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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: Today at 02:51:07 PM
So now Italy has 1 more team in Champions.
This mean a lot in the economy of the games.

For example next week we will have Roma Bologna and they will bot happy if they can end with a draw, they don't have a real necessity to win even if one wins is better of course.

Keep also in mind that Roma still need to finish one game (20 minutes left) against udinese.
Italy has in the champions league? What team? I'm afraid I forgot, did I read it wrong.

Roma Vs Bologna I think Roma can beat Bologna, although Bologna does have the strength to get to the top but in fact As Roma is experiencing improvements and is very positive to get the victory, while in this match As Roma is hosting Bologna, this will be interesting if betting, and I am quite confident with As Roma in this match.

The remaining matches are very meaningless and I think it will result in a draw just like the previous match, it will not change.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: April 18, 2024, 11:43:33 PM
Manchester City will do everything they can to win the Premier League title this season because Manchester City was eliminated in the UCL this season on penalties. And if you look at the quality of players that Manchester City has this season, of course the team has a big chance of winning the Premier League again this season compared to Arsenal and Liverpool.
Indeed. Both Man City and Arsenal will focus on competing for EPL title now, they are no longer joining UCL title race. Liverpool also will do the same because they seem to be eliminated in Europa league today. So, we will see 3 top EPL teams will be focusing on the domestic title. It is going to be a very interesting competition because the point gap is rather small.

If we look at the current position on EPL table, Man City surely has a bigger chance to win the title. However, a surprise is very possible because they are leading with a narrow deference. If Man City fails to win in 1-2 next matches, Liverpool and Arsenal possibly overtake the 1st place.
Surely Manchester City will be more crazy and focus on maintaining its position as the top of the standings which currently has a difference of two points from its two competitors Arsenal and Liverpool, I want to laugh a little to see the English league team which currently has no hope in the big leagues, and it is enough to prove that the Europa league or championship competition is very fierce this time for the top three English premier league teams, they are really embarrassed by Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

There is only hope for Aston Villa who have entered the semi-finals of the Conference league, and I hope Aston Villa will not do the same for the good name of the English premier league.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: ✨ BITCASINO - Elevate Your Gameplay 💎 #1 VIP Crypto Casino ✈️ on: April 18, 2024, 11:18:13 PM
Good morning everyone, it's been a long time since I didn't visit the Bitcasino threads here, and I wanted to say hello with his loyal user here, which was great, and tried to find whether there was a round bonus or any event at Bitcasino that was being carried out at this time, I like to find a bonus.

Btw from the other when I opened the first page in the threads I saw a Bitcasino representative account that was no longer active in his account, is that safe? And maybe there are other times from Bitcasino who are still active here, for fear that there will be problems with gambling accounts or activities in Bitcasino and they are confused to ask and complain to who to solve the problem.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re:†| Casino & Sportsbook | VIP | Instant withdrawals!|ARGENTINA & AVFC on: April 18, 2024, 11:01:01 PM
People rely on customer support because they are too lazy to read ToS that has 10 pages, people want quick answers on their questions. At some point one might think that it's customer's problem but it's not, really. It affects a business, so it becomes a business's problem.
It could be that people are lazy to read the multi-page ToS and sometimes asking support will provide a link to the ToS as well.

If customers ask support, they will definitely be answered whether this is a problem or just asking about other info.
Are you sure if it affects the business and becomes a problem? What is the basis of the problem when customers ask support?

Actually it doesn't matter, and it won't be any problem when asking for information to support, it's better than nothing in my opinion, a lot of people miss this in their activities when visiting casinos or early adopters which causes them to miss things that are so important for their activities in gambling, namely prohibitions that can destroy themselves, so even though it's quite lazy it's better to ask support directly. But usually this will also miss something that we ourselves may not have known before that there are different rules in the casino from other casinos, and fear that it could be fatal too, so it's better to read 10 pages than you lose your money or your account someday.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: April 17, 2024, 11:19:20 PM
There's always a room for replacement this season, the best fitted ones will be worn out when their time finally comes. Barcelona president, Joan Laporta have tried his best to ensure his team is balanced, but based on the contrary meetings, it have turn out to be a dissapointing club this season. Barcelona have good quality replacement for Xavi Hernandez. We know how flopping Barcelona have turn out to be this season, even got eliminated from the UEFA Champions League last night at Camp Nou.
Before yesterday's match, everyone wanted Xavi to stay on the team, but after the defeat, the mood is already changing? I am still inclined to think that Xavi got the maximum possible from the team in this situation, they still have a lot of problems, primarily financial, so I donít know if they will be able to strengthen the team in the summer. Xavi will most likely leave the team, I donít see any reason now why he could stay, after this defeat he will be blamed again, he doesnít like that.
blaming one party on the defeat of a team is a big mistake in my opinion, because it will corner one party and he will feel discriminated against and think he is not capable or not appreciated for his work and struggle so far, I think Barcelona is pretty good so far even though it doesn't produce but they are developing quite well, defeat is a natural thing in a match, winning and losing is a certainty and it is impossible for a team to win the match every season, it is impossible unless they have the power of God.

