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1  Other / Meta / Moderation on: October 07, 2019, 01:07:03 PM
I have an acquaintance in Shanghai, and I mentioned to him that I'm involved in altcoins.  He said he got stuck with a bag of Bitconnect.
I don't know much about Bitconnect, but BARR has been burning and redeeming altcoins since 2015.  So I looked up Bitconnect.

I made 2 posts about Bitconnect, asking if any holders would be interested in exchanging their coins for BARR.  Just 2 posts.
Then a user asked me a question, and I responded directly to the question.  That was my 3rd and final post about Bitconnect.

Then some angry person came into the topic threatening anyone who dared to post again in the topic, so I didn't post again.
Then I was banned for "ad spam", even though I didn't post again.  
A 7-day ban, and I can't even send messages or ask the moderators about it from that account.

Do the forum rules consider it "ad spam" to talk about a coin in that coin's topic?
Do the forum rules consider it "ad spam" to offer a way for people to recover funds that they were scammed out of?

If the moderators don't want anyone to talk about a certain coin, shouldn't they delete the topic instead of banning anyone who posts there?  
Or if it's against some rule to post in a certain topic, could they at least tell us the rule so we can avoid breaking it?
Do the forum rules allow moderators to ban coin devs and official dev accounts, for personal reasons, right before the devs are launching a new blockchain?

Was the person banned who repeatedly bumped the Bitconnect topic by posting "STOP BUMPING THIS TOPIC OR I'LL RUIN YOUR TRUST RATING!  THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING" ?
Is posting in that topic against the rules, or not?  Is bumping that thread against the rules?
Is it against the rules to spam the same thing repeatedly in the same topic?
If so, was that guy banned too?

I've seen plenty of devs here who launched coins, sold the premine, and abandoned the project within weeks.
And I continued to see those devs post here.  They didn't just spam posts, they spammed the entire world with scamcoins.
But that didn't get them banned here.  

And what have I done?
When the price of Bitcoin steadily declined for years,
and people were abandoning cryptocurrency by the thousands,
and altcoin exchanges were failing left-and-right,
and hundreds of blockchains stopped working - blockchains that were advertised here on Bitcointalk, where people lost millions of dollars -
during all of that, BARR made permanent changes across 12 blockchains and put a lot of money back into people's pockets.
Those people used that money to re-invest in crypto, instead of going broke and quitting.
Because of BARR, hundreds of people were able to contribute to the following boom.

There were at least 3 coins that were only traded at Cryptsy, that BARR redeemed and allowed people to sell.
When Cryptsy disappeared, every holder of those 3 coins lost 100% of their money -
either they couldn't get their coins out of Cryptsy, or they had the coins but couldn't exchange them anywhere.
But before that happened, everyone who wanted was able to burn their coins and get BARR, and then sell the BARR.

We burned 30% of the entire supply of Keycoin, before the Keycoin blockchain stopped working.  
We burned 33% of the entire supply of Fractalcoin, before the Fractalcoin blockchain stopped working.  
We burned 47% of the entire supply of Sapience AIFX, before the blockchain stopped working.
And we swapped those coins to a blockchain that has never stopped working.
BARR is the only way anyone got their money out, unless they sold their coins to someone else who got stuck with them and lost all their money.

Then Cagecoin, Unitus, Chaincoin, Lyrabar, and the list goes on.  We burned 11 Billion Bunnycoins, before the blockchain stopped working.

But some moderator at Bitcointalk has decided that Bitconnect holders won't be allowed the same opportunity.

Not a single BARR holder has ever been unable to sell their BARR,
because I personally made sure there have always been buy orders for the past 4 years without interruption.
And I always let everyone know their options by posting at Bitcointalk.

So I don't know, it just seems like there are plenty of scammers they could be banning before they ban a coin with a spotless record.

2  Other / Off-topic / How to understand (and maybe enjoy) Captain Beefheart on: February 05, 2016, 01:44:39 PM
I just read this old archived thread from some hipster subreddit:

It's a topic about the album Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band.  This album is on a lot of "Best Albums of All Time" lists, but most people don't actually want to listen to it.  You may have heard Marc Maron's stand-up routine about "trying to be cool enough to understand Beefheart", as if it's some badge of honor to know about some band you don't even like.

