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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Saudi Professional League 2023/2024 on: September 26, 2023, 12:43:36 PM

Al-Nassr FC did not need captain Cristiano Ronaldo to beat Ohod. The Portuguese striker was rested and didn't travel for the game. Goals from Sadio Manť,  Seko Fofana, Anderson Talisca, Ayman Ahmed, and Sami Al-Naji devastated Ohod.  The first half ended in a one-all draw and I thought the game might end with a slim win by any side. But Al-Naasr came up with a good plan of attack that made them create more chances and utilize them. Al-Hilal dominated the game and had a massive ball possession but the goal didn't come as expected. But the breakthrough came through Ruben Neves in the 64th minute. Al-Hilal goal was allowed by the video referee in the 73rd minute, but the single goal was enough to give Al-Hilal. Al Jabalain defended very well and they proved that they could stand a quality team like Al-Hilal.
It's a good thing Ronaldo was rested so he'll be fit to play in their league match, Ronaldo is not very young anymore and could loss form due to fatigue so sidelining him for the match a way of keeping him fit and it's also proved that Al-Nassr could win a match without Ronaldo, cause alot of people feel the team is nothing without him,Mane is another very good player people are forgetting at Al-Nassr, since his arrival to the team, he's been very impressive and has helped the team  either scoring goals or assisting Ronaldo.

@QueenVera resting Ronaldo is a tried and tested strategy and even Zidane did that while managing him at Real Madrid and if Iím correct he even performed better once he was back hence I expect him to score more goals when heís back. Also I strongly believe that Al-Naasr is now no longer solely dependent on Ronaldo because they have got quality playerís who can effectively fill in for Ronaldo like we saw in this match.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: September 26, 2023, 10:16:15 AM
I previously said here that we can not blame Onana and I think he is a great goalkeeper, its just that Man United defense failed to provide a wall against the opponent. now thinking realistically, a goalkeeper without a big wall being attacked several times will definitely have difficulty warding off the ball that comes towards him. lets take an example from several incidents in the past, such as a goalkeeper blocking the ball from falling and the opponent kicking the ball again but the defender strongly blocked the ball.

Manchester united problem isn't their goalkeeper, the faults is from the defense because looking at Onana first few games at Manchester united and that of De Gea, Onana has had a better performance because he has faced more shots and saved more shots although he has conceded more and that's became the defense aren't working and allowing the other side have more opportunity to score. If I'm not mistaking, De Gea faced few shots in his last few games and conceded more goals. Onana is a great goal keeper that's also good with his feet and that's why Erik ten Hag went after him because he wanted a football that the ball gets played from the back and progress to the front. Manchester united just needs to work on their defenses and they'll have a good chance of competing for the champion league this season.

No chance for PSG to win UCL trophy but the club may at least able to go to the quarter final of UCL. I meant the capability owned by PSG is still far from reaching final of UCL. City was never lose in any competitions as well as intermilan. If we compare those clubs with PSG and the gap is very big.
PSG was still inconsistent, and it can only rely on mbappe at this moment. I see no chance for PSG to go to the final. Quarter final is more than enough for PSG at this moment

I won't write any team off yet except the smaller teams which PSG isn't one of them. One player is capable of changing the fate of a team in the champions league. Mbappe might just get a run that he scores in every champions league game and increase the chances of PSG winning it. Ronaldo did it when he was at Real Madrid and lifted the trophy for them. The quarter finals is also a good results but they have gotten to that stages many times and it won't be what they'll be looking to achieve this season. The other teams aren't playing that crazy that you'll think the PSG teams can't defeat them. It's only Manchester city that I can say they can defeat every other teams in the competition this season because after losing some important players, its looking like the team became stronger instead of weak.

@CryptopreneurBrainboss I completely disagree about Onana because while the defence did fail him few of the goals he conceded were too simple and a goal keeper of his caliber should have stopped them and for now he needs to step up and at least do basic duties well. Furthermore Ronaldo had an amazing team behind him and Mbappe is selfish and thereís not much unity among PSG playerís hence I doubt that Mbappe alone can fire them to champions league glory.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: September 26, 2023, 07:22:22 AM
Last year, Arsenal looked like favourites, but they were eliminated in the later rounds. Liverpool seem to be the favorites this year. I hope they won't be eliminated in the following rounds and can make it to the final. The favorites of the European league cup can always change because very strong teams came from UCL last year. A similar situation may occur this year. Of course, Liverpool is a team that can easily beat any team that finished third in their group in the UCL.

