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1  Economy / Collectibles / [AUCTION] Casascius 2013 0.5BTC, loaded, with certificate and hash in blockchain on: September 07, 2017, 03:13:49 PM
What I am selling

I am selling a Cascascius 2013 0.5BTC coin.

The coin is loaded (so you can get the BTC but also some alts like Clams for instance).

I bought it in this auction, on this forum, back in the days in 2013:

The seller at that time, molecular, included a certificate of existence. I have a high-resolution digital picture of this coin, whose hash was included in the blockchain on the 31th of May, 2013, proving the existence of this very coin and that it is a real Casascius*. I will send this digital picture of the certificate to the buyer of the coin.
*: Molecular and his partner messed up the certificates themselves, and this certificate mentions the hash of another coin sold at the same time. Nevertheless the actual, correct hash of the picture of this coin is indeed included in the same transaction as mentioned on the certificate, so the important part is correct.

You can see pictures of this beauty here:

Given my trust record, I don't want to bother with escrow. By bidding you accept to send BTC first, then I'll send the coin with a tracking number via UPS or Fedex (or equivalent). Sending fees is on me, up to 200$, so please take that into account when you bid.

Auction conditions

Starting price is 0.6 BTC. Bid increment by 0.01 minimum.
Auction runs until the end of this Sunday, 10th of September. Any valid bid adds 15mn to the deadline.
Happy bids!
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOIN - How to get perfectly sync subtitles on vimeo on: October 12, 2014, 01:49:00 PM
I bought the documentary and wanted to watch it with people that are not so proficient in English. The subtitles are off by ~2 seconds (too early), which is pretty annoying and gives a torrentish taste of "not comfortable watching" even though I paid 13$.

I found a workaround to better sync them, I think it exploits a bug in vimeo and should be reproducible with any browser. Works at least on firefox 32.0.3, linux.

Assuming you bought the movie and have access to it on vimeo:

1) go to this direct link:

2) Choose your subtitles by clicking on "CC"

3) Start the movie

4) Immediately when it starts (after X seconds), click on "vimeo" link (bottom right). It will open the video in another tab

In this new tab, the subtitles will be delayed by X seconds (this is where it looks like a vimeo bug), so if you did step 4) when the movie was at ~2s, they should now be perfectly in sync.
Hope that helps!  Smiley

PS: It would be much better if we could get access to srt files to watch the mp4 video offline with subtitles. If anybody from the documentary team is reading this, you know what to do!
3  Other / Meta / Suggestion: click on "watched" threads should not bring you to first page. on: September 26, 2014, 12:51:32 PM
I find it a waste of time everytime I click on my "watched" threads in the watchlist, to always arrive on the first page of the threads.
One possible consequence also (not sure if there are any kind of condition/filter for this), is that it increases the "view counter" twice (one for first page, then one for later page of interest) everytime somebody go to a thread through the watchlist.

When threads are watched by a given user, it assumes the user knows about them already, and is interested in following the new stuff that will come in the future.
So I think ideally it should point directly to the first post not read by the user. I assume the relevant post is accessible somehow in the DB, since the watchlist mechanism is able to tell you when there is a new post in a thread, therefore it knows which last post you've read there.
If it is not possible, it should point to the latest post of the thread, this would be at least more often correct (ie, what the user wants to read) than the current mechanism.

4  Economy / Games and rounds / ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ WORLD CUP CONTEST on LuckyBit, guess world cup winner and win 5 BTC on: June 25, 2014, 08:06:54 PM
5BTC World Cup contest on LuckyBit!
==> LuckyBit main thread <==

--------------------------------- Rules ---------------------------------

contest period = between the 27/06 23h59 (UTC) and the end of the world cup (end of the final game).

Choose your team and become a supporter!

Subscribe your bitcoin address to your favorite team (who you think will win the world cup). To do that send something to the corresponding address. (The amout doesn't matter, so send the minimal one, we just need one transaction from your address!).
Subscribtions will be close 1 hour before the final game of the world cup.

If you want to change team, you can send a new transaction to another one, but the earlier you bet on a team, the highest will be your share of the prize! (see further how we split the prize). You are considered a supporter of the team that received your last transaction.

