writing puts and calls ties up capital so I'd like to create a thread for people who are interested in options trading.

Please post the symbol you are interested in along with whether or not you are interested in buying a PUT or a CALL. Please don't post amounts and prices. Please allow the option writers to compete to give you the best price. That will be all. Enjoy!
51  Other / Meta / New Subforum Request: Goods - Precious Metals on: March 27, 2013, 06:56:58 AM
Please create a subforum of goods for precious metals and gems.

52  Economy / Goods / Hughes & Kettner Dual EL-84 (Guitar Amp) on: March 23, 2013, 09:00:00 PM
For Sale:

Hughes and Kettner Dual EL84 Statesman. MSRP $1400, will sell for $1000 in bitcoins + shipping. I'll throw in a new set of tubes too (Gold pin JJs or something) although, the ones in the amp now are fine.

If you'd like to see the amp in action it looks and sounds exactly like the one in these videos:

in English (video by H&K):
in French:
in German:

As you can tell it's a very popular amp in Europe because it's handmade in Germany. It's a great amp. Original box.

There are no blemishes or scratches or anything, it's new and only played about 25 hours on it. This amp is well-known for it's amazing clean tone with huge headroom. This is a rare and sought after quality because it fits so well with effects pedals -- this amp eats them alive. Hardcore handwired German engineering here.

I've been looking to sell this for a long time, I want to move into a Laney TI15-112. The price I am asking for is pretty good considering this is top of the line gear in unplayed condition, but I'm willing to accept a decent offer. So make one Smiley

p.s. I have an original handmade Keely Java Boost with serial number 4 & signed letter from Robert Keely talking about it. Will sell for 8 bitcoins + shipping OBO.
53  Economy / Scam Accusations / resolved on: March 23, 2013, 10:06:13 AM
I need Brendio's contact information to confirm when he is going to transfer me the 33,848 shares of BITVPS owed to NYAN.A. it's worth over 100BTC and I am sure NYAN's investors want that money very badly.

If anyone knows where brendio is, please give me his contact info. I already have his facebook/email/etc, and am looking for a phone number so I can call him. Thanks.
54  Economy / Securities / [TU.SILVER] FinCEN compliance report on: March 19, 2013, 03:09:34 AM
As you may or may not be aware, on March 18th, FinCEN (the Financial Crime Enforcement Network) published a paper detailing itís stance on virtual currencies.The full FinCEN report is here.

The following excerpt relates directly to the sale and trade of Bitcoin precious metals:

     a. E-Currencies and E-Precious Metals

            The first type of activity involves electronic trading in e-currencies or e-precious metals.13 In 2008, FinCEN issued guidance stating that as long as a broker or dealer in real currency or other commodities accepts and transmits funds solely for the purpose of effecting a bona fide purchase or sale of the real currency or other commodities for or with a customer, such person is not acting as a money transmitter under the regulations.14

            However, if the broker or dealer transfers funds between a customer and a third party that is not part of the currency or commodity transaction, such transmission of funds is no longer a fundamental element of the actual transaction necessary to execute the contract for the purchase or sale of the currency or the other commodity. This scenario is, therefore, money transmission.15 Examples include, in part, (1) the transfer of funds between a customer and a third party by permitting a third party to fund a customer's account; (2) the transfer of value from a customer's currency or commodity position to the account of another customer; or (3) the closing out of a customer's currency or commodity position, with a transfer of proceeds to a third party. Since the definition of a money transmitter does not differentiate between real currencies and convertible virtual currencies, the same rules apply to brokers and dealers of e-currency and e-precious metals.

As TU.SILVER stocks all the silver it sells, it is now the only legal coin shop in the community. Any coin shop which operates in conjunction with a third party or drop ships, is now illegal. Further, as ownership of TU.SILVER shares represent silver which has been reserved for shipping to customers on a fully allocated, 100% backed-by-stocked-silver basis, TU.SILVER is now the only legal precious metals ďfundĒ in the community. All other "funds" which do not do this (which have no direct backing and redemption policy) are now illegal.
While we are sure that all existing coin shops and precious metals funds will act quickly to register with the proper authorities, we must point out now that it is a risk to deal with them until this situation is resolved.

