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1  Bitcoin / Armory / How does Armory improve privacy ? on: December 13, 2018, 11:20:17 PM
I sometimes read that Armory improves the privacy of the user and tx, compared to many/most/all other BTC wallets.

Could you please tell me how, what various tech or methods does it use ?

Thank you  Smiley
2  Bitcoin / Armory / RESOLVED - "Scanning Transaction History" stuck at 91% and 1 second left... on: September 15, 2017, 12:37:08 AM
Strange new problem, everything was fine before today, and now Armory 0.96.2 never gets past this point...

Any idea, please ?

I rebooted, I made a Rescan balance, a Rescan database, but nothing changes...

Thank you for your help...

EDIT : third option "Rebuild+rescan databases" seemed to correct the problem...
3  Bitcoin / Armory / Please help me confirm my Armory settings are good / the best ones on: September 10, 2017, 04:09:14 PM

As I update Armory each time a new version comes out, and sometimes I try to change settings and forget what they were by default, could you please help tell me if these settings are now the best ones for Armory 0.96.2 to work at best ?

About the tx fee, I adjust them every time I send BTC by checking
Or do you really think Auto fee/byte is really a better setting ?

Many thanks
4  Bitcoin / Armory / Little bug with printing paper wallet on: August 13, 2017, 10:22:30 PM

Each time I ask to print a paper backup of a wallet, Armory set the paper type to Letter in the printer settings, and when I click Print, the printer fails to print, I have to reset, and ask for printing again in Armory, and not to forget to go in printer settings of the Armory window, to set bak the paper type correctly to A4.

It's the only software doing such a problem on my computer, when trying to print.
5  Bitcoin / Armory / Big problem with export private key of wallet ! on: August 10, 2017, 12:42:53 PM

It seems there is a big problem :

I created a new wallet in Armory.

I asked only once to display a receiving address and I sent BTC to this address.

On Blockchain explorer, my BTC are shown on this receiving address.

I make a backup of this wallet : "Export keys list"

I checked "Address string" and "Private key plain base58" and "Omit spaces in key data"

Armory displays me :
-date of creation of wallet
-wallet ID
-wallet name
-only one receiving address, same as I saw above, and where I sent my BTC
-only one PrivBase58: 5.................................................


when I go on , tab Wallet details, when I enter my private PrivBase58 key and hit See details button, the system show me an other receiving address (empty), not the address containing my BTC !

Where is the problem, please ?
6  Bitcoin / Armory / How to duplicate BTC blockchain to use it with BCH wallet please ? on: August 03, 2017, 06:57:48 PM

To avoid downloading the whole BCH blockchain, I think I can copy my BTC up to date blockchain, delete the updates after the fork, and tell BCH wallet to use the duplicated blockchain with the -datadir option, yes ?

But in the duplicated blockchain folders, what files and folder must I delete to go back at before fork state, please ?

Once the files deleted, when I'll start BCH wallet, it should update blockchain quite fast, starting to download blocks from a few days ago only, right ?

Many thanks !
7  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory keeps crashings since this morning on: July 26, 2017, 12:03:33 PM

Armory 0.96 was totally fine this night, but since this morning, it keeps crashing at launch, after it has verified between 90% to 99% of the wallets consistency.

In the black DOS windows, last lines after crash :

-INFO  - 1501070170: (..\BitcoinP2P.cpp:947) Connected to Bitcoin node
-INFO  - 1501070170: (..\BDM_Server.cpp:1025) unregistered bdv: 77bd6da8201b664ab3c4
-ERROR - 1501070179: (..\SocketObject.cpp:285) POLLERR error in readFromSocketThread
-ERROR - 1501070179: (..\BitcoinP2P.cpp:1027) caught SocketError exception in processDataStackThread: POLLERR error in readFromSocketThread
-INFO  - 1501070179: (..\BitcoinP2P.cpp:969) Disconnected from Bitcoin node

And the error log :

Thank you for your help...

I don't understand, I did nothing special that could damage the install.

I tried to update the Blockchain with BTC Core before starting Armory, but nothing changes...

EDIT : very strange : just to try, I right click on the Armory icon on my desktop and choose Execute as Admin... it worked directly !

Don't understand.
8  Bitcoin / Armory / Bitcoin not arriving in one of my wallets on: June 04, 2017, 05:32:42 PM

I sent Bitcoins from a web wallet to my Armory wallet 1, the tx has 12 confirmations on blockchain explorer, but still nothing in Armory...

Later, I sent Bitcoins from a web wallet to my Armory wallet 2, they arrived almost instantly... but still nothing in wallet 1...

I exited Armory and started again, it's online and up to date, but still nothing in walet 1...

What could I try to resolve this, please ?