Germany      1fqZWtCbMsEhFxVYXDKMtnytKKzNRKszR
Argentina    1P5XeacLkA7oEsj1JmaC6oXDBjaw4Ukip5

Brazil       1LDSJ8fwHDEjTfTnhf8k8xT37L9pcyKJJL
Switzerland  1Jb8QoToonBAEdq1oUNwy3NzuiZZ2afUk1
Belgium      1JBezrA5EGfhHZxksRFNXyhvhj5WjDFK2e
USA          172qsoSJmdBhjTQp2tk4RBehPMtxeu4Mx9
Costa Rica   1ADecGvX49NEhBuqMioMLaWU958WYqVePv
Colombia     1L8LdezErNhVc3DERiK55poM4F3qKgQr8s
France       13Uh7R1hy6nCba3L6bzy31xuKRKaMYMNLM
Chile        1VjfvPF5Z4edgtChtPEE8BEY1rkTsnTjW
Mexico       16bViivD43uXKpTe2s9sVvBbnyRn7mB1B1
Uruguay      1A7y6GemZrvnyXnndMoinNCGmTtgWVRjQA
Greece       1P3ES1bX7bfnN2KvhHUMprMCpfE7ydb6oZ
Nigeria      16c7EzeGhfeqvCb7ZQ4n8xYqUiiSNho6Vz
Algeria      1KAonnFfZepS2joYwDzfKY4AQiGiuVXEYh
Netherlands  1PGYiPjaXSXT3RLjVSJMLZrFXh3taauHVP

That's everything you have to do! Have fun on LuckyBit and cheer for your team.
All your bets will then increase your part of the prize in case your team wins (see below)


How do we select winners and split the prize

At the end of the world cup, the supporters of the winning team will share the 5BTC prize. It will be split among them based on the volume they wagered on LuckyBit during the contest period, and when did they choose the winning team. Those that chose the team earlier will have a bigger part of the prize.

More precisely, if you chose a team n days before the final, your amount will be multiplied by n+1 to determine your part of the prize.

Alice, Bob and Charly are the three supporters of France, and France wins the world cup.

Alice has wagered 1BTC on LuckyBit during the contest period, Bob 4BTC and Charly 5BTC.
Alice chose France very early, 15 days before the day of the final game. The amount she wagered is multiplied by 16 (her "earliness advantage").
Bob chose France also quite early, 9 days before the final day. His amount is multiplied by 10.
Charly has been supporting another team, until that team lost (Charly was sad). So he switch to France only 2 days before the final. His amount is multiplied by 3.

The total multiplied amount is then:
(Alice_amount * Alice_multiple) + (Bob_amount * Bob_multiple) + (Charly_amount * Charly_multiple) = (1 * 16) + (4 * 10) + (5 * 3) = 71
The share of Alice would be: (Alice_amount * Alice_multiple) / Total_multiplied_amount = 0.225
The share of Bob would be: (Bob_amount * Bob_multiple) / Total_multiplied_amount = 0.563
The share of Charly would be: (Charly_amount * Charly_multiple) / Total_multiplied_amount = 0.211

The prize of 5BTC would then be splitted according to their share of it (1.125BTC to Alice, 2.815BTC to Bob and 1.05BTC to Charly).

TL;DR: the more volume you play on LuckyBit, and the earlier you choose the team, the more you get at the end if the team wins.

Some notes

- LuckyBit doesn't act as a broker. The contest is free for everyone to participate. The 5BTC are from our own pocket.
- If you choose a "small" team early, you will probably get more in case they win! You might even keep the most part of the full 5BTC if you are an early adopter of that team. Wink
- Feel free to post here once you've become a supporter, and join us on the LuckyBit chat!
- Icing on the cake: this giveaway is provably fair Smiley

Good luck everybody, ask if something is unclear!
5  Local / Hors-sujet / Un easter egg sur le forum on: June 19, 2014, 08:43:58 PM
Je sais pas si vous le connaissez, lorsqu'on a 1337 posts, un "leet" s'affiche à la place du nombre de posts.

Je suis juste dessus avec ce post !!  Cheesy
(peut-être pas quand vous lirez ça...)
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [XMR] Monero Mining on: June 15, 2014, 08:33:18 PM
Monero is moving away from Bitcointalk. Check out Mining Software and Pools on the official Monero forum

››› Mining ‹‹‹
Official Forum:

Monero ANNMonero Economy  •  Monero Support* •  Monero Mining  •  Monero Speculation*  •  Monero Dev*  •  Monero large OTC
* self-moderated

#monero  •  #monero-dev  •  #monero-otc  •  #monero-markets  •  #monero-pools  •  QQ Group: 272729907

This thread is for monero mining discussions.
Post here your technical questions, your pools or mining softwares announcements and updates.


