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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Whatís the current trend on altcoin right now? on: September 17, 2023, 05:18:30 PM
Iím browsing coinmarketcap to scout potential altcoins to ape on this dip. Iím not sure whatís the current trend since Move2Earn, Play2Earn and other DeFi is not that popular anymore. I really hate meme coin which I know that still hot today since this is a ponzi token that most crypto traders really like due to get quick rich nature.

Do you knew something new that has the potential to trend?
2  Other / Meta / Whatís the real use of this forum feature? on: August 10, 2023, 04:54:42 PM
I just notice the icon as shown on screenshot below when I accidentally click the icon. I'm not aware that this icon is clickable until I accidentally click it now while browshing the forum thread.

I just notice that if you will click the icon, It will display the thread that received a reply for today but I became confused on its real feature because it doesn't show some of the thread that received today post.

FYI, The icon will gray out when you scan all the thread that has a today replies on the thread. Anyone using here this feature in the forum?
3  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Bluewallet fastest fee on: August 06, 2023, 03:16:07 PM
This is my second time encountered this issue on Bluewallet app on my iPhone. I use the fastest fee but my transaction is still stuck for about 3hrs now. Again my wallet doesnít support bumping fee due to the private key that I use.

I believe this is a mempool issue and not Bluewallet since the fee is correct to the suggested fee on mempool. What's happening on the blockchain?
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Gambling experience using loan money on: July 28, 2023, 02:28:23 PM
I knew that there's many topic like this in the past that asking advice about loaning for gambling. The intention of this thread is determined what's the actual feeling when you are using a loan money on gambling knowing that there's an interest rate on your borrowed money which means you already lose part of your money before you start gambling.

I saw many high rank users here that asking for loan and directly deposit the loan amount on gambling account. I want to know what's the experience on using loan money. Is there additional pressure on gameplay or just the same using regular money without an interest rate.
5  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum Wallet.dat on mobile phone? on: July 24, 2023, 05:38:06 PM
I have a backup wallet.dat files on my flash drive. How can I recover my electrum wallet address using wallet.dat files using mobile phone? My laptop suddenly not turning on and I need to access my Bitcoin.

I don't have the backup seed phrase right now because I left it on my other house which is far away on my current location. I only have wallet.dat files save on my flash drive.

6  Local / Pilipinas / Bitcoin Make or Break on: July 14, 2023, 05:34:59 PM
Pinipilit ng Bitcoin na malagpasan ang 31K level maraming beses na at palagi itong nabibigo. Ang kagandahan lang ay hindi bumababa ang price sa 30K level na syang nagsisilbing support sa price. Kasalukuyang nasa sideways position ang price behaviour ng Bitcoin na nagpapahiwatag ng indecision sa market.

On positive side, May mga Bitcoin Spot ETF na for approval at paparating na Halving kaya masasabi ko na may sumusuporta naman sa bullish movement na ito in long term.

Sa tingin nyo Make(Above 40K level) or Break(Below 30K level) ba ang price ni Bitcoin EOY?
7  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / Anong Crypto ang nasa Hodl Wallet nyo ngayon? on: June 26, 2023, 04:11:23 PM
Hindi na kasi ako updated sa altcoin especially kung anong mga project ang trend ngayon. Mayroon akong extra money na allocated sa medyo risky investment dahil ok na ang crypto portfolio ko para sa mga huge caps kagaya ng Bitcoin at Ethereum.

Naging interested lang ulit ako sa altcoin dahil sa mga bagong Layer 1 at 2 blockchain projects na malaki ang price growth potential. Bka may mga gems project kayo na binabantayan ay baka naman pwede nyo ishare dito. Please include website at coinmarketcap link para madali ma DYOR yung specific coin. No meme coins allowed please!

*Self moderated para madaling ifilter yung mga obvious scam at meme coins.
8  Local / Pamilihan / Selfie Verification sa Gcash on: May 25, 2023, 03:27:51 PM
Malapit ng maipatupad ang Selfie Verification sa Gcash app bilang extra layer ng security sa app. Sa tingin ko ay goods ito na update king sakali man na mahack or manakaw yung phone na may gcash app dahil walang way na mabuksa yung app na wala yung presence ng owner.

Maganda din siguro ito kung sakali man para madaling maexposed ang identity ng scammer na gumagamit ng gcash. Medyo magdadalawang isip siguro ang mga scammer na mag gcash king required talaga yung ganitong security feature.

