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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The so called "Internet community" of naysayers on: May 08, 2022, 08:14:34 PM
So I went to a doctor with my kid and out of pure boredom, while she was inside, started browsing 9gag. They were having a laugh talking how the idea of NFT failed with the market crashing and all that "going to 0" shit and of course the discussion was sidetracked into bitcoin with the general theme being that it's also worthless like NFT and also going to 0.
I read it for a second just to see how random people who spend time browsing memes see things that happen in our crypto space and I'd like to spare you all the crap and make it into some kind of a list, so here it is:

Bitcoin is worthless because there's no backing, unlike with fiat that is backed by states.
It just uses electricity and doesn't give anything back, it wastes energy.
Most of it is owned by just a few addresses so they decide if you win or lose.
It's going to 0 because it's a bubble like tulips and it's even smaller in size than tulips were.
It failed in El Salvador because nobody uses it, people just wanted free coins and stopped using Chivo when they got their coins out.
Only poor countries that don't know how to handle inflation will adopt bitcoin because they're out of ideas.
It lost so much value in the last year so it's not a hedge against anything. Gold lost less so it's a better hedge.

I used to think that people who hate technology and progress will be those who are too old to switch, like Warren Buffett or Peter Schiff, but young people who sometimes are working in tech jobs seem to rather be in fiat or gold, like the old generation. Personally, I would never be against something that gives people the freedom of choice and I'm not that young. I'd think people who are in their 20s should be backing freedom 100%, but guess not. On the other side, following the old meme, in the Internet nobody knows you're a dog. That could be a central bank employee trolling you on reddit Wink
2  Other / Politics & Society / Nuclear war? on: March 26, 2022, 04:26:54 PM
Let's list some facts first.

Russia is facing serious problems in Ukraine and these are only going to get worse since there are already food shortages both on the battle front and in Russia. For instance they're running out of sugar in the motherland and soldiers sent to Ukraine barely had enough military rations to last a few weeks and we're now much longer into the conflict. Hungry Russian soldiers are trying to get food from the locals with poor results like those poor bastards who, according to the reports, died after eating food poisoned by the Ukrainians. Soon forests are going to offer much better cover for Ukrainian artillery groups and snipers and it's going to become much harder for Russians to coordinate air strikes.

Russian nuclear forces were put on high alert almost a month ago.
In response France put one additional submarine armed with nuclear missiles on a patrol mission. It now has 2 ships ready to respond. France also conducted a test of its new nuclear missile ASMPA-R
USA brought Patriot defense systems to Europe and placed them around the border with Ukraine, in Romania, Slovakia and Poland. These systems are meant to shoot down incoming missiles.
Poland proposed an international peace mission to be sent to Ukraine, to which proposal the president of Belarus responded that such a mission would start another world war and a Russian propagandist said on national TV that Russia would destroy Warsaw in 30 seconds with a nuclear strike, to which threats Polish president responded "don't try to scare me or you will shit yourself"
Yesterday news came out that Russia made a list of countries it wants to "denazify" and those are Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

On March 25, a statement was made by Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Savostyanov, who is convinced that “the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine will ensure sustainable security for the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and all of Europe.”
“For a more complete process of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation, in addition to Ukraine, I consider it expedient to include the Baltic states in the denazification and demilitarization zone [Литва, Латвия, Эстония]Poland, Moldova and Kazakhstan

Some of these countries are members of the NATO and the EU and are armed at least as good as Ukraine was before the invasion. There's also a large number of US soldiers stationed there, so a conventional assault would only mean more losses for Russia.
If they really decide to follow through with the plan the only option left for them is a nuclear attack, but that would be suicidal for Russia.

This looks like a new Cold War is brewing. I'd expect Russians to dispose of Putin before he decides to kill them all, but there's a lot of Russians who support the invasion of Europe. Half of the nation is apparently retarded and brainwashed into thinking they could win a war with NATO.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My take on the market on: January 23, 2022, 06:42:14 PM
Since I can see the fear and pressure some of you are under at this point, I'd like to offer some advice and a bit of analysis of the market. Maybe this will put those of you who are biting their nails and watching the charts all day long at ease. Hodlers probably won't learn anything new here, but I at least hope that those who think the sky is falling will.

