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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Microstrategy purchased again 301BTC. Is this a sign? on: September 20, 2022, 12:46:09 PM
MicroStrategy buys 301 BTC at an average price of $19,851.00 or worth 6M$.

Everyone knows this is the ultimate bearish indicator. The price is now bearish due to the upcoming Feds meeting regarding interest rate too. Are you shorting the news? What price do you think is the bottom considering the interest rate that Feds released is too high to what economist expecting?

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Does anyone notice this on live table games? on: September 17, 2022, 01:43:40 PM
Iím playing casino hold em poker lately on evolution gaming and this game is multiplayer playing on same hand. I just notice that even the player card is lose thereís still some players winning on the winner board screen at the end of the game even though thereís no bonus or whatsoever way for a players to win that time.

I notice this too on other games with same mechanics that have one hands to all players like infinity blackjack. Hereís my question how did this event happened? Is the game is mirror which some players is betting on the dealers hand?
3  Economy / Exchanges / Binance says It lost 90% of there customer on: August 01, 2022, 02:05:49 PM
This shocking news is now on mainstream media after Binance lost Billion dollar revenue due to there customer leaving because of mandatory KYC requirements to all accounts. This force none KYC to leave after they decrease the minimum withdrawal limit to 0.06BTC which is very low to there previous limit.

I guess CZ canít do anything to fight against regulators. I guess other big CEX will follow in the near future.

Source Report:


CZ denied already this news on his twitter post.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My old officemate become millionaire on investing on Bitcoin on: July 16, 2022, 02:43:08 PM
To begin with my story, I was a working with this guy to a small company way back 2016 when I just newly discover Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I was new on crypto trading that time so I usually invest on shit coins and trade on CCEX. One day my supervisor caught me doing trading while office hour but luckily he became interested so I was saved that time. Then our whole team in office become interested on it since my supervisor keeps badgering me about it but I was hesitant at first to introduced Bitcoin to them because I know how risky crypto is due to volatility at that time. The price swing is more terrible back then compared now so Iím concerned with there money in case they will start investing because of me.

After a week of slowly educating them during our break. I told them to just buy Bitcoin and never invest on altcoin. I firmly instructed them to just hold and leave there tokens as is on there Bitcoin wallet until the price reach 1M pesos(20,000$) before they sold because our target that time is to become millionaire even if we are just fooling around. Then we decided to buy 1BTC at the same time and after that they all became addicted on checking the price time by time. Some of them sold early because the price dip a few percentage and they are too scared that they will lose everything until they stop investing in crypto because of volatility.

I thought all them already sold there Bitcoin and loose interest  since no one talking about in our office until we start leaving our job 1 by 1 so I donít have any update anymore about them until yesterday, I received a message on social media from one of my co-worker who luckily didnít sold his Bitcoin way back then. He follow my advice because he trust me as his senior and he knew that my goal is true, He said that he just forgot about his Bitcoin investment during bull run 2017-2018 and missed the first bull run because he live on his province after we leave our old job and become busy on his job there. He still hold after that and he just remember to check his Bitcoin investment this after 5 years of waiting. BTW his province is still not developed so internet signal is very weak and most people there is very focus on there own job. He was surprised about the growth of his investment. He sold at 20K+ approximately 1M pesos in our currency. I told him that if he only early open his wallet, he can get almost x3 of the current value but he still happy of his investment because itís already huge in our country and he is only doing a job with minimum wage rate in province. But he said to me that if he always check his wallet, He maybe sold on much lower price and his target on checking it is after 5 years since he miss 2017 bull run. I was very amazed on how dedicated this guy is and even as coworker, He is just very silent and keep listening whenever we have group conversation.  Cheesy

Right now. He is planning to buy back at lower price level and use the half of his earnings to start his new business. He is planning again to have another 5 to 10 years Bitcoin investment after he buy back. I will try to get an update about his business and post it here to inspired other new Bitcoin investor. Hold is really powerful strategy isnít it?
5  Bitcoin / Legal / Celsius Already File Bankcruptcy on: July 14, 2022, 07:20:53 AM
After many weeks of denying and battling against this allegation, Celsius already admitted there losses and now preparing for filing there Bankruptcy protection paper. This is a disaster for all investors that trapped there money inside this DeFi company.

So this means all there recent move is just an act to fool again there investors? Discuss.

6  Local / Pilipinas / Meron ba na Banko na tumatanggap ng Bitcoin bilang collateral sa isang loan? on: July 05, 2022, 04:02:23 PM
Na curious lang ako sa topic na ito nung nagkataon na kailangan ko ng pera para magsimula ng business ngunit ayaw kong ibenta ang aking Bitcoin dahil sa kasalukuyang presyo nito. Ayaw ko kasing pakawalan yung chance na bumili sa kasalukuyang dip.

