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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The real winning of gambling is withdrawals on: Today at 09:41:44 PM
a few days later he put the money back into gambling

He should withdraw the winnings and pay his bills and next months rent that kind of thing.  Then the question is over, he has put it to a good purpose and cannot lose it.   Only then put in the same regular amount into gambling that you do every week or month so that you have the hope at least of withdrawing more then you put in.  

To just put the same winnings right back in doesnt mean you lose them, we always live in hope of doubling the winnings but just the idea you might lose what you just won stops me from trying this.  Small in and large out is the ideal bias to setup a profitable experience.  The details of what happens in the game is alot more involved but at least try and give yourself the best chance imo .
Gambling winnings that been used on something when it comes to those bills or whatever that patches up something on which we can call it to be worth it and this is something that needs to be considered first but usually gamblers will really be that spending again on playing again because they do hope that they could get more.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Concerns grow over online gambling among teens on: Today at 09:21:41 PM
I still maintain my point that, the casino has a very huge role to play in the regulation of underaged gambling and thatís if they will be very sincere with their KYC terms and policies.
Most casinos avoid KYC not because they want to attract kids to their sites but to allow gamblers to gamble with privacy. KYC is often disliked by the ones who prioritize privacy and that's why some casinos allow everyone to gamble without asking for any KYC details.

And it's not bad, the bad thing is that teenagers can enter these sites, a teenager cannot enter a casino, it is an adult who must do so, I'm not saying that the teenager should make one or Another Movement in the casino next to his or her father or mother in the account of one of them, but the teenager cannot have control, so basically a casino or casinos cannot concentrate on that type of things, the problem comes from home , due to the lack of a Father and a Mother who are constantly Supervising what their children do, there is a parental control that they have on Google , Which does not allow you to see messages or calls from them, but it does allow you to Block certain URLs, sites that are of this style, there only with that they can put it on their devices to Control them and I think that the whole Problem is Based on the lack of guidance from parents.

When it comes to blocking access then it could do but we do know that kids these days are really that wise on how to make use and find out other ways or methods on which on the moment that they do find out or being curious on a certain things then they would really be that definitely finding on how to do it.Its not always for guardian or parents would be taking up the blame because no matter how you do guide them but on the time that curiosity kicks in plus the technologies that we do have today, then it is really that hard to stop it Parental guidance or handling is crucial and as a parent then it's our responsibility to have this thing specially on raising up our kids on which it would really be that relevant and recommended.You can't really be so sure that they would avoid on things but at least we've done our part as a parent.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The real winning of gambling is withdrawals on: July 12, 2024, 09:58:32 PM
It might be perfect if the withdrawals can't be deposited or the person would not make a deposit again. And I want to say that the real winning can't be counted/measured until we stop gambling. If we do not stop gambling then at any time we may lose what we had and what we had earned. So, the withdrawals can't be considered as the real winnings.
This quote is full of wisdom.
However, when we win and withdraw, then we checked and notice that we have earned more than we lost, then it's considered as winning because we have gained from it. We don't have to deposit any withdrawal we made because that's what we have achieved at that moment. Although the truth is that as a gambler we can't stop just after winning or after making profits because as we are winning/making profits it also motivate us to gamble more to see if we can also win more. Yes I agreed with you that the real winning is quite after winning because after we have won we won't deposit to try again. It's purely noted that after deposit we might not withdraw because as we have decided to deposit means we have also decided to take the risk, so even when we didn't win we can stay without being worried about the money we lost.

