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21  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What difficulty do you face on trading bitcoin? on: July 31, 2020, 02:23:31 PM
I'm a citizen of a country where bitcoin is illegal and there's no good way of trading bitcoin in legal way and secured way. I have been trading through the community I have built within these years but sometimes I got difficulty selling bitcoin, not much although. If you are from a country where BTC is legit, I think you are enjoying trading bitcoin. But what about the countries where BTC is illegal? Do you have any such way to trade bitcoin securely? I would love to hear the experiences, difficulty you faced/faces.
22  Economy / Currency exchange / Have BTC, Need LTC on: July 31, 2020, 02:18:06 PM
I am looking for purchasing 1 LTC at 1:1 rate with BTC. If you have LTC to exchange with BTC, please PM me. If you have decent trading history here, I may go upfront. Otherwise, you have to go upfront. No escrow unless you want to pay the fee since the amount is too low to spend a escrow fee. If you are interested, PM me here or comment in this thread.
23  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Some gamblers have been arrestes in Bangladesh for money laundering through btc on: July 27, 2020, 02:40:34 PM
Couple of days ago, a group of fraud from Bangladesh made around $250000 within 2 months through influncing people to gamble in their gambling sites/apps and later scam or something like that, have been arrested by police. From the amount they made, they had to sent a lot of funds to Ukraine where the leading people live. They used bitcoin to send the money. Police said they are investigating more to find everyone related to the gang and/or who have helped them directly or indirectly.
I sometimes sell BTC in local market through the help of some facebook group. I never felt that I am in risk but for the first time, it seems like we are actually risking ourself a lot of by selling BTC to unknown. What if they get a trace of ourself and link us with such transactions? Would we be also get punished? For your info, we had to use our mobile number to continue dealing.
24  Bitcoin / Electrum / Why users are always accused for the vulnerability of Electrum? on: July 14, 2020, 02:07:50 PM
With old version of electrum, people may lose their coin as older version have vulnerability. Not everyone can keep up all the news, update and mistakenly they use an older version which is vulnerable and they lost their coin. Why the users always accuse here of being mistaken while it is totally a mistake of Electrum itself. Why did they release such a version without having significant test? It really hurts when people complain that they have lost their coin by using older version of electrum.
25  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Marletplace for selling ICO cpin/token on: July 10, 2020, 03:36:17 PM
Is there any place where I can sell any ICO coin/token? I know about bitcointalk altcoin Marketplace but that's not too good place to sell such coins. I have two coins/token from ICO which have been held last year but there's no update from the team, no listing yet. They are having many excuses. That's why I planned to sell them. Do you know any of such places?
26  Other / Meta / What happens if two or more persons report a post on: July 09, 2020, 02:05:13 PM
May not be so important topic for others but I'm dying to know what happen to the report status if two or more person report a same post. For example, imagine someone has reported a SPAM POST and I also reported the same SPAM POST. Now what will the be status of my report since someone else have reported that post before me? Imagine the SPAM POST has been deleted. Now will my report be counted as-
Or, Bad
Or, Unhandled
I can't remember if I have seen the correct answer ever. I tried to get a related thread but didn't find the exact answer.
So far, I have 99% accuracy with 1 bad and 5 unhandled reports.
27  Other / Meta / Is this a bug? on: July 07, 2020, 04:46:31 PM
I just have visited a thread on gambling and was a bit confused by watching the signature of LFC_Bitcoin. It was not working. I knew that he was wearing Bitcasino signature. I visited his profile and saw that everything was fine. Later I refreshed the page of that gambling thread and the signature was visible once again.
The signature was looking like-

28  Other / Beginners & Help / TrustWallet- Missing TX blob- Code: 400 on: July 02, 2020, 01:32:47 PM
What's this problem with trustwallet? I have tried to send the btc. The tx is confirmed. No problem with amount. Everything is okay. I don't use trustwallet. It's one of my friends tx who is confused (me too).