In the reddit link above, as with most online discussions I've seen, people talk about this album like it's some artistic statement to be discussed rather than listened to.  They say it's "noise", or that it's not meant to be musical, or even that it's not supposed to sound good or be enjoyed. These impressions are compounded by the crazy lyrics and weird band, but mainly it's because of the music itself. It sounds noisy - at first.

The main problem IMO is that 2 electric guitars with similar tones are playing complicated jazz-type arrangements; some of the notes overlap and create a moire, making it difficult to hear the 2 separate melodies because they're running into each other.  Kind of like too many people talking at the same time. If it was 1 trumpet and 1 sax playing the same song, it would be easier to hear what each instrument is doing because they're easier to tell apart.

For an example (although not from Trout Mask), here is the Beefheart song Suction Prints:

And here is the same song performed by a chamber orchestra:
(scroll down and click Track 14)

To someone who is unfamiliar with the song, the Beefheart album version sounds noisy and not as easy to enjoy as the version by the chamber ensemble. But once you are familiar with the melodies, and especially because the different guitar parts are hard-panned between the left and right speakers making them easier to hear separately, you might grow to enjoy the song more as you become more familiar with it.

The same is true of Trout Mask Replica, and all but some early vinyl pressings are in stereo using the same left/right separation of the guitar parts.

Armed with that knowledge, you can listen to Old Fart at Play on only the left speaker (adjust your balance all the way left), and you may be amazed to hear a smoothly melodic guitar where before you heard only noise:

After you hear the left speaker, you can listen to the guitar only on the right speaker. Once you are familiar with both parts, you can listen to them both at the same time and maybe even enjoy the result. I do. They fit together in ways you have never heard before.

One thing they experimented with is 2 parts simultaneously playing in different time signatures. If one guitar is in 4/4, it might play a section for 5 measures (20 beats) while the other guitar is in 5/4 and plays for 4 measures (20 beats), so they arrive at the same point together in sync and then proceed to the next section of the composition.

Of course, with Old Fart at Play, you might spend your first 12 listens just trying to absorb the bizzare lyrics before you can pay attention to the music. So how about an instrumental recording?

Yes, this is a rehearsal track from the band, recorded at a different location than the album version. And yes, every note is exactly the same in both recordings.

So, although I don't like to argue, it does frustrate me when I see so many people saying that the music wasn't rehearsed, or that they were just making it all up on the spot, or that there's no music in it.

Or that it's not an album you can just listen to any time? I used to listen to it every day. There are 28 tracks, and every single one is a unique treasure and worth multiple listens.

Even after hundreds of listens, I can't help but feel a thrill at this instrumental outtake of Sugar'n'Spikes:

And that's without the lyrics! It's not even the complete song, and it's still a masterpiece in my book. Is anyone else hearing what I'm hearing, or have I brainwashed myself into liking it by listening to it so many times? (Side question: is that what all fans do?)

But that track doesn't have the vocals, which brings us to the singing. Maybe you liked the above instrumental of Sugar'n'Spikes, but is Beefheart's voice too weird and annoying? Let's see:

Some people just don't like Beefheart's voice, and there may be no cure for that. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Some people feel that he created amazing musical masterpieces and then ruined them with his noisy singing and even ridiculous sax solos drowning out the band.

But that was a conscious choice, if arguably self-indulgent. He was a powerful singer with real talent, versatility, and a range of several octaves, as well as a bona fide blues harmonica performer who was perfectly capable of doing mainstream blues/rock if he wanted.

Powerful singer:

Can do straight blues/rock if he wants:
Frying Pan

Where There's Woman

Several octaves:
Smithsonian Institute Blues (The Big Dig)

Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man

Just messing around in the studio and still nailing it:

And he could even amaze people by whistling beautifully while blowing smoke rings: (no smoke rings in this song, but yes whistling at the end)
Harry Irene

As you can tell from the above selections, each Beefheart album has a completely different style from the others. Maybe you'll like some but not all. Maybe you'll like none.

