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Author Topic: [ANN][NEWCOIN] BitcoinWorld  (Read 542 times)
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October 27, 2017, 10:58:24 PM

BitcoinWorld Announcement Thread

BitcoinWorld aims to empower the cryptocurrency community! How many times have you put endless amounts of time into supporting a project that you invested into? How many times did your time and ideas for a project matter? In the end its always a small group of people that make the big decisions and control the fate of a project. The problem with that is that even though they develop the project the community is what brings value to the coin. Once a project gains traction a lot of times the project teams stray from promises and almost forget the people who made them what they are. BitcoinWorld wants to change that.. We believe that the community as a whole is important, lets face it its the people who have made cryptocurrency into the giant it is today.

The BitcoinWorld Plan
The Roadmap Before The Roadmap

Step 1. We will hold a very small ICO

We don't believe that a project needs to raise countless millions of dollars to succeed. One of the big issues with ICOs right now is that a good project will come along and gain some traction then they will raise as much money as they can even if they don't need all of it.
What happens to all the extra money? Its not in your wallet that is for sure..
Then after all is said and done the team with the great idea that was so ambitious and motivated now has a giant hoard of funds and all of the sudden they are not so motivated anymore..
Another big issue is that this style of raising funds takes the perks out of being a early investor. Sure some of these ICOs will offer bonuses if you invest before they raise 500x over what they need but those bonuses end up not really meaning much at that point.
We will only raise the funds we need to give us a good start to the project.
Funds raised from the ICO will go towards important things for any new projects success like exchange listings, platform development and advertisement.
The supply included in our ICO will be set and very limited once its gone the ICO will end even if millions more could be raised.
Each early investor who buys into the ICO will also be entitled to one vote when we vote on the BitcoinWorld board members. (Bitcoinworld board will be explained further below)
The only voters for the first session on the BitcoinWorld board will be early investors.
This truly gives early investors real power in the project.

Step 2. We will hold a vote to select our first session BitcoinWorld board members

BitcoinWorld will not be in the control of just a small group of individuals.
Anyone in the cryptocurrency world will have a say in the project from start to finish.
The first way that this will be achieved is by having a BitcoinWorld board which will be voted on every 6 months.
Members are chosen by the community and are voted onto the board. Every 6 months new candidates will be nominated and another vote will happen. Current board members can be voted back in or new members can take their place but the community will decide this.
Board members will receive a set amount of BWT monthly for serving on the board.
Board members will be in charge of voting on ideas and projects within the Bitcoinworld project.
Each board member will be assigned to a part of the community and will need to present ideas and projects to the community they are assigned to and get feedback before they vote.
They also will be the contact for new community ideas for their assigned part of the community. We want to hear the ideas of everyone.
The board will have a 40% vote on any decisions that BitcoinWorld makes.
I will retain 20% vote until January 1, 2020 at which time my 20% vote will go to the board. This gives BitcoinWorld a chance to grow stable before complete control is handed over to the community.
The dev team will hold a 40% vote.

Step 3. Whitepaper, Roadmap and platform released to the board. Exchanges for BWT.

BitcoinWorld is and will continue to be worked on well we go through the above steps. When our board is set up we will present the board with both the roadmap and whitepaper for approval before a official release. The board will also get to see the platform before its official release. We are doing things correctly and will not rush this.

What is BitcoinWorld

BitcoinWorld is a platform that will work on adoption of cryptocurrency's for any coin that is part of the BitcoinWorld network. Through affiliations and partnerships we will build a network that will be able to be used by any included currency on our network.
Some of the things being worked on are
BitcoinWorld Pay (Instant conversion of any currency on our network to accepted payment at vendor in our affiliates network)
BitcoinWorld Dating
Bitcoinworld reality
The most important feature of the BitcoinWorld platform will be the way our remaining coins are distributed. 75% of the remaining supply after the ICO will go to a escrow account and will be distributed to community members for being actively involved in the project through our platform. This could be a dev doing work on a new feature or a content creator submitting content or advertisement or anything really. This system is not yet in place or decided on but the goal is to get away from the original way of thinking of distribution. No airdrop or giveaways where cheaters are able to make multiple accounts. No flooding the market. You the community and investors will own the currency and the coins.

Links and more info will be updated over the next week. We want the community to be involved in every aspect of this project so we are going to release this ANN thread to get responses and ideas from you guys. We will grow the project together and create something truly special.

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October 28, 2017, 07:43:22 AM

Not a bad idea, especially the limited ICO, but not enough info in the announcement... How much is your soft and hard cap? Do you have a link to your website and some kind of communication channel?

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October 28, 2017, 09:16:32 AM

I believe in this project!! Are there any signed contracts or negotiations with big companies?
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October 28, 2017, 09:19:28 AM

this is good project i hope it will have more information i can support this project do  my best

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October 28, 2017, 09:19:43 AM

Not too bad, but I need more details from the annoucement. Please make more updates soon. Thanks!
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October 28, 2017, 12:06:30 PM

When the ICO's start ? no explanation about the hardcap target  will be needed in this project. do you have whitepaper for this project?.

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October 28, 2017, 04:49:23 PM

i hadn't understood what is the core of the project When I have read this thread, can you point to a specific example?

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October 28, 2017, 04:51:29 PM

Potential project but we need more information. Do you have roadmap or whitepaper or some channel to help us get through?

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