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101  Economy / Goods / Anybody still doing a 2013 1 BTC silver Casascius group buy? on: July 18, 2013, 04:43:02 AM
Wondering if anyone is close to filling their group buys if there are any left. I've seen these and just decided sports have been doing well lately so I'll shell out 2.10 BTC for one. I really don't understand how they can cost double the worth but I'll buy one cause they do look really cool and seem to be quite collectable. If you are doing a group buy let me know, obviously though you must have some reputation or I'd prefer escrow. Thanks!

Also, I live in the US if that matters.
102  Economy / Currency exchange / [CLOSED] on: July 16, 2013, 09:09:45 PM
Hey guys,
Looking to sell 5 coins from my stash saved for NFL season. Made a large purchase today and selling most of that purchase, wasn't planning on buying but made a small bit from it and helped a person here out, so all good there. Anyways here are rates and minimums:

CASH IN MAIL: Mtgox last price, must be shipped overnight. Minimum of $100 USD.

MONEYPAKS: Mtgox last, Minimum of $400, max 2 orders. Cannot accept moneypaks at this time, load # of times limit for this week reached.

BANK OF AMERICA CASH DEPOSIT: mtgox last, minimum of $200, max 1 order.

CAPITAL ONE CASH DEPOSIT: mtgox last, minimum of $100, max 2 orders.

MONEYGRAM: mtgox last, minimum of $100, max 3 orders.

Would prefer this to be done in 1-3 sales, not 4, 5 or more. Please do not ask me to sell you for under my minimums, I apologize in advance.

Please check reputation thread for proof of smooth sales/purchases/escrows. If you still are worried about sending first, I am fine with using an escrow, however you cover any fees or tips. Also if you want to use an escrow, moneypak and cash in mail are not options because neither side can prove their case 100% if any trouble occurs.
103  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Litecoin Mining? HELP on: July 15, 2013, 11:44:31 AM
Is there a relatively inexpensive rig for litecoin mining? Like $100-$500 and at current difficulty rate has a breakeven point of 6 months or less? Thanks, sorry I've been using bitcoins for over 6 months but new to the whole actual mining thing (just have heard a lot bout it).
104  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] 5 BTC for BOA / Capital One CASH deposit on: July 15, 2013, 11:09:00 AM
Mtgox last price.
105  Bitcoin / Mining / Bitcoin miner couple of questions on: July 13, 2013, 10:44:07 AM
I am interested in mining, but I have noticed I would have to spend thousands to get a miner actually worth using for mining bitcoin. However I noticed that people mine alt currencies and this could be profitable if an alt currency rises to such a level like bitcoin. I have always posted in the gambling and currency exchange section and as I am not new to bitcoin per say, I am relatively new to mining.

My questions are this:

-Is there a miner that has a breakeven point of 3 months or less at the current difficulty that costs under $500 for an in hand unit?

-Also, of these units are there any that are compatible with mining other currencies as this is what I would be mainly using it for, not mining bitcoin as the difficulty is so high.

-Third, how hard honestly is it to mine and get it all set up for someone who does many investments but does not know much of installing or running commands on a terminal.

-I saw those USB 330mg/s mining units that were just released which can be bought for roughly $125 each, would they be able to mine alt currencies at 330 mg/s too?

-Finally, can I mine at a successful rate and the advertised rate on mining units using a Mac, I know Macs are horrible for hash rate so would this hurt the units effective mining rate? Sorry for all these questions, but I definitely would appreciate any answers!

106  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] 1.49 BTC on: July 11, 2013, 08:29:34 AM
Made back a couple coins and then some today in sports, looking to sell only a small bit of BTC if anyone is interested in buying. I win/lose anywhere from 1-5 BTC daily so keep an eye for any of my selling posts.

My rates are:
Moneypak- Mtgox last +2%
BOA Cash Deposit- Not available for this sale

I am going to sleep now, I will be around tomorrow around noon if you are interested in getting this done. For this sale, you must buy all 1.49 BTC not some of it. If you are hesitant about buying from me please feel free to check my reputation thread below in my signature for proof of several hundreds, even a couple thousand bought and sold to me without any trouble.