reading this thread helps me a lot to get to a point where I'll say "that's enough" and will pursue other objectives than money
too many interesting things to do in life than stress out in front of the screen, you know...
It's obvious that always putting an eyes on the screen/monitor is a little bit stressful, mostly when it's not something that provides money to you everytime. However there are more than enough important things to do with ones time than to gamble. Although I have not bad against gamble but when I see someone gamble during work hours it's makes me feel like the gambler doesn't know what's important for him. IMO someone should always be money minded but not when it comes to gamble, gamble can not provide profits every 24 hours.
Gambling at work hours isn't recommended on which you aren't just that affecting the money you are spending but also you are putting up such risks in towards your work once that your boss caught you on doing so.In regards about being a winner then it always matter on how you would be putting up yourself in good control.Taking withdrawal doesn't means you had succeed because you can deposit it again and losing it all.
The key on here is moderation and control, because if you are good on this then you won't be messing up your life on this one.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Concerns grow over online gambling among teens on: July 11, 2024, 08:33:01 PM
Yes maybe some do falsify their KYC to be able to access casinos and get safe gambling, but maybe it's a group, but what about individuals, who basically gambling is a disgrace in their neighborhood but they force themselves to do gambling, and young people are always desperate to do anything to get what they want.
Yes maybe some of them don't need to sweat for money, or just get money from their school allowance and or ask from their parents deliberately for something but spend it in the casino, it often happens like this, and that's what will make everything messy for the character of young people who are not yet right to come into contact with casinos.

Teenagers that stay in environments where gambling is not permissible kindly follow other alternatives online. Except the nation entirely restricted gambling, young people have a synergistic behavioral attitude and agent-neutral value of helping each other in time of need. This epistemological certainties of young people knowing where to meet such assistance is extremely surprising. Out of curiosity they rarely carry-out actions without relaying it amongst a fellow like mind, of same age, in their society. Unconditionally most kids are exposed to seeing or doing all the things they were restricted lawfully to stop doing. Gambling is increasingly on the rise and nobody including them are being left behind. Parents, some, are ignorant of their child's activities, and only figure out when it's too late. When the child has now become an adult. Same is applicable to drugs.

Yes, that is what is very worrying about gambling among young people, I also found such a case in my neighborhood, where the child was addicted to gambling without anyone knowing that he was gambling, and the parents realized it late and regretted not watching their children properly.

This will be a big problem if the parents are not aware of the technology that their children use, unfortunately in my neighborhood there are only a few people who understand using smartphones, many of them do not understand or stutter on technology but their children already know better than their parents, it is quite sad that the child always steals money from his parents to do gambling.
Not everything should be blamed out into those parents or guardians because no one would really be liking for their kids to be gamblers because we do know on what kind or type of risks that involves specially about addiction.We do know that even as a parent then we can't know everything and even if you do strictly have that kind of access to gadgets but as long they do have their phone then theres always that tendency that they will really be having easy access on gambling or simply with yjr exposure because everything could really be seen online.This is why it would be better that you shouldn't really be just that focusing on monitoring their phone or restrictions by rather it would be also best that you should really be that educating them about gambling and it's imposed risks and telling about avoiding it at all cost once they would be able to encounter it.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you believe in gambling experts predictions? on: July 11, 2024, 07:33:45 PM
It is never possible to know that i will win the gambling bet with 100% certainty. Experts make gambling predictions because they want to force you to take the bet and spread lies so that you try the gamble even once. As I am not a community member of that site, I cannot know the future results even if i want to. It is easy to understand that gambling plays with your luck so you can win at the right time. I think even an experienced gambler will never know what a guaranteed prediction can be.
Experts doesn't give out that 100% accuracy and this is something that you should really be putting up into your mind so that you won't really be putting up yourself on betting in line with them, on the moment that you do find yourself having those thoughts that you do believe and really that hope that you could be having those sure wins because of having thoughts being experts then it would really be bringing out that kind of frustration.I would rather prefer on losing up with my own bets rather than on losing on following on someone's bet.
That would be more worth and not something that brings out that regrets.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Never gamble in front of your kids. on: July 11, 2024, 01:48:32 PM
Imo instead of hiding gambling or any related to gambling activities from your kids as a parents, it would have been more better to teach them more about it , like the negative effect that's attached to it , because even when you try your best to hide it from them. They may eventually endup learning it from someone else in their surroundings, or via social media, because alot of folks love posting about Their wins in gambling, due to fact that the world is getting more digital each day kids of now and days can easily, approach such via the internet or social medias. That's why is better to teach them more about gambling especially the harmful part in gambling.  So that they will know how to handle things if they find themselves in such situation.
Parents need to understand that the world has changed, years ago you could only be influenced by the people close to you and what you watched on TV, but now you can be influenced by what people all over the world can do, and you can even select the specific topics in which you are interested, so hiding information from their kids is no longer an option, and if they want the best for them, they need to teach them about the true nature of gambling, why it is a bad idea for them to engage in it and avoid it if one of their friends offline or online propose them to participate in it.
Just because the world is modernized and people are making maximum use of technology does not mean that a child will be a minor to do such activities. No matter how advanced technology is, the thinking of an adult is not the same as that of a minor. He is an experienced person, but he must take decisions carefully. The fact that gambling is accessible does not mean that young children will indulge in gambling at the expense of their studies. It is natural that they may gamble when they become adults and have decision-making powers as they should fully focus on their studies while they are building their careers.
But of course on which as a parent then it would be just that right that we should really be that guiding our kids as much as we could since we do have that responsibilities on raise our kids on the right path.Although we do know that it's something that hard because of the easy access that we do have today on which they could possibly be able to encounter things on which it's out of our awareness and that's why it would be that relevant that on telling them as early as possible.If you are someone whose a parent then it would be just that right that you should be leading them on the right way of things rather than on going on something's risky.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Act of nationalism or another action of a high-risk taker? on: July 10, 2024, 08:45:04 PM
What many people don't usually understand about these bets is that for Drake, betting $300,000 is like you betting $30. He's betting with the odds against him, but it's an amount of money he can really afford to lose, and it doesn't show either part of the dilemma. Would you call betting $30 for your country against 4-1 odds an act of nationalism? Or would you say that you are a high risk taker for the same bet? I wouldn't. He's just having fun.