Xavi leaving is a big problem in my opinion, mistakes and failures only need to be learned to make a team much better, this decision must really be with a cool head, if you think again if Xavi leaves who is worthy of replacing him?
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 17, 2024, 11:03:10 PM
I didn't expect that Leverkusen still had a chance to win two more trophies. Europa League Cup and DFB-Pokal. This means that the chance of winning the treble winner is not impossible for Xabi this season. Their Europa League will play West Ham leg 2 and are already 2 goals ahead in the quarter-finals. Their DFB-Pokal final will be on May 26 against Kaiserslautern. If they want to win 3 championship titles, it is Xavi's perfect record. After that, maybe many Leverkusen players will get offers from big clubs.
Leverkusen did actually surprised everyone because they came from no were, and they are doing great at the table, and  maintaining  79 point on the table is not easy and from the look of things he as more chances to winning it, i was surprised at both bayerns and dortmunds position but it looks like that of Dortmund is worst, there chances of winning the Europa is not going to be the same with Bundesliga, but if you look at that of DFB-Pokal they have a better chance there also because there score records are good, and any of the leagues it is actually possible to win but it all depends on the club.
Of course Leverkusen is the star of the day which is surprising, and the possibility of getting a treble winner is a beautiful view for Bayern Leverkusen this season, I really like the performance shown by Xabi this season will be the first and very memorable of course for the Bayern Leverkusen squad.
Yes even though Dortmund is still in question about the Europa but in the championship he got a good ticket to compete, so also the DFB-local also still has a chance, but I think Xabi will fight for it too.

BTW Bundes league representatives Dortmund and Bayern Munich made it to the next round of the champions league, and that's a very good achievement for the bundes league, the quarterfinals will be an interesting match.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: April 17, 2024, 09:16:41 PM
[edited out]
Instead of getting mad about his opinion its better to correct him with right information since there's nothing gonna happen if he's also been triggered with the post replied in this thread. Maybe redirect him to some information that can change his mindset towards the difference between those shitcoins so he can totally avoid them. Its understandable on why those people compare bitcoin to other shitcoins since maybe they are looking only at the way how people trade it. But some people don't realize that there are more deeper use case for bitcoin and there's nothing to lose especially if they made a right decision to hold it for long time.

They would only say its the same if the frequently trading it and lose on its volatility but if they know how good it is for long term maybe their opinion will change and will agree that bitcoin is different also more better on what he taught.

We have now AI can help their research more faster so I suggest if they want to learn a lot of information about bitcoin then they should seek the help of AI since their researching will became more convenient and they could learn a lot maybe on short period of time if they can digest all the information they read.

There is nothing wrong with getting mad at forum members who say dumb things, and part of our way of learning may well come through interaction and pointing out how dumb some members are in terms of their presentation of ideas, especially when they either convolute bitcoin with shitcoins or they act like they know what bitcoin is, and they are ultimately spreading misinformation that convolutes bitcoin with shitcoins..
Just as learning and teaching people are different, I consider this to be a common thing shown by anyone in the world of learning if we understand the attitude and lay of humans in conveying their opinions, I also do not matter how someone with his expression conveys the truth about bitcoin here.