Regardless of right or wrong, I don't think Arsenal is making the Europa League their main priority. Arsenal focused on competing for the English Premier League title last season and did not focus too much on the Europa League.
Liverpool is the favorite for the Europa League this season because other teams are not that prominent except Ajax, Roma and Marseille.
This season, Liverpool will probably ignore several domestic competitions and focus on two competitions, namely the English Premier League and the European League.

Even though Liverpool is the favorite team in this league, I think this is only temporary because all the differences will occur when some of the strong teams currently in the UCL move down to the Europa League.

@AprilioMP Liverpool are going to repeat what Arsenal did last year i.e. focus on winning the premier league and thus I wonít be surprised if they get knocked out of the Europa League at some stage. Furthermore I donít consider Liverpool the favourites to win this league and my two favourite teams to win this competition are Roma and West Ham and Iíll also add Sevilla to this list if they drop down to the Europa League.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: September 26, 2023, 03:41:10 AM
England vs Ireland

Second ODI match between England and Ireland lived. Ireland won toss and decide to bowling first. England batting performance has been commendable. England played 30 over and scored 194 runs while losing 3 wicket. Ireland seems to be difficult situation because bowling performance not good. If England continues this performance they successfully set a target of 300 or more runs.

Ireland right now need 73 runs in 37 balls. There is 27 runs last wicket partnership going on. Chances of Ireland winning this game are very rear but they are doing good by giving a good fight. England scored 334 runs in 50 overs and Ireland in replay are not giving a good fight by scoring 262 runs and still one wicket in hand. Ireland cricket is improving day by day and soon they can get regular test status.
Yes, Ireland team has shown significant improvement in ongoing ODI series against England team. In the previous series between England and Ireland , Ireland performance was quite poor but in this ODI they have improve many mistakes especially in batting lineup. First match suspended due to rain but in second match, England set a tough target. Despite England's already has a strong team Ireland has been working on correcting their mistakes and improving their weak points. The next and final match of this ODI series is played on 26 Sep and hoped that Ireland will show an even better performance than the previous match and secure a victory.

In the match between England and Ireland, Ireland improved quite a bit but could not save wickets. The fall of wickets was high which ultimately led to an all out and departure from the field. If Ireland could have kept their wickets in this match, it would have been a competitive match in the end. Because I can see that England is a strong team compared to England Ireland is not strong so it is natural that Ireland has a weakness in these matches. The bowling line of England team is weak and has pace which is ready to counter the Ireland team. If the Tucker players of the Ireland team could have collected something, we could have seen a competitive match here.

@Popkon6 Ireland showed great resilience in this match and they came almost close to causing an upset but sadly they kept losing wickets constantly. Also even though England won they should use this match as an urgent wake-up call and further work on their game otherwise in near future theyíll be easily be beaten by the other teamís and lastly I expect England to perform much better in todayís match.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ English Premier League Season: 2023/2024 on: September 25, 2023, 04:22:59 AM

Even though Newcastle United scored eight goals, the game of the day had to be the North London derby. It was a stunning game, Arsenal and Tottenham both look as though they will challenge Manchester City.

I watched the highlights of this game and it was enough to see what was going on with how far Chelsea are falling behind and how Aston Villa are playing with increasing confidence. Eventually, Pochettino will make them gel as a team but it will take more game time. Imagine what would have happened if their goal had stood rather than be offside. I think Pochettino is the right man for the job.

@JollyGood Newcastle created a new record in the premier league yesterday and looks like Eddie has further secured his job as there were rumours of a sack coming due to Newcastle not performing well. Furthermore I fear for Poch because Todd isnít known to be patient with his managers at Chelsea and one or two more losses and heíll probably ask Poch to leave and at this stage Iím clueless why after spending so much theyíre yet failing.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: September 24, 2023, 10:53:09 AM
We want new team in cricket and that team will be competitive, but the popularity of cricket is increasing day by day, different countries including Canada, Saudi Arabia and America are now very interested in cricket, so if new teams are given a chance then cricket will become a popular game like football.  