For more information on TU.SILVER and how to protect your money in todayís crazy BTC market, please visit the TU.SILVER page on BitFunder:
55  Economy / Speculation / TU.SILVER Report for March 16th, 2013 (Speculation Forum Edition) on: March 16, 2013, 08:22:24 AM
The TU.SILVER Report
The Rally is Over Part 1: ďTurning the CornerĒ

March 16th, 2013

Dear Investor; it is our pleasure to present this weekís report. In this issue, past analysis comes to a head as we analyze the trade that killed the rally. But first, letís get started with the weekly market wrap-up: Gold:$1592.9 Silver:$28.77
Mt. Gox Weighted Average:$46.60

First Impressions: Gold and silver, priced in Bitcoins, have remained essentially flat for the last two weeks. The rally is over?

Letís begin with a simple observation. The crash is over. Silver has been flat for weeks, and the rally in BTC has ended. We can see this in the Silver/BTC chart using parallel line analysis. The 10-point trend which was in formation since February has been broken:

This gives us pause. Of course, this is the most interesting chart for TU.SILVER buyers, as if itís true that we are now entering a consolidation phase it would be the time to accumulate shares. A move back to the .20ís could happen even faster than we hit .10 if both silver and BTC move against each other.

The 7-week chart shows a broken trend line. As explained last week we are in the middle of a speculative bubble. This is the critical moment. Will the bubble burst, or is there another leg up? In one sense, it doesnít matter. If you just buy TU.SILVER now, you should come out ahead when the bubble bursts. On the other hand, if you are willing to risk staying in BTC, there might still be time for one more rally before the crash. Letís take a look:

This is a Volume Analysis chart of Bitcoin since inception. There are three price spikes marked A, B, C. Each price spike has associated mass index moves marked 1, 1 and 2, or 1, 2 and 3. Finally, a line has been drawn down to the Money Flow index to show whether the volume was positive (flowing in) or negative (flowing out) at the time.

First a quick explanation of the chart and the indicators. The Mass Index was invented by Doland Dorsey. It is based on the exponential moving average. According to Dorsey, a high value indicates a ďreversal bulgeĒ and is a probable signal of trend reversal regardless of the direction of the trend. This occurs marked at the red and blue lines on the chart. Regardless of the fact that the mass index is declining, it is currently above the red line. This means the rally has not been confirmed to have ended. This important marker (the red line) will be a strong signal that the trend is over. Note that there are cases where a declining mass index has reversed above the red line, leading to new highs (such as peak A-1). Therefore investors will keep a close eye on the mass index to confirm whether or not this rally is dead, or is merely resting.

The second major indicator of volume shown here is the Money Flow Index, or MFI. This indicator shows money flow on up days as a percentage of total up and down days. This translates to price times volume, and shows how much money is going in and out of the stock on an instantaneous basis. It is therefore related to the volume analysis based on the EMA shown by mass index. How important is the MFI here? A line has been drawn from the end of each rally to the MFI chart below. One can instantly see that the MFI is a leading indicator which can signal a price crash during a speculative bubble. When the MFI declines below 80, this has been historically a clear signal that the party is over. We are currently at 60 in the money flow index. This is a very strong sign that the rally has ended and we are about to head very much lower. Of course, we caution you that no one can predict the future; but when you think about what the money flow index means, it is clear that buying has dried up in the market. With no more buyers, and no resistance to the downside, we feel there is a very large amount of negative potential energy which could be released and we would rather avoid this possibility by selling our Bitcoins and moving into a more stable asset.

However, and we cannot stress this enough; if the MFI turns positive at this time, and the mass index does not signal a reversal, this will be the mother of all rallies, and we could see a move break through $100 within days. The key is to keep an eye on the indicators and be ready to move when the signal comes. We only publish this letter once per week so this is not the kind of alert we can give you when it happens. You need to educate yourself and watch for it yourself, and make your own trading decision. All weíre doing is pointing out the obvious. We just hope this is interesting information for you.

We canít tell you how to invest because we have no professional qualifications as money managers. However, we can tell you that our plan is to sell Bitcoins for either USD or Silver (or some other tangible asset) as the MFI continues to decline. Should we see a reversal in the leading indicators discussed above, we will dump Bitcoins at whatever price we can. We expect by that time we will have all of five minutes to react before fear grips the market. We hope to avoid a 30% to 50% crash in the price this way.
We stand ready to buy back Bitcoins once we reach the next long-term trend line at a price range of $15 to $20 should we reach those prices in April and May. 

