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21  Bitcoin / Mining support / how do you calculate the difficulty of a share submitted by a stratum worker? on: October 08, 2014, 01:26:51 AM
I'm missing something fundamental.  The work submitted from a worker has 3 pieces of information that are related to the share:

- extranonce2
- ntime
- nonce

Somehow the pool can quickly take those values and the other known values that the pool provided the worker, and determine if it's a valid share and if it meets the required difficulty.  Can someone explain to me how that's done, or point me to some code that shows it? 

I assume this process is extremely simple otherwise the overhead on the pool would be too much.


22  Economy / Scam Accusations / jamesc760 is deleting all posts in his group buy on: September 29, 2014, 11:24:56 PM
Presumably to hide his crime/scam.

I have PDFs...


EDIT: Mod, feel free to move to scam accusations as needed.
23  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 1 S1 upgrade kit on: September 27, 2014, 08:26:21 PM
I have one S1.  I'm not ordering two upgrade kits because of Bitmain's MOQ.

Anyone have any spare they have because of the MOQ?

Reputable sellers preferred.

Scammers need not apply.


24  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 1 S3 Antminer on: September 06, 2014, 07:03:45 PM
In good condition, preferably a later batch.  Would like to work with someone who's established a rep/trust.

I'm on the east coast of the US.


EDIT: Scammers need not apply.
25  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 1 Race to Win coupon for on: September 02, 2014, 02:26:52 PM
I got this with a video card I bought a while back.  It's good until 12/31/2014.  I'm not entirely sure what it's good for, but I'm not into racing games, so there's no way I'm ever going to use it.

Make an offer.

26  Economy / Digital goods / [SOLD] $301 USD worth of Southwest vouchers on: August 31, 2014, 06:47:29 PM
I have $301 USD worth of Southwest (airline) vouchers that I probably won't be able to use.  They need to be "flown" by 9/21/2014.

I'm selling at face value for BTC.  At current price that's about 0.63 BTC.

27  Economy / Computer hardware / [DONE] WTB 1 S3 on: August 17, 2014, 09:50:36 PM
I need one S3 to get my app (M's Ant Monitor) working with S3s.  Every place I've checked aside from Amazon/eBay is out of stock until batch 8.  Anyone trustworthy willing to part with one, or know a reputable site where I can get one?  I'm on the east coast of the US, want to pay in BTC.


PS.  Scammers need not apply.
28  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 1 Bitmain Antminer S2 on: July 31, 2014, 02:06:53 PM
I got it around the middle of May, so it's about 2.5 months old now.

It came with one dead temp sensor, all the others are fine.

There are one or two blades that sometimes throw up Xs or dashes and sometimes it causes the hashrate to decrease to 985 GH/s, but for the most part, it runs right around 1 TH/s.  Usually a power cycle will take care of the Xs for a few days, until they return.

I also put a Thermaltake Gold 1200W PSU in it.  I'm willing to sell with the stock PSU, or no PSU at all for a discount.

I'm selling it because the noise and heat doesn't work for me anymore. Sad

Selling for 2 BTC shipped priority to you (my choice of USPS, Fedex, or UPS based on location/price/time) in the continental US.

I'd prefer not ship internationally, but if you're willing to deal with customs (I won't under price it or mislabel it), and pay for the extra shipping cost, I'll probably do it.


EDIT: I'm on the east cost of the US.
29  Bitcoin / Hardware / I'm looking for some reliable hosting site outside of the US on: July 26, 2014, 01:37:50 PM
Ideally some place where I can buy a few S3s and they run them for me. 

Anyone have info on such a facility?


30  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] [1] Antminer S2 (1 TH/s) with 1300 watt PSU in USA on: July 11, 2014, 12:18:53 PM
I'm selling one of my two S2s.  This one has a Rosewill Lightning 1300 watt PSU in it.  It's rock solid, and runs without ever having a problem.  All blades work, no Xs, no dashes, and all temperature sensors work.  (I wish I could say the same for my other S2...)

Selling for 2.1 BTC at current exchange rates, shipping to you my choice of priority shipping, either UPS 3-day, USPS priority, or Fedex, largely depending on your location.  I'm on the east coast of the US.