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Is there a way to cancel long unconfirmed transaction? on: May 22, 2023, 03:04:53 AM
I have an incoming transaction from someone that will gonna purchased my item. The problem is the transaction is already stuck in an unconfirmed state for so many days due to the very low transaction fee set by my buyer. He doesn't want to bump the fee and we are just both waiting to confirm for whatever time it is. I'm planning to cancel the deal but the problem is the transaction is still not failed or confirmed.

I wonder if there is a method to cancel this kind of transaction manually because I'm not interested anymore in the deal even if it needed to be paid by me just stop this madness of badgering.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Justin caught red-handed cheating on Binance staking event on: May 01, 2023, 10:23:42 AM
Binance team detected Justin Sun trying to cheat Binance launchpool event of SUI tokens using his TUSD. The launchpool event partners Justing since Binance allow TUSD to stake and earn SUI tokens which basically trying to cheat with his huge bag of his own token.

Our team told Justin, if he uses any of these to grab the LaunchPool Sui token, we will "take action against it". SMH.

Binance LaunchPool are meant as air drops for our retail users, not just for a few whales.

On the bright side, blockchains are transparent...

Justin on the other hand post a silly explanation that his team is the one controlling his wallet which is a joke since the person that he wants to put a blame is a mere intern. An intern that has an access to his million of dollar funds is a big joke. The community bash him for this.

Regrettably, some of our team members were not fully aware of the intended purpose for these funds and inadvertently used a portion of them to participate in exchange campaigns. Upon realizing this error, we immediately contacted the exchange team and arranged for a full refund of the funds.

Luckily blockchain is transparent which record all the shady transactions of con artist like justin. When jail time to this guy?
11  Economy / Economics / Impact of MiCA on Bitcoin and other Decentralized Projects on: April 20, 2023, 01:58:54 PM
The European Union voted in favor of the Markets in Crypto Assets or MiCA regulation on Thursday, April 20. The vote passed with 517 for and 38 against.

Correct me If Iím wrong but MiCA aims to regulate all the crypto company before it can operate or accept users from EU.

With Bitcoin is being a complete decentralized project, What will be the ruling on Bitcoin when MiCA was implemented. Obviously no one controls Bitcoin since Satoshi makes this blockchain decentralized.

Is this mean that Bitcoin will be banned from EU since it canít comply with MiCA?
12  Economy / Gambling / Anyone remember casino? on: April 16, 2023, 02:00:56 PM
I just browse this casino just now after searching for a lottery game when I reply a thread here. I know this casino a long time because they do their ICO and bounty campaign during their crowdfunding days.

It's surprise me that this casino evolves to a full size casino from a plain lottery casino. This is the only startup casino that do ICO last 2017ish and still active until now.

Anyone here try the current casino because the last time I play on their website was the game is only lottery with jackpot feature.
13  Other / Meta / Too much post deleted result to tempo ban on: April 15, 2023, 04:34:09 PM
This happened to me last year and I just remember again when I view my PM history. Someone report all my previous post. I received bunch of deleted post notification on my inbox for more than a week then I received temporary ban for 7 days afterwards..

All the post deleted is a decent and not spammy because Iím just disccusing with other user post on the thread with only 2 page. I realize that someone just browse my post history and report all my previous post.

Question: At what certain amount of deleted post will cause a permaban? I lost count because I delete all this notification on my message because it's already annoying at that time.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / DAI and USDC depegged! on: March 11, 2023, 07:29:40 AM
Today this 2 stable coins crash for almost 12% - 20% price decrease on the dollar. Probably this is the effect of Circle downfall due to Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank collapse which is holding most of there reserve funds.

I donít know whatís happening on DAI but best guess is something bad going on MakerDao. Invest safe! Avoid stablecoins for now!
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Donít buy Bitcoin when FUD is over on: March 10, 2023, 12:24:28 PM
Donít buy Bitcoin when FUD is over because itís very hard to timing when will it happened or else you will be buying at high price.