Your suggestion to learn through AI comes off as very short-sighted, since people still should be engaging in their own critical thinking rather than having information fed to them, which information may well not be as accurate as you might believe it to be, unless you understand its sources, so I doubt that we should expect people to be saved from their own dumbness through AI tools rather than needs to think for themselves and preferences to engage in critical thinking in order to be able to sort between good information and bad information, which truly there are a lot of ways that people can become confused in their lack of understanding of bitcoin through the convolution of shitcoins within the mix and the framing.
It's not about pettiness in my opinion, considering that from that kind of thinking someone wants to try an easy way to understand bitcoin, but I don't think it works well if you only rely on AI to receive information about bitcoin, first as you mentioned, it's not necessarily true, secondly the way the AI explains it will not be understood even if the AI explains in detail about how bitcoin works but I don't think it's easy to accept a mathematically written explanation of the technology, we need to have experience in network activity in order to understand, and I don't think that's easy either, unless maybe just learning about the trade, many people are skeptical about the technology in bitcoin itself. AI will only explain in general terms usually, and the data must be questioned about whether it is true or not.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is investment a necessity or a want? on: April 15, 2024, 08:01:28 PM
I think if you're looking to be financially secure in the future, or have certain financial goals to hit, its a necessity. If you Don't have any particular financial goals to hit, its a want.

Personally, I think its a necessity and everyone should have certain financial goals.

It sounds like your firmly believe having some kind of financial goals , and continue to pursue them for achieving them, is essential for financial stability in life. this perspective aligns with opinion of many financial experts who emphasize the need to setting clear objectives and manage finance accordingly. the goals can rage from savings for emergencies , investment and ventures for personnel growth. this can provide direction and motivation, helping individuals to make informed decisions about their money.

Honestly, if you understand the title of the discussion about needs and wants, it has a very close correlation, where in my opinion Investment is a need and wants can be said to be "wants that are needed" or "needs that we want" isn't that the same?

I strongly believe that people who understand finance will really want to invest and investment is a necessity that he needs to take in managing his money, but as I said that this applies only to people who understand finance, and of course he has a target in his life if he has knowledge about finance, so that money management is a way of how someone saves his money in several categories that he needs for now and the future.
9  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: April 15, 2024, 07:03:44 PM
Bitcoin is king and all other coins are shitcoins because they are controlled and will not survive in the long run. I don't think that you have any investment yet, and it is people like you that will easily be decieved by influencers or the price manipulation of shitcoin, and you will rush to buying it. You will keep on holding those bags of shitcoin, till they will turn to zero value. This is when you will start crying to people that you have been scammed of which, you were the cause of what befall on you.

No coin is currently as reliable as Bitcoin. Over the years, bitcoin has grown to become the leading coin in the digital market and not to be compared with other new coins. Bitcoin has the integrity to be in the industry for a much longer time, amidst the volatility, you can be rest assured that your digital assets are safe. Nevertheless, if you are not vast in the way the investments are made, then you should still opt in for the DCA approach especially as newbies. Let's assume you have a lot of funds to invest in Bitcoin, if you don't have enough knowledge about it it is better to DCA rather than Lump Sum approach.

But like @Frankolala mentioned you can not invest in shitcoins and expect the same result from Bitcoin. Profit making in bitcoin might not be as mouthwatering as it is in other shitcoins if you are investing with little assets, but you are sure of your investment and profits as well.
You are new here and you seem to understand how bitcoin is positioned in our eyes and how we value altcoins, also you understand DCA well it seems, I would be interested in how you use the DCA Strategy in your bitcoin investment so far? what value do you use and how long will you do DCA until your bitcoin accumulation target is reached for your investment, is it based on the target number of bitcoins or the number of dollars you collect in bitcoin as a catalyst for your investment in bitcoin?

I don't see you as a beginner here because I see that you dare to suggest and be assertive about what is wrong and right in our average view here. Maybe yes or no, who knows! Tongue
10  Economy / Gambling / Re:†| Casino & Sportsbook | VIP | Instant withdrawals!|ARGENTINA & AVFC on: April 15, 2024, 06:43:46 PM
Itís better to check it for yourself in ToS of the casino in addition to asking the support to guarantee that you are following the casino rules without relying on support alone since they often commit mistakes sometimes while casino sometimes have problem validating whether their support really said that or not because they can accuse you of using photoshop if your evidence is just picture while casino denies your claim.

Better to do it yourself since itís your money, using the find in page function on browser to easily locate the VPN part is very easy to do.
I disagree. If they accuse gamblers of faking evidence when it's actually legit, they would be risking their own reputation which is something that most casinos would think twice before doing.