Kaya naiiwip ko na kung pwede lang sana gawing collateral sa banko ang Bitcoin para makakuha ng loan panimula ng business, magiging convenient ito dahil hindi ko na kailangan ibenta ang Bitcoin ko sa mababang halaga habang pinapalago ko ang pera na aking inutang.

Nagresearch ako at nalaman na kasalukuyan ay wala pa na banko ang nagooffer nito. Nalaman ko din na walapa dn banko ang tumatanggap ng cryptocurrency maliban nalang sa Unionbank dahil may sarili silang stablecoin pero the rest ay wala pa talaga.

Sa America ay madami ng banko ang nagbibigay ng ganitong service at tumatanggap ng crypto deposit. Sa tingin nyo maglelevel up din kaya ang mga banko natin o no chance talaga na magventure sila sa crypto product?
7  Other / Beginners & Help / [Beware]New scammer scheme using exchange on: July 02, 2022, 11:23:39 AM
Recently some random guy message me on telegram and ask me to help him withdraw his balance to avoid tax. He is claiming that the exchange ask him to do KYC and he is not comfortable with that. Then he showed me his balance as proof.

He never ask me to do KYC for him but instead he ask me to create an account on the exchange so that he can transfer the funds internally then I will withdraw the balance to his metamask and gives me percentage.(You see, this scammer is very clever for giving me all the favor and he didnít ask for anything).

Hereís comes the magic trick, When you create an account on the exchange, Thereís 2 method you can choose which is via email or via wallet connect, You will never gonna create successfully an account via email method and you will be forced to connect your wallet instead to create account which we all know that it will lead to exposing your private key.

I knew from the start that this is a scam since I donít know the guy and we donít have any group in common. Also he is comfortable to send me the balance while I donít know him personally. I just want to know his process thatís why I continue entertaining him so that I can share it here to warn newbie for this kind of scam scheme.

Keep safe!
8  Local / Pilipinas / [TIPS] Kumita sa Funding Rate ng Futures Trading on: May 22, 2022, 08:11:57 AM
Share ko lang sa inyo mga kabayan ang kaunting kaalaman ko para sa source of passive income ko. Hindi ito madalas na napapansin dahil hindi kasi nagnonotify sa trading nyo at automatic na nagdadagdag or nagbabawas sa open position nyo. Maganda itong source of income para sa mga day trader na play safe lang. Buhayin sana natin ulit ang Local Board natin ng mga useful thread.

Ano nga ba ang Funding Rate?

Ang funding rate ay ang payment sa mga traders na may nakabukas na long or short position sa futures trading. Ito ay ibinabahagi bawat 8hrs depende sa exhange na iyong ginagamit. Ang payment ay manggagaling sa mga traders na may position na naayon sa sign ng funding rate. Ginagamit din ito ng ibang traders na basehan na pagdetermine ng trend.
  • Negative Funding Rate = Magbabayad ng funding rate fee ang mga naka short position sa mga trader na naka long position.
  • Positive Funding Rate = Magbabayad ng funding rate fee ang mga naka long position sa mga trader na naka short position.

Paano nacocompute ang Funding Rate?
Nacocompute ang funding rate sa pamamagitan ng pagkumpara ng market price sa futures trading price. Kung napapansin nyo, Iba lagi ang price ng coin sa Futures Trading kumpara sa Spot market. Yung percentage ng difference ng price nila ang nagiging funding rate while yung sign ay naka depende sa condition sa ibaba.

  • Negative Funding Rate = Mas mataas ang price sa Futures trading ng coin kumpara sa Spot Market
  • Positive Funding Rate = Mas mataas ang price sa Spot Market ng coin kumpara sa Futures trading

Correlation ng Funding Rate sa Market Sentiment
Gaya nga ng sinabi ko sa itaas, Minsan ginagamit ng mga traders ang funding rate na basehan ng market sentiment dahil na nga din sa chart na sumusuporta sa theory na ito. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na ang funding rate ang nagdidikta sa spot market price. Bali sumusunod lng talaga ang funding rate sa market sentiment.

Paano nga ba tayo kikita dito?
Dahil nga every 8hrs bago magrecompute ang funding rate, Hindi ito agad nakakareact sa pagbabago ng market trend. For example kung nag reset ang funding rate na bullish ang market tapos nagbago ang trend midway dahil nga volatile ang crypto, Dito mo sya pwede masulit dahil kontrolado mo ang timing ng trading mo while hindi nagbabago ang funding rate every 8hrs. So mag oopen kalang ng position against funding rate at naayon sa nagreverse na market trend kapag malapit na matapos yung countdown para kumikita kana sa position mo may plus profit kapa sa payment ng funding rate.

