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Author Topic: [ANN] [PreICO] [ICO] ETHLend - Decentralized Lending DApp - The Game Changer  (Read 1799 times)
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August 14, 2017, 10:58:42 PM
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ETHLend – Decentralized Lending on Ethereum Network

The first and only decentralized lending application on the Ethereum network.

About Page:


White Paper

White Paper:

What is ETHLend?

ETHLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending application built on top of the Ethereum Network, using blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent lending.

ETHLend is developing a global lending market where borrowers and lenders from all parts of the world can participate in lending. The aim of ETHLend is to provide a transparent and global lending market and to erase interest rate differences between countries by providing more liquidity to local lending markets. ETHLend solves key issues regarding to collaterals, decentralized credit rating and exchange volatility risks, which enables the concept of decentralized lending experience.

The team behind ETHLend consists of 20 people who share the same aim to deliver decentralized lending to everyone. ETHLend differs from most blockchain startups by the fact that the team introduced their alpha release in early May this year. Based on the practical findings, ETHLend provided a detailed White Paper on how decentralized lending might revolutionize the lending industry permanently.

The DApp - Experience Decentralized Lending

ETHLend DApp is located at

You need to install MetaMask Google Chrome Add-on and set MetaMask to Main Ethereum Network.

For Testing use and set MetaMask to Kovan testnet.

Videos on how to use the DApp:

DAPP Thread:

Source code released on GitHub on 1 September 2017 during ETHLend Meetup event.

Technical Roadmap

We consider ETHLend as a long term project. However, to make most of us, concrete deadlines are necessary. Therefore, we shall introduce the following roadmap for technical implementations:

ETHLend Alpha on Ethereum main-net on May 2017 (Milestone achieved)

ENS Domains as collateral on June 2017 (Milestone achieved)

Reputation-based Lending with CRE on July 2017 (Milestone achieved)

Token Sale Smart Contract on August 2017

Security Audit for the Token Sale Smart Contract on September 2017

USD/FIAT Based Loans and Installments December 2017

On-Demand and Crowd Lending (Loan Offers from Lenders) on February 2018

User Experience Upgrade on March 2018

Decentralized Credit Rating (DCR) on March 2018

Penalties for Late Payment on April 2018

Lending Bitcoin on April 2018

LEND accepted as payment with 25% discount on May 2018

Gateway for Decentralized Providers (uPort, Civic) to DCR on May 2018*

Oracles: Centralized feeds to DCR on May 2018*

Second User Experience Upgrade on July 2018

Protocol to enable AI and Big Data to assess Credit Risk on August 2018*

Revenue scheme for AI Credit Risk bot creators on September 2018*

Prediction Market to Assess Credit Risk on October 2018*

Lending Other Altcoins on November 2018*

Protocol to Enable Insurance Policies (with AI bots) on March 2019

Sophisticated collateral control (Calling & Liquidating the collateral) on May 2019

* These milestones are developed if the token sale cap (1 000 000 000 LEND is reached) due to the vast amount of resources these particular milestones require.

Governance Roadmap

Road to decentralization. ETHLend introduces the following roadmap adopting changes, improvements and governance to ETHLend:

White Paper on Decentralized Lending on June 2017 (Milestone achieved)

Incorporating in Hong Kong on August 2017 (Milestone achieved)

LEND Token Pre-Sale on September 2017

LEND Token Sale on November 2017

Relocating to Zug and Swiss Foundation or Swiss LLC on December 2017

LEND Trading on Exchanges on January 2018

Buybacks and Burning for LEND starts on January 2018

Opening Suggestions Venue for Public on October 2018

Creating and Testing Democracy DAO on November 2018

Voting on Suggestions Deployed on January 2019

Vesting for LEND Ends on December 2019


Timeline of the milestones:

Upcoming Token Sale

While ETHLend is continuing to develop the decentralized application further, the team also revealed details on the upcoming pre token sale. ETHLend introduces LEND token for contributors who are participating in the token sale. The main utility function of LEND is the ability to use it for paying deployment fees on ETHLend with a 25% discount compared to ETH. Additionally, ETHLend shall provide other privileges for LEND token holders based on the community suggestions once the DAPP has grown into a full scale lending market.

The participants in pre-token sale will receive 20% bonus tokens as a reward for early contribution. The funding aim concerning the pre-token sale is 2 000 ETH (6% of total sold token), which will be used for financing further research and development of our decentralized lending application. The purpose of the pre-sale is also to prepare for the upcoming official token sale on the 25 November 2017.

ETHLend pre-sale ICO details:

Starting:   25.09.2017 kl. 12.00 GMT
Ending:   25.10.2017 kl. 23.59 GMT or when the cap is reached


TOKEN FOR SALE:   60 000 000 LEND (6% of total sold tokens)
(price includes 20% bonus tokens for all pre-sale participants)

Pre-sold tokens are deducted from the 1 000 000 000 LEND sold on official token sale.