Let me start by saying that the things you can read in both the mania and extreme fear are one of a kind. Especially on youtube you can see and see some weird mix of panic, hate, resentment and sarcasm. No, Bitcoin is not going to $1, $100, $1000 or anything in between. The protocol is intact, the hash power is growing, this Bitcoin that people are selling now at a loss below 40k is actually a stronger, better Bitcoin than the one they were buying for 40k in January 2020.

You're probably thinking that if everything is fine then what caused it to crash and why 30k again? There's so many people who feel fooled by media and youtubers. It was supposed to be at 100k, right?
There's so many factors that influence the price that it's impossible to predict the exact value and time. There's external and internal factors, with internals being the number of users, nodes, network upgrades, hash power, difficulty, number of transactions. External factors are things like the stock market, the attitude of various governments, pandemics, wars and so on.
In 2013 it was mostly internal with the biggest exchange declaring bankruptcy, while the March 2020 market crash is a nice example of an external influence (US stock market covid crash)

Unlike the external ones, internal problems cause a prolonged loss of confidence in the asset, so they're much worse.

IMO we are currently facing a bearish correction due to external factors. High inflation all over the world with countries like USA, Turkey, Russia and Poland really struggling to fight it. Most of them try to increase interest rates, which means that companies who are in debt are forced to pay more interest and any future loan is going to cost them more. Naturally this is going to slow them down and make investors (who also have to pay higher interest on their loans) to sell some assets to be able to cover that increase. This is why the stock market is going down and dragging Bitcoin along.

Is it bad overall? Sure, but is it bad for Bitcoin? Not really, because it's still the same Bitcoin, just people don't have enough money to keep buying and since we are mining more every day, with less buyers Bitcoin is naturally going to keep falling in price.

Silver lining? Of course there is one. First of all, the stocks are not going to keep falling forever. The governments know that they can't let this go too far or companies start going bankrupt, which means less taxes and unemployed people on the streets waiting for another round of stimulus checks. They are going to start printing money and lowering rates, which will push the stocks and bitcoin up.

There's also some technicals for those of you who like these things.
The similarity among this price action and other historical events is striking.

We are going through Spring of 2021 all over again. You can see that there's much less volume this time because we've been witnessing an outflow of coins from exchanges all throughout last year.

Why shouldn't you panic?
1. Fear is at extreme levels in both the fear and greed index and on social media. The blood is definitely on the streets.
2. The RSI is at one of its lowest levels in history, around the value where it was in March of 2020. Historically such a low RSI hasn't happened more than once per year and always indicated a good buying opportunity.
3. In the previous cycles we clearly had an overheated top, that was followed by a 50% move to the downside and a dead cat bounce (a lower high followed by a lower low). This time there was no such thing and we've reach the oversold area without even correcting 50%. In the previous cycles the price had to correct 70% or more to become oversold on the RSI.
4. The fundamentals remain the same.

If that's not enough for you, calm down and think about it for a moment. A year ago people were happy to see 30k, now they panic at 35k. We tend to see the negative side of things, despite common sense. If someone gives you $100 and the next day demands $80 back, you'll be reluctant to give it away. All you'll feel is regret that he gave you something and then came back to take it away, completely ignoring the fact that he gave you $20 for free.

Most people can't stand a little bit of pressure and succumb to it. They want for it to stop already, even if it means turning this pressure into regret. When you hold an asset that's 10% down you just want it to stop and go up, but when it goes down another 10% and another, you sell just to be able to get on with your life. That's why bear markets always take longer and go deeper than they should, without any fundamental reason.

4  Other / Politics & Society / Another terrorist kills people in London on: November 30, 2019, 02:49:02 PM
Another proud member of the public goes on a rampage and everybody is reluctant to call things as they are. It's not a muslim extremist, a migrant, who stabbed 2 people to death, it's an ISIS-inspired terrorist (according to the liberals). Each of us could be an inspired terrorist, but somehow only muslim migrant scum do these things. Why are they trying to hide it?