Thank you for your great work.
9  Bitcoin / Armory / BTC for Goatpig's work on: August 11, 2016, 04:38:19 PM

Why not add a check box at top of main screen Armory GUI : "Check if you want to support Armory developpement, this will add a 0.001 BTC fee to every outgoing transaction and send it to dev team" ?

0.001 is an exemple... Could be more or less by default, like 0.000nn BTC... but in Options window, user should also be able to increase his donation : "How much do you want to donate instead of the minimum default 0.000nn BTC, if you checked this box on main screen : 0.0_____ BTC"

No ?

It seems so obvious for me as system...
10  Bitcoin / Armory / How to configure Armory to send BTC from same address ? on: December 31, 2015, 12:54:06 PM

I need to send Bitcoins from the same sending address I used once before, of a same Armory wallet.

It seems that each time I send BTC from this wallet, Armory creates a new sending address.

I must use again a previous sending address, only for a second time.

I searched but I don't see how to do that.

Is it possible, please ?

Thank you :-)
11  Local / Altcoins (Français) / Traduction "officielle" du mot "Tangle" de IOTA ? on: December 14, 2015, 03:36:29 PM
Concernant IOTA, que ce projet intéressant soit concluant ou pas, je me retrouve confronté à un problème de traduction précise pour mes écrits francophones, comme pour l'adjectif "trustless" il y a quelques mois, pour lequel j'ai fini par adopter "sans tiers de confiance requis", avec ses adaptations/conjugaisons.

Donc, pour la "Tangle" de IOTA... les dicos, selon la forme et le contexte, l’interprètent comme "embrouillement, enchevêtrement, fouillis, bazar, nœud, s'emmêler, s'entortiller, s'enchevêtrer, s'embrouiller, confusion, s'empêtrer..."

Etant donné que :
Une corde est un corps long, flexible, résistant, composé de fils tortillés et/ou tressés.
On parle de câble lorsque la corde est tressée avec du métal ou qu'elle est constituée de plusieurs cordes de n'importe quel matériau.
La fabrication des cordes est le domaine du cordier. Le domaine celui de la corderie.
Une tresse ou natte est une manière d'assembler par entrelacement des fils ou faisceaux de fils. Elle est utilisée entre autres dans la confection de cordes.

Je crois que la meilleure traduction pour Tangle dans le contexte d'IOTA serait Tresse.
Et on pourrait parler du "système de corderie IOTA" ou de "la corderie IOTA", dans un sens plus global, pour faire allusion au réseau sous-jacent sur lequel repose IOTA, d'une manière alternative plus générale/floue, si on veut éviter de répéter Tresse trop souvent dans le texte.

Approuvez-vous ?
12  Local / Altcoins (Français) / Traduction du mot "trustless" on: July 17, 2015, 04:47:40 AM

Je dois traduire un texte sur les altcoins "anonymes", comment traduisez-vous au mieux l'adjectif trustless en français, SVP ?

Merciii :-)
13  Bitcoin / Armory / Crash since update to 0.93 on: March 02, 2015, 04:31:34 PM

After updating Armory from 0.92.3 to 0.93 with the official Armory download link, Armory crashes and shut down after showing this message box :

There is something weird : in About, it shows as a beta, don't know if normal :

I installed the previous and the current version in D:\Program Files (x86)\Armory
And database is located in D:\Program Files (x86)\Armorydatabase\Roaming\Bitcoin
The shortcut to launch Armory is "D:\Program Files (x86)\Armory\ArmoryQt.exe" --dbdir="D:\Program Files (x86)\Armorydatabase\Roaming\Bitcoin"

And Armory config is

It worked fine with previous 0.92.3 version...

After updating, Armory downloaded again from 0 the entire blockchain and finished it (database directory is 61,2 Gb big), but then it began to show me the error message box and shut down...

Don't understand, could somebody help me please ?

Many thanks !!!

14  Bitcoin / Armory / Show balance of an offline wallet on offline PC ??? on: November 21, 2014, 08:53:46 AM
Hi, and thanks for your great work and this wonderful program.

I searched for the answer, on this forum and on Google, but did not find, sorry...

I created a wallet on an offline PC.
I created a watch-only copy of this wallet and imported it in Armory on my online PC.
I sent Bitcoins to this watch-only wallet on online PC.
Balance of the watch-only wallet on online PC shows the amount of Bitcoins the wallet contains.

Now : how can I do to "save" this balance on the offline PC wallet, so it shows in the balance column of this wallet ??
So I can see what amount of BTC each offline wallet contains, on the portable offline PC... without opening Armory on desktop online PC each time I need to know ??

And I suppose I can delete the watch-only wallet on the online PC Armory installation, right ? The BTC are "associated" to the offline wallet on offline PC ?

Do you understand what I mean ? :-)
Sorry my English is quite bad.

Thank you for your help !  :-)
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