In cricket every year we see 10 to 12 countries participate in world cup tournament or other tournaments and if a child is asked, that child will easily name 10 to 12 teams because those teams are known to everyone and out of those teams which team is there. Kinds can't represent in big tournaments. If ICC takes action then surely new teams will join the cricket and they will do well, now only one step is left.

First of all, the ICC is least bothered about the expansion of the game. Once Jagmohan Dalmiya was replaced with N Srinivasan-Sharad Pawar mafia at the BCCI/ICC, they have actually tried to kill cricket in associate nations. But that said, I don't agree with your list. Cricket is not that popular in Canada, USA and Saudi Arabia. There are hardly any natives playing the sport and it is mostly played by expats. On the other hand, there are associate nations where the locals are interested in playing cricket. Examples are Nepal, Maldives, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

@Sithara007 I feel that theyíre trying to sell cricket in USA because the 2024 T20 World Cup is being held in USA and this shows that they want to popularise cricket among the locals. Furthermore Iím not sure if USA wants to participate in big ICC tournaments but them hosting the World Cup shows that theyíre keen to play with the big countries but Iím kinda surprised too as I thought that there were less to none cricket fans in USA.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 24, 2023, 06:00:16 AM
Manchester United won against Burnley but I would say Manchester United's performance in this match was poor. Where Manchester United should be ahead in all aspects of this game, Burnley was ahead in all aspects. Unfortunately for Burnley, they could not score, not only did they have no goals against Manchester United, but Burnley was much ahead of Manchester United in everything. We used to consider Manchester United as one of the best teams in the English Premier League but if they perform like this against a team at the bottom of the points table, how can Manchester United perform against the teams at the top of the points table. Maybe Manchester United need to make a big change in their team planning because the plan they are playing with is just failing them.
It's undeniable that Manchester United (MU) has been performing very poorly lately, facing internal issues both on and off the field. Last night's match was no different, with a hard-fought win highlighted by the experienced Jonny Evans. I believe that MU is in need of a significant overhaul given the current state of chaos. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, many player transfer deals have been questionable, and the team has gradually lost its identity. There haven't been any standout signings. While Ten Hag might be a good coach, he may not be mischievous enough to resurrect a declining MU.
Manchester United are currently going through a very bad time. From the English Premier League to the Champions League, they are unable to recover from their failure. They lost their first match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and they lost three matches in the first six months of the English Premier League, which means that a team like them has a fifty percent winning record in the English Premier League.  

Manchester United have lost against Brighton, Arsenal and Tottenham. Manchester United should have won two matches against these three teams.  

Every team goes through bad times like Manchester United is going through right now. But Manchester United must try to come out of this bad time and I believe Manchester United will be able to come out of this bad situation very soon.

@Litzki1990 Manchester United have 12+ playerís out injured and this has effected their rhythm because Ten Hag has yet not been able to chose all his key players constantly. Furthermore for me they had to win those 3 points last night and even if they didnít win it in style itís yet a win and hopefully this victory can boost their confidence and can act as an catalyst that they need to rise once again in the premier league standings.
8  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: September 23, 2023, 03:31:42 PM
I cashed out 140k RPs:

I didn't want to start from zero again, so I left this... Usually, I get to +100k after spinning a few thousand WoF's. It's better to cash it out and gamble with it, or get interest on BTC. We can't do much with RPs, I don't like to exchange them for WoF spins.
I guess I will need months before the next cashing out.
Reward points are only beneficial if you are a person who dedicated 24 hours to freebitco free rolls. How long did it took you to collect 140K Reward Points? If I were you, I would collect up to 442K to redeem $100 amazon gift card but if you don't have a lot of active referrals, it's really boring.

You know what's strange yesterday? I posted about how Flash promos come late my time, and right after that FBC gods listened because one fell into my account rightaway!

Now I officially have over 1k GTs hehe

Where did you see this banner? I mean 6 hour flash promo, I can't see that anywhere. Is that personal promotion? I don't really know much about freebitco, I just registered here some days ago and deposited some coins but yesterday I already got multiply btc bonus which is a good amount to be honest.

@Synchronice I donít think that anyone collects RPs 24*7 now because one has better chances of earning them with WoF hence I feel that itís a smart strategy of cashing them out as soon as possible. @slaman29 where was this banner posted and is it available for all members or does one need to wager big to qualify for this because I have not see this before so can you share all relevant details about this?
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🚀🚀 Official Partner of Newcastle United Football Club on: September 23, 2023, 11:44:26 AM
I think i speak for everyone when i say europa league should be banned.