So far, the British police has declared Friday's attack on London Bridge "a terrorist incident." The suspect, who wore a fake suicide vest, stabbed several victims on London Bridge before he was killed by police. Authorities have not ascribed a specific motivation to the suspect. But the incident bears a close resemblance to an attack in 2017. ISIS-inspired terrorists wearing fake suicide vests plowed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before launching a knife attack at the neighboring Borough Market, killing eight people before they were shot dead by police.

Damn, really?! His motivation was to kill infidels and go to heaven for it.

The British media don't want to share who the terrorist was and prefer to base the articles on what the PM and Mayor said about it. Other media are more bold:

LONDON—A convicted terrorist released from prison last year killed two people in a stabbing attack in the heart of London before being shot dead by police Friday, prompting authorities to lock down a busy area on the edge of the financial district and bringing back memories of a 2017 rampage nearby.
Authorities identified the suspect as 28-year-old Usman Khan. He had been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offenses and served time in prison for the part he played in the plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange in 2010.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin - Blockchain and the dream of new money on: December 15, 2018, 04:37:38 PM
I came across this short documentary today. It has been published just yesterday, and I like that it shows crypto from a very positive perspective. The mainstream media love to describe it as a problem (a way for people to get scammed, lose money), but it's in fact an answer to a problem. It's important for people to notice and understand it.
6  Economy / Economics / The mentality of an average wannabe investor on: December 10, 2018, 12:41:56 AM
I was reading some of the mainstream press the other day, just typical news and politics, and among the articles was one about the fall of cryptocurrencies and "enormous losses that Bitcoin investors have to endure". What got me reading were the sarcastic comments below. Idiots wanted to buy fake money and got burn. Ponzi scheme. Bubble burst. They bought something that doesn't exist. It's going to 0 because it's worthless! There were a few saying that it's the best time to invest if you thought about it during the bull market and thought the price was too high, but those posters were downvoted and ridiculed.
The average investor is always on the loss, because he's always angry and negative.
When it's going up, he doesn't buy and says: why would I buy something that went up by 500% last month? It's clearly a bubble!
When it's going down, he also doesn't buy: why would I buy something that is worth 30% of what it was? It's clearly dying!

Go to some mainstream forums and talk to people outside the tech space once in a while and you'll see why they aren't making money and why they will never make money.
This is also the reason why bull market cycles are so similar and why they will keep repeating. The vast majority of people never learn, even when they see the same thing happening again and again. You'll see it when we have another bull market and Bitcoin reaches a new high. Let's say that it will be 50k USD, followed by a year long bear market that will take us down to 6000 USD. The society will continue to call it a ponzi scheme that is going to 0 this time for sure and they still won't buy at the bottom. They'll say that those who bought in the previous bottom were lucky and this opportunity will never come again. Don't be a grumpy investor!

I'm sure that less than 10% of the people around you knew about Bitcoin in 2017 and had the opportunity to buy. Less than 0.5% actually bought. Out of those, most sold at a loss and didn't make any money, or lost the coins at scams, casinos, hacked exchanges, ICOs.
If your coins have more value now then at the time of buying, you can be proud. You're among the elite!
7  Economy / Economics / Interesting USDt chart on: November 16, 2018, 12:19:14 PM
I've recently noticed this little thing. Might shed some light on the recent price action.

To explain, blue line is USDt/USD chart, orange line is BTC/USD. Note that BTC was slowly rising, but at some point on 13th November our so called "stablecoin" started to lose value to USD to the point where it dragged all cryptocurrencies down. I've seen people say that it's normal for USDt to lose value during a crypto crash, because it's after all another coin, and people are going through it to sell other cryptos, but this shows that it did not go down because people were selling, it went down when the price of Bitcoin was in fact rising. A whole day before the recent 15% crash.