29  Other / Meta / Bengali Thread Merit Statistics on: June 25, 2020, 04:29:57 PM
Couple of days ago, I was looking for some statistical data on merits on Bengali local thread. Thank you LoyceV for that data. Now, I would like to compare some data with other local boards. DdmrDdmr has shared all the required data with me. The purpose of this thread is to visualize Bengali Local Thread is lacking of enough merit senders which is being a resistance to the profile rank up who is active in local thread. With delivering necessary merits, we may increase the quality of the post in local thread.
Please be noted that- first number represent frequency of the local board and second number represent the percentage of that local board.
Total Distributed Merits
Total Number of distributed merits in local board is 205252 but the total amount of merit distributed in Bengali thread is 163 only. It's less than 1% where the total number of local boards/thread has been divided by 23. Other languages include all the other local threads who don't have a separate board, Bengali is excluded from other languages.

Total Unique Senders
Total Unique merit senders in local boards are 9883 but it' only 46 in Bengali which is again less than 1%.

Total Merit Receivers
Out of 12334 receivers in local boards, Bengali thread has 62 receivers who received 163 merits. Average merits per receiver is 2.63 merits but in other local boards, average is 16.71 (Excluded Bengali) merits per user. This is a privilege for other local users that they have enough supply of merits but in Bengali thread, the merit receivers are high but not enough supply.

Total Posts Received Merits
In local boards, 74926 posts have been merited. In Bengali thread, 103 posts have been merited. Average merits per post in Local boards (Excluded Bengali) is 2.74 merits but in Bengali thread, it's 1.58 merits per post.

Total Merit TX
In local boards(Excluded Bengali), 205089 merits have been distributed in 118664 tx which indicates an average of 1.73 merits per tx. But in Bengali thread, the average is 1.28 which is far below from the average.

Limitation: Data is from 19/06/20

Share your opinion if you think Bengali thread require more supply of merits.
30  Other / Meta / Need some statistics on merits on: June 21, 2020, 02:28:44 PM
I used to see a lot of statistics on merits and most of them are interesting. But no one come with a statistics to find out which board are lack of merits and where distribution isn't proportionally low. In my local thread (no local board), there is lack of enough merit distribution. Lack of quality posts may be a reason but if people do high quality posts (some users do sometimes), no one is there to merit them.
I'm talking about Bengali local thread-
Can someone posts below details from this thread-
1. Total number of unique users got merited- 62
2. Total number of posts got merited- 103
3. Total number of unique merit senders- 46
4. Most merit received (User, post)
5. Most merit sender
And some more if you have in your mind.

Data provided by LoyceV-
31  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / India may again ban cryptocurrency on: June 13, 2020, 01:59:54 PM
There's a possibility of India to ban crypto again. According to an article by decrypt, "A new bill in India may be proposing up to ten years of prison or fines up to $3.3 million for using cryptocurrency."
If the bill passed, the chance of having Indian into the crypto space will be very low as the punishment is too high.
32  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Which crypto tracker is convenient? on: June 11, 2020, 02:10:11 PM
There are a lot of crypto tracker to my known. Till now, I'm using blockfolio and it seems pretty good so far. However, which cryptotracker you are using and do you think any other crypto tracker is better than blockfolio? Share your opinion and let me switch  Cheesy
33  Other / Meta / Bumped by who on: June 09, 2020, 03:10:56 PM
Wouldn't it be good to see who bumped a thread? It has been a long time the bump system has been introduced. The previous bumping method isn't working anymore and shit projects are having worst days but still I think some projects have managed to get hidden service to get bumped. It would be good to see who bumps a thread. May be this way, theymos can easily share a way to identify the bumping service.
34  Other / Beginners & Help / Different components of a transaction (Informative) on: May 30, 2020, 01:51:51 PM
In each transaction, there is a lot of information which some of us, especially newbies, don't know anything about. Today, as I'm locked due to the Corona Virus effect and have some free time, I thought to write an info article for newbies so that they can learn everything about a transaction in an easy way.
What are the components of a bitcoin transaction?
TxID/ Tx Hash
Input & Output
Change Address

TxID/ Tx Hash
There are a lot of transactions occurring in bitcoin each day. TxID is the record of each transaction. In traditional accounting, we can compare TxID with the transactions of each day. For example, X company may have severals transaction on a day-
Paid $5k as rent.
Good sold- $10k
Paid electricity bill- $500
All these are some transactions and they have numbers 1,2,3. These 1,2,3 are the txID. A txID contains all the information of a transaction including timestamp, amount, fee etc.