For me, I just liked it for some reason. Even before the first time I put Old Fart at Play on an old record player and didn't realize the right speaker was accidentally unplugged, playing me only the left speaker, leading me to briefly believe that it was a different recording with actual music instead of noise.

Before that, the first time I heard Captain Beefheart was on a Comedy Central re-run of Saturday Night Live which originally aired in 1980:

Ashtray Heart

I stared in disbelief. I laughed. I wasn't sure what to think. I ran into the other room to dig through my dad's old records, certain that I'd seen "Beefheart" somewhere before. He had an old sample record with some Zappa-label artists, and when I heard Old Fart at Play I couldn't stop laughing. I started buying Beefheart CDs wherever I could find them. It was a while before I realized that the music was even better than the lyrics.

If you don't experience any similar such reactions, maybe it's just not your style. But, contrary to popular belief, it is music.

For those who don't like the singing, I'll leave you with four more especially beautiful tracks that don't have it, each different from the next, and each one wonderful:

Flower Pot

One Red Rose That I Mean

Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian

Moody Liz
(pure musical genius, the guitar continues playing the same part which changes context and feeling as the rest of the music transitions around it from minor to major.  And this was just an outtake that never made it onto an album)
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] FractalCoin community takeover and new website on: October 06, 2015, 09:49:22 PM

Here's the previous Fractalcoin topic:

The devs abandoned this coin about 2 months after they launched it, and a few of us have kept it alive for over a year. 

The main problem IMO was that the block reward dropped straight from 40 FRAC to 1 FRAC per block.  Miners immediately dropped out all at the same time, the difficulty was stuck very high, and the coin almost died. 

The coin is now running with transaction fees as the only block reward. 

On the plus side, there are only about 735,000 coins in total supply, no more are being generated, and today's dumping activity took the price from 3200 sats to 1600.  (

So if you like rare coins with low supply and no inflation, I don't know of any that are cheaper.

The new website is, please reply here with any feedback or links you'd like added.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / There is still widespread confusion about BitShares PTS and Protoshares on: September 20, 2015, 11:44:19 PM
Protoshares used to be a Top 10 coin, and it probably will be again if a promising project uses it for distribution.  

People have been dumping them since the share split last year increased the total supply to 1 billion - so now they're actually spread out a lot more evenly to a lot more people.

It would be nice to see something happen with PTS to go along with the BitShares 2.0 launch.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Are BanxShares as good as GAW Paycoin? on: September 16, 2015, 09:23:09 AM
BanxShares is at #7 on CoinMarketCap.  I looked around, but the only info I can find is from one bitcointalk thread:

Apparently it's an investment company that pays dividends, and ownership of BanxShares gives you a share of ownership in the BanxCapital company.

The main selling point is that the CEO Mark Lyford says he ran 32,000 porn websites and made millions of dollars.  Therefore, he knows how to make money;  therefore, buy BanxShares.

The shares can be bought, but then you can't really sell them because the coin is still in its ICO (initial coin offering).  The ICO was supposed to last until the public shares were sold.  But then they doubled the number of shares, so the ICO may never end, and they may never allow people to sell below their controlled price, which may mean not at all, since they operate their own exchange.  But they may buy them from you cheaper, off-the-books - it's not clear, but in this thread we examine the available information.

When the coin launched, there was confusion at C-Cex and Alcurex when the network forked and only shares held at were valid.  This is what the exchanges were told by these 2 guys who are supposedly the devs:

your a real funny guy.. Our new public wallet is currently being finished up

Link please, so we can update and let our customers make withdrawals of their BANX from c-cex!
You know what? if you had told your users like you where asked in advance you wouldn't have this problem now!

How is that suddenly Mark's problem?

Do you need him to help run your exchange? cus you sure as shit can't.

It would have been nice of you to contact us before listing our shares on your exchange... If you had done that you would have found out that the shares are currently locked to our exchange as we are doing security updates on the wallet.

Once these updates are complete then we will be considering which exchanges to be listed on and these exchanges will be given the right nodes to connect their wallet to.

Please send me a message on here or get in touch via Skype @ yesbossdodd and I will happily talk to you about everything.