I am just having a thought outside of the box, what if this is an act to influence people to bet on such games even when the chances of winning is close to zero based on the stats and I am sure atleast handful of people just bet on Canada because Drake did it. And what if he Drake got paid a million dollar by someone to make that 300K bet. I am sure these are bit unrealistic thought for most of us but we can't rule of this perspective.

Don't follow anyone while betting is my only suggestion.
You are doing suicide of your bets on the moment  that you do follow up some known celebrity+ gambler like Drake on which we know they people even called about Drakes curse.If you are really that a fan of it then it would be understandable that you do make out those blind following and doesn't mind nor care about on the winning odds just because you do really wanted to follow him no matter what.It would really be always on someone's choice on how they would really be making out such considerations on which it's your money then it's your choice to make.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you believe in gambling experts predictions? on: July 08, 2024, 10:24:25 AM
I have already been convinced so many times that all these influencers do not understand how to place bets correctly (by the way, the same thing happens in trading). The main reason why all these guys are engaged in life is that they are constantly trying to sell their courses, presenting them as profitable knowledge. But in fact, they also like to earn money by giving out their referral links to everyone. And because all these guys constantly present themselves as professionals, they always look stupid when they try to show how their strategies work. And of course, at such moments, everything does not go according to plan.
It is easy to claim that you are a professional but the outcome of the match is what will prove that. Influencers know that people are out there looking for easy means to make profit which those influencers are taking advantage of those people by giving them wrong information to get money from them.

Imagine I want to make money from gambling and I am looking for who can help me out, someone somewhere might understand what you need and disguise himself to be a professional in what you are looking for just to make money from you because he is also looking for a means of making money but you will become his means and your problem is not solved. No professional gamble but luck can give you a huge win.
Anyone could really make out such claims or trying to say that they're experts and providing some fake stats and this isn't that new anymore. For those noobs who do really believe that  they are really that making money then pretty sure they would really be trying out to follow because they do believe that it would really be that easy on making profits with gambling or betting. On the moment that they would experiencing losing then this is the moment that they would be making realization.
Also, it's not really that no fun when you do bet up basing on someone's advise or someone's pick, because on the moment that it would lose then you would definitely regret.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: They put an end to online gambling: what do you think it's going to happen? on: July 07, 2024, 02:24:37 PM
They put an end to online gambling: what do you think it's going to happen? Chaos haha this might sounds funny but i remember some clip from movie that said all money whether is legal or illegal is actually move the economy wheel

So the simple thing is casino owner want to buy a brand new car then car manufacturers hire people to build it and stell manufacturing hire people to mine iron ore and the money goes into their family and so on.

