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1  Other / MultiBit / treat me as a newbie for this, idk but, question about HD and the UI on: January 19, 2016, 03:26:39 AM
So, you wanted to drop the "Classic" for HD eh? with not a real easy path to "upgrade".. so following this "upgrade" path requires me to basically create a new wallet with HD and dump all coins from the "Classic" to it..

simple question, where the hell do you see the new wallet address in HD? I've clicked and flipped windows and boxes within this program to find a proper Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to add in a "send to" address for classic.

since HD rotates addresses, looks like this makes it had to maintain a single public address/vanity address?

..and yes, I'm one of them "why change? whats wrong with Classic?" trying to change over.. I don't want to go down that path in here, there is already enough about it, just be happy that I'm willing to move over..
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / Bitcoin Core calculator, can it be home brewed? on: September 14, 2015, 05:24:02 AM
Since you can calculate it by hand (pencil and paper linky link)
So I've had the idea on making a bitcoin calculator from scratch, since ASIC companies make 100s or 1000s of the into their chips, I wanted to know what is required to make one. Basic idea was to slap some discrete logic together and have it calculate on the bitcoin network.

home brew CPU style yo!

The reason for this is to understand the hardware required to make a asic chip work, them maybe refine it, in the end, who knows, this may turn into another ASIC development.

Hell, link me to some original posts asking the same thing, i cant seem to find anything.. or im blind..
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Modifying a USB hub for extra power and "I did it!" showoff thread on: August 14, 2015, 04:39:16 PM

Well, let me start with what the searches say.
I bet there is plenty of people who have done this type of mod in some way, fashion or form..

Well, for starters, here is an old post with a list of hubs that could be used with the old Block Eruptors, and then some:

Here is a newbie making their own modified powered USB hub:

as TheRealSteve said you could just force feed power into the usb power wires:


That can be as simple as severing Vbus (V+ / the red wire), connecting the positive of your power supply where Vbus used to connect (or connecting it closer to the actual ports on the hub (in case the traces are pretty narrow and you're not too sure the traces will handle the current), connecting your power supply's negative where USB GND (V- / the black wire) connects, and off you go.  

You can add some capacitors for stability or make the circuit a bit more intelligent (google 'USB power injector'), but it pretty much comes down to that first sentence.

I picked a USB hub that basically has that intelligent bit and whatnot already built-in so I can just plug external power in with a barrel jack, but it is a bit power limited, so I also have a small board where I've only done the 'sever the red wire' approach that's been running my engineering sample Compac for some higher speed tests, but efficiency goes down the gutter at those higher rates Smiley

I have a cheap and nasty USB 7 port thing off Ebay: what ever you do, don't pull 1A off them 2A bricks, they make nice fireworks...

So, I have a barrel connection in this thing, could just cut the wire off the brick and splice it into a PSU, but that's easy! On this one I got, they have the wiring the wrong way around, the negative painted wire(the one with the white stripe) is not negative! luckily I found this out with a multimeter!

So, lets move on and get the tools, items, wires and workspace needed
4  Bitcoin / Group buys / [closed][SIDEHACK STICK] Group Buy for Australia on: July 15, 2015, 10:12:26 AM
Hello People.

just doing a obvious copy of valkir group buy topic, but for Australia.

Heres the topic that started it all:

some People have tested these sticks, still waiting on a few more testes to ad in their views:

Heres a picture that I shamelessly stole off TheRealSteve

These can pull 0.3W/GH, at that, it does 9.5GH/s

Hit me up on how many you want, but, a Maximum of 10 Per Person Only! relaxed on the limit, as per:

so far there is up to 20 that has been asked and I've paid sidehack for 20 of them now.

me x3 (paid, derp)
tricass x2 (paid)
heslo x 2 (paid)
btc6000 x2
TheRealSteve x 1 (paid)
Stringer Bell x 10 (cancelled)

So if anyone wants any more, ask away, I'll put the order down.

The prices are still at 0.1BTC each, and for a small package its about $15aud, I Will double check the pricing, it could be more or less.
as i have said, BTC Address is: 17z2no9upjzgqjYfuG2Z72Ezyg4KEmeq53
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]Some old rare'ish CPUs: Pent Pro, 6x86L, amd-K5 on: February 03, 2015, 01:10:30 PM
Well, 1st time selling something, testing waters, seeing if anyone is interested in my trash

Some old rare'ish CPUs for for collectors with some odd museum/art setup.

i has this photo, sorry, forgot to put my glasses on:

forgot to throw my sig on a paper near it and a banana in my ear..

the pent pro seems to be going to $50-100au (depending on the cache and speed, etc) so about 0.3btc
the Cyrix made IBM 6x86L PR200+ not so much, strangely no one likes this oddity about $10-20, so about 0.06
but oddly, the K5 is going for about $40au, so 0.13btc?

so about 0.5btc? (that is negotiable price, i want someone to take care of them over me crushing them)  postage tba at sale
if no interest, its going in my gold scrapping pile, my ball mill like these ceramic type...

now for the people asking, the 6x86 and the k5 i had them working pulled, the pent pro, i have a dead mobo that fits it, so no idea, but i never abused it, so it may work, hence for collectors of some odd museum/art setup.
6  Bitcoin / Hardware / more expencive thermal idea for you hardware developers? on: November 20, 2014, 03:38:54 AM
i have to ask, after seeing this on eevblogs.

Do you developers know about these "PowerPeg Thermal Connectors" ? i want to know if they do any better then vias under the QFN chips?
so it'll make the cost per chip $1.50c more, but it should hold the sink to the chips, and be a direct thermal connection to them too.

Its just a thought though..
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Time for another poor sucker to post an accusation on: May 12, 2013, 05:37:57 AM
Yep, im another (and 1st time) BTC-e sucker, late comer to the game, and hoping to get things going in life

TheFed was to trade me 225LTC for 6BTC, simple, used a 3rd party to be a escrow called Complicatedlyfun (notably a play on simplefun's name) who clammed to be a mod. is my 6btc split and moved into a wallet and up for trading

i balive TheFed used a 2nd sign-in to pretend to be this "mod" and take my money..

just to add, From Complicatedlyfun
+225.00 LTC LTC payment 10.05.13 12:51 from:LMTfkV8GJek7PmxgJrvkK1uJsJpnqPy2sQ

Please send 6.000 BTC to: 1DKrxqnL846vfJPcgGoLR7VELYrbfexEDF

then from TheFed
Nevermind, he messaged me. Complicatedlyfun 12:56 10.05.13 +6.000 BTC BTC payment 10.05.13 13:07 from:1KSn7nioqjKiKwv288phYtjELZ8h8fAfES Waiting for confirmations then funds will be released.
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