A block can be compared to the traditional page number of a book. For example, the xTH number of pages of X book contains some information. In the same way, a block contains maximum 1 MB data of the tx records.

TX has its size. Depending on the input and output it can vary in bytes.

Input & Output
In traditional ledger books, we have different accounts for income and expenses. We can compare the income with input here. Imagine, you have 1 BTC which you received from your friend. If you are sending 1 BTC to your cousin, bitcoin blockchain will look if you really have 1 BTC. Then it will say, you have 1 BTC from your friend and you are sending that 1 BTC to your cousin. So, in general words, it will link the source of that 1 BTC with the destination of that 1 BTC. Here, the source of that 1 BTC is the input and the destination of that 1 BTC is the output.

Change Address
It's normal as fiat changes. If you have 1 BTC in your wallet and you want to send 0.05 BTC to your friend, the total amount will be used as input but the change of 0.95 BTC (minus fee) will be sent to your change address.

Fee is paid to the miners to confirm include your transaction in a block. Fee can be customized, can be paid 1 sat/byte or higher. Sometimes, when the mempool is congested (In other words, when there are more than usual tx occurs), the fee increases significantly.

These are very general components of a bitcoin tx, there are some more too. I will update them later.
35  Economy / Reputation / Alt account of smartmixer on: May 28, 2020, 01:54:33 PM
Alternative thread of smartmixer-
Alt account which isn't tagged yet-;u=2659590
Smartmixer is a proved scam bitcoin mixer, their main account has been tagged but this one get out of the tag. Please negative tag the account.
Link to the previous scam accusation thread-
Also, please support the flag here-;flag=1926
36  Other / Meta / Minimum standard for posting in "Reputation" board on: May 21, 2020, 01:29:00 PM
For a long time, I used to see a lot of unnecessary drama threads in "Reputation" board. Some of them are just useless at all and have no point to be existed. Most of the threads are kind of personal attack for the self benefit, revenge and some are being jealous to other users. Why such kind of thread don't get a place in the off topic board? I think there should be minimum standard required to post in "Reputation" board. Otherwise it will be full of threads which doesn't make sense at all. Something must be done.
37  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Bounty- Waste of resources? on: May 17, 2020, 01:52:26 PM
These days, most of the projects don't get successful fund raising campaign. I have no data about bounty though, but it seems almost all the bounties are just waste of resources. Social media bounty brings no benefit to the project in my opinion, while signature campaign do a little. What do you think? Projects spending tokens/coins on bounty are just waste of their resources?
38  Economy / Services / Want to buy Teen Patti Chips on: May 16, 2020, 12:14:48 PM
I'm looking for buying Teen Patti GOLD chips in bulk. I'm talking about this-
If you have a lot of Chips and want to sell, let me know the price. I can pay you through BTC and you have to send me the Chips through private table. For your info, the site itself also sell chips but the price is too high. I will not buy with such huge price.
39  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Three ways people are using Lightning Network on: May 13, 2020, 02:24:04 PM
While we are talking about scalability and the cheaper cost of tx with Lightning Network, there are some more emerging use case of Lightning Network which have been shared by Lightning Lab CEO Elizabeth Stark. I think this is a interesting read-
40  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is it possible that number of miners will decrease for a while? on: May 11, 2020, 01:41:07 PM
With the recent halving of block rewards, the incentive will be lower than previous for miner. On the other hand, the cost for them will still be same which may not be profitable for a while (I'm not sure about this). If it is true, is it possible that some miners will just leave mining for a while until they get back in a equilibrium or in profit? What fo you think?
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