So legal and illegal money is move the economy in my opinion
Each country would neither be allowing gambling or not, but doesnt mean that even if its banned then there would be no gambling around.Just like on what other people been saying above
that even if its banned then there would really be those illegal places on which gamblers could really be able to play or make bet on without being detected or simply its just been protected by someone
whose at the position on which simply means that bribe and corruption would really be there and this isnt something that new anymore. This is why dont get shocked that there's no
way that gambling could really be that handled out and completely stop its operation. When it comes to economic benefits due to tax then this is something that one of the biggest
that generates out, this is why its hard to believe that it would be easily eradicated.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Concerns grow over online gambling among teens on: July 07, 2024, 12:30:01 PM
The thing is that to even stop this is going to be an issue because the world has become so exposed that we can't actually control some of the things that the youth and teens do.  Gambling is literally advertise on all social media and some of the teens that actually do get involved in the act is as a result of the exposure to it.
Some country government like Bulgaria due to the high level of gambling by the youth which they believe is as a result of online advertisement place ban on gambling and itís related ads on social media which can be visible to their citizens, according to them they said itís a means to reduce the level of exposure the teens get to gambling since they have free access to the internet.

But if a person already knows or can get easy information about gambling, will reduce of ads seen really help? For example I dont see a lot of Coca-Cola ads around, but if I am thirsty, I most likely buy it. Or the situation with cigarettes. They are not seen at the shops, often behind nontransparent shelves, no ads, but people smoke a lot anyway. Even the high cost of cigarettes does not help.

Btw, if gambling gains popularity among teens, I wonder where they always get money from. They dont work, they cant ask endlessly money from parents. Then how come number of teen gamblers increase? 

Teens have multiple means of extorting money from their parents. School, extracurricular activities, wears etc. You'd see it's endless and parent always try their best to be good to the young ones. By providing almost all their needs and replenishing their pocket money when exhausted. These are being done by parents for the sole aim of safeguarding them from doing something silly because of money, but the opposite still happen.

