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Author Topic: Who is policing this guy please? The Pharmacist. "Default trust".....joke?  (Read 977 times)
HodorHodl (OP)
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January 23, 2018, 10:32:40 PM

That's a fair observation.

How about implementing a trust system where only people involved in a transaction are given a (one time per transaction) ability to tag the trade?

That way there would be a reference for every rating, it's easy to moderate, and there's no room for subjective opinions like the quality of someone's english.

Just another idea Smiley

So give free reign to scammers UNTIL they scam?

Allows ponzis and other HYIPs until they stop paying out, and THEN tag them?

No, that's not what I meant. I guess I was kicking the can around. Didn't think that one through- thank you for correction Smiley

It's a very difficult problem to solve, and you're after the fact is open for abuse.

But tagging in advance should be regulated. The behaviour highlighted in this thread (and others) is too far in the other direction. Operating on a guilty until proven innocent basis doesn't work either.
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January 24, 2018, 07:46:20 AM

Congratulations on becoming a member of THE don family The pharmacist a.k.a a Filipino himself, I'll either join you and become a member of THE family or would probably die trying, that's a dying I'm looking for,  getting paid $2500 monthly.
Good job on painting these beggars, they should be grateful that theymos is not banning them, because if he does, there is no body to complain about him to.

**Have you met me? I'm the only certified beggar here, whether to beg to differ or beg because of sickness, I am a sick beggar, a begging disease more accurately.
My two friends called me crying why do we have negative trust, did we do something wrong are we going to be banned without earning a cent?  
Should I tell my story in short version or *long version? before I start, let me make one thing clear here, "crazy cat lady" line is mine and so is she.

Why do you think that any body could come here and earn money? you are complaining because you are not earning a cent, we are not earning money here, we are changing the history of the (man has got to eat right) kind.

When I got here, I was trying to buy Bitcoin with my prepaid VISA card, then I tried to kill myself because of running a full node for 2-3 months on my laptop and getting nothing for it. then I was trying to earn Bitcoin with cloud mining, I always thought that if I put something as description in my wallet on every transaction, every body could see them, and no body told me that I was wrong.

I was tagged with red like you all beggars, it was not removed for 3-4 months and the reason wasn't shitposting, it was scamming.

* I'm not getting paid enough to post the long version. (wait, what?) that's right, I've lost it, my mind and dignity, this forum has made a lowlife beggarout of me (note, I was a very important dev, but the politicians assassinated my character by paying Millions to Yobit and Liqui and asking them to refuse listing my Bitcoin killer project a.k.a ACY.
(note, this is all because of you shills and shitposters, I've learned all from you). now go and either invest on activity tokens or join my bounty, currently accepting 5000 people of any forum rank, you are required to mention activity tokens 3 times and sliding the asset identifier into your posts to get $160 per week.

Disclaimer: I have no money, but since "a man has got eat and in my case additionally jump a prostitute for 7-8 minutes" rules applies, you'll receive your payments after I have everything IF there is any thing left, I'll throw them for you, not promising, you may or may not receive any payments.

** example of sliding the asset identifier.

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January 24, 2018, 08:26:08 AM

For: actmyname; I just want to ask why I was given a red trust..what did I do?.. I just want to know, is there something wrong with my post or with span of time between my post I'm not a spammer if there's something offensive in what I do or write pls. Let me know..I just want you to clarify these matter for my own peace of mind.. Thanks
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