PM or comment if interested.
107  Economy / Gambling / Posting my BTCsportmatch wagers (to help get my bets matched) on: July 08, 2013, 09:31:46 PM
Not providing specific picks or info, me and my friend both use this site now quite often. Thus, we both decided to have me post plays here to help us get our full amount matched. Some are his own picks, some are mine. Will not be providing a record or anything. is a sportsbook exchange where the odds are no house edge, example +110/-110. The only fee sportsmatch makes is when u win, the amount WON (only this) has 1% taken out. So if you won 1 BTC on a bet you receive .99 BTC profit. Right now until beginning of August they have a promotion where no 1% fee is taken out. So truly EVEN money for "coin-flip" games.

Today (7/8/13):
4 BTC laid on Pittsburgh Pirates current line of +108, if you like Oakland please match my wager. Can do as little as 1 BTC match, you do not have to do the full 4 BTC.

Thanks and good luck to all.
108  Economy / Currency exchange / [FILLED] BTC for my $305 moneypak on: July 07, 2013, 08:33:09 PM
Sold moneypak to user "JohnRambo" on for 4.1 BTC.
109  Economy / Goods / Selling 1 BRE bank Polish Debit Card on: July 05, 2013, 11:11:57 PM
Don't know all the fees of sorts but it has a max load per year of 10,000 PLN, approx $3100 or so. Has not been opened, was told it expires 2 or 3 years from now. I bought 3 of them and realized 2 would be good enough opened 1 and used it couple times doing SEPA transfers from bitstamp with no problem. Picked up the cash at my local fee-free ATM at Wawa (a gas station).
An account number for SEPA transfers or wires to is included in the envelope along with an ATM pin. Can withdraw I believe $200 a day or so, but not too sure. Can look into it if you are seriously interested in buying it.

Price: $51 In BTC or a $50 moneypak and it will be shipped to you. I live in the United States (maryland) so no waiting weeks or even a month or two buying one from a EU vendor. Escrow is fine if you pay the fees.

PM me if interested.
110  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] $1000 of BTC [CLOSED, sold to "Phraust] on: July 05, 2013, 06:27:49 PM
Closed sold to Phraust, see rep thread for feedback left. Normally wouldn't say all this but a couple members have said they think I'm a scammer so heres just more proof that I am not.
111  Economy / Currency exchange / [FILLED] $300 moneypak IN HAND for 3.786 btc on: July 04, 2013, 05:16:44 PM
Sold $300 moneypak for 3780 chips (=3.78 BTC) on to user "JohnRambo".
112  Economy / Gambling / Sports betting Challenge (Me vs You!) on: July 04, 2013, 08:17:22 AM
Think your good at sports betting? Lets do a 1 vs 1 challenge then!

Here are the rules of my proposed challenge:
-Both players must make 25 picks total within 30 days (or 10 picks in 14 days, or 50 picks with a 60 day limit).
-Max playable lines are +200 to -200
-Every underdog moneyline play (+100 to +200) is RISKING 1 unit (example +150, RISKING 1 Unit To Win 1.5 units).
-Every favorite Moneyline or spread (-101 to -200) is TO WIN 1 unit (Example -200 would be risking 2 units TO WIN 1 unit)
-Winner is based on the FINAL overall +/- units.
-Only first 25 plays count (or 50 picks if that is the challenge length).
-Picks by both players must be made on, no other way for submitting picks will be allowed. (This site does not allow plays to be canceled just FYI even before the event has begun.)
-Only lines offered on pickmonitor can count as eligible plays

If you are willing to do this let me know and I am willing to do up to 1BTC with any person, max of 5 BTC total to start off. Minimum will be .1 in BTC challenge. At the moment BTC is VERY volatile so if you would like to do a USD challenge (like my USD vs your USD, we could figure something out) I would definitely be for that too, same limits.

Will you allow escrow?
Yes, if you want escrow we will use John K or BCB, only for challenges of $25 (BTC equivalent) or more. In this case EACH player (you and me) will pay 1% more then the entry cost to cover the 2% escrow fee (we split the fee). For example: We want to challenge each other to .5 BTC challenge, each person would send .51 BTC to the escrow address. Winner would receive 1 BTC of the 1.02 sent to that address. I'd prefer not to escrow since the fees eat away our winnings but understand the trust issue involved with not escrowing.