Most of them use the money for risky things like gambling, to make more money enough to compete with other rich peers. Teens also face challenges with monetary and materialistic competitions. Which leads them to participate in gambling. Stopping ads is not enough, gambling is a term filled all over every society and people don't need to see ads before they'll hear of gambling.
As a parent then you would really be doing your very best on trying out to provide all the things on which our kids are really that needing and this is why on the moment that we would really be able to give out everything on which there would really be that potential risk on making them deal up with something since they do have the money that they would really be able to deal with.
This is why you cant really blame out parents or guardians on this regard because not all would really be able to filter or see or check their kids on the things that they are really that dealing on with.
This is why it would really be that important that you should really be explaining up your kids about the cons of dealing up with gambling so that on the moment that they will really be able to
encounter then they do know on what the things they would be doing.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Ever Hated someone because he/she win too much, when you are constantly losing? on: July 06, 2024, 09:38:20 PM
But we should thinks about some friends that can feels jealous with the wins that other friend gets. They can not accept the wins easily if they lose all of their money. If we playing gambling with our best friend, that will not be happens because we will not lets us feels bad with our friends winning. We will remember that winning can comes to any people, including our best friends so we don't hate them because of their winning. We will always reminds them not to be greedy to chase more winnings because that will be difficult to gets winning many times. When we can always reminds our friends, especially those who often wins, they will not trying to chase more winning and will feels enough with that wins.
Yes, jealousy sometimes arises when a friend wins a profit in a gambling game. In essence, before we play, every gambler has the same opportunity to win or lose. This depends on how we control our game in each round. If we are too aggressive, of course we we will very quickly experience a lot of defeats there, sometimes if we are jealous of our friends of course this will affect our own game. We are too busy thinking about other people's wins, it's best to focus on your own game. If you give advice to your friends who have already achieved quite a lot of results in this case, I think this is quite good advice so that they don't get too greedy to get much bigger profits than before.
It can affect us mentally if we are just thinking about the profits of our friends and we don't want to be in that position where we don't stop thinking about it. That can cost us our own money because we are not focused anymore on our own game.
Envy them, no problem, but don't let it stick around for a long time. And I doubt we will always be on a losing streak. There's always a chance for anyone to be on the winning side so maybe he just got lucky earlier than us.
If we keep on avoiding them, we will just keep on losing more friends. Might as well go with them, let them do their own game while we are also enjoying our own.
If you are really that putting up too much focus about making profits then you would really be definitely be having that kind of impressions or emotions on the moment that you've seen your friend
is really racking up some wins but you are getting the opposite thing around. You would really be having those thoughts on what the fuck is happening on why you cant be just lucky same as your friend?
It would be normal to have that kind of jealousy on which we know that we are just humans and emotions like this could really happen. It would be somehow depends on the control that you could have
because not everyone turns out to be that someone who becomes jealous and ending up on having that different approach or treatment into their friend just because of such situation. There are still who do act normal after that session as if there's nothing happened.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling bad to the society? on: July 06, 2024, 08:34:27 PM
There is nothing to do if it harms society because gambling is legal in many countries around the world.  Gambling would not have been legalized in many countries of the world if there had been a huge social damage. Because gambling can have a bad effect on a person as a whole if the person takes gambling badly.  There are many people who torture their families to manage their gambling money. In this case, you can't directly blame gambling because that person has been negatively affected by gambling.  If the person had a positive attitude toward gambling, the family might not have abused gambling money to manage it.
don't you know that there is some countries that does not accept to gambling even till today gambling does not exist in such country they only operate illegally but based on internet and Influence recently that makes gambling to be widely known, so from my understanding of gambling some countries still restricting some persons of gambling mostly people who is not up to eighteen years is not allowed to participate in gambling, but the way we are taking things now in some countries young youths who is not up to age is now involving in gambling, so many countries has not legalized gambling as am speaking with you right now.
If we do speak about legality then it would really be that different into each country when it comes into this aspect on which there are corners of the world on which allows gambling and there are ones which aren't been able to accept such thing. This is why it would really be that not just right on making up some conclusions but its true that despite of such prohibition then you would really be able to find up places which do make things illegally and just like on what you had pointed out above which is definitely true. For those people who are really that fond on dealing up with gambling then they would really be reconsidering on going into these places despite of such prohibition even if it means that they are risking on being caught. Gambling isnt bad to society, it is really just that turns out to be bad
just because of those wrong doing or decisions made up by gamblers and thats why they do mess up their lives.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Ever Hated someone because he/she win too much, when you are constantly losing? on: July 04, 2024, 01:08:21 PM
This is foolishness. Why should someone hate his friend because he is winning in gambling and he is not? This is the extreme anyone could go because of gambling. Anyway, am not surprised because the heart of man is desperately wicked. And many people have gone too far in doing bad stuff for them to retrace back to their good ways. No matter how difficult it is for me to win and my friend is winning a lot with ease I'll just think about gambling as something that I find hard luck in and quit without having envy for my friend. The other option can be the fact that I can give my friend my money to gamble for me with the same game he added to his bet slip then we split in percentage if there is a win. No need for jealousy instead a smart one will use the opportunity to get good games from his friend.