I'm trustworthy, and have been around a while.  However if you want escrow, we can use it, at your expense.

31  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / New DOGE p2pool node on: July 03, 2014, 12:11:16 AM
Nothing fancy, but it's a node on a VPS.

Located in Los Angeles, CA  USA.

1% fee.

32  Bitcoin / Hardware / underperforming S2 on: May 17, 2014, 12:24:44 PM
Hi all.  I have a gen 4 S2 that seems to be underperforming.  I've had it running for about 5 days now.  It's averaging about 920 or less GH/s.  All 10 chains are showing up, and for a while there were no Xs.  Now there's one in chain 1. 

I thought the 1000w PSU was the cause, so I swapped it with a 1300w gold PSU.  No change.  I've reseated all the chains, twice.  No change.

One of the chains isn't reporting a temp, so I'm thinking of yanking it and see if my hash rate stays the same. 

I'm attempting to reach out to Bitmain for help.

Any other suggestions?


33  Bitcoin / Hardware / anyone have some spare molex/sata power cables for an Enermax PSU? on: May 16, 2014, 10:02:07 AM
Since I swapped mine out of my S2 with a 1300W, I thought I'd use it somewhere else.  But it only has PCIx adapters on it, and none of my other PSUs have adapters that fit the Enermax.  Someone have a spare molex and SATA power cable that works that they'd be willing to send me? Smiley


34  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 8x S1 Antminers + 2 1300w PSUs on: May 13, 2014, 02:57:20 AM
I just got an S2, and I'll be getting another one soon.  I'm borderline on outgrowing my cooling, noise, and electric capacity, so I need to sell some S1s.

Each S1 has custom heatsinks (72 per unit) (link), plus a 103 cfm pull fan (link).

They are currently being powered in sets of 3 by a Rosewill Lightning 1300w gold powersupply (link).  

All are overclocked at 200gh/s and are running fine with no issues.

S1s are currently going new for 0.476 BTC.  I'll sell for 0.4 BTC a piece, and 0.25 for a power supply.  Shipped insured UPS ground anywhere in continental US at my expense.

I'm not really interested in using Paypal, unless you have a good trust rating and/or have been around for a while.  Even then BTC is my preferred payment method.

If you want to do escrow, it's at your expense.  I'm not a new member, have a good reputation, and have good trust.

To save on shipping, I want to sell in sets of 2 or higher.  

Pics will be coming soon.

35  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / M's Miner (Ant/SP) Monitor v5.2: alerts,auto/mass/scheduled reboot/mobile miner on: May 05, 2014, 02:21:59 AM

I no longer have any time to dedicate to this project.  I don't see that changing anytime in the near or distant future.

The installation package is now only available on GitHub.  If you find it somewhere, be EXTREMELY CAREFUL, as it may be infected.

The source code is on github if anyone wishes to fork it and modify it for their own use.

I've sold my last miner and at this point in time I'm planning on holding on to my few coins for the long term to see if they'll ever be worth anything significant.

If someone or a group of people are interested in having an enhancement made to this project by making "more worth my while", feel free to PM me.  

GitHub link:



It grew old having to manually check each of my Bitmain Ants to see how they were doing.  So I created this.  I've since added support for Spondoolie units (may not initially work for SP10).

Note that this is no longer called M's Ant Monitor.  At this point I'm open to adding support for any miner that uses cgminer.  Note that I can not and will not attempt to physically obtain every type of miner out there.  I need your help for this.  There's a "get miner info" button on the Miner Config tab in this app.  Use that to get the cgminer API output from your miner and PM it to me, and then I'll work on adding it as time allows.