If you are fine with me holding the coins, I will open an address in my 2fa protected wallet and send my entry fee first then have u send yours. Once both are rec'd, they will remain untouched until a winner has been decided.
Please see my feedback thread for history or ask members for my reputation there. I buy and sell BTC very frequently.

Kingofsports (15/25 completed +6.92 units) vs. MsBitcoin (17/25 completed +7.60 units) Amount: 1 BTC, End Date: 08/09/13
Kingofsports (12/12 completed +4.91 units) vs. Moneymaker1990 (10/12 completed -0.93 units) Amount: 0.25 BTC End Date: 07/31/13
113  Economy / Currency exchange / Closed on: July 03, 2013, 04:30:22 AM
Closed, bumped by trolls, this transaction was fulfilled on seals with no problem.
114  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying with or Selling BTC for moneypak? I can possibly help. on: July 01, 2013, 08:11:07 PM
One of the biggest problems with BTC is the hard part of getting BTC without getting scammed. I am always buying and selling BTC and I want to help BTC grow. I play on the BTC poker site where many times people are selling chips/btc for moneypak. Sometimes people are buying too. Most of the time the sales on the site are $300 equivalent or less though just fyi.

How can I help?
BTC stability in my opinion depends partly on circulation. If everyone is hoarding coins or not using em this can cause volatility in what I've seen. (Just my opinion here). So what I am offering is to help you find a buyer or seller,  I will offer my escrow service for this and can get you chips for your moneypak or vice versa. Even if you don't play on the site thats fine! 1000 chips = 1 BTC, always. Never changes. If you don't play seals thats fine, after the transaction is completed I can cashout all chips you bought to any BTC address you request. Cashouts on seals are ALWAYS sent within 12 hours.

I know this might not be the best means to buy/sell BTC but hey, sometimes its hard to find someone here when buying or selling BTC. I will do this for free for transactions under 3 BTC, as long as people don't freak out on me. If anything ever goes wrong like someone lies and I have to investigate, I will make a final decision based on evidence and STOP this service afterwards (don't deal with me, if all you want is try and take advantage of others).

Post what you have/need and what your offering. I will do the same for any members on seals that are looking to sell or buy here.

PM me if you need help. I also offer escrow services for BTC using BTC addresses and also alt currencies. See my signature for reputation and escrow service OPs.
115  Economy / Currency exchange / Sold Out on: July 01, 2013, 12:31:24 PM
Selling up to 26 BTC for mtgox rate payable with Capital One deposit or moneypak. Please PM me if interested and how many and I'll hold them. Otherwise going to sell the coins to coinbase most likely by end of today. Escrow is accepted but you pay all fees/tips. Check reputation for history of clean sales and personal escrows. My highest transaction where the other party sent first was 7 BTC when I then went and bought a moneypak for $700 or so. Done many similar for a couple BTC buying/selling.

Update: CD cashed out and decided to sell my current sports roll too. Total of 30 BTC for sale.

Update #2: Sold 20 coins to coinbase and 5.85 to Maui for his moneypak, he sent first. Still have 7.4 coins left to sell.

Update #3: After some good luck and another sale, have 4 coins to sell still. Miscalculated, have 4 not 3.

Update #4: Sold 3 coins to a newbie for moneypak, 1 BTC left for sale.
116  Economy / Lending / FILLED on: July 01, 2013, 02:31:36 AM
FILLED. Cheesy
117  Economy / Gambling / The King's BIG Bet Pool on: June 28, 2013, 11:01:50 PM
"The King's BIG BET"

I have thought of an idea and wanted peoples opinion on it. What if I had a pick of the month or pick of the week? What if I played it the moment I saw the line for everyone and then after it paid everyone out. What I am thinking of doing is collecting 5-15 BTC and have it in a blockchain wallet. Then when I see a play that I truly LOVE I play it for the full amount. Whatever amount you put in the pot is how much you get + any winnings for that bet.

Why do this? If I post plays and everyone here bets them, then the lines will get worse as the day goes on. Plus who wouldn't want to see a wager for 5-15 BTC where your making the book sweat too Wink I will personally put a couple BTC into this if some other people want to do it.