We all think that we should be equal with our friends. After all, it's like we all started from the same point. And when one of our friends becomes rich, his behavior changes. As is our attitude towards him. I want everything to be fair in life - this is the subconscious desire of every person. But when one gambler loses and his friend wins, the loser will begin to understand this as a violation of justice. Because for every person, the most important thing is to take care of oneself, and this has been inherent in us since ancient times. Therefore, I consider it normal.
On the moment that you do find yourself having that kind of views about being equal all the things that you are dealing with and so as with yourself on the moment that you are doing something.
Then this would really be that basically that a very wrong mindset to have because we know that luck isnt something that could be fixed or equal on certain individuals on which we know that on the moment that you do find yourself having that kind of perceptions towards things but turns out to be that different then it would really be something that give out that kind of disappointment
specially on the time that you are losing while your friend is really that winning up then you would really be having that kind of envy or jealous about on the condition.
This is why it would really be that better that you shouldnt be fixated yourself about this thing.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling bad to the society? on: July 04, 2024, 07:16:48 AM
If someone has experienced an addiction to gambling, of course it will continue to make them have the desire to gamble in various circumstances even though they don't have the funds they can use to gamble and usually they will try to fulfill their gambling desires and when someone chases their losses, of course This will be very detrimental to them because it is impossible to win at gambling if we don't have the luck to win the bet we are playing, so it would be better when we are experiencing defeat, we can stop gambling because it will be in vain if we chase defeat to be able to win.
Even if you donít have personal money, you will almost always find it with your friends at first, but then everything becomes bad in this regard, since you canít give it back on time. I remember the moment when all the friends who lent me money turned their backs on me. It was a terrible time for me. I didn't think I could fall so low. Yet he proved that this is possible. What a surprise it was when he began to give funds to all those from whom he took them. They no longer thought that this would happen. We did not count on such a circumstance, but time has put everything in its place.
On the moment that you would really be coming into a point that you are really that having to take up some loans or borrowing up some money just  for you to gamble specially into your friends or close
ones then sooner or later on the moment that you wont really be able to repay those amounts in time or didnt really paid up for a long time then expect that they would really be  turning their backs on you and this is something that cant really be changed up and would really be having that forever bad impressions towards you. If you dont like to put yourself on such condition then better to be sensible on the actions that you are making so that you wont really be ending up on having those bad situations on which you would really be having that regret for the rest of your life.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The benefits of Gambling on: July 03, 2024, 09:59:30 PM
Absolutely agree with you. Gambling can distract a person from his daily routine and helps to release emotions when it is really necessary. Sports also helps in this respect, but unfortunately there is not always time to get out into the fresh air for sports. If for one reason or another a person can not do sports, then gambling is a great alternative. The main thing that interest in gambling does not cause addiction, but it is enough to limit yourself and your greed.
To find relief from the stress of the daily routine is one of the main benefits gambling proportionate to its enthusiasts. Everyone needs some spare time to relax, forget the problems and occupy their minds with entertaining activities which don't demand a lot of mental and physical effort to be accomplished. If gambling fits this role in someone's routine, it's going to be excellent! Of course, it won't work in the same manner for every individuals, and that is why each person has to know what is benefical and what is harmful for them.

To find out if gambling is benefical or not, the person has to observe what are the impacts of gambling on their behavior and how it affects the execution of their tasks along the day. When there aren't side negative effects, they are fine to continue gambling.
This is really just that for someones own personal benefits or simply into the gambler itself.The things on which had been mentioned on OP is clearly that it is really that pertaining about
the benefits that it do have on economical state on which those things which are indeed true and on point. It is really just that the community is really just that focusing too much into its cons.
If we are really just that focusing into personal benefits then it is really that something that do talks about having fun and entertainment. The only issue on here is that on the moment that people would really be finding up their loses is way more than of their winnings then this is where they would really be starting to become that impulsive and this is something that needs up to
look and be careful on taking up decisions.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What Work Now May Not Work Tomorrow on: July 03, 2024, 09:21:12 PM
I always tell and advise my friends who are new to gambling to never look for a pattern in luck-based games because there is none even the ever-popular martingale is not a guarantee that you can find a pattern that will give you a continuous win.
Looking for patterns isn't a bad thing, gambling is for fun and to have such fun, you got to have a strategy, but before you develop a strategy, be sure to have a gambling budget so as to set a threshold for your exploration