Rather bet on professional japonese wagyu cooking

I also don't like to place bets on the Europa League at all. Especially because of English teams I have lost quite much money in the last 4-5 years. I thought that Aston Villa would win the match in the Conference League after seeing their starting eleven. However they lost 3-2 by playing very badly. I guess I won't come to my senses about this topic.

If Aston Villa won maybe I would have thought of eating Wagyu outside last night.  Grin

@CLS63 I would suggest only to wager on Roma and West Ham in the Europa league because these two have shown good results consistently in the Europa league. Further I have left Liverpool out as Iím yet not convinced that Klopp will take serious interest in winning this competition and lastly Iím waiting for Sevilla to drop to the Europa league because wagering on them in Europa matches is a guaranteed way to earn easy money.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: September 23, 2023, 05:50:31 AM
Matchday 6

Submit your predictions for Matchday 6, don't miss out on the grand prize.


@ADante this week is really tricky because Iím not aware of whom to pick in the Wolves match, and thus so far I could only think of picking Halland, Saka and Salah and therefore it looks like itíll be very difficult to win this weekís challenge. Furthermore why have others stopped sharing their predictions because earlier many used to share and it used to be a big help in picking the 7 playerís and lastly it was good fun dissecting their chosen playerís.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 22, 2023, 02:41:29 PM
Mourinho is a great and famous coach and he is the coach to win the Champions League with Porto while they didn't have many famous and superstar players in their team.
That's why it's normal for people to expect much more from this coach, I was thinking Roma could get a much better place on the table in the last season.
Josť Mourinho is here to lift significant titles but winning the UEFA Champions League would be difficult because they're still at the transforming stage, not initially settled. Josť working on his squad, preparing them for what's yet to come, making more potential signings that will boosts his squad performance, always striving for better results for his team. They're in the Europa League Group H and currently ranked second in the group. It would be a long run for the competitive race. Josť Mourinho is here to transform AS Roma into competitive elite club in Seria A. They're favorite to compete in the race for the Scudetto this season after a thrilling win of 7 nil against Empoli.

With Mourinho great history with Porto, Chelsea and also Inter in the past, so it became Mourinho get the nickname like the special one. But unfortunately, Mourinho ability is no longer the same as in the past, because when Mourinho returned to coach Chelsea then Manchester United also the fact that Mourinho did not have good results at that time. So yes, even though Mourinho has a great history but that does not mean Mourinho will easily improve AS Roma. Therefore, I personally no longer hope too much to Mourinho because yeah, at this moment at least Mourinho abilities are different. So of course, because maybe his slightly decreased ability, then makes Mourinho still very difficult to improve AS Roma even if only to get Scudetto in Serie A.

@hahay a lot had changed by the time he came back and all big teamís were spending big money to compete hence he didnít find much success back then but now with Roma heís building something really special and if he survives for two more seasons then heíll definitely lead Roma to a champions league semis at least. Lastly heís already got a crazy partnership of Dybala and Lukaku in place and if the ownerís further back him then heíll definitely improve this Roma side into genuine title contenders.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: September 22, 2023, 10:36:40 AM
Talented players like Zidane are very rare in the world. Bellingham is a great player, but I don't think Bellingham is as good as him right now. Yes, he played well in a few matches, but he has many more years ahead of him. I hope he becomes one of the iconic football players of Real Madrid.
Madrid is indeed lucky to have Bellingham at the moment and is not even disappointed in buying him because unlike some other big clubs where players are expensive when bought and then they get injured for a long time so it is very detrimental, Madrid was really right in choosing young players and it was really right to take Bellingham in the transfer market last summer. Madrid will be a strong team this season.

If Mbappe joins as a striker at Madrid, of course Madrid will really be a strong team because they have lots of great and talented players so that Madrid can win lots of titles this season. I want to see if Bellingham is able to give Madrid the LaLiga title this season or the UCL. this season. I'm sure all their fans have hope in him.