Spread around the hashrate! Join the smaller pools to improve network health.
Larger pools can only reduce your variance, but on average you get less than on small pools due to ddos-attacks, higher fees, downtimes and slower hashing modules

Only open-source pools are mentioned, sorted by donation then fees. Fees include the donation, so miners won't pay more than the fees listed on the "fees" column. Misleading advertisement = undetermined ban ("undetermined" doesn't mean "forever", just "as long "as we deem it necessary"). Manager's note is a list with 100 character max, no exclamation points and no links. For updates, please contact Quanttek (same on IRC)
Beware: we are doing our best to stay current regarding fees, but always double-check on the pool itself.
We recommend to use only the bolded pools, which are up-to-date on important updates and security fixes. (When none are bolded, all are up-to-date)

URLMixinCountryManager (IRC)Donations (% of fees)Total FeesManager's note
backup-pool.com3CanadatriplefTotal: 73%Fees: 1.1% #backuppool IRC-channel, Charts ,10 minutes payout , instant support french/english
monerohash.com3USosenseiTotal: 37.5%Fees: 1.6%20Gbps DDOS protected, reliable, secure (https), up-to-date pool - USA - NY
xmr.prohash.net3NetherlandstrampkTotal: 0%Fees: 1.5%
pool.cryptoescrow.euLithuaniamind-lessTotal: 20%Fees: 1%Fast & helpful support, DDOS protected, Well maintained server.
mro.poolto.be0BelgiumPCFilTotal: 8%Fees: 1.3%Stable dedicated server, hosted in datacenter, fast link, fast support
crypto-pool.fr0Franceonishin, superresistantTotal: 5%Fees: 2%
minexmr.com1FrancexnbyaTotal: 5%Fees: 2%
coolmining.clubHungaryhegemoOnTotal: 3%Fees: 1.5%#cmc-pool on freenode
monero.xminingpool.com0GermanyxminingTotal: 0%Fees: 0%First cryptonote-universal-pool implementation. FCN/MCN support. 0%Fees: 1%Long running pool with reputation for reliability and support, all fees donated to xmr dev fund
moneropool.com4Luxembourgwallet42Total: 10%Fees: 1.9%First Monero pool, finding blocks reliable since May 2014, auto payments every 2 hours

7  Other / Meta / Bug Report: autocompletion in "To:" field of Private messages on: May 12, 2014, 07:40:30 PM
Apologize if it was already posted, couldn't find it.

Happens to me on both firefox and chrome.
Step to reproduce: Go to messages, click new message. In the "To:" field, write: ' "luckybitsupport" ' (coud be any other name, but I think the longer the higher chance of issues).
See the weird (stochastic, looks like it depends on typing speed) behavior. Sometimes it works but most of the time the string just become "<html>"
8  Local / Vos sites et projets / twitter giveaway, gagnez 0.2 btc on: March 15, 2014, 01:16:09 AM
Ca vous changera des faucets et autres plan foireux de superresistant à deux centimes (sans offense superresistant, j'exagère, y a plein de gens qui sont contents avec tes plans!).

Si vous avez un compte twitter, "follow us!" et retweetez le message! Dans 3 jours on tire quelqu'un au sort et il gagne 0.2 BTC.

Bonne chance à tous Smiley
9  Local / Produits et services / Gagnez des btc en chattant sur LuckyBit on: February 01, 2014, 01:12:09 AM
Je suis l'un des deux créateurs/programmeurs/opérateurs du jeux LuckyBit, je crois pas qu'il soit tellement fréquenté par des francophones, je vais donc faire un petit bump ici Smiley

Depuis ~3 semaines on a lancé un "chat-lotto" qui a un certain succès ! En venant simplement chater sur le site (vous n'êtes même pas obligé de jouer), vous pouvez être tiré au sort par le chatbot régulièrement (toutes les quelques minutes), et gagner des sommes significatives. Ca va de 0.0008 à 0.1 BTC, c'est nettement plus que les "faucets" (ou pire les trucs où vous devez regarder des pubs) que certains essaieront de vous vendre...

Le chat est super relax, et on peut discuter de tout (autre sites de jeux, mining, etc...) donc pour peut que vous puissiez écrire un minimum d'anglais, n'hésitez pas à venir faire un tour !

Ca ce passe ici:

(Le thread principal de LuckyBit:
10  Economy / Games and rounds / ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ LUCKYB.IT [one week lottery] win a collector ASIC miner AND up to 1 BTC on: January 27, 2014, 03:33:51 PM
The new LuckyBit promo (for one week):

Collector USB miners lottery

Win a collector ASIC miner by playing LuckyBit!