Also, the fault is still on their side if their customer support messed up which is why only irresponsible and unethical casinos would accuse gamblers in such situations.
I agree with you that, if blaming users when their services are problematic it is a very bad act and will affect the reputation of the casino itself, because if the case accuses the customer of course it cannot be tolerated in my opinion because this will threaten other users to have the same case, so it is very important to see that it is the support service that needs to be improved not throwing away one customer because of poor customer support services, if it were me who owned a casino of course I would be better off throwing away my problematic employees rather than doing things that make my customers lose and that could affect many other customers in accessing my casino. This means that it needs to be fixed if customer support is doing something like that.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: Counting the cost of a ww3. on: April 14, 2024, 09:47:07 PM
Hopefully this recent conflict between Iran & Israel does not escalate too much further. With any luck, sensible discussions take place & there is no escalation, nobody wants a war with larger countries getting involved. I hope there is peace, nobody needs to see any more innocent casualties.
This is quite difficult if you look at the current situation between Iran and Israel, on the other hand why Iran condemns Israel because they are too much against Palestine and also for a long time Israel has not stopped its aggression until today, they still have not given up on occupying Palestine, meanwhile some Arab countries think whether the next target is our country when Palestine has been conquered cleanly, I see Israel very greedy that maybe it could happen, and Iran takes precautions before they are slowly eaten.

Secondly, America firmly supports Israel, the country that pioneered human rights, they even strongly support the genocide perpetrator party, of course this is a strange thing isn't it, so in conclusion in my opinion it will be very difficult if Israel does not stop expanding its territory, if this continues it will trigger many countries to interfere, and all trade blocking will occur again which will certainly lead to a recession and an unstable economy and bitcoin will also definitely be affected.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: Debt Management. on: April 14, 2024, 09:04:17 PM
I would say dont be in a debt or attempt to make choices in such a way that a debt is never incurred. A debt is a constant headache, at least from my perspective, it makes me uneasy to feel that I owe someone money and have not been able to return it till date, be it a bank or a friend.

The concept of debt management comes in because people dont spend as per their needs and their income. If they did, they would never be at debt at all. There are methods to cut down on expenses but few people actually are diligent enough to employ those.

Try putting your credit card away and manage your expenses in a way that you have some saving at the end of the money - its a rigorous exercise, but it can be done.
If the context is debt for consumptive needs is certainly the wrong thing, however the reason is wrong, it is not a good thing for a finance if consumptive needs are fulfilled by money from loans it is an action that will burden us in the long run, I agree with you if in the context of consumptive needs. Then the solution is to economize and only provide needs according to our abilities.

But debt will be a different story if we are a businessman, this will be an additional wheel for business trips, mechanisms like this are still effectively used to expand the business we are building, but not the initial capital stage, but for the stage where we are already able to finance the financial flow of our business and then we want to expand the influence of the business then debt is not a problem as long as the deposits we make to debtors are still in a size below 10% of net income each month.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 14, 2024, 08:27:30 PM
If Leverkusen succeeds in winning the treble then it will be a historic success, Leverkusen will get lots of bonuses to build the squad for next season, and Xabi Alonso decision to stay will go according to expectations. Xabi Alonso and his squad cannot afford to be careless in the slightest, they still have a tough job to do to maintain their impressive record this season. 43 matches have gone untouched with a single defeat, which is an achievement we rarely see.
With the Bundesliga already being a historical record where first time winners, first time never losers no other team has been able to do it let alone a treble winner so that's something fantastic for Xabi Alonso as the best manager of all time, I would say.

Obviously the bonuses for squad building will increase but I'm not sure Xabi will buy popular and expensive players he will definitely look at the talent that should be taken.