This is very confusing.
I'm talk with MarkLyford when BANX was listed on alcurEX.
I tought he is one of the main developer.
alcurEX exchange is even named in this thread first page.
How you can say we are not contact with you?

So BANX held all the coins, and they sent some to 2 different exchanges, and then hard-forked so their own coins were invalid and unsendable...and they blamed the exchanges.

BANX Shares – Now live on too! -

And who put the coins into C-Cex and Alcurex?  Nobody but Mark.

BANX market is delisted on alcurEX.
All who bought BANX, your trades are cancelled and bitcoins are back deposit in your account.

Mark. Only in your account have BANX anymore.
How you want me to send it back to you?
Because wallet is blocked from your network, I can't send transaction.

But can't people mine this "cryptocurrency"?

Some people have been asking about the mine-ability of Banx shares. I have shot a quick video explaining more about the situation here:

Cheers all


In this video the internet millionaire founder of BANX explains that he wanted the coin to be mineable - he's a miner himself - but they "got hit too hard" by big miners who just dumped all the coins.  So they removed the proof-of-work mining from the coin.  (He's explaining this on the 1st day the coin was announced)

He seems to think that having more miners means more coins are generated. 

On day 2 of the announcement, we get testimonials from accounts registered the same day:

Hey guys 

I just wanted to share my experience with Banx along with the entire Banx team.

First off im just getting into mining , I started mining by being involved with a Boinc distributed computing project that used the asic devices. A little over a month ago I decided to try mining bitcoins and other various altcoins, and I’ve always been on the hunt for new coins to mine and then I came across banx shares one day.

I was one of the lucky few who got on on the banx mining very early. Before I started mining I did alot of searching around on banx and then Mark Lyford before deciding to move my miners over to Banx shares.

Eventually I ended up investing about .09 to 1.1 btc into rentals for hash power directed at the Banx shares. In the end when mining ended I had turned my investment into about 7 btc.

Now I only cashed in about half of the shares 3.5 and im holding onto the other half.

Along the way there we some issues and I got nervous but I was actually able to get a hold of mark and others from the banx team, and those issues and bugs on the exchange were quickly fixed. along with that I had tons of questions about the company itself , and its plans which Mark was glad to answer. He took time to talk to me and others on skype about any questions concerns or feedback we had.

I for one will be investing more into this company and shares. You can’t argue with 7 fold increase in a week and their plans seem solid and very realistic. 

And then this guy asks:

From what I'm being told, it's not possible to receive some coins and send those same coins out within the same block (different transactions). So it looks extremely suspicious when I see over 10 million coins being transacted within a single block. There's only supposed to be 6 million coins correct? The blocks in question are 157, 171, 172, and 173.

The "answer":

Hi there, I will get my wallet / share dev to answer these specifics if thats ok . I'm the guy running it all but not the tech doing all that.

I can confirm that there are a total of 6,000,882 BANX available though.

rest assured what ever info we need to give you to assure you and have you as an investor I will make sure happens Smiley

Feel free to add me on skype ID mjlyford to ask me any other questions.

Expect to hear from th3joker (my dev) shortly



Then apparently they're selling physical coins....

Right I'm getting packed to fly on vacation guys, I'll keep keeping this thread periodically while away Smiley



A user named relaric asks how they're already paying dividends when they're still trying to raise $2 million with the ICO, and why should anyone invest other than "I'm an internet millionaire, click here for my one weird secret".  Also, he wants to know what kind of CEO takes a vacation for a week after Week 2 of launch.  The answer:

The company edge is me. Plain and simple. I'm the one that will make this work in addition to the kick ass people around me I have.  The other big edge is the background online we have and our extensive affiliate base. I did have 32,000 sites, and was making $2 mill a year recurring between 1999 - 2001, and I am an internet entrepreneur. Nothing misleading at all. People should believe in this company because of me. Because anyone who really knows me knows i work my ass off and won’t give up until the goal and job is done.

We have many more resources , including the webinar we did last week for investors. Anything you would like to see not addresses please let me know.
We are mining, we have and we as selling shysical coins. yes. and most of the equipment in our offices are from our previous businesses.  We are teady to trade and up the trade numbers, no one is trying to give the impression we are bringing in lots of money already/
Listen pal. no ponzi scheme here. hardly any over heads associated with the businesses now running and has made over 3 BTC in fees. That is what is being used to pay out profits. .