You can now win a laser-engraved collector’s ASICminer Blockerupter USB miner by playing LuckyBit.

This edition has been engraved with the LuckyBit logo.  We only engraved very few of them, so this is definitely a rare item. They are new, functional, and will be delivered in original plastic boxes.

In this lottery, we are giving away a total prize money of 1.0 BTC:

  • 1x Prize 1: 0.5 BTC and 1 collector’s miner
  • 2x Prize 2: 0.1 BTC and 1 collector’s miner
  • 3x Prize 3: 0.1 BTC

How to participate:

Play a valid bet on between Monday, 27/01/2014 at 15:00 and Monday 03/02/2014 at 23:59:59 to participate in the lottery. Times are UTC (as on LuckyBit).

  • 6 winners are selected randomly from the list of all valid bets in a provably fair manner.
  • From the list of 6 winners, the bet with the higher amount gets the better prize.
  • Ties are resolved by comparing the last 4 characters of the transaction hash (higher -> better prize).

For example, if the list of winners are:

  • bet amount 0.001 BTC -> Prize 3
  • bet amount 0.01121 BTC -> Prize 3
  • bet amount 0.01 BTC -> Prize 3
  • bet amount 0.03212 BTC -> Prize 2
  • bet amount 0.1 BTC -> Prize 1
  • bet amount 0.04 BTC -> Prize 2

These 6 winning bets will be selected among all bets of that period, which means: If you play more, you have a better chance of winning. Of course your address(es) can be selected multiple times if you made several bets.
And if you play higher, you have a better chance of winning prize 1.

Technical info on how we select the list of winners in a provably fair manner:

  • take the hash of the first block listed on with a timestamp after Monday 03/02/2014 (23:59:59)
  • take the list of all (valid) bets between 27/01/2014 (15:00) and Monday 03/02/2014 (23:59:59)
  • use the last 4 characters of this hash to retrieve a 1st bet from this list by converting it into a number and taking the modulo (for programmers: list.get(hash[:-4] % list.length) )
  • use the last 4 characters of this bet's transaction id to get the next winning bet in the same manner
  • repeat until 6 winning bets are found
  • sort list using criteria described above

Note that you need to be able to sign a message to prove you own the selected address if you are one of the winners.

Please note that these ASIC collector’s miners are promotional gifts and are intended as a collector/souvenir. Due to the extreme increase in mining difficulty, you cannot expect to mine a substantial amount of Bitcoins with them. Nevertheless, the miners are fully functional (actually brand new) and can be used for pool- or solo-mining.

For any question or remark on the game, see our main thread here:

Good luck to all!
11  Other / Beginners & Help / ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ LUCKYB.IT : Get your first coins for free with the new chat-lottery! on: January 11, 2014, 04:55:08 PM
You can now win free coins on by just using the chat!

Then you can multiply your free coins on the game Smiley

The lottery takes place continuously, every few minutes. The chat-lottery bot will be active as soon as two persons at least are active on the chat!

The bot will choose somebody randomly. If you're the winner, you just give your bitcoin address and receive a random amount of coin for free immediately! Up to you afterwards to multiply them Wink

See this screenshot of how it looks when you're selected:

EDIT: We're not going to announce the precise rules behind the (stochastic) choices for frequence and amount of bot activity. But this might have something to do with activity of bets on website Wink

Enjoy the free coins & have fun on LuckyBit Smiley
12  Economy / Games and rounds / ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ LUCKYB.IT [GIVEAWAY] ★ 200 x 0.005 BTC ★ +30,000 bets ★ +1,300BTC won on: December 29, 2013, 01:37:34 PM

This thread is for giveaways, bonus and special offers announcement and organization.

If you want to ask questions, get the latest feature announcements, etc, see our main thread.

13  Local / Discussions générales et utilisation du Bitcoin / ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ LUCKYB.IT ★ GIVEAWAY ★ 100 x 0.005 BTC ★ +30,000 bets ★ +1111BTC won on: October 31, 2013, 04:26:25 PM
Bonjour à tous,

Je suis heureux de présenter LuckyBit, en beta ici:
Pour le lancement les probabilités sont de 100.3% en faveur du joueur.