Still in the euphoric mood of winning the trophy, Leverkusen's pitch was filled with supporters in a terrible sea of red.
That's an achievement, an impressive 43 consecutive matches without defeat, shows good consistency, Xabi Alons built his strength this season with a handful of people who are honestly not as popular as other teams, but Xabi proved his dedication as a manager who has great potential and has the sharpness to build a force in the Bundesliga with Leverkusen this season.
It should not be necessary to see players from their popularity, and it is better to choose players who have potential and can be trained by Xabi, because it will also be useless if they have players who have potential but they do not enter the training direction that we make, it will waste energy and resources alone.
Yes, it's only natural that the atmosphere of victory is celebrated very long, we have long been waiting for a new winner for the Bundes league, which was previously too boring to be dominated by just one.
14  Local / Trading dan Spekulasi / Re: Waktunya berpegangan erat erat on: April 14, 2024, 08:00:19 PM
Sumpah penurunan du harui berturut ini sangat membuat saya tergoncang hati untuk melakukan CL walaupun ada penyeselan sedikit karena tidak melakukan CL di waktu ketika bitcoin menyentuh harga $73k, benar-benar cukup kesal, mungkin jika saya CL pada waktu itu bisa membeli bitcoin di dip trend kali ini mungkin itu jauh lebih baik untuk mencari keuntungan, tetapi ya seperti yang kita pahami pasar sangat tidak bisa di prediksi.
Santai aja om, paling penurunan dua hari ini karena koreksi kecil-kecilan. Maklum masih suasana lebaran, karena banyak investor yang nguangin bitcoinnya untuk bagi-bagi THR untuk keponakannya. Kalau ane (walau sama seperti ente, terlambat untuk sell/cl) tapi ane yakin beberapa hari ke depan harga akan kembali reborn naik ke harga segitu. Karena hitung-hitungan halving sudah semakin dekat, sudah hitungan hari malah, jadi ane yakin akan banyak yang kembali meng-investasikan uangnya ke bitcoin di beberapa hari ke depan. Lagian, bitcoin ini kan beda sama altcoin yang jika turun naiknya lama, kalau bitcoin ini (biasanya) jika turun paling cuma sebentar, pasti gak beberapa lama akan naik kembali seperti semula.
Semoga saja skenarionya seperti itu, tetapi jika melihat situasinya memang bitcoin masih ada kemungkinan untuk kembali ke level $70k keatas dengan akatalis halving dan ETF bitcoin akan tersedia di hongkong, Halving tersisa tinggal 5 hari dan saya harap juga ada sebuah keajaiban yang dapat menggerakan kembali ke pasar bulish.

Sumpah penurunan du harui berturut ini sangat membuat saya tergoncang hati untuk melakukan CL walaupun ada penyeselan sedikit karena tidak melakukan CL di waktu ketika bitcoin menyentuh harga $73k, benar-benar cukup kesal, mungkin jika saya CL pada waktu itu bisa membeli bitcoin di dip trend kali ini mungkin itu jauh lebih baik untuk mencari keuntungan, tetapi ya seperti yang kita pahami pasar sangat tidak bisa di prediksi.
Masih ada peluang saat harga mencapai lebih dari $73k yang akan mendapatkan keuntungan lebih besar saat harga Bitcoin seperti yang diperkirakan spekulator.
Jadi tidak perlu merasa kesal karena yang bersabar dengan Bitcoin tidak akan kecewa dari yang pernah dialami selama periode halving sebelumnya. Jadi kekesalan yang dirasakan bisa disimpan dulu. Nanti kita akan melompat senang.
Saya memiliki pemikiran seperti itu dan cukup berpengalaman dengan kejadian seperti ini, tapi pernahkah anda merasakan hal yang sama walaupun sudah tahu bagaimana bitcoin dalam pergerakannya tetapi kita tetap saja merasa ada hal semacam menguncang pikiran dan hati.

Rumor perang yang menjadikan Bitcoin seperti ini saya rasa benar-benar perlu pegang erat-erat jika ingin Hold harus kuat tangan, karena berita negatif akan sangat mempengaruhi pasar untuk keadaan seperti ini, udara hangat dari hongkong pun menurut saya tidak akan banyak berpengaruh terhadap bitcoin jika peperangan ini melibatkan banyak negara yang ikut campur.
Perang dan konflik lainnya bisa menjadi salah satu faktor atau penyabab penurunan harga pasar. Ketika pasar global kacau, harga Bitcoin pun bisa berdampak. Apalagi dalam beberapa hari ini Dolar mengalami peningkatan. Jika di kurs dengan Rupiah, 1 Dolar sudah 16.500 Rupiah.
Ya itu membuat dolar menggila mungkin karena efek peperangan ini, tetapi jika di lihat situasi konfliknya ini masih baru dan saya pikir akan sedikit panjang tetang konflik ini, yang menjadi pertanyaan apakah akan menganggu stabilitas perekonomian seperti ketika Rusia menginvasi Ukraina,? Karena bagaimanapun sentimen ekonomi global juga mempengaruhi pergerakan harga bitcoin.
15  Local / Trading dan Spekulasi / Re: Waktunya berpegangan erat erat on: April 13, 2024, 09:28:06 PM
Tapi kalau menurut saya sekarang adalah waktunya untuk menahan btc hingga halving btc atau bull run dan berpegangan erat erat namun tentunya bagi yang siap dengan resiko dan bagi yang siap dengan kerugian.