As mentioned in last weekís report we have sold all our JAH and current figures indicate we are now in the black by about 13 Bitcoins. We also hold the 221 unsold shares representing a further ~25 Bitcoins in value. This and other factors lead us to report a Book Value of 0.1195 for March 16th, 2013.
Due to the amount of money we made trading JAH we are planning to issue a somewhat larger dividend for the month of March. We will announce a tentative plan to pay a dividend of approximately 2%. This is not normal; we donít expect to pay more than 0.5% on any calendar month, but this month saw exceptional profit and weíd like to share that with our unitholders.
Secondly, now that we have enough money to buy silver without having to borrow money, we will begin a tentative investment program to increase the sustainability of the fund. The end goal is to be able to increase the amount of silver on a per-share basis in a sustainable fashion, without risking the underlying silver position itself. To that end we will purchase approximately 1,000 units of BTC-BOND, and approximately 1,000 units of LTC-ATF.B1. Exact amounts and figures will be available in our audited Financial Reports for March 2013. We will hold all other income for operational expenses such as payment of dividends, the purchase of silver, storage fees, etc.

We have repaid the BTCjam loan secured in mtgoxUSD at a slight discount due to the rise in price of BTC. We made three payments of approximately 11.8 BTC each, and the total amount loaned was 35.8 BTC. This implies a profit of approximately 0.4 BTC despite having paid 2% interest in US dollars.

We thank our investors, and we thank rastapool. As of today, investors in TU.SILVER are granted free shipping on all redemption orders. We will review this policy on a weekly basis.


Company sales of silver at cost are hereby suspended. We will be placing an order for silver soon, and aim to hold said silver until the price recovers. We will review this policy on a weekly basis.

For more information on TU.SILVER and how to protect your money in todayís crazy BTC market, please visit the TU.SILVER page on BitFunder:

56  Economy / Goods / TU.SILVER - We ship Silver ANYWHERE in the world in 7 days! on: March 13, 2013, 03:39:37 PM
Hi guys!

With all the recent trouble with "other" coin shops I thought I would take this time to introduce you to TU.SILVER -- the only Bitcoin coin shop that actually STOCKS the coins we sell. Further, we are the largest precious metals fund in the community. We have more liquidity than all other precious metals funds combined.

Yes, we are a little more expensive than other shops. That's because we order from the other shops. So why would you order from us?

Because you know that we are not drop shipping from somewhere else, and that means you get your silver 7 days after we ship it. Maybe 10 max.

The best thing about Tu.SILVER is the geographic diversity we offer. We store our silver in Asia! That's why 90% of our customers let their silver sit in our vaults. And the best part is, we pay the storage fees -- you don't need to worry about it!

You are welcome to buy silver from us and redeem it immediately! Or let us keep it in our secure vault for you, until such time as you wish to redeem it!

Please see for more information.

TU.SILVER -- the biggest precious metals fund and the fastest shipping on silver anywhere in the community.
57  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] STARCRAFT II: HEART OF THE SWARM digital game key on: March 11, 2013, 02:22:45 PM

Send me a PM, and we will agree on the transaction:

You will send me a heart of the swarm digital game key, so I can type it in and attach the game to my blizzard account. I will pay you 2 bitcoins. I want the digital deluxe edition, english/usa/america. It's $60.

I believe 2 bitcoins will cover that. Hurry! I need the game now! I need my starcraft! Send me a PM! ty
58  Economy / Speculation / Two simple charts. on: March 10, 2013, 04:44:29 PM


59  Other / Off-topic / This means something. on: March 09, 2013, 12:25:19 PM

This means something. This is important.
60  Economy / Scam Accusations / Red Flag Alert -- Where is Ian Bakewell? on: March 09, 2013, 04:34:27 AM
Ian Bakewell hasn't been on the forums for a week, and is now days late on first payments of a 600btc loan from the lending forum, and a 300 BTC loan on BTCjam.

He also borrowed at least 30,000 shares of S.DICE from TradeFortress and possibly other securities and loans from other people.

I don't think Ian is a scammer (yet) so why am I posting this here? Because there's no where else to post it, he locked his loan thread and apparently hasn't logged on in a week anyways. I don't like the missed payments. Does anyone know what is going on?

I highly doubt he's run off as he's been very quick to identify himself of his own accord. I'm just looking to see if anyone has seen or heard from him since the 3rd, since he hasn't logged on since then.
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