- Look at all your Bitmain Ants (S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/C1) and your Spondoolie units (SP10/SP20/SP30/SP31/SP35) in one spot, assuming you're using Windows (uses .net 4.0) and your PC can reach them all via your network.
- Can trigger visual alerts based on your criteria (temp too high, hash too low, fan too high, fan too low, X count too high).
- It can initiate a software reboot automatically if it detects a specified number of dreaded Xs in the status (for Ants), if the hash rate drops too low, or if it fails to respond properly to an API poll request.
- Can scheduled automatic reboots, either by schedule, or by miner uptime.
- You can manually reboot miners from the display.
- You can manually *temporarily* update pool info for one or more S2, C1, and S4s (and S1/S3/S5s and Spondoolie units if you configured it to allow API access).
- Uses the API for all miners, and supports Web scraping for S1, S2, S3, and S4.  The Web port, SSH port, and API port are completely configurable per miner.
- Shows the true hardware error percentage.
- You can use it to scan your network to pick up the miner addresses, or you can enter them manually.
- Open source (GPL3):
- Has configurable multi-threaded polling of your miners.  You can use 1 to 64 threads simultaneously for your Ant farm.  It defaults to not displaying the updates to the grid until 1 second after the refresh was initiated.  You can (and should!) increase that value if you have a large number of miners and/or you have slow video rendering.
- See Scanned 1200 Ants in 52 seconds.


- There are two ways to monitor Spondoolie units.

1 - Via HTTP (web).  The downside to using this is you can not reboot your device remotely.  However, Spondoolie units usually don't need this.
     HTTPS is available if you want/need to secure your credentials.  Note that this may not work with all hosting configurations!

2 - Via the API.  This only works if you have API access, which by default, is not enabled.  API access usually is not available if your unit is remote.  To enable API access, do the following:

* This may not work with SP10s.  If yours doesn't work, use the "Get Miner Info" button and PM me the output!

HOW TO ENABLE API SUPPORT on your Spondoolie unit:

My SP20 came with only local API access allowed.  That means this program won't be able to talk to it.  To enable it, you need to SSH into your miner (you may have to enable SSH) and edit /etc/cgminer.conf to allow network access.  If you don't know how to do this, try this at your own risk:

SSH to your miner
type "vi /etc/cgminer.conf"
NOTE: with newer firmware it may be cgminer.conf/template

On my SP20, I see one line of data that start with this:


press 'i' on your keyboard to allow editing

scroll to the end of the section that reads "W:" and add ",your ip", like this where "your ip" is the IP address the monitoring app is running from.  It should look something like this:


press Esc, ':' then 'w' and then 'q' and press enter.

Restart cgminer from the miner console, and on the pools tab you should see the new API allow.

- To copy the configuration from the PC for use on another PC, go into RegEdit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MAntMonitor.  Right click the MAntMonitor key on the left and click Export.  Save that file, and then on the other PC, open RegEdit and click File -> Import and import that file you just exported.

- Items on the output that may need additional explanation:
  - HWE = Hardware Error Percentage
  - Pools = 3 letters, one for each pool.  U = up, D = down, N = N/A (blank).  Hover the cursor over this column to see complete pool info.
  - Status = the number of Xs OR dashes in each chain (Ants only).  0X is zero Xs, not "O" X.  That's a good thing!
  - Rej% = Pool percentage rejects
  - Stale% = Pool percentage stale
  - HFan = High fan speed of all fan speeds (Ants only)
  - HTemp = High temperature of all temperature readings
  - ATemp = Average temperature of all the temperature readings
  - XCount = How many Xs are across all your chains (Ants only)
  - ACount = How many Alert counts there are for this Ant (Ants only).  Sort by this column to have them bubble to the top.

Notes on how to use the pool info:
- Once you establish what pool #1, #2, and #3 are, the option to update pool info will appear on the right click menu on the output grid.
- To update more than one miner at a time you'll need to enable to selection column.
- Importing existing pool configs from miners doesn't retrieve the password.  The PW doesn't seem to be in the API.  Most pools don't care about the PW, so I didn't consider this to be a big deal.
- Setting the pool en masse does NOT work for S1s and S3s unless you modify the cgminer config to allow SSH API access.  You have to know how to do that (hint: google should be able to find it for you).  I personally haven't figured out how to do it yet. Sad
- Blank passwords are passed as "abc".  I haven't found a way to get the API to take a blank password yet.  Since most pools that would want a blank PW don't care about the PW, I don't see this to be a big deal.
- Updates performed this way are not permanent!  The API doesn't appear to have a way to set this permanently.  Next reboot or UI change will cause the pool settings to revert to what they were before.

