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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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New thread here:

Some of my optimizations were just committed to the repo (thanks LucasJones for improving on it), but for all the people on Windows, I made binaries. Optimizations only take effect if your CPU has AES-NI.

<links removed so there's no confusion>

For my GPG key ID and fingerprint, see my signature. Oh, and one more thing - main page is NSFW, so don't go there - same warning is on the litecointalk thread where I compile SGMiner and several forks of it for Win64 every week.

You can donate here if it helps you: 43jtN2e88d4ayn7gxsLwB94fmYzLuXymuGdJxotnvYsCaK3UuhvQRNgKrZUD4i5kxTRtpz49FrB1e2K YiXu4TNyEEGUwu9E

EDIT: Dammit, crashes now. I'm on it.

EDIT2: I think it was the way I compiled winpthreads. Will fix in a minute.

EDIT3: Well, it's not working ATM. LucasJones compiled one, which I'm hosting here:

It's dynamically linked, which kinda sucks, but it works.

EDIT4: Never mind, fluffypony has taken care of it:

EDIT5: Scratch that last part, fluffypony posted binaries of the Monero code, not the miner, which had AES-NI support integrated completely seperately, but at about the same time. I had nothing to do with that.

EDIT6: I have made several improvements to the cpuminer. The best part is - servers will not see much of an increase, but desktops will, evening the playing field a little. There are some limitations and special instructions, however:

It only works on Linux. Several assembly routines that I wrote are *nix specific.
You have to compile it from my repo at
The only optimizations are for the AES-NI implementation. The slow one will be about the same.

Do NOT use all threads! Use the number of cores minus one, or it will be rather slow. For this purpose, hyperthreads count as cores.
Do NOT use "./configure CFLAGS="myflags""! This wipes out the already optimized flags I added to the defaults. Put the CFLAGS before the "./configure". I recommend only using -march=native, as it's not set by default.
If you are trying on a system without AES-NI, you must pass "--disable-aes-ni" to configure, or it won't build.
Hashrate will fluctuate a lot with high share diff. Try to find somewhere with a low share diff to benchmark.

Getting reports of 20% hashrate increase! Need more people to test!
Just got a report of almost 2x increase over LucasJones' repo! Test and post!

While testing, I'm beginning to notice that cores - 1 isn't actually optimal. A number between the number of physical cores and the number of threads is. My i7-4770k performs better with 6 threads.

NEW CODE RELEASED! This is even better - and it's portable to Windows!

Okay, guys - this time, I'll stop coding for more than ten seconds and give you some detail, since it doesn't matter how fast my miner is if no one is using it. I ran a test, LucasJones' repo against mine. Each had the exact same CFLAGS (-Ofast -flto -fuse-linker-plugin -funroll-loops -fsplit-ivs-in-unroller -fvariable-expansion-in-unroller -falign-loops=16 -falign-functions=16 -falign-jumps=16 -falign-loops=16 -falign-labels=16). Each were run with 21 threads for a period of time over 20min. I can't be more accurate than that, because I didn't sit and time it. They were run at seperate times on the same machine - a 32 core Amazon EC2 instance with 58GB of RAM. The results? Lucas' cpuminer reported 627.58H/s - but only pulled 600 at the pool. My miner reported 1021.73 and pulled an impressive 1.25KH/s at the pool. Now, even with vardiff causing high share difficulties and luck contributing to inaccuracy, this shows a clear 100% increase. I have screenshots to prove it, but before I post them, I have to warn - I was too lazy to crop out my wallpapers, so they are NSFW.

Lucas' miner (NSFW):
My miner (NSFW):

So... get it here:
No binaries yet (Windows or otherwise) - but there should be some soon!

Build some Win64 binaries. Enjoy.

Mikhaila (the server that ottrbutt is on) is going down at 5:00 AM May 31st GMT for upgrade.
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All in the title.
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