Need pa din nito ng TA syempre pero atleast may idea kana kung ano ang ioopen mo na position or kung ano ang iiwasan mo.

NOTE: Kagaya ng naexplain ko sa unang bahagi, Ang funding rate ay peer to peer meaning pwede ka na kumita or magloss kung maling position ang papasukan mo bukod pa sa loss mo ng futures trading. Kaya magandang isa alang alang ito dahil malaki ito kung malaki ang margin value mo. Margin value means initial fund mo multiply mo sa leverage mo kaya malaki ito kung high leverage trader ka.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [WARNING] All protocols sites which are hosted on GoDaddy are having issue on: May 14, 2022, 06:53:59 AM
Guys don't use swap functions for sometime since GoDaddy hosting service is having an issue right now. The hacker manage to exploit GoDaddy and hijacked the domain and copied the codebase and in the process changed the swap parameters.

The confirmed affected swap protocols right now are the following:
and more..

Don't swap anything at this moment or you will have risk on losing your funds. Trade safe and wait for the green light when the situation is already clear.
Spread this news to all your friends to protect them!


TIP: You can use to check whether the swap protocol is using Godaddy hosting service or not.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Save some money on Exchange Fees (Newbies should read this) on: April 25, 2022, 01:25:04 PM
These fees are always being neglected especially by newbie traders since the fee percentage looks like very low but in reality, it's insanely high on perpetual/futures trading using market order with high leverage amount. I fall victim on this killer fees so I want to share to all Newbies out there that didn't aware on this matter. Enjoy and Trade safe!

Here's the comparison of Maker and Trading Fees on the Exchange that I'm currently using, The fees below is for none-VIP user that has low trading volume which is perfect for newbie. You can check the source link for the complete list of fees!

General Knowledge on Maker and Taker Fees:,on%20the%20platform's%20order%20book.
Bybit Fee Rate:
Binance Fee Rate:
FTX Fee Rate:
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / [LIST]Countries Where Gambling Is Illegal on: February 02, 2022, 04:32:45 AM
Note: There are some minor exception in each countries law to let the government get income from tourist or to moderate the gambling activities of its citizen


Most forms of gambling in Japan are generally banned by the Criminal Code chapter 23Source.

Exception: Public sports, lottery, and toto (football pools) are held under special laws in order to increase the income of national and local governments as well as to offer a form of entertainment.

Since 2018, casino operators have been bidding for three legal licenses to operate an integrated casino resort in Japan, including in Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama. The Japanese government established the Casino Administration Committee in 2020 to supervise and manage Japan's resort operators.Source.


Gambling is officially illegal under the 1996 Law on Suppression of Gambling, which outlawed all unauthorized forms of gambling and provided for penalties ranging from monetary fines to short prison sentences, although the Cambodian government's General Department of Prisons does not list gambling as one of the 28 offenses punishable by imprisonmentSource.

Exception: The prohibition on gambling, which also extends to all forms of online gambling, only applies to Cambodian citizens. As of October 2015, there were 75 casinos catering to foreign tourists operating within Cambodia, providing an estimated US$29 million in revenue to the national government in the first nine months of the year and $2 billion in income for the casinosSource.

United Arab Emirates

It is important to understand that Islam is the official religion of the country, pursuant to the Constitution of the UAE.  Gambling is prohibited in Islam, and this forms the basis for the federal and local emirate laws that prohibit all forms of gambling, as well as the advertising of any form of gamingSource.

Exception: Despite the blanket prohibition on gambling, it is permissible to run competitions (including raffles) in the UAE, subject to prior permission from the relevant regulatory departmentSource.

North Korea

Nothing to adds up here since this country is known for a complete manipulation by the government and we know that lots of socialize activity here is prohibited in the public. So gambling is illegal!

Exception: two casinos exist in North Korea for the Chinese tourist market Ė the Imperial Hotel & Casino in Rason[37] and the Pyongyang Casino in the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang.Source.


The Private Lotteries Act prohibits private events unless permission is granted.Source

Exception: Exception: Singapore Pools is the only operator that is legally allowed to run lotteries in the country.[1] Casinos are allowed in Singapore in the form of integrated resorts (IR), such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, where the casino is integrated in a major resort property that includes a hotel, together with convention facilities, entertainment shows, theme parks, luxury retail and fine dining. Societies are allowed to operate slot machines in designated rooms under the Private Lotteries Act.Source.

Conclusion:It's fascinating how some countries completely declaring gambling as illegal while implementing some amendments just to still sneak gambling in there country for there own personal gains reason. Learning different countries gambling laws make me realize that govenment can't totally suppress gambling activities. There's still a lot of people playing online gambling despite the danger involves by doing it.

I realize that I'm so lucky to be born on a free country that don't have this kind of restristions.

Progressive List, Feel free to add additional data and incorporate it with source.

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