I think we have done great job of highlighting what we are doing.

If you have more questions , why not add me on skype and lets have a voice call.

This ICO will last until it is fully funded. The kind of CEO that takes a weeks vacation is the kind that 1, has been working 20 hours days for the last 6 months on this stuff and two is online, laptop and phone off and on all day still working.

I agree streamlined one company to do a multitude of things is the vision i have and it will happen.

Add me on skype ID mjlyford if you would like , I want you to be convinced if that is indeed possible to do



So...the reason they can already pay dividends to justify the $2,000,000 IPO is because " has made over 3 BTC in fees. That is what is being used to pay out profits."

I won't ask how they made 3BTC in fees when the only orders were just themselves selling their own coins to new buyers. 

They instamined millions of coins, sold them, and then also charged people fees to buy the coins.  And then they're calling those fees the profits, and they're going to distribute "the profits" back to the people the money came from. 
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is the Bitcoin community itself centrally controlled? on: September 14, 2015, 08:56:18 PM
Right now I'm sure the busiest crypto websites are the exchanges, which means a lot of people get their info and rumours in trollboxes.  It's a conflict of interest for the exchanges to moderate the majority of all discussion in the crypto community. 

Exchanges already have too much control over the supply of Bitcoin itself, they don't need to control the flow of information as well.

We have bitcointalk, but it's not easy to have certain kinds of conversations here.  Looking at the view counts on the top threads, I'm starting to doubt that there are more than one thousand active accounts at bitcointalk on a given day.  Most topics never get 1000 views, and that includes the topic starter himself clicking it 100 times.  Looking at view counts is what made me realize that the majority of actual day-to-day conversations are happening on exchanges, in chat boxes that barely qualify as human interaction.

My suggestion for a better option is, which is a new site with a social-media-style layout. 

I'm not affiliated with the site, but I joined last week and was impressed. 

But then I noticed that very few people were joining, despite an announcement at bitcointalk.

Have you ever gotten the impression that bitcointalk is half full of people who talk but never do anything?  Or is it almost impossible to launch a new project because the conversation immediately gets drowned out by lunatics calling it a scam even when there's no money involved?

With uCrypto we have more tools to choose who we include in our closer circles and our community at large.  We can have discussions that are immediately accessible to the kind of crypto enthusiasts we want to hear from, without the altcoin fudders and bagholders and general assortment of trolls who ruin everything.  And we can still use all the other sites we've been using, but with one more option at our disposal.

How many of you have been using Bitcoin for at least a year, but you don't have a single contact who also uses Bitcoin?  Do you actually know anyone "from the Bitcoin community"?  If you wanted to invite people to a Bitcoin-related event, or if you wanted to announce a Bitcoin community project, who would you talk to?  Would you start a topic here, and just give up if it only gets 5 replies?  Send someone a private message here, and wait 2 weeks to see if they'll respond? 

Or maybe you've gone to Twitter and Facebook, and maybe you've had some luck sifting through the hundreds of millions of people who aren't the least bit interested in Bitcoin.  But you've probably shared an important Bitcoin article and noticed that not a single person in your social media network even looked at it. 

How many active connections does your Bitcoin client have?  8?  39?  64?  And do you know any of those people?  If they are your peers, why have you never personally communicated with any of them?  Is that the future - being connected to everyone by machines which keep us isolated from each other?  Like the Matrix? 

There's a better way, and is worth a try.  You can follow people, unfollow people, start your own Space and make it public or by invitation only.  Bring your real friends, and make new friends who share common interests.  For once in your life, have a conversation with people who already know what Bitcoin is.

Your wallet already connects to peers - now you can too. 