Now, let me put my tinfoil hat on. On the same day, the 13th, we get this:
Is Bitfinex messing up the price for us, or is it all just a coincidence?
8  Economy / Reputation / A signature scammer/account buyer/farmer on: November 13, 2018, 11:20:03 AM
Just putting the facts here for you to evaluate.
First spotted:

What I found that confirms it (not using archive because their posts are quoted by other people in those threads, he won't be able to delete them):

uszaty43;u=326943 used to post in Polish.
Jakby byl to shit to powiedzialbym ze po co kupowac gowno jak mozna samemu naprodukowac... Forma pytania to inna kwestia.Zachecam do zaznajomienia sie z WP.Sama perspektywa Anona to pewny zarobek 500-1000% moze i wiecej.Jakoze to watek ogolnodostepny preferowanym jezykiem jest angielski,wiec rowniez zachecam do poslugiwania sie nim tak aby wszyscy mogli uczestniczyc w dyskusji.

Let me apologise guys ,I wrote some info about Nav@Waldozaur12 and quickly come back into english;)

In October 2017 he sold this account and wasn't tagged.
and joined a signature campaign right away.
Did not use Polish since then.

hahahafr used to post in French.
Bonjour à tous,

Hypothèse : je vends pour 1000 euros de bitcoins, je rapatrie l'argent par virement SEPA sur mon compte bancaire.

Question : je déclare ces 1000 euros dans la case 5KU ? ou bien uniquement la case 5KY ? ou bien je met 1000 dans la case 5KU et 1000 aussi dans la case 5KY ?

Gap in posting November 2016 - October 2017
No French post under new management, most likely hacked.

Post gap from August 2015 to March 2017

Post gap November 2016 - March 2017
Most likely hacked along with minersday

Now for the good part.

All above accounts stopped posting on the same day. July 21, 2018
All above accounts joined the same campaign on the same day November 11, 2018
All above accounts did the same mistake when joining. They copied the personal text along with the word "personal text"
All above accounts were inactive since their campaign application.

There are some other posters that also did the mistake in text, and are most likely owned by the same person.



I'll check their posts and add more later.
9  Other / Meta / Off topic bullshit posters on: March 18, 2018, 10:06:28 PM
We had copy paste plagiarism, we had short spam posts, today I came across this interesting subject.
What this guy is doing is writing posts that are in decent English and of decent length, so it might look like a legit post, but it's completely off topic like this guy was taking a 3 sentence thought and breaking it into 1 sentence per random thread. Example:

Thread: Who controls the Bitcoin system?
Online Bitcoin wallet has its advantages over the offline version. You can access it by using not only the PC, but also a tablet or phone. Specificity is similar to conventional Kiwi-wallets, WebMoney or Internet banking.

Thread: What are the advantages of having Bitcoin?
If you now try to get a block using a video card Radeon, this can take about 5-7 years. Therefore, the equipment every year is getting better and better. And in 2040 the last block with the code will be extracted.

All his posts are similar. He may be copying the sentences from somewhere. Is this a bot posting?
10  Other / Meta / Smart spammers on: January 28, 2018, 06:57:25 PM
I'd like to make you aware of an interesting case that i've noticed. A guy is leveling up by spamming, although he's doing it in a "smart" way. He's throwing one of the existing posts into some kind of rephrasing software (probably made to combat anti-plagiarism software that looks for similarities in writing). Words in the given post get substituted with synonyms so that it looks completely different but the meaning remains the same.


The original:
The relation between the Bitcoin and Economy is very strong. Bitcoin can improve the economy of a single person and also of a country. There are many opportunities with bitcoin for people so that they can earn a good income with bitcoin. Like Working online for the investor and traders of the bitcoin.  working with bitcoin investors make people rich and working with trader give them high idea about the bitcoin too. After that you can also invest and can make trad with bitcoin.

Paraphrased spam:
The connection between the Bitcoin and Economy is extremely solid. Bitcoin can enhance the economy of a solitary individual and furthermore of a nation. There are numerous open doors with bitcoin for individuals so they can acquire a decent wage with bitcoin. Like Working on the web for the speculator and merchants of the bitcoin. working with bitcoin financial specialists make individuals rich and working with broker give them high thought regarding the bitcoin as well. After that you can likewise contribute and can make trad with bitcoin.