@piebeyb while Iím enjoying watching him play Iím equally worried for him too because whenever young playerís get this kind of stardom they tend to become arrogant and lose their way and thus I hope that Jude somehow manages to stay humble and work hard each day to become even better then he currently is. Also Mbappe has been messing with Real Madrid a lot now and they should forget about him and focus on buying Halland because as I have said before Halland and Judeís partnership would be lethal and they would make Real Madrid unbeatable.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: September 22, 2023, 04:36:31 AM
Harry Kane was a perfect and effective player for Tottenham and Bayern Munich tried hard to hire this palyer from Tottenham, they also spent too much money and Kane is earning a good amount of salary for playing in Bayern Munich.
That's why people expect to see perfect performances from this palyer, in fact, the huge money they spend is the reason for these expectations.
Even Harry Kane himself said when you get a good amount of salary and you are an expensive palyer, they expect you to have a better performance, he said that after the game between Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

The arrival of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich provides a big advantage because after losing Robert Lewandowski it might affect the team performance but it seems that this problem has been resolved because Bayern Munich has recruited Harry Kane to replace Robert Lewandowski as a striker and Harry Kane is able to adaptation well with his teammates. , this is an important thing because they have to build it in order to strengthen the team quantity and performance.
Bayern Munich is the strongest team in the Bundesliga and I thinks the arrival of Harry Kane will be a big strength for Bayern Munich to be able to face the upcoming matches and of course they will be even more difficult.

@klidex Harry came to Bayern for winning trophies and earning big money wasnít his concern because if he wanted more money then he could have gone to any Saudi club and he would have earned crazy money there. Also Kane and Bayern is a partnership made in heaven because heís enjoying his life there and constantly scoring goals and now all Iím waiting is to see him lift his first trophy with Bayern because he deserves to lift many trophies.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: September 21, 2023, 01:26:00 PM
I think it's time for Barcelona fans to forget about Messi's return to the club as a player, only if only to work in the structure of the club after the end of an active career. Xavi Hernandez has already successfully built a new model of Barcelona's game without the need for Messi's presence, he has already achieved quite successful results and therefore it is not necessary to break it all for the nostalgic return of his former idol. And I think the ratio of price (salary) and quality of the current Messi is no longer optimal for Barcelona, but on the contrary will be an unaffordable burden.
It's just too funny lol.

Barcelona already have a lot great and young players, no need to expect Messi return to Barcelona.

In midfielder they have Pedri, Gavi, De Jong and Gundongan. If Messi back to Barcelona, he will not have a place to play, but these young players obviously don't mind to let Messi take his place due to seniorism.

Anyone who expects Messi to return to Barcelona, I'm sure he doesn't understand about football, it's likely that he is only a child who idolizes Messi Cheesy as you said what was expected from Messi when Barcelona already had many talented young players this means they don't need old players anymore. Messi might come back but not as a player but in another position, for example as a coach in the future or even the club owner, who knows right? we don't know how long he is active as a player remembering his old age.

I wish Barcelona wanted to bring him back into the team instead of retiring him. Frankly, it would be fun to watch him in the Barcelona jersey again, but he chose USA and he plays very well in MLS. Barcelona does not have the financial power to sign Messi again. He could have made the same sacrifice as Joao Felix and played for Barcelona, ​​but Messi did not choose to do so. That's why we can't criticize him, it's his decision.

@Mustang Shelby Barcelona officialís will never go on the record and say that they donít need Messi because heís yet very popular with the fanís so theyíll only tease about his return but take no action to get him. Furthermore Messi never wanted to leave and he had agreed to pick minimum wages to stay but Barcelona officials decided against his stay and even when he was a free agent again they did nothing to bring him back and thatís why he didnít bother coming back to Barcelona.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Lega Serie A 🇮🇹 (Italian League) Prediction Thread 2023/2024⚽ on: September 21, 2023, 11:07:25 AM
This year there seem to be fewer teams competing than in the previous season.
I see more battle and fight for places in the cups, some teams need to play in the cups and will fight with all their might (see Juventus)
It still looks very interesting as a football season this year

it will certainly be a season full of twists and turns, I'm sure of it! Last year Napoli practically always played for first place, this year the positions will mix often. As you well said, Juventus will fight tooth and nail and with the teeth to at least gain access to the European cups, Inter Napoli Lazio and Fiorentina will be the teams that will play more matches than all the other teams, because they will play the Italian Super Cup

this commitment will obviously bring extra tiredness to their legs, and they will also have to hope that no injuries occur