Official ETHLend token sale ICO details:

Starting:   25.11.2017 kl. 12.00 GMT
Ending:   9.12.2017 kl. 23.59 GMT or when the cap is reached


TOKEN FOR SALE:   1 000 000 000 LEND (deducted by pre-sold tokens)

LEND TOKEN PRICE:   First 200 000 000 LEND:   27 500 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 10% bonus tokens)

Next 100 000 000 LEND:   26 250 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 5% bonus tokens)

Remaining LEND:      25 000 LEND = 1 ETH

Buying Unused LEND back - Burnbacks

Buybacks are used to remove inefficient and unused LEND from the market to avoid price decrease on LEND and to strengthen the position of the DAPP users.
Buybacks increase the value of LEND by limiting the total supply of the token and by increasing the percentage of the ownership of token holder’s LEND. Buybacks mean that ETHLend will use part of its fees to buy LEND from exchanges and burn these tokens (erasing the tokens forever).

ETHLend derives cash-flow when loan requests are deployed or funded. These fees are in place to fund the development of decentralized lending on ETHLend. Currently, the fees for deploying a loan request is set to 0.01 ETH, which the borrower pays. Similarly, the lender pays 0.01 ETH for funding the loan (these fees are subject to change).
ETHLend will use flat 5% of these fees to buy LEND from the exchange to burn the LEND. Moreover, additional 1 to 5% is used on top of the flat 5% fee depending on the fee volume growth in ETHLend (compared to previous year’s volume). Therefore, ETHLend can use as much as 10% of the fees for buybacks to increase the value of LEND and the percentage of the ownerships of token holders by decreasing the total supply of LEND permanently. The buybacks start on January 2018. Here is a demonstration of the fees used for buyback:

First year (during 2018) = 5%
5% + additional 1% if fee revenue is 20% higher than in previous year
5% + additional 2% if fee revenue is 40% higher than in previous year
5% + additional 3% if fee revenue is 60% higher than in previous year
5% + additional 4% if fee revenue is 80% higher than in previous year
5% + additional 5% if fee revenue is 100% higher than in previous year

Creating more value for the DAPP users. The buyback model provides value to use for holding LEND. Therefore, buybacks motivates to use the token due to the increasing added value effect. When the price of LEND is increasing, the DAPP users can spend less LEND for paying the deployment fees.

Secondarily and indirectly, LEND provides token holders cash-flow. When the percentage of the token holders ownership is increasing, the token holder can sell the increased portion on every burn to realize profit. This makes LEND sought after token.

The aim is to deliver strong token to the market and reward the token sale participants for early involvement.

Token Sale Smart Contract

Currently on security audit. After the security audit, the code is released on GitHub with the report.

The Team

Introducing our team:

Stani Kulechov, Founder of ETHLend & Development,

Jordan Lazaro Gustave, Head of Management,

Martin Wichmann, Head of Token Sale,

Adnan Javed, Legal Advisor,

Sergej Stein, Financial Advisor & Blog,

Kersten Schütze, Head of Corporate Strategy,

Scott Malsbury, Head of Communications,

Jin Park, Head of Marketing,

Rowan Van Ginkel, Graphics & Visualization

Edmund To, Lead Junior Developer

Anastasija Plotnikova, Advisor & Translations

Nolvia Serrano, Media Correspondent

Kelly Pope, Social Media

Andreas Haraldsvik, Slack Wizard

Opinder Preet Singh, Local Advisor on Indian Subcontinent

Stephen You, Head of Korean Desk

Media Publications on ETHLend

The Official ETHLend Big Bounty Program

Contribute to ETHLend by participating to the bounty program. By helping ETHLend you will be rewarded with LEND and you are part of building the first decentralized lending market.

Frequently Asked Questions



For questions use the Thread / Slack / Telegram / Discord (We love Discord) / WeChat (Chinese/Japanese) / KakaoTalk (Korean) / VKontakte (Russian)

Social Media - Witness the Movement of Global Lending Market

Discord (Better and safer than Slack):







WeChat: @ETHLend



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August 15, 2017, 09:53:02 PM

Added information on the DApp.

Hmm... where did all the comments go? lol [edit]

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August 17, 2017, 08:44:07 PM

Concept sounds very useful, and you have product already. Is dApp functional now? I mean can I borrow my ETH? LEND can be used for fees instead of ETH? Can I set interest rate?
Sorry for all questions, haven't got time to read all the info. Will try to check whitepaper tommorow.

Do you plan any bounty campaigns?

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August 21, 2017, 01:20:31 PM

Hi yes, the it is live at

Remember to install MetaMask ( to be able to connect to the Ethereum network from the browser.

btw, our official ANN is here:

Bounty here:

I do not know why BitcoinTalk made 2 Threads  Shocked

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August 21, 2017, 01:58:13 PM

Hi yes, the it is live at

Remember to install MetaMask ( to be able to connect to the Ethereum network from the browser.

btw, our official ANN is here:

Bounty here:

I do not know why BitcoinTalk made 2 Threads  Shocked

Damn, haven't seen the other thread, and the party is there... Thanks for info!
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September 28, 2017, 04:21:03 PM

592 842 USD Contributed. LAST 40 ETH worth of LEND left for the fastest! Last call for contribution: 
98% sold! #ICO

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September 30, 2017, 06:18:37 PM

New Loan Request

New Loan Request on #ETHLend: 0.1 ETH/15 Days. Backed by 2500 #Decentraland (Value 36.13 USD, ratio 119,95%). Profit 0.02 ETH (Ann ROI: 981.84%)

To fund this loan: install MetaMask ( and browse here:


You are making someone to achieve a finance goal Smiley

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November 21, 2017, 10:13:21 PM

KYC is required to participate. What countries are not allowed?

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