Pour plus d'info je vous invite à consulter l'annonce en Anglais ici:

Questions et commentaires bienvenus !! Smiley
14  Economy / Auctions / [AUCTION] 100 brand new ASICminer USB Eruptors in original, non opened boxes on: October 30, 2013, 04:38:49 PM
They are all brand new, in their plastic boxes, grouped in cardboard boxes by 10, from AM factory. Never used, boxes are not open, perfect for resellers.
If you need more technical info on the items see here:
(all the 100 are silver ones)

Only one auction winner
I am not going to split the lot and send multiple packages. Instead the auction is for all the 100 together. Bid accordingly.

Free shipping
I will send it from Europe.
Shipping (with tracking number) is included in your bidding. I will post the package the day after the end of the auction, I estimate the shipping to take 1~2 days for Europe. I am willing to spend about 1BTC for shipping, so if you live on the other side of the world it might not be the best auction for you.  Smiley

Auction will end in one day, 24 hours after this OP.

I would prefer to go the trustful way, but I am ok if you want to use an escrow (I would accept John K or TAT), but you'll have to organize everything.

Starting price, minimum bid increment
Starting price is 4BTC.
Min increment is 0.1BTC

Happy bidding!  Smiley
15  Local / Discussions générales et utilisation du Bitcoin / Conference Amsterdam 26-28/09/13 on: September 21, 2013, 10:27:24 PM
Salut les francophones!

Juste pour savoir si certains d'entre vous ont prévu d'aller à la conférence d'Amsterdam, de jeudi à samedi prochains?

J'y serai certainement.  Smiley
16  Bitcoin / Meetups / Brussels Meetup, this Thursday (12/09), 19:30 on: September 09, 2013, 09:29:14 PM
"Pianofabriek" center
rue du Fortstraat 35
1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels.
17  Other / Off-topic / Signatures with bitcoin address on: July 11, 2013, 11:01:00 PM
Imagine being in a bar, a party, or any social event full of people, some that you know more or less, many unknown.

Imagine that everybody constantly bump into each other because they all have one arm straight in front of them, with the hand like if they were begging for something. They would have only one hand remaining to actually do other things like drinking a beer, hugging friends, and so on. And before starting any conversation with another person they just meet, most of them would ostensibly put this open hand in front of their interlocutor. You would probably find weird to see all these palms in front of the faces of each other, but that would be probably because you'd be new in the place, as all the people around would act as if it was normal behavior.

When curiosity would get too strong, you'd start asking few people around you: "why do you keep your hand in front of you like that? That's not very practical, what's the purpose?".

And invariably, you'd get similar answers from all of them: "so if I was helpful in the discussion, you can reward me!", "hey! I've been nice to you? Drop me few cents!", or simply "Hey nice to meet you, give me a tip!". Often with a smile like this:  Smiley

Do I have to add that I don't get this thing with signatures? Do you act like that in real life? Very few people actually get "tips" here, and these people are really bringing something. When the first action of somebody with a new account is to copy this, it's very, very laughable to me.
18  Other / Meta / [SCAM] Ongoing attempt - Phishing link send around in PM, copy of the forum on: July 09, 2013, 11:25:50 PM
I got this link by PM, from user hiddenoreo:

The phishing is well done, luckily I found strange to be unloged in one tab and not in the other, and didn't type my credentials. instead of, no https (even though the link text was saying https).

Be careful!

EDIT: The message was the following:
Welcome to the BTC-E Trading Bot. If your interested in the trial version or purchasing the full thing please visit the sales thread: htpps://

Also, if you would like to earn a nice .1 btc a week for adding the signature please visit the thread and tell Acnee I sent you!

19  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / bitcoind RPC calls: get fee amount of received transaction on: July 07, 2013, 10:40:12 PM
Dear all,

I don't find a convenient way with bitcoind rpc calls, to determine the fee amount of a transaction I receive.
I found the information on the wiki to be wrong or outdated on this:
'gettransaction' is said to return the fee, but I found that it is true only for transaction of type "send", not "receive".

Maybe there is another place where I can find more reliable info on the bitcoind RPC calls?

To get this fee amount, I would like to avoid looping over vin and vouts to compute the difference of the sums, there must be something easier! Am I missing something?

20  Other / Off-topic / 2013-06-27 The verge - PayPal goes galactic to answer big questions about money on: June 27, 2013, 04:28:32 PM
Not bitcoin specific, but interesting read as bitcoin is a good fit for this "space money". Also it's about paypal which is both a "competitor" of bitcoin and also has expressed interest into bitcoin.

Bitcoin would be perfect for this! Knowing how close paypal is following the bitcoin technology and growing economy, I'm sure they know that. Smiley

PayPal goes galactic to answer big questions about money in space
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