7  Local / Español (Spanish) / - Sito Comunitario y Rede Social para Criptomonedas on: September 08, 2015, 01:01:40 AM
El sitio es principalmente en Inglés, pero como dice un nuevo usuario:

Hola a todos soy de venezuela, soy nuevo en el mundo del bitcoin, conosco lo basico y quiero aprender mas, especialmente desarrollar algo , esta pagina es increible, me ha gustado mucho, estoy asombrado cambiaria esto por facebook, definitivamente, pero necesito leer gente que hable español.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / - New Social Media Feed for the Crypto Community! on: September 06, 2015, 03:47:22 PM

I'm not affiliated with the guy running the site, but I just joined and we don't have many users yet since it just launched yesterday.

Anyway I'm pretty impressed, I've never been into Twitter and I don't much care for Facebook, but this one is specifically for the crypto community.  I like it, and it's already starting to be fun.  

After immediately being accused of trying to harvest our email addresses to sell Viagra, the owner explained that he decided to make uCrypto after Facebook banned him for 30 days because he posted a Bitcoin logo and it was flagged as terrorism.  He has a good point;  Facebook is too powerful, and it isn't that great IMO if you just want Crypto updates.  Besides, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is on the record as saying "They trust me with their information for some reason.  Dumb fucks."  source:  (

The main topic for uCrypto is here:
9  Economy / Service Announcements / New social media service - a Twitter for the Crypto Community on: September 06, 2015, 03:43:21 PM

I'm not affiliated with the guy running the site, but I just joined and we don't have many users yet since it just launched yesterday.

Anyway I'm pretty impressed, I've never been into Twitter and I don't much care for Facebook, but this one is specifically for the crypto community.  I like it, and it's already starting to be fun.  

After immediately being accused of trying to harvest our email addresses to sell Viagra, the owner explained that he decided to make uCrypto after Facebook banned him for 30 days because he posted a Bitcoin logo and it was flagged as terrorism.  He has a good point;  Facebook is too powerful, and it isn't that great IMO if you just want Crypto updates.  Besides, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is on the record as saying "They trust me with their information for some reason.  Dumb fucks."  source:  (

The main topic for uCrypto is here:
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / New Social Media site is like Twitter for cryptocurrencies! on: September 06, 2015, 03:39:27 PM

I'm not affiliated with the guy running the site, but I just joined and we don't have many users yet since it just launched yesterday.

Anyway I'm pretty impressed, I've never been into Twitter and I don't much care for Facebook, but this one is specifically for the crypto community.  I like it, and it's already starting to be fun.  

After immediately being accused of trying to harvest our email addresses to sell Viagra, the owner explained that he decided to make uCrypto after Facebook banned him for 30 days because he posted a Bitcoin logo and it was flagged as terrorism.  He has a good point;  Facebook is too powerful, and it isn't that great IMO if you just want Crypto updates.  Besides, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is on the record as saying "They trust me with their information for some reason.  Dumb fucks."  source:  (

The main topic for uCrypto is here:
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Honest question: What's the difference between IP blacklist and DNS seeder? on: August 24, 2015, 01:37:00 PM
I don't support IP blacklists in general, but I recently read something that described a seeder as a crawler that records nodes and "bans nodes after enough failures, or bad behaviour".

That's from sipa's bitcoin-seeder, which was used as the basis for Litcoin's seeder, which is the basis for what other altcoins use.

Are our IPs already subject to being blacklisted, and the only difference is that it's done on the network instead of in our local client?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Poloniex gives all New Yorkers 7 days to withdraw all funds on: August 02, 2015, 03:07:57 AM
In accordance with the New York State Department of Financial Services, Poloniex will no longer be allowed to provide services to residents of the State of New York starting on August 8th, 2015. If you are a resident of New York, please take appropriate measures to withdraw your funds by 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on August 7th, 2015. For more information or for further assistance, please contact our support staff by going to To learn more about Bitlicense, you can read this Coindesk article

Posted by busoni@poloniex at 2015-08-02 01:09:31

It's been over 2 months since they required all users to give their name and location before they could withdraw any funds.  Were they already looking at New York regulations at that time? 

Their only reason here is a coindesk article from over a month ago.  So why the 7-day warning?  If there was a new rule in New York that was just announced today, where is the link to that?  If the only rule is over a month old, why didn't they announce it then? 