The original
Why not?It can be possible to recognized Bitcoin around the world if   everybody legalized it.When BTC was used by everybody no one are poor.
Maybe as of now they know or hear about Bitcoin but lack of information regarding cryptocurrency.And some place has no internet.

Why not?It can be conceivable to perceived Bitcoin around the globe if everyone legitimized it.When BTC was utilized by everyone nobody are poor.
Perhaps starting at now they know or find out about Bitcoin yet absence of data in regards to cryptocurrency.And some place has no web.

thats good to hear that forex had already decided to accept cryptos on their platform this event could greatly have a big impact to the cryptocurrency economy but not only forex but also some other big companies online like facebook and amazon has also planning to have a partnership with crypto specifically bitcoins but soon they could also add some altcoins like eth as an alternative to bitcoin if ever the fees had sky rocketed again.

That is great to hear that forex had effectively chosen to acknowledge cryptos on their stage this occasion could extraordinarily have a major effect to the digital money economy yet forex as well as some other huge organizations online like facebook and amazon has likewise wanting to have an association with crypto particularly bitcoins however soon they could likewise include some altcoins like eth as a contrasting option to bitcoin if at any point the expenses had soar once more.

It seems to be working as most people don't notice something like that. It's nice to see spammers are putting so much effort into this. I guess this is what we call an excess of form. Smiley

11  Other / Meta / Bullshit posters take 2 on: December 20, 2017, 02:54:34 AM
I don't get why someone might think you get away with posting the same message 7 times in one thread with one account and 4 times with the other.
It's possible that one of those guys saw the other doing it and thought it to be easy money.
Behold, the dynamic duo:

Saved in case they saw this thread and decided to clean up Tongue;u=773041;sa=showPosts;u=871522;sa=showPosts
12  Other / Meta / bullshit posters on: November 17, 2017, 03:58:49 PM
It seems some people have taken a different approach to posting. Since they got nothing to say and short posts and copypasta are treated like spam and deleted they're making up stuff. That's some lorem ipsum style posting, just take a look below. It's not even about the repetitions but overall quality of the posts. There's completely no content just the same phrases over and over to match the required number of words and make it look like the post has a meaning.

If need to buy and sell you will now the bitcoin prices information. So you will learn the bitcoin prices information. If need the information check the market place. Then you will know the information of the buy and sell. It will helpful to improve your knowledge and future investment.
Some people don't know the market prices information. Market prices is fix the share market prices list. 

Bitcoin is good to use for the future growth. Economy is important of the country. Economy will growth country also growth. But economy growth is people growth. So people will growth country will growth. So  bitcoin help to people growth for the future it will learn more information.
Bitcoin is future currency. So good opportunist of the growth life improvement.

Invest to money you will understand the process. You check the market prices it will gather before investing. It helpful to invest the money. If invest you will check the market prices. Some time it will down So check the any time for the process in the future growth.
Most of the people now invest the money for the improvement company etc.... market is the change the process and all process.
13  Other / Meta / List of stolen accounts on: October 15, 2017, 05:54:23 PM
With all the hacking happening lately and time it takes to recover the accounts such a list could be useful. Other users would know which accounts were stolen and:
-wouldn't allow them in sig campaigns / wouldn't pay them if they're already in
-would give them a temporary negative trust until the account is given back to the rightful owner
-wouldn't get scammed by them

I think we should do what we can to make it as unprofitable for the hackers as possible. What do you think?
14  Other / Politics & Society / Ancient transformer? on: April 11, 2017, 04:50:43 PM
A copper coil enclosed in a rock was found in the mountains near Kosovo. Looks like an ancient transformer and was dated as being 20000 years old.
This is just one of many artefacts ancient civilisations left on Earth.
15  Other / Politics & Society / You eat pork you look like pork on: March 06, 2017, 04:06:39 PM
He calls a woman "you son of a bitch" spits on himself and finally hits her. Just another day in the Muslim infested UK.
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