Buy Bitcoin when FUD is upcoming while the price of Bitcoin doesnít move much or dump harder. You will see the chart that itís just sideways despite multiple FUD is piling up. This means that mean that thereís still a lot of solid Bitcoin holders while weak hands is leaving. Doing this will give you high chance to purchase on the bottom trend.  Wink

***Not a financial advice.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / [TUT]How to buy hardware wallet from unsupported country on: November 25, 2022, 04:08:17 PM
Hardware wallet became more popular today after the FTX failure because it reminds again all user to not keep money on exchange or any wallet that they donít have control its private key.

Iím planning to buy my hardware wallet since thereís a Black Friday sale until Monday on Trezor shop but my country is not supported anymore to make any order. I do some search online and I found a solution. It adds extra cost to shipping but itís worth it rather than purchasing on local seller that is not a licensed distributor that gives risk on my wallet before I even use it.

Answer: Drop shipping Service

I found a trusted company ( that doing this service in my country with good feedback and I think there are same company to yours that offering same service. Iím planning to organized a group buy on our local board and my social account to share the shipping fee within the participants. I think the total cost that we will spend on this service will be close to the amount that we will save on the Black Friday discount which is why buying now while sale is the perfect way to do this.

Happy shopping!
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Is gambling unethical? on: November 22, 2022, 10:32:18 AM
Iím dealing with this thoughts most of the time not because of the money Iím losing but due to my religion. Iím aware that gambling is a bad thing to do base on the bible but the scenario there was people is gambling using the money that they need for there family or they are already addicted on gambling that cause them to change there life into messed.

On my scenario, Iím only gambling using my free money and provide money for my family regularly with same amount that we need. I never fail to provide money because I only gamble what Iím willing to risk although Iím just being haunted by my losses if I sum it all and imagine what can I do on it if ever I didnít gamble it.

Iím still gambling although my inner me always regret what Iím doing after. The happiness that I get when gambling always greater to my guilt which is why I can keep on this setup.

Anyway back on point. I know that this is being discussed many times but in your personal opinion not the general post shit. Is gambling unethical? Please answer only base on your personal experience and scenario because I want to see if people like me struggling too when it comes to handling faith and gambling.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Do you have Lucky Casino? on: November 17, 2022, 11:51:55 AM
Iím playing same set of games on different casino not just to get the bonuses of each casino but also to have a different mood of my mind set. It really helps me to calm down and focus whenever Iím losing big time on one casino. It also helps me to not chase my previous losses because I think about it as fresh start.

With this regular routine, I notice that I have a specific casino that Iím always winning despite Iím playing same game that I lose huge amount on the other casino. I do randomly change the sequence of my game on casino and keeps giving me same good result on my personal lucky casino. I highly believe that this luck of mine related on how I feel when playing on that casino. Iím expecting that I will be lucky so my mind is always optimistic whenever Iím playing on it.

Do you have this kind of casino?

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Binance CZ decided to dump all there FTT tokens on: November 06, 2022, 04:48:51 PM
Recently, CZ released a series of tweets stated that Binance will start to liquidate there FTT token from there orderbook as part of there parting ways to FTX exchange since there announcement last year. They are doing it in batch since the liquidity on the orderbook is not sufficient to absorbed all there tokens on a decent price.

Iím sensing a price dump on FTT here like what happened on Luna and Iím sure this will create a ripple effect on crypto in general since this are the battle of 2 largest crypto exchange.

Quote from: cz
As part of Binanceís exit from FTX equity last year, Binance received roughly $2.1 billion USD equivalent in cash (BUSD and FTT). Due to recent revelations that have came to light, we have decided to liquidate any remaining FTT on our books.

Will crypto market will be affected again like what happened during Luna sell off?
20  Local / Pilipinas / Union Bank - Sinimulan na ang Bitcoin at Ethereum Trading on: November 05, 2022, 10:51:41 AM
Last November 2 pa ang news na ito pero parang wala pa din discussion about dito. Curious lang ako kung meron dito na kasali sa pilot launch ng Bitcoin at Ethereum trading sa Union Bank. Pili palang kasi ang mga kasali at palagay ko sila yung mga palaging nagtra2de sa P2P ng Binance or iba pang crypto exchange.

Ok ito kung sakali man na yung rateng Bitcoin at Ethereum nila ay malapit lang sa Binance para tangkilikin sila ng mga pinoy then magmoffer sila ng perks kagaya ng na mga discount sa purchase inside ng exchange.

Malapit nanaman yata mahype ang mga pinoy sa crypto trading.  Cheesy

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