Koreksi sedang berlangsung ditengah perkiraan waktu halving yang akan terjadi di bulan ini (April). Koreksi harga Bitcoin jika dilihat portofilio sedang mengalami kerugian. -8% penurunan harga terjadi dalam hitungan 24 jam. Menghadapi keadaan seperti sekarang mengharuskan untuk tetap hold karena itu solusinya.

Saat mulai mengetik paragraf pertama, saya lihat grafik harga Bitcoin di tokocrypto masih pada harga $, tapi begitu cepat harga berubah menjadi $
Artinya, masih ada kesempatan untuk berusaha menambah. Masih harus berpegang erat-erat.
Sumpah penurunan du harui berturut ini sangat membuat saya tergoncang hati untuk melakukan CL walaupun ada penyeselan sedikit karena tidak melakukan CL di waktu ketika bitcoin menyentuh harga $73k, benar-benar cukup kesal, mungkin jika saya CL pada waktu itu bisa membeli bitcoin di dip trend kali ini mungkin itu jauh lebih baik untuk mencari keuntungan, tetapi ya seperti yang kita pahami pasar sangat tidak bisa di prediksi.

Rumor perang yang menjadikan Bitcoin seperti ini saya rasa benar-benar perlu pegang erat-erat jika ingin Hold harus kuat tangan, karena berita negatif akan sangat mempengaruhi pasar untuk keadaan seperti ini, udara hangat dari hongkong pun menurut saya tidak akan banyak berpengaruh terhadap bitcoin jika peperangan ini melibatkan banyak negara yang ikut campur.

HOLD atau TP Huh
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 13, 2024, 09:06:32 PM
Atletico had a good match... Girona are no gift for anyone this season, but Atletico were able to take three points and move closer in the standings... Now the main thing for Girona is to try not to lose the remaining matches to stay in the Eurocup zone... I would like to see them in the Champions League...
Girona's defeat today against Atletico Madrid was predicted yesterday. I'm not surprised by what Atletico Madrid did at home, that's what they should get because in fact Girona is not better in terms of squad depth. A team like Girona plays well because of their enthusiasm and great ambition without any pressure, but when they are burdened by an achievement then that's when their mentality can't keep up.

Atletico Madrid's victory is normal and they have proven themselves to be a team that deserves to remain in the Champions League zone next season. I know Atletico Madrid has also had its ups and downs in form this season, but then again they are a big team who have history in La Liga instead of Girona.

I was not expecting the match to end in a loss to Girona after their first goal lead just in the fourth minute into the game. Atletico Madrid needed this three points in order to remain strong in their fourth place and not been overtaken by Atletic Bilbao who are behind them with just two points but now five points after winning todayís match. Goronaís zeal and determination for the league title has faded away and they are not as strong as they use to be since they are no more fighting for the league title and just hoping to finish in top four which is already coming true for them with the position they are and the number of matches left for them to play before the end of the season. I was not expecting a defeat but both teams wonít be sad. Girona will be happy theyíre still maintaining their third position and Atletico Madrid will be happy they were able to come a bit closer to Girona on the standings.