Now why can you trust me and how do you know I won't run off like xboxgames? Well just look at my reputation. Just tonight alone on the poker site, I bought 4 BTC for a $376 moneypak, he SENT FIRST (user "pyzelles" on SWC). I didn't run off, I have escrowed far more then 30 BTC without a problem. Also bought over 30 BTC myself there, no problem. Plus heres collateral, I currently have 26 BTC in 2 CD's on tradefortress's site "". Those CDs do not expire for a month (they mature on July 24th) and thus I have no access to the funds until then. Thus if I ran off with the funds, you could hold those funds hostage until then.

So how will the BIG PLAY work? Well I will leave the BTC UNTOUCHED in the blockchain address. Once I see a play I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I will deposit it to my bitbook account and make the play. I will then post the BIG PLAY here (and screenshots too)! If you win I will withdraw your funds to whatever address u want me to send them to. Or I can just transfer them to your bitbook account or account. Up to you.

Here is the address I will use to hold everyones coins, feel to join if not thats fine too. Will not make any plays using the funds until at least 3 BTC is in the account, MAX in that account is 15 BTC since that is bitbook's limit.

Please send any deposits for "THE KINGS BIG BET" to:


Signed message by my address: I, Kingofsports own this blockchain address. This is one of my wallet's addresses and will be used ONLY for the "King's Big Bet". Signature: G1XEU5+1DLWBQ7wZ5mxLH45CQJ2TLKofW9QE3Xz99peGAdYqP74ScaO1O949c6QihdfFABuuyK/Uf0PwGZswzbc=

This play could take weeks to occur or possible even only a couple days. Never know Smiley
Since my CDs on coinlenders end on July 24th, Normal requests for the coins back will be approved too if you can prove to me you are the owner of the bitcointalk account and the sending address owner.

If this reaches 3 or more coins I will put 2 or 3 of my own coins in it as well. Smiley


Please post the address you sent the coins from preferably an address you own and could sign a signature for if there are any arguements of who sent what. Also please tell me how you would like the coins to be sent to you if the bet wins. I will make a list here of all who have deposited to the pool and their agreed payout method. Can send to bitbook account or bitcoin address.

Deposit List:
User: Thisisgil, Amount: BTC0.5, Payout:
User: NLNico, Amount: BTC0.1, Payout: username "NLNico"
118  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] 1.5 BTC @ Bitstamp or Btc-e last price on: June 28, 2013, 11:30:32 AM
Whichever price is higher is the price I will pay for them. Maximum spot price I am willing to pay is $93 per coin. Payable by any major US bank deposit or moneypak for $5 less. Check my feedback, willing to use escrow if necessary, however you pay the fees. Cash in your account or on your greendot within 24 hours. PM or comment if interested.

Edit: Bought .5 for a $41 moneypak from "pikeboy412" on seals, will provide moneypak to him within 18 hrs. Still looking for 1.5 BTC more.
119  Economy / Gambling / Looking to buy $300 cash 5dimes funds for my BTC on: June 28, 2013, 03:12:48 AM
I recently cashed out too much on my sportsbook account, I am looking to deposit $300 to my account however I have a surplus of BTC right now I am looking to unload. Instead of selling the BTC and then depositing, I'd like to skip the 2 steps and make it an easy BTC for 5dimes funds trade. You can do an account to account transfer via live chat on 5dimes with is available 24/7, all you will need is my name on account and the account #. I will accept last as the price we use. I would prefer you send first but can use escrow if necessary, provided you pay the escrow fee. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
120  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] $300 cash on for BTC on: June 28, 2013, 03:11:45 AM
I recently cashed out too much on my sportsbook account, I am looking to deposit $300 to my account however I have a surplus of BTC right now I am looking to unload. Instead of selling the BTC and then depositing, I'd like to skip the 2 steps and make it an easy BTC for 5dimes funds trade. You can do an account to account transfer via live chat on 5dimes which is available 24/7, all you will need is my name on account and the account #. I will accept last as the price we use. I would prefer you send first but can use escrow if necessary, provided you pay the escrow fee. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
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