I'm pretty sure there are people who go on vacation or just don't check every exchange every week, so 7 days really isn't enough notice.  But I guess most New Yorkers are aware of their state's crypto problems, if they're into crypto at all.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / C-Cex login problems - "User not found" on: June 03, 2015, 03:13:57 PM
I can't log in to C-Cex, it says "User not found".  But then it sends me an email address notifying me of a failed login.  So it does have my username, and it knows that it belongs to my email address.

Then I clicked "lost password", and gave it my email address instead of my username, and it still says "User not found". 

So I figured if it's a problem with their system, then other people will be unable to log in.  Anybody else?
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / McDonald's now accepts Apple Pay and Google Wallet on: May 25, 2015, 11:34:58 PM
What's the holdup with Bitcoin?  No lobbyists to bring it to McDonald's and make deals?  Transactions too slow?

Right now, people can tap their phone on the register and pay.  Should there be an effort to get retailers to accept Bitcoin, or should we just concentrate on easy ways to fund our Google Wallet and Apple Pay with Bitcoin?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Hope you're not holding Gridcoin at Poloniex, they're worthless now on: April 22, 2015, 09:59:59 PM
Apparently Gridcoin decided to do a swap via coin-burn, and the deadline was 2 days ago.

So if you have a balance at Poloniex, it will just say "withdraw your coins immediately". 

There was no notice from Poloniex on their site or their Twitter feed.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Shapeshift exchange rates on: March 10, 2015, 08:14:12 PM
I've looked at before, and I've always thought it was a great idea.  But I've never used it.

So I was reading the article about it today at coindesk, and I went to shapeshift to check it out some more.

What I noticed is that I can sell Unobtanium for .00852638btc, or I can buy Unobtanium for .01369863btc.  While all the regular exchanges can have a significant price spread, they also allow you the option of offering your own price.  I am all for the idea of an exchange that doesn't hold your coins, but I don't see myself agreeing to exchange rates that screw you coming and going.

For those of you who have used this service, is that all there is to it?  Can you ask for a certain rate and wait for it to be filled? 
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / If everyone in the world mined with CPUs, could the average ASIC farm compete? on: March 02, 2015, 08:57:19 PM
Let's say the wildest dreams of Bitcoin fanatics came true, and 1BTC was priced at $100,000.

At that point, mining a block would be like hitting the lottery.  Plenty of people play the lottery every day and never win, so I think plenty of people would leave their computers running all day if it meant a free lottery ticket every 10 minutes.

So if 1 billion people were mining every day, hoping to mine 1 block in a lifetime, wouldn't it make ASIC farms obsolete?  Sure, you could still spend millions of dollars on a mining farm, but you wouldn't be mining a block every day, or every week, or even every month.  It would be like spending millions of dollars on lottery tickets and always losing money.

People always assume mining will get more and more centralized, but it could go the other way if Bitcoin really becomes a worldwide currency for everyone.  We could see headlines like "Rhode Island pool finds its first block this year;  Every RI citizen gets $5.00."

Of course, a billion people won't be able to mine if nodes can't be run on consumer hardware and home internet connections.  But maybe technology will advance enough to make it possible, even if Bitcoin is forked into a big-boys club.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What's going on with Altcoin Herald ACH? From 4000 to 60 in a month on: January 31, 2015, 06:12:02 PM
I admit I don't know much about this coin, even though I bought a very small amount back in November.  I sold some, but what I had left entitled me to a small payout of NXT in December.  Apparently it's an investment thing from the news website Altcoin Herald, and they are supposed to do regular payouts.  But I didn't get a payout in January, so I figure that might have something to do with the price crash.  But I haven't been able to find a single topic about it, so I started this one.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Don't buy Lyrabar. Just kidding! Do buy it! on: January 29, 2015, 11:06:58 PM
Lyrabar is probably one of the best bars and/or coins that you've ever seen IN YOUR LIFE.

More info at
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / A good way to save your bitcoin and not impulse-spend it on: January 28, 2015, 07:01:34 PM
Just download a new copy of Bitcoin Core, send your BTC to your new address, then close the application before it can download the blockchain.

Then, next time you get the urge to spend that BTC, you'll have to wait about 2 days.
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