The Girona VS Atletico Madrid match is interesting because we did not expect that Girona could lose to Atletcio Madrid in this match I also feel the same as you, this is an extraordinary match for Atletico Madrid because indeed they can take a much safer position in third place in the standings, Girona is in a bad state because they lose their consistency, it is feared that their performance will decline further and will even be overtaken by Atletico Madrid if it continues like this, this is worrying in my opinion.
But Bilabo has not played against Villareal, Bilbao must win if they want to not be far behind Atletico madird, but if they lose it is certain that they will not be able to catch up with Atletico madrid.
BTW Barcelona is playing against Cadiz and only collected 1 goal in this match, maybe they are holding back energy?
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 13, 2024, 08:47:16 PM
The team that will win the Bundesliga championship is clear, I definitely don't think it will change. But it is a really exciting situation which team will finish the league in second place.
Bayern Munich lost the last 2 matches, they currently have the same points as Stuttgart. Munich's chances of finishing second in the league are decreasing day by day. Even though the champion has been determined, the excitement continues in the Bundesliga Cheesy

Yes, for the top of the standings there is no need to worry because it has become a definite calculation at this time, but indeed the second position is a big question mark because Bayern Munich has points with Stuttgart after defeating Eintracrht Frankfurt with 3-0 it is very biased in my opinion, and yes the position of Bayern Munich is certainly threatened at this time in second place, Stuttgart is much more consistent than Bayern Munich because in five Bayern Munich matches they have lost twice while Stuttgart only had a draw match, and even then only once, it is clear that if you look at it from here, Bayern Munich is indeed maintaining its performance against Arsenal in its second match later, maybe more important the champions league.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: April 12, 2024, 09:05:48 PM
Lazio looked like they had the job done from the first half. They took no mercy on last place Salernitana and scored 3 goals in the first half. Felipe Anderson scored two of these goals. He previously had a total of three goals in the league. What I don't understand is, isn't there a pure striker in Lazio? Taty Castellano plays forward. Even though they played without a centre-forward, this result is very good for them. Their inability to back up Immobile shows their squad depth is weak. They won't have any problems against opponents like Salernitana, but they will have a lot of trouble in bigger matches.
Lazio collected another point in week 32, and yes they did get the job done in the first half very well, of course this match was very easy for Lazio against Salernitana because it was the worst team this season and had no hope of continuing to compete in the Serie A league because it was the bottom team with a bad match, lucky enough to produce a goal in this match for Salernitana so it was good enough to fight Lazio with the point of blood.
Tudor may be experimenting with a new strategy, and I think it's natural to do that in the opportunity against Salernitana to test, but it seems pretty good just needs to be improved again.

Then it's just a matter of waiting for the season to end and Salernitana to compete again for entry into the Serie A league.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling and Betting. Why the Distinction? on: April 12, 2024, 08:48:25 PM
The word gambling/gamble can be used in more wider perspective than just for the actual gambling while betting usually denotes some amount of money at stake. Google shows results from the Wikipedia it's just written by someone and can be edited by anyone so if you want to look out the meaning then both defines the same with slight differences and as long as you understand what it denotes there is no issue at al.
True, gambling is a general view with a wide enough scope that linguistically speaking, betting is also a gambling activity, in my opinion like the parent of the activity of risking money with any mechanism in my understanding.

And I think it doesn't matter if it's betting or gambling with the language that matters to me, I like betting and I also like gambling and both of them I also always play, but indeed if you want to be a smart gambler at least understand what the definition is so that it is more like an insightful person in gambling because it understands what betting and gambling are in language and terms.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: April 12, 2024, 08:30:54 PM
Manchester United is interested in the Portuguese player from Milan -> Rafael Leao.
The player's price is over 120 million euros according to the Italians, I doubt his valuation is that high.
Probably with 100 they take it home.
Other rumors have intensified in recent months over the Lea, with PSG interested in the player.

It seems that he and Osimhen are the next big names ready to leave Serie A this summer.

I'm surprised Man United is interested in a player with a price limit of 100 million, with the situation they don't dare to spend large amounts of money, it makes more sense if PSG is the one to do it. who managed to sign him, even though Osimhen was not bought. However, in essence the Premier League is too interesting compared to League 1, Leao with his playing style is certainly able to adapt quite quickly to the EPL. Everything depends on the courage of the Man United owner, especially in terms of Sir Jim target, who wants to reorganize Man United.

Maybe seeing Rafael Leao from Man United's own management is different so they think that Reafael's price is not that expensive to buy or they think that price is not worth it for Rafael, it seems that there are still several options that Man United will take, so they are not worried about losing Rafael.
And speaking of career opportunities is better in the English Premier League than the French League 1, but if the goal is money, surely PSG is the best choice for Rafael, we know that PSG is quite rich and dare to take even the stars to join them, but Man United is saving as much as possible to be able to get players with targeted needs.

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