One of the main purpose on doing gambling is to have fun and entertainment on which on the moment that you do find yourself having that kind of approach when it comes on looking
for strategies that would work but not on the sense that you are already that becoming too impulsive or desperate then this is where you would really be considering yourself on having
that fun on which it isnt really that bad on this aspect. Issues or problems do really only starts on the moment that you would really have those chasing up those loses
and using up different variety of stategies on which you are really that trying out to get back those money that you have lost. This is where people do usually simply lose
their control and ended up on a disaster.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is not place to make money is place to lose it? on: July 02, 2024, 09:58:23 PM
Just as we go to college with a certain major, the cost of the major will become more expensive based on the number of years and the method we want to study, and to officially make money from gambling, the costs of maintaining and cultivating practical capabilities need to be large enough. Many people are lucky with their ability and intelligence, graduating early with opportunities, many people just keep failing and can't graduate over the years but after all, this service industry is quite picky about people, without conditions and advantages, it's better not to rush to think of gambling as a place to make money, we should entertain first.
We must not treat gambling as a source of income because that will not easy and we can lose all of our money without having a big chance to make money. Many people already lose their money and some of them bankrupt with what they did in gambling so we don't have to follows what they do because we must responsible with our money.

Gambling is just a place to have fun and not makes money. That's what we must realizes so we don't playing gambling so hard and still trying to chase the wins. We must know ourselves that we don't have a big chance to wins so it's better we just trying to enjoy our time by playing gambling and quit gambling when we thinks it's enough to gambling. We can earn money by works so we can fills our daily needs but we don't have to spends much amount of money from our salary to playing gambling and wins the games because that will not guarantee us to wins some money.
Only fools would really be making it as a source of income and if you are really just that making use of your own common sense then you could already tell for yourself that it wont really fit out on such criteria. It is really just that for fun and entertainment, why cant people just be able to realize such thing? It is really just that simply to understand and realize those things but surprisingly majority do fail on such manner. For those who are able to realize those things in early times then they are the ones who do save up themselves on getting addicted and making that huge spending into it
which its really something or a must thing to be done by anyone but well each person would really be that different into this aspect and this is why we do see different conditions such as this.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling platform require wager on first deposit before withdrawal on: July 02, 2024, 09:16:59 PM
I have been playing around few gambling site I never came across this with 5x wagering before one could withdraw their deposit is very bad you know. This is why is always advisable to read terms of service before making deposit most especially when your deposit amount is so high that you wish to have some withdrawal from your deposited amount. This simply means that if you don't place some bets you won't be able to withdraw your funds from site and i want to know is this your first time of signing up with this platform?

I believe this is in their terms and conditions, if they really did then their actions is justified but if they don't and new users casually bump into it, then this is very bad practise from the casino. I think generally some casino are always trying to avoid money laundering query from financial bodies, a gambler that is very good with skills that would gamble 5 times and be able to withdraw more than what he deposited must be a pro, that would sufficiently clean the doubt of money laundering in any level.

However, if you look at it beyond the laundering aspect, this is not good for average gambler that just want to deposit some money, have some fun and take out his money. You will get stuck over policy that is not favorable and this can even discourage gamblers that love to use their last card to double their money through gambling, most people would lose more to gambling as they play more to meet up the requirements for withdrawals.
We do know that these terms are really just that too much if we do tend to make up some comparison with other sites or platforms that are currently existing on which
if you do find out that this is too much (which really is) then you could really that opt to find or look for another one. Just like on what most people been saying on here
that it is really just that too much with this kind of terms on which we know that it is really that too much so finding for another place to play on is much better.
This is why it would really be that important on reading up sites terms and conditions so that you wont really be ending up on getting trapped.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is this true or some superstitious believe about gambling? on: July 01, 2024, 06:32:26 PM
and regardless of whether the person you want to give advice to is an addicted gambler or not, in my opinion it doesn't matter, because it doesn't mean anything anyway. it's unlikely that they too might eventually become addicted, so essentially advising others to stop is always good, sound advice that comes down to an element of prevention.