@Lillominato89 I believe that Inter will focus more on winning the Serie A then any other competition because they have an excellent chance to take a huge lead and secure the top spot for themselves and leave the other teams way behind. Also youíll have not mentioned Roma but I feel that Roma can fight with other teamís due to the partnership between Dybala and Lukaku and thus I wonít be surprised if Roma manage to occupy one of the top 4 spots by the end of this new season.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup 2026 :Canada/Mexico/United States: Discussion Thread on: September 21, 2023, 04:07:53 AM
I don't know much about the possibility of Asian teams winning the FIFA World Cup in future time but I know that if African countries can manage the footballing talents in Africa and develop them to professional level, they have all it takes to win the FIFA World Cup.
France has played in the final of the world cup for the last two editions and were the champions in the 2018 world cup that was hosted in Russia. The majority number of France national team players are of African decent but chose to represent the France national team because football isn't valued in their respective African countries.
For Asian team have Japan is close candidate will be success in the future because many of their player are in the top European teams, difference with other Asian teams more spending and enjoying with domestic league and comfortable joining with their domestic league team than have to play for European teams. I think Asian have better performance than African teams and Asian teams more dominance in every World Cup edition.
No doubt with quality or level from European national teams like France have success managed to final stage on last edition but don't forget with opportunity from Argentina and Brazil will be candidate winning next World Cup.
If we look at the 2024 World Cup, we will see that the African teams performed much better than the Asian teams. Morocco is the first African country to play in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Korea Republic and Japan qualified for the next round in the last World Cup but were eliminated from the next round. African teams are financially weaker than Asian teams, this may be due to their poor performance. When a country is financially prosperous, then there will be good quality players in that country as well as experienced people in all other areas including coaching staff, but if there are financial problems, many people would want to make their living from football and in the hope of extra money income. The manager may take charge of another rich team. Basically all of these have an economic impact on a team.

I'm not saying Asian teams are better, but still, we know Morocco having a good performance in the last World Cup was a miracle and even the coaches and players in Morocco were not expecting to see their team in the semi-final match. The African teams are most don't have a good financial situation and they can't improve enough, also they have poor management systems,
I think expect to see another miracle from African teams in the 2026 World Cup.

@Leviathan.007 Iíll also chose African teamís to perform better then the Asian teamís because their playerís are more naturally skilled but they only fail is due to lack of investment in the infrastructure and lack of correct guidance. However I donít expect any African or Asian team to win the 2026 World Cup but I wouldnít be surprised if they defeat some big countries during the course of the World Cup.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: September 20, 2023, 02:01:55 PM
Honestly do you think it is a good choice for Germany team?

Nagelsman failed to succeed in Bayern Munich not because he is not talented but because of his age is too young. Many star players in Bayern Munich likely did not respect Nagelsman enough and it is issue of Bayern Munich in the last season. Bayern Munich in their turn, always contribute many players for German team so the problems from Bayern Munich will be seen on German team again.

Problems of German team not only come from Hansi Flick but also come from quality of their players. Recent years, Germany don't have good strikers and after Miroslav Klose, Mario Gomez, it's hard to find a good striker at world class level for their national team. It is big problem in big tournaments like World Cup and Euro and only Nagelsman with a few months is not enough to resolve this big problem.
Not too bad if you ask me. Sure he wasn't amazing with Bayern, but why forget about him being awesome with Leipzig? He was great there and did as best as he could. In a league where Bayern dominated like crazy, he was able to take that team to second place right away, and that is a good achievement. Sure, at Bayern he didn't look that great, and not like Tuchel took over and instantly made them better neither, Tuchel luckily won the league because Dortmund lost points at the last game, if they didn't, then Tuchel would have lost too.

So, as much as I would like to say Nagelsmann was the responsible one, Bayern wasn't that good last year neither. I believe he could be a great Germany National team coach if you ask me.

@bitgolden honestly I have liked him despite him being sacked by Bayern and in my personal opinion heís the correct person to lead Germany as heís well aware of the German culture and he will give the fanís exactly what they want to see i.e. win matches in style. Furthermore the other logical option was Klopp but he had already ruled himself out hence I feel that the fanís should back him because he can definitely revive German football.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: September 20, 2023, 11:59:32 AM
Luis Enrique's match strategy was very effective in this match. Paris tried to dominate from the beginning of the match. And finally they succeeded. They got an excellent 2-0 win against Dortmund. I think Enrique found out the weaknesses in his squad from the last match defeat against Nice. He knew very well that their defense was weak. Enrique is trying to keep the defense strong. And PSG's defense was pretty good in this match. I saw some good attacks from Dortmund's players, but due to PSG's good performance from their defenders and goalkeeper, Dortmund couldn't score any goals. Marquinhos and Hakimi's performance was very good in this match.