- BitDefender seems to cause problems with this app.  I think you can whitelist the app to fix the problem.  Other malware apps might cause problems as well.

CRC-32: b424c313
   MD4: 38587553924a77ac74bb1743e843b4cd
   MD5: ee56f8d1d39ca61566d5fccdb09e2b6c
 SHA-1: a91a651dd95796f62219c7da3216464990d70002

36  Bitcoin / Pools / [obsolete] New public p2pool node that pays merged mining income to p2pool on: May 05, 2014, 12:45:40 AM
In an effort to promote p2pool, I'm going to try something new, and afaik, something that hasn't been done before.

I managed to snatch up a VPS for a ridiculously low price.  I'm running a public p2pool node on it with 0% fee.  I'm merge mining NMC, DVC, IXC, I0C, GRP, FSC, and HUC.

All that's the same as many other nodes out there.

What I'm doing different is not keeping the merged mine proceeds for myself.  I'm not even using them to compensate for the VPS fee.  

Instead, I'll be donating the BTC equivalent back into p2pool, for all p2pool users to share.  Every single satoshi!

The VPS is located in Los Angles, CA, the opposite side of the country of me.  Not ideal for me, but it was the one that was available, so I grabbed it. Smiley I'm pointing the majority of my hashpower there - a meager 1 TH/s.  I hope to see a lot more from others soon. Smiley

The pool address is  I intend to find a domain name for it soon, but haven't got there yet.

I also intend to put one of the newer front end web UIs on the node, but for now I'm just using the default.

Set your username to the BTC payout address you want to be paid to.  Password doesn't matter.  
P2pool is PPLNS.  That means it takes roughly 3 days for your payout value per block to peak.
P2pool uses an alt chain to determine how much of each block found goes to each user.  Like bitcoin, the difficulty for the alt chain varies based on the hash rate of p2pool.  Unlike bitcoin, it changes every 30 seconds.  As of now, the share difficulty is at about 1.1million.  Take that into consideration when determining how long it'll take you to find a share in the alt chain.
P2pool pays out transaction fees.  The block finder also gets a small reward.
Like every other pool, p2pool is affected by luck and variance.  That means there will be good days, and there will be bad days. It also means the more hashpower the pool has, the lower the variance, and the more regularly blocks are found.
Point your browser to to see the current stats.

Comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome.

37  Bitcoin / Pools / stratum, nonce2, p2pool, and hash collisions on: April 01, 2014, 02:59:32 PM
I'm trying to understand how a stratum proxy works, which I think sort of what the stratum part of p2pool is, as well as Slush's stratum proxy.  I'm hoping there's a flaw in my logic somewhere or I'm missing something.

Here's how I understand it. 

p2pool determines the coinbase needed for the block we're trying to solve.  that coinbase, among other things, contains the payout addresses of the users in the sharechain and the amount each user should receive should the block be solved.

according to the stratum docs I've read, the beauty of stratum is that the miner generates the work.  for that to happen, the stratum server feeds the miner everything it needs to generate work, including the coinbase, a nonce1, and the required size of nonce2.  the miner derives nonce2, which is how the miner is able to generate work.  I think in most cases nonce2 is nothing more than a counter, since changing the value by 1 is enough to generate a completely different hash, and maybe just maybe solve a block.  Regardless of whether it's a counter or not, the size is still controlled by the stratum server (p2pool in this case).

here's where I'm stuck.

if the nonce2 size is 4 bytes, there are 2^32 different possibilities, or to be precise, 4,294,967,296 possibilities.  that's roughly 4.3 billion.

so, p2pool gives the miner the work.  if it's a 4 byte nonce2 size, the miner has 4.2billion hashes it can go through before it starts generating the same hashes again, unless p2pool gives it new work.  unless I'm missing something, a miner running at 1 gh/s will take 4.2 seconds to go through all those possibilities.  an Ant running at 180gh/s will exhaust that in 0.02 seconds.