Well, advice must not be mistaken for heresy. Advice is when you are trying to give a good opinion to someone, and he or she can decide to take your opinion or let it slide. A failed gambler who later develops heresy should not try to defend their weakness and give false advice by painting gambling black so as to make others leave it. Things don't turn out the same way for everyone; you just need to advise someone to be conscious of their actions and not stop totally, even when they are not addicted. 
We are obliged to give good advice to help other people control their gambling behavior beyond limits, but we do not need to force everyone to accept our advice because some people ignore our advice because they are already addicted to gambling. However, we have to remind them not to easily believe in superstition in determining bets, because that is just our thinking as if we can win bets without analysis or how to look for opportunities from gambling. Be a wise gambler by determining a budget that you can afford to lose and still look for opportunities to win, even though it is not a guarantee of winning the bet, at least you already know the game pattern in determining the chances of winning.
We can give advise or not, it would really be just that depending on a certain person because not all would really be that in concern in other peoples condition when it comes to this manner or aspect.
Somehow it would really be that better that you shouldnt really be that getting involved with other peoples lives and decisions but if we do speak about people who we do love then it would really be just that normal that you would really be considering on taking up such approach on telling them about on the things that they should gonna do. When it comes to superstitious beliefs then it would really be that something will really be depending into someones approach. There are ones who are die hard fans on following even with the slightest hints and things around on which they would really be that
applying it into their gambling activity on which i do say that it doesnt really make sense.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY on: June 30, 2024, 07:23:25 PM
You're not wrong in saying that, but I'm talking about the possibility of human nature losing consistency in its principles, such as gambling responsibly, which at some point in time may lose its principles and gamble impulsively, although it can still stop and play responsibly again tomorrow.

I know that every human being who has the principle of gambling responsibly will be good at controlling himself, will anticipate the possibility of bad things coming to him, but it is not impossible that someone who has been gambling for a long time and using the principle of responsibility at one time loses himself, although he can regain consciousness but he has lost enough of his boundaries.
It's normal if human losing consistency in its principles because human is weak and can losing that anytime. But we also have a chance to learn and keeps practicing what we learn so we can maintain our strength and will not lose our responsibility when playing gambling. We may lose someday but if we are aware, we will not lets that happens to us again.

Even if that's hard, we will not lets ourselves lose responsibility in gambling so we still learn and practice so we will have that responsibility. That's why we must limits ourselves when playing gambling so we don't lose responsibility and can still enjoy our time to playing gambling. We just human but we can learn responsibility so we don't have to gets tempts from gambling and will not spends too much money.
Well that's the conditional nature of humans at times, I will not judge them and teach them as if I know and understand the most about gambling responsibly, occasionally maybe just remind them when they are in the wrong condition and out of their own principles that they should apply for a better life in the world of gambling.

Everyone has mistakes in life even if they are on the right path, sometimes forgetting or being destroyed by emotions that explode at a certain time, but surely we need to learn again and again and correct the mistakes we have made if we do excessively in gambling it will be enough to help us get better in dealing with gambling which is full of sensitivity with finances when we cannot gamble responsibly.
Every decision and every choice that we do make into our lives which it isnt really just that limiting on gambling alone but also in other aspects as well on which having that control and moderation would
really be the key for you not to end up miserable or ending up on a disastrous way or condition specially on gambling on which we know that it would really be that relevant that you should really be needing up that control or else you would really be that ending up on having that unfortunate condition. When it comes on being responsible then it would really be that entirely be depending on you
on which if you are someone whose really that mattering or very cautious about future events or happening then you would really be that too careful on making up decisions.

In gambling, if you are really that trying out to engage with it on excessive manner then you would really be that finding yourself on having those problems
specially on finances on the moment that you would really be finding yourself getting addicted into it.
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