This result had two reasons and one reason I agree was of course that PSG played a strong game and they have had the balance that they often lacked in other games. The other reason was how bad Dortmund played. Really, Dortmund was so bad that I am sure it is impossible for them to win a game against any team team in their group when it takes place away from home. I also can't see how they would beat PSG in Dortmund.

If PSG can play this level in Ligue 1, they should not get into trouble again like they did against Nice. That loss was not necessary, but maybe at the right time to wake up and understand that that was not enough to win a game in the Champions League. This PSG looked great.

@Iranus Luis is an experienced coach hence Iím not surprised that he was able to find an quick solution to his defensive problem but heíll need more consistency from his defenders if heís to lead them to glory in Ligue 1 and the champions league. Furthermore Iím not yet sure that he can rely on Mbappe because he has yet not signed an contract extension thus Iím hoping that Luis will have a backup plan ready in case Mbappe suddenly decides to leave in January.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: September 20, 2023, 07:35:20 AM
my prediction for some games:

LASK - Liverpool FC

This is a game in which, on paper, Liverpool are favorites to win and have an odd that is not pleasant for me, 1.33 is a very low odds value in my opinion, because in this game Liverpool, despite being a team superior in terms of squad, they arrive at this game with some very important players injured, for example Trent Alexander-Arnold is injured and Mohamed Salah is also expected not to play. and darwin nunes also doesn't seem to me like he will play or if he did play it could be in the final minutes, so I predict that liverpool in this game could concede a goal and win with some small difficulty, and with that I see that this odds will increase, in case of an increase in the odds value to 1.70 and seeing how the game would be going, then I would take the risk of betting on Liverpool
As an opponent, Liverpool is always a favorite team. Liverpool are more likely to win this match and I will definitely bet for Liverpool. I will bet for Liverpool not only in this match but in all the matches that Liverpool will play in the European League. We can initially imagine that Liverpool will win this match of LASK - Liverpool. Where Liverpool regularly beat the big teams in the English Premier League, LASK is a very easy opponent for Liverpool, although LASK is an easy opponent for Liverpool, of course Liverpool will not take this match lightly and they will take LASK as a tough authority and try to play their best in this match. Very few people can bet for LASK in this match of LASK - Liverpool FC.

@Litzki1990 I donít think that itís wise to wager on all Liverpool Europa matches because Klopp will prioritise winning the premier league and thus he may not field a strong side for these gameís. Furthermore thereís no guarantee that Liverpool playerís will be motivated to win this competition as it is not a prestigious one in comparison to the champions league hence be careful with your wagers.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Saudi Professional League 2023/2024 on: September 20, 2023, 03:28:02 AM
Neymar is not an old palyer and I think he is not even close to ending his career in the Saudi League or other teams in Europe, but this player was injured for a long time and that's why he had to accept the offer from this League, in fact, if Neymar was not injured he could even continue playing in PSG or other similar teams.
I think time after time when he completely gets recorded he can have an even better performance in Al Hilal and because of the weak defenses in this league, he can easily use his dribbling skills successfully.
Neymar Jr is vulnerable to injuries, and it has really impacted a negative changed on his football career. One of the reasons PSG released him was because he's not always available foe the big games, missing out and try returning, 5 - 6 games, he initially picks up an injury again and we know how critical and lengthy it could be. Making him to be out of the team for months, only watching them from the supporters. Perhaps this is his new team, Al Hilal do respects him a lot because he deserves every single good thing in the club, why? Because he's a top player in Europe and also the best player in Brazil national team.

@borobichok while Neymar has suffered lots of injuries heís yet an talented player and he yet needs time to adjust to the Saudi league and once he does Iím sure that heíll come good and repay the amount invested in him. Lastly I hope that he doesnít let his personal life distract him because it seems that heís caught cheating once again and since heís out injured letís hope that he can sort his personal life and come back stronger.
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