I have to assume my math is wrong, or nonce2 is much larger than 4 bytes.  otherwise my ants are wasting a lot of time.

that's just one worker.  let's say there are 10 workers on the pool.  p2pool has to be providing unique work to each miner, else each miner will eventually be generating the same hashes, unless nonce2 is sufficiently large, or each gets a different nonce1.  I have to think this is working properly, else when a valid block is out there for a certain hash, more than one worker is going to find it, it's just a matter of who gets it first.

now if I consider Slush's stratum proxy, I get more bewildered.  let's say you have this stratum proxy sitting between you and a stratum pool.  you do that so your 10 ants use one connection instead of 10 connections.  the pool feeds the proxy the required work, coinbase info, nonce1, and nonce2 size.  the proxy now needs to relay to that to the workers in a way that each will generate unique work, else they are working redundantly.  if nonce1 is unchangable, we have the same problems.  nonce2 has to be large enough so that each worker gets a large enough space so that it doesn't exhaust the entire space before new work is available and also doesn't cross over into another worker's work.

this leads me to believe:

1 - I'm missing something fundamental
2 - nonce1 can be changed without the pool objecting
3 - nonce2 is much much larger than 4 bytes

can someone help please? Smiley


38  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 2x Powercolor, 1x Asus R9 280X video cards on: March 24, 2014, 09:35:45 AM
UPDATE: 8 out of 8 gigabyte cards sold.  Thanks!

I have 1 gigabyte Windforce, 2 Powercolor TurboDuo, and 1 Asus DC2T-3GD5 (non matrix!) that need a new home.  I'd rather cash for them, but eBay prices for them are pretty low right now, and after you take the eBay + paypal cut, it hurts to sell them on eBay. Smiley

They are all a few months old max.  All in near perfect condition.  Used for scrypt mining in a cold to cool basement, most have only been above 80C a few days, some approached 90 on the warmer days.  Although AMD says they run fine at 95C, the few times they approach the upper 80s I lower the intensity to cool them down.  I'm one of those "overkill cooler" miners ... my preferred method of cooling is a box fan blowing on them, with arctic air from the outside blowing in via another box fan.

They all pull between 740kh/s and 760kh/s a piece with sgminer.   The gigabyte is on the lower end, the powercolors on the higher end.  The gigabyte and asus run the coolest, the powercolors a little warmer.  Note I just consolidated my remaining cards onto one machine, I haven't yet tweaked them to run at their highest speeds yet.

At current BTC price I was thinking about $250 USD a piece for the Powercolor's, or the current BTC equiv a piece, shipping to you insured, domestic US.  The Asus I'd like a little bit more for, it's one awesome card.  

Serious offers considered!  Paypal accepted if you're a verified member, I'll ship to your paypal confirmed address.

Escrow is an option, at your cost.  I'm not a new member, and have an established record here.  Check my trust ratings, you can trust me.

(pics removed)

If you don't see pics above, use these links:


EDIT: clarified temperature and cooling
EDIT: added links to pics.  forum issue?  the imbedded pics worked yesterday
EDIT: added more pics and other cards
39  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I know where Bitcoin is located! on: March 20, 2014, 09:42:44 PM
I found this email in my spam folder.  Smiley

We all agree that Bitcoin addresses are too long, so why not use a Bitcoin address shortener? We're proud to invite you to try out our Bitcoin address shortener, for free. It's great for print and web communication!

There are additional features too such as Bitcoin Address Search, Bitcoin Address Generator, and more.

See you there!
Copyright 2014 Bitcoin, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because of your interest in Bitcoin services.

201 North Street
Washington, Dc 20007

The only link referenced (twice) is  No doubt my browser will be assaulted in all sorts of nefarious manners if I attempt to go there or some attempt will be made to deprive me of bitcoins.

40  Economy / Goods / Coboc Cat-5e cables on sale at NewEgg - 50% off select cables on: March 18, 2014, 11:10:58 PM
Dunno about you, but I'm always running low on cables.  Now that I have Ants in the house, it's getting worse!!  It should be a while now before I run out...


If you're a premier member, free 3-day shipping. Smiley

Not all lengths are on sale.  Make sure you click thru the